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Get the Sphinx of Imagination. It is pure magic.
It is a masterpiece because it works at many levels.

About Hypnotica: Hypnotica…is one of today’s most profound thinkers …blending his talents as a Hypnotist, Entertainer, Mind Scientist, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Social Scientist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Storyteller, Seminar Leader, and Pioneer of Human Consciousness. Hypnotica has dedicated his life to the expansion and improvement of the human experience.

"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity

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SiriArc wrote:

[size=16]First Drop[/size]

[size=16]Second Drop[/size]

[size=16]Third Drop[/size]

[size=16]Forth Drop:

INTO The Heart Of Darkness.......[/size]

[size=24]WE WILL Get Through This[/size]

Amen to that.

I also liked how in your Magellan's thread you have some of the words from the SoI. Thanks!

"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity

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Hildegarde, SiriArc, I downloaded the sample file, mp3 format, and was very impressed  with the sample and the body/mind changes it induced. Mrs Me is very sceptical, especially as I am usually not responsive to hypnotic (stage version) influences.

Like she says, 'why should you open yourself to be influenced by someone else?'

I agree, but I am at that stage, where I know I need to push beyond, and this CD seems to do that, some of the music is dark and the type to make your spine shiver. The voice of the TimeKeeper, sounds like the Old Nick we hear in  media movies.

I know this and I know Mrs Me has a valid point, but I REALLY feel I need to push past this fear ( I had no fear when listening to the sample, btw), its just scary music/voices. Some of the stuff in the demo was right down my street, where I am at, at the moment.

I want to buy the CD.  Hildegarde, you bought it and you are always come across as a very balanced, loving individual. SiriArc, you are legendary on NR. Did you actually buy the CD, or were you just impressed with the content description.?

This is new ground for me. I always have my guard up. But I sometimes wonder if that is blocking me from progressing. I know, I know, discernment is crucial, but that is not an area I am 100% with at the moment, and it may, or may not, be due to my defences.

I would appreciate your feedback, with the proviso that the final responsibility is mine alone.

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I downloaded it, like I download a lot of things tongue It's probably not good for my karma in some way. I'll have to repay my gratitude in some other way... I'm a student I have no money so I have an excuse haha. I haven't listened to the sample but this took Hypnotica 6 years to create so it is quite intricate in what it does. One person on the Hypnotica forum described it as a program that self-destructs self-limiting beliefs. I only started listening to it recently but I love it. Some people said they would pay $5000 for it. It could be the subliminal messages saying "buy my other products!" but I doubt it tongue it has created a lot of change in people from what I've read on the Hypnotica forums. And Hypnotica is a cool guy.

I've been listening to it when I go to sleep and it helps me induce sleep too.

"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity

Re: Hypnoticaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

Heard the Guy on DreamLand - Vibes were Sparked - Ordered.......

Received the CD: 5-29-03

Like EVERYTHING, this CD IS(IS) Just A Potential in YOUR Feed - Back - Loop.......

If not this, SYNC will Provide Another Means.......

[highlight]If Ya Don't TRUST YOUR Own Reason And Intuition.......[/highlight]

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Thanks for your honesty Hildegarde, SiriArc.

I dreamt last night we were at the airport, and I accidentally got on the wrong plane. It was taxying on the runway and the stewards kept asking me to sit down and fasten my seatbelt. I tried to tell them I was supposed to be on another plane, with my wife. They said 'where are you going?' I said 'home'. So are we, they smiled. So  I sat down, and set off without Mrs me. In no time at all, we landed, and when I disembarked, the plane was actually still in the airport. (Actually inside the airport). It was all a simulation.

When I read your comments, SiriArc, that confirmed it for me.  Thanks.