Topic: Raw Food Juicers and Blenders

Was talking to a friend and she told me about this website. Lots of interesting info here


WARNING: You may enjoy this website, and you may not.  It is generally considered highly controversial. If you enjoy comparing and dissecting opposing arguments to the RawVegan life style? This is a great- place to start. Our goal is to heighten the awareness of the raw/whole foods shopper.

So, who is the Blind Guru?

Many people are searching our website for answers and guidance. They want to be advised by a GURU. We ask you not to trust or have faith in us. We all have an inner-knowing or intuition that is often not used. Our website is based on trust in our gut feeling and experience, not based on books we have read or a navigator or coach. Please use our website as a resourse only and seek the Blind Guru within for answers.

Who has Blindguru?

Everyone has this inner-knowning at birth. It is not the 5 senses that we are used to using. It is the "gut" feeling. This is a highly ignored innate sense. This sense cannot be found by reading any book. Many people are searching for answers in a book. The health and wellness books that are sold in bookstores that are written for the mass do not have the answers. We look to nature and find our answers based on our intuition. We do not ask others for answers but are open to educating ourselves and using our pre-cognition for our answers.

The best way to find your own Blindguru is to build an alkaline, aerobic body and your own body will guide you. It is extremely hard to want to eat intuitively if you do not have the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in your body. Most people can't even begin to use their innate intuition unless they can utitlize their aliesthetic sense. Inner knowing is the most popular reference. Believing without seeing with the subconscious mind (Body mind).

The best way to find your own Blindguru

1. Perfection of body ecology.
2. Physical enlightenment (get all the toxic granules out of your body and you will feel it and body mind will change how it operate
3. It must begin with an alkaline bio-terrain and high mineral reserves. You can digest your whole skeleton maintaining an alkaline pH.
Are you leaching minerals out of your bones to maintain this balance or are you doing this by adequate body ecology and getting these minerals from symbiotic foods.
4. Once you have good minerals reserves in your body your adult dry weight percentage of your body should not go up or down. Notice how older people shrink and shrivle up (losing minerals and ability to retain water, hydrophillic state)
5 (Hydrophillic people tend to retain moisture and hydrophobic people tend to thirsty all the time even though they are drinking a gallon a day. As your body ecology improves, you tend to sweat less or pee as often. A healthy system is hydrophillic, having a good body ecoology.

Disclaimer and Legalities Statement:

Our mission is NOT to address disease, but rather to address health. We are not medical doctors, nutritionists or dietitians, therefore we are not qualified nor do we engage in the diagnosis of disease or the "prescribing" of any health program as a cure or treatment for disease. We do however believe, as stated above, that when you fulfill the physical God given needs and requirements of the body, it has the God given ability to rebuild and heal. It is not the role of to accept the responsibility for the health of others. It is the role of us to TEACH and ENCOURAGE others to take responsibility for their own health by...

   1. seeking the Lord's guidance,
   2. educating yourself as much as possible and using you intuitive awareness, and
   3. consulting with a health care professional that is knowledgeable in the importance of nutrition, when you determine that it is necessary.