Topic: Journeys Through Nine Dimensions


Humans and societies function within cycles that are mirrored in the sky by the locations of the planets and the Moon going around the Sun. Just as it is possible to consider the basic personalities of the people invited to a party and predict what kind of party might result, it is possible to use planetary analysis to anticipate the qualities of the human social field on Earth during a given period of time. Astrology can predict how individuals might be feeling, just by knowing the archetypal influence of each planet plus the Moon. Just like a wild rock-n-roll dance party is very different from a black-tie dinner party, life on Earth is very different during wartime than it is during peacetime. Astrology also states clearly when an influence begins and is finished; this makes it possible to look back or go forward in time to identify patterns.

Meanwhile, the Elite (powers-that-be that control the world) debunk astrology while using it as a tool to predict human behavior to perpetrate their power games. This site observes how some global political powers use astrology to stay one step ahead of the people.