Topic: Density Shift and OPs

Once the 2012 Density Shift occurs, what will happen to the OPs and other Matrix beings?

Re: Density Shift and OPs

They get greater opportunity in terms of freedom of will choices and the choice to stay on Gaea and adapt or choose other places to go to carry out their own ways in light of whatever new universal laws 2012 brings about.. that's why they are all coming to Gaea, some by choice, others tricked, or often neither of the two they are just here (it is beyond language how their freedom of will operates).. that's one of the things 2012 is about, polarizing things on Gaea as like a universal purge not in terms really of evil but just in terms of beaurocracy of like file sorting or order for lack of better terms, you can't have a universe where totally anything goes, so this way everyone will be more on the same page and it helps the higher powers to know what is where.

In other words try to decide as much as possible who you are and want to become before 2012 as opposed to after so that you know which density shift wave to ride!

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Re: Density Shift and OPs

I heard a person saying that once the 4d shift arrives, we would be so emotional that we would be at 5th then, is this true?

I want to know more about Gaea also.