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The animation is really talented and the directing is quite over the top creepy.
It's certainly interesting.

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The concept is in parallel with some of the most obscure metaphysical ideas I've ever heard of, namely the existence of 'darkenss' universe created by the evil one as espoused by Amitakh Stanford as well as some prior NR posters such as troydungeon.

Here on the provocative video we have the satan character adding to this concept of a 'darkness universe' the metaphysics explanation, "Life itself is only a vision, a dream. Nothing exists save empty space and you. And you are but a thought."

Well as it would turn out, all of these statements just happen to be true. So what is it with this satanic figure giving us profound metaphysics insights? Could it be (dare I even propose) that this 'darkness' entity is actually something other than the wholly undesirable and evil being we all love to hate?

The only other place I'd ever seen where 'darkness' or 'baphomet' is portrayed in a light of desirability or that of metaphysical insight would be in the art of Luke Brown.

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This is from a cartoon called "The Adventures of Mark Twain" - it's really entertaining and surreal, if a bit creepy. smile  I have to watch it again - this is only one small fraction of it.  You can find it on Bittorrent-ish sites.