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Topic: Expanded view of other civilizations


Psychic awareness, spirituality, and related forms are difficult to speak about without bringing some of these altered states into greater clarity for people. Because Spica is so bright and its influence is in so many ways so powerful, understanding more about Spica can quickly attune one to these forms of intuition. These beings who exist on Spica have an awareness of the transformation that can take place through the intuitive, through higher consciousness, and through the dream state. The ability to transform themselves consciously is also utilized by these beings as a means of space travel.

In an early period of their civilization, there was a deliberate attempt to seek out solutions by the inner intuitive forces. They were seeking solutions to the usual things that plague civilizations at an early stage, such as how to relate to each other, to their planet, and to all the things that have happened to them. In seeking this inwardly by noting the perfect symbolism so often felt around them, this inner journey quickly yielded much information. This showed them that the best approach was to use their intuitive faculties - this is the ability to know something directly. From their intuition, they understood about the development of science, machines, and various physical techniques in other civilizations, but recognized that this path was one that led to so many difficulties, so many ways in which the whole understanding of what was happening around people seemed to be lost. As a result they developed an internal frame of reference which gradually allowed a shift in their civilization's own understanding to a place where thought was unnecessary.

This may be very hard for you to imagine. For Earth people, the longest period of no thought generally exists for a matter of seconds. For the great masters who have studied this for countless incarnations, meditating and being in a place of emptiness can continue for hours or days. Yet to imagine an entire civilization working with the unified intuitive faculties without thought interfering on any level is almost impossible for you to grasp because you are attempting to do it with your thought processes. However, this is indeed what has taken place with these beings in the civilization relating to Spica.

By asking for assistance from their star, they developed an easy way of energetic transfer through Spica itself. In these intuitive states they were able to move in groups to various other places to learn many things. In this way they learned how to shift dimension. Gradually all of this powerful intuitive energy led them to ask the deeper questions of God. They entered into a long period of intercommunication with the very forces of the galaxy, of God, and of the highest aspects of what could be pulled out of vibration from many civilizations.

This was very difficult for the other civilizations to work with in a conscious form. They would observe the influence of these beings from Spica but not be able to define it, understand it, or work with it. this was not so much because their own intuitive faculties were underdeveloped, but because this influence was created with the group consciousness of these beings from Spica. In their development of all these magnificent energies, these beings from Spica came to a place of deep peace. This peacefulness gave God the awareness to understand the intuitive function, and provided many civilizations with opportunities for dreaming and for letting go of any thought processes.

It was seen in the early seeding of humanity that the necessity for sleep would be very important. This unconscious state could welcome such intuitive journeys. So a genetic seed as influenced directly by these beings was put into the genes of most creatures on Earth. Not only is the sleep state utilized for recuperation of the physical body, but a deliberate attempt was made to encourage all such beings, and even the Earth itself, to move through states of unconsciousness where the thought processes are turned off. This would not be created by a deliberate conscious attempt, but by the very nature of the physical body. As a result of this there would be opportunities for exploration in the dream state, as well as awareness of the release of the physical body, awareness of the subtle bodies influences, and awareness of the physical body's influences on the subtle bodies. Examples of this would be the healing as created by the connection between the aetheric body and the physical body, and astral travel as created by the connection of the physical body to the astral body. These things were gently placed within humanity and all beings on Earth. Therefore sleep is not just a burden or a thing you must do to recuperate, it is also a beautiful opportunity to attune to these other forces.

This seeding did not take place without the awareness of the human race. It was a seeding with the cooperation of the life stream of humanity, with a sense of what could be for humanity. The early Lemurian phases were as if a test to see how humanity could work with intuition. The result of this is a way in which these energies have been incorporated within people. Individuals may be reminded of this when they think of their Lemurian incarnations.

Due to this seeding, it was seen that a direct link to beings from Spica might be a residue of this energy. Yet their love and their understanding of God's energy required that all such links be severed. This is why when you sleep, you do not feel yourself drawn instantly to this star. Spica has a gentle influence to enhance your understanding of all these energies. Because of this general encouragement that Spica provides, there can be a shift in consciousness that occurs when you deliberately focus on your intuition as you attune to Spica. This will be affected by the living aspects of Spica itself. This magnificent star was able to receive and work with these energies in ways that allowed it to understand and work with intuitive functions very differently than most other stars. This also allowed Spica a deeper understanding of God which has been very nourishing and strengthening to this star.

The energy that Spica is broadcasting is simply an overshadowing influence for intuitive development. For many people there will be additional benefit if they combine intuition and the dream state. This is separate from the star, though certainly encouraged by the star. If you are developing a conscious, deliberate invoking of intuitive states, and in your sleep state you welcome a dream or are working with the ability to maintain lucid dreaming states, you may find that there is a beautiful co-development. Bringing in the energies of Spica can assist this process even more deeply. Spica is so bright and powerful in your sky so that indeed there will be this constant reminder of the great importance of releasing thought as necessary for your development.

Now we have mentioned certain psychic abilities that tend to be increased by working with Spica. These abilities in people are not a result of any direct influence from the civilization or the star. It is what is developing in humanity. By being on a planet and constantly working with electromagnetic and gravitational forces in a state of tension and balance, people are able to manipulate this balance by means of abilities inherent in their nature. This is largely unconscious. Making people more aware of these abilities does not entail conscious understanding, but intuitive understanding and an awareness of this through the subtler senses. Many psychic abilities that take advantage of this balance of forces on Earth can be strengthened by working with Spica.

This is the first of 13 from "Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing" by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld.

Re: Expanded view of other civilizations

Very good post, M5.  I think one reason I haven't involved myself in meditation is that I would want more information about it.  When a person is thinking about nothing, should awareness of surroundings be maintained, and not only that, but maintain awareness of self doing this?   Passivity is another issue.  I've read that unless a person be an Adept, mediumistic communication and clairvoyance immediately disqualifies a person from ever attaining the quality of being an Adept.  It concerns corruption.  Something along the lines of sts enters into the picture even if whatever entity communes with you through consciously induced passivity, is not evil.

     Maybe in these days we are living now, hidden meanings are appropiately being disclosed to everyone, due to the nearness of a shift in consiousness. 

     Intuition and the perfect symbolism so often felt around us, sounds interesting.  Discovering esoteric keys is important.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


The beings from Arcturus have bonded with their star. The energies of the star influenced the development of this civilization from the very beginning, and the energies of the civilization naturally coupled with the star. Much of this occurred unconsciously for the early period of that civilization but grew more conscious with time. They had distributed themselves across four of the planets of their solar system by means of a fairly early discovery of primitive forms of space travel. These planets of widely different environmental conditions gradually became more similar over time.

These beings were imbued with a question concerning their development. There were certain aspects in their science and in their awareness of their interaction with the sun and other things that brought up basic questions. These were questions about important mysteries. Their entire philosophy, religion, and ways of being began to be focused on these mysteries. It was not just a matter of solving them. It was observed as the very nature of the universe reflected in the individuality of their own form. This focus on the mysterious, on what could not be known, on what was separate from them, somehow became clearer and clearer with time. It was as if for a while there was a deep reverence for this. This sense of reverence for the unknown was broadcast because of the natural radiating ability of the Arcturus sun. Other civilizations throughout the galaxy began to focus a little on them to give them more questions, more ideas, and more things to look at.

Gradually this became a certain form of understanding and an energy of interconnection between these beings. It was as if when they would meet they would ask a question. These beings were very different from people on Earth. They have understood many aspects of what it means to be alive or not alive; and inter dimensional transfer and other things were of a second nature. So what began to occur in looking at this deeper aspect of mystery was the whole idea of communication, interaction, and understanding of what could be, and what could not be. This led very soon to a deep awareness of the very nature of how beings are created. They utilized these energies for the changing of their co-planets. They also used these energies to extend their own civilization, their lifetimes, and their awareness.

Along the way it was not all a rosy path. For several hundred of their years there were some difficulties where the fractionalization of society took place. Several different paths were taken to solve various mysteries. One would state that there was an awareness of God-reality that extended through multiple dimensions, another would state that there was an awareness of God-reality through biological form, another through the creation of personalities, and these groups would clash. Eventually this gave way to a deep understanding that all these paths could be merged. This then led to their own abilities to strengthen the physical body. This directly affected the relationship between them, their sun, their other planets, and the other planets that they might visit in their locality of space.

By asking these deeper questions and coming to understand the mystery of life and the universe, there developed within every one of these beings an ability to make a link or bond. Once per year a deliberate linking together of all these beings was formed. This was created as an answer to their wars. This truce was observed as a interplanetary holiday once per year. As this took place, a powerful energy began to form within their sun and radiate out to alert them to their underlying roots. This created new mysteries and new things to be looked at. Eventually they were able to understand the whole aspect of what it means to relate and to assist somebody else - in this case their sun. At this point their sun as affected by a number of forces came close to a nova and changed its size and shape a bit. When this occurred, the beings of these planets were able to interact with Arcturus, becoming even more bonded with their star, understanding this deeper mystery of the stars, and saving their solar system. As a result of this deeper interaction, a certain stability and inner strength began to form which has lasted for about 15,000 years.

This brings us to the present. This energy and interaction between these beings and their sun has allowed a certain deep sense of what it means to heal, to create energy of health, clarity, and focus, but more importantly an awareness of the whole healing relationship and an appreciation of the healing process. There is intermeshed in this a deep appreciation of understanding in the knowledge sense. This is a way of learning all of the facts, working with the information, with the symptoms that are presented, the circumstances, the history, and from this also being able to derive information and answers, sometimes by intuitive means, sometimes by logical means, but most of the time by a combination of these. Asking questions, learning to receive the answers, and working closely and deeply with the information, this was one of the key issues that became much clearer in this time period. This is now being radiated in its various forms throughout the dimensions. This can be of direct benefit to people on Earth. This can be a strengthening force that allows people to face these questions. But more importantly, this is an ability to listen, to work with the answers, and to understand the bond created between healer and client.

Now you might think that this would most likely affect psychotherapy rather than bodywork, acupuncture, or homeopathy. In the development of their own personalities, the awareness of the ego, as you understand it in human civilization, this was put to rest a long time ago with Arcturians. For these beings, the ego is nonexistent, and so aspects that focus only on personality are pretty much useless in working with this energy. Most other forms of healing interaction between client and practitioner will certainly benefit. Certainly psychologists and psychotherapists will benefit by use of this star in an indirect fashion through an enhancement of their ability to listen, to understand the bond, and to work with the energies of their client in a way of inspiration and strengthening. There is a certain encouragement of the ability of any of the people involved in this process - but most importantly the practitioner - to look deeply, to solve the mystery, to see it as a puzzle, to see it with some amusement, to be able to perceive all of the clues, and to find a solution using intuition, logic, or whatever is available.

As you can imagine, the early development of this civilization did work with the equivalent of your mystery books and legends, and such things were extremely popular there. They find the broadcasts from Earth, for instance the Sherlock Holmes, material, Agatha Christie, and so on, rather amusing and overly simplistic. In the sense of understanding puzzles, mysteries, and so on, they would consider Earth people quite elementary. However, they have an appreciation of your love of solving mysteries, of misunderstanding converted into awareness.

Therefore, these beings are able to deeply assist people in solving one of their great mysteries. As the subtle bodies are non-physical and definitely a mystery for most people, the awareness of the subtle bodies and how they interact is of great importance. The Arcturians are consciously directing greater energy to Earth at this time to assist people in working with these energies. This is to be a gentle influence with no specifics at first. But as people would tune in to this star - meditating on Arcturus or working with the elixir on a fairly regular basis - they would find that their ability to attune to specific aspects of the subtle bodies will become clearer and clearer, and specific answers to their questions will come much more deeply.

One may be able to work with these energies for introspective discovery as well. Most people have multiple selves. There are many different parts of you that communicate with each other. The usual result of using Arcturus on your own will be to create better understanding among these different aspects of yourselves. The other benefit of using it on your own is that you would find that in working with others many difficulties are eased because the motivation behind their words becomes clearer and easier to work with. Although you are not consciously aware of it, even in your introspection you are defining yourselves by your relationships, by how you see others and know them in the world.

The Arcturians were involved at an indirect level in the process of seeding the Earth. Here was the whole idea of the creation of mystery. It was as if in the consultation with other beings and in working with these things over a long period of time there were questions as to how much should be known, how much should be revealed. The very idea of reincarnation as if creating these aspects of mystery, these things not known, this was influenced significantly by Arcturus. However, the creation of too much of an unknown had the potential to create suffering on Earth. The Arcturians had discovered that a question and its answer being separate was an artificial condition. For this reason they also influenced the way in which the Law of Help is modulated and worked out for humanity. It is as if the angelic beings, many guide beings, and many non-physical beings have studied and worked with Arcturians specifically to know this deeply so that when it is time to work with someone asking for help, these guides will be aware that a question and its answer are created together, and that this help will be given in great amounts.

The energy of Arcturus is more closely aligned with Earths subtle bodies, in particular the atmosphere. A seeding of the geosphere of Earth has taken place in more direct fashion by comparison to DNA seeding and such as physical matter in the human being.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


Mirzam is projecting an energy of great loving to Earth which can be helpful and useful to understand the context of what a miracle is - the unexpected, the thing that seemed outside the context that you had created. This civilization deliberately sought to understand all contexts through their own science and awareness. This ability to move through all of these things gave them a great appreciation for their past history. Because their planet afforded them many great principles of health and longevity, many of these beings chose to live for extremely long periods of time. This allowed them to absorb and learn about many things. By telepathically combining their knowledge and understanding many things through their own science and experiments, there came a time in which it appeared that nothing new would ever be created and that there was nothing left to understand. This was a period of great stagnation for this civilization.

During that period there was the development of the idea of seeding other races and starting other systems, but the beings involved did not understand what benefit there could be from this. Having understood so much and taken this to its absolute limit as far as they could understand, they were unable to make that leap. They gradually became aware that there was a vibration on the other side of the galaxy. Their science did not understand this unusual vibration. They made preparations to visit such a place and instantly had an appearance by beings from that place. These were beings from El Nath that came to alert the beings of Mirzam to other possibilities, and then disappeared. This rather strange phenomena kept the beings of Mirzam quite occupied for a time. They began to realize that the very context that they had created was the place from which they could welcome these new energies.

They did some experiments where they took away memories, understanding, and awareness from some of the their very oldest residents and then exposed them to new things and noted their responses. They began to understand that knowledge of all things was unimportant because they had not developed wisdom and the appreciation of what could be. At the moment of having such realizations, in a very inadvertent and unconscious way they produced a massive response like a joyous shout that sent itself through the galaxies with a great deal of energy. This alerted beings from Andromeda and several other neighboring galaxies to make their appearance known, and a new level of surprise came into the consciousness of these beings in the planets encircling Mirzam.

Having absorbed and understood what was presented by these other galaxies, they reached a point of stasis again. This was not an easy time for these beings. It was as if they deliberately created some degree of being stuck or misunderstanding the entire nature of things. At that point, there was a powerful change. It was as if shocked out of the barriers of time and space, and now able to suddenly move to other dimensional levels without any degree of development, they faced an energy. This was the energy of God as the creative force and the awareness of all things. This energy said to these beings : "Thank you, I have received what you have developed and have understood that this sense of contextual shift is a way in which limitation gives way to perceiving something as new. This contextual shift can give rise to a sense of spontaneity which is extremely helpful for the development of life." At the moment that this happened there was a shift throughout the entire civilization. In moving up through several dimensional levels, these beings merged with God.

This was certainly a magnificent miracle and surprise, but it also left behind a residue. This residue was left to the beings that co-inhabited this planet. As an extended life-span was part of their own development, these beings employed the natural tendencies of balanced ecosystems. On this planet there were all kinds of beings, many of these of great intelligence, though not to the awareness level of the original inhabitants. These beings were left with this energy. It was as if in merging with God, the release of this energy of the miraculous became available for other beings to choose consciously to use. They could not know everything that was, but they could understand God. From this they decided that in their evolution they would deliberately create appreciation as part of their awareness.

And so a custom began. This custom has been mirrored in other civilizations on Earth but not nearly to the extent of these beings. Many of the children were brought up isolated from sight, sound, and sensation. Then at the point beyond maturity, they were allowed to see, feel, think, and know. Naturally they developed an appreciation of all things. This was one technique that was utilized. As a facet of appreciation, some way of renewing faith and understanding was necessary for this sense of the miraculous to be in place. This second civilization on Mirzam never had any periods of stagnation. By experimenting with these different techniques of bringing deprivation and then awareness into consciousness, there was a great deal of energy created of tremendous benefit.

They realized that some of these ideas would be of great benefit to any other beings on other planets. When it came time to bring these energies into other systems, it was seen that on Earth there might be some benefit. Many of these things were brought into various civilizations in the past. In the times of greatest awareness of any civilization, the energies of both the old and the more recent Mirzamites were projected to Earth. So you have the great cultural flowerings in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, the Renaissance, as well as in the current civilization on Earth. These energies are available. They are projected as if as in waves which are spaced closer and closer together so that people will have more and more opportunities for this discovery. But discovery is to be understood and appreciated for its miraculous nature. The real aim here is to bring through an appreciation of what can be, of the ultimate possibilities. By working with Mirzam, some people may reach the point where they accept many things as miraculous.

There was a being from the first civilization on Mirzam who detached itself from the rest of this race during the time of maximum enlightenment and shift in dimensional level back to God. This being wishes to bring this sense of the miraculous and ways to achieve this into other civilizations throughout this galaxy and others. So this one has influenced those civilizations on Earth that have experimented with sensory deprivation in order to achieve a sense of greater awareness of the miraculous. The Sufis have been influenced by this to a large extent. Civilizations long unknown in South America are being brought into greater conscious awareness. Certain individuals are kept in a cave throughout their childhood and are not able to see what the world is about until their twenties. These individuals are able to maintain a constant sense of awe and awareness that brings inspiration to others. This is now being revealed, and such civilizations will have more and more attention on them in the future. They were inspired by this being from Mirzam and indeed saw him as a god for a while, but then in their own spiritual evolution began to recognize that he was a brother and was one who could assist when necessary in the future. It is possible that in times of great struggle such a being may make its presence known again on Earth.

To some extent, this individual is more interested in surprise than in spiritual awareness. This is the reason this individual detached as this race ascended. Its interest in such ascension was secondary to its appreciation of the miraculous. In interacting with many civilizations and seeking to inspire and learn from them, this ancient denizen of Mirzam was able to grow and appreciate what was really important in the development of the appreciation of miracles in various civilizations throughout the galaxy. For miracles to be truly appreciated as miracles, they must also have a little bit of danger in them, a little characteristic that makes them very much something to keep you alive, to keep you on your toes. In this new uncharted territory created by this contextual shift, there is tremendous free will. There are more opportunities, more wonderful things, but also more horrible things that can come from such miracles. For free will to be appropriately developed in people, it is very important to give people such a choice. In the creation of this miracle, they realize what choice they have made.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


Polaris is the easiest to find of most stars. Most people in the Northern Hemisphere have an ability to locate it. This is good because it allows them direction. They can find north. More than with the other stars, the location of Polaris has allowed it to become a symbol for humanity for a way of finding their way around. This business of finding direction is directly related to the underlying idea of having the energy or drive to complete tasks, to find your direction, and to stay focused on that direction.

However, this has something to do with the civilization there. Beings who exist in the single planet that encircles Polaris have existed for a long time, have learned much of the wisdom of the ages, and have much understanding of many things. They have also developed astronomy to an extremely high degree. Their own ability to manifest space travel is rather interesting. They are able to create space ships by mental function and bring them to Earth. If necessary, they can get here quickly, even though they are quite far away, by your reckoning over 300 light years away. With focus on the star, some individuals have noted interesting subtle experiences. When meditating on the star they become aware of an unusual disk-like or triangular shape approaching them, or a sense of otherworldliness. This is indeed contact from these beings.

In their great wisdom they have looked out into the galaxy and identified and worked with all of the different planetary systems, all of the different galaxies, and all of the different beings amongst them. When they look at the Earth they recognize a struggling civilization. They do not wish to interfere, but they also recognize that due to the position of Earth's axis, Polaris appears pretty well fixed in the sky in alignment with the North Pole. Therefore, a special relationship exists between Earth and the star. This is no coincidence that this place of wisdom and clarity has been the focus since the last pole shift which occurred approximately 11,117 years ago. It was hoped that a deeper relationship might get going with this alignment between Earth and Polaris. These beings saw that Earth needed this extra sense of direction and focus. When the pole shift occurred and re-alignment of the Earth took place, this resulted in a short period of very cold weather on Earth. This new alignment was created by a deliberate attunement by Earth's guides and helpers, and by a number of beings of great mechanical power with the assistance from the Polaris beings themselves in their space ships.

A set of devices taken from some Earthly material, utilizing primarily quartz programmed in Atlantis and connected with the Egyptian pyramids, were placed on Polaris at that time. These were utilized on the Polaris planet as broadcast antennas in a radionic sense to allow deeper attunement between these planets. Then it was decided that whatever would be best for each of the civilizations would be allowed forth. For the Egyptian civilization the idea was to reflect the sense of life itself, of things beginning, of people coming to know each other, to learn from each other, and to trust each other - and that this would be a period of rapid growth. This was in alignment with humanity's guides and so the sense of growth came forth. The switch-over to the current idea of encouragement, inner strength, and a willingness to persevere occurred in the time just preceding Christ, approximately 37 BC. At such time the energies began to take clear form and shape, and these were allowed to pour into Earth by faster than light processes.

The idea that this sense of direction, focus, and awareness of the life process itself now gives way to encouragement, to continuing on, and to looking in the face of all obstacles. This appears to be what these beings from Polaris would deem to be the wisest for humanity at this time. Recognizing free will, they will not impose this. They are not the ones to say that is what you need the most, so we are going to force it with you. But at the same time there is quite a bit to think about in terms of the very nature of free will. If the purpose of this planet is for this creation of love through free will, then anything that takes you off of that path or that becomes discouraging, or those ways in which you don't see yourself clearly, these things would be the most important to avoid, the most important to understand and let go of. At a deep level, these beings from Polaris are encouraging free will itself. This is a very important energy that might otherwise have been ignored in Earth's own development.

This sense of encouragement, of inner strength, what does it come from? It cannot come from one's own individual personality. It must come from the group consciousness. However, group consciousness must not be that which is developed only from humanity but must include all of the higher aspects that humanity strives for, such as a unity of all energetic forces of the universe and the whole understanding of God as one within people. This is the basis for the encouraging energy itself. The beings from Polaris have observed over and over that the civilizations that survive, the beings that grow to a sense of wisdom, creativity, love, or whatever anywhere in the universe can only do this with a sense of inner connectedness, and an understanding of God as manifested on all levels.

This civilization from Polaris has existed for a very long time and these beings have understood many interesting capacities. They have developed techniques of inter dimensional travel in which they have been able to explore other galaxies. From this they have decided that some of the most important aspects to gather had nothing to do with intelligence or love, but had to do with perfection, with wisdom, and with the ability to understand and work with all forces in all ways. This was a gradual development over a long period of time, and certainly appears to be a logical sort of thing. But they have also recognized the principle of interference, that by looking at other civilizations with their wisdom they could interfere with them unconsciously; and so they became very careful about how they observed and worked with other energies. This has led them to a position of holding records, understanding the nature of many solar systems, and other things. In humanity's future, it is possible that visits to this place will be of great benefit to the wisest, to the leaders, to the people that would be of maximum help on Earth. However, this will not be available to just anyone. The overall sense of encouragement that Polaris can bring to people is the level that will be available to most people. This higher level of awareness that encompasses infinite wisdom and understanding of things far beyond time, space, and dimensionality as you perceive it, this would be made available to those individuals who would reach the highest and best that their civilization has provided them.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


In some ways, Procyon personifies or crystallizes the most typical path of development for so many extraterrestrial civilizations. Beings on the eighth planet in this system developed a natural tendency to work with mathematics and the understanding of the pure energies of their sun. By the mid-point in their evolution, they were able to manifest by concentration. By shifting the very energies of their sun, they were easily able to influence various physical processes. An equivalent of this would be using your mind to grow food. As they evolved, they began to have a tremendous perspective on things. They began to understand the nature of the universe itself. Many characteristics of the universe were understood in a scientific way. Over many evolutionary cycles of this, they became aware of the capacities of their own physical bodies to retain information. They began to bring the very starlight from their sun deep into themselves, creating pockets of this light for maximum intelligence and a strengthening of this awareness until each began to see the common goal of true education.

They decided that a tremendous energy derived through the education of karma would enable them to understand karma completely. They recognized that they would not be able to make any true progress until they understood the tremendous balancing necessary, until they had an awareness of karma on all levels. They allowed this for themselves on many levels. Many times in their evolution they deliberately created negative karma in order to evolve by balancing this in a more positive and powerful way. For instance, they decided that a test of this understanding of karma would be given when the children of this society reached a certain age. They were asked to determine the correct karmic course of action of a complicated situation involving thousands of beings on other planets, even including the motions of celestial objects and of minute microscopic beings of all kinds. Any failure to understand this and work with it correctly resulted in the instantaneous death of that child. Any success in this allowed them to transcend their own awareness to a deeper level. This very deliberately created negative karma within this society. The society was forced to evolve through understanding all of these things as deeply and powerfully as possible.

There was a gradual disassociation from all aspects of emotionality. The awareness of the emotions were seen to slow down the race, and interfere with their goal of learning all of the universal laws. The Law of Karma was the first one they understood. They also became fully aware of the universal laws of manifestation, permanence, opposite expression, progress, thought, and speech. In working through multiple dimensions and various powerful mental levels, they came to this awareness in many ways. However, the Law of Love was beyond their comprehension. What was seen and understood was impossible for them to grasp.

They recognized their own limitation, and began to see that by broadcasting the highest level of their own mental functioning into the universe, they might encourage other beings to quickly come to this revelation themselves. Their energies were lost on most of the civilizations who have to find similar mental paths for their own survival. Because of the relatively low concentrations of negative energies of emotional nature on most other planets in most star systems in this galaxy, these energies of the mind are natural as ones that ensure the survival of the races.

So then these beings from Procyon recognized that their ultimate gift would be to provide this mental awareness to particular beings who might be able to work with it in their own creation of heart energy, of love energy, such as with Earth beings. The conscious broadcast of these energies is a great deal of fun for these beings. These mental energies pouring into Earth can help people create a deeper ability to concentrate.

But these beings are also a bit dissatisfied with their own evolution. Although they took all measures to move forward, did all things possible to come to a place of maximum evolution, they missed something. They missed the very thing that people on Earth struggle so much to gain and understand. It is not just compassion or love, but it is a willingness to allow the love itself to direct one's activities while the mind is asleep. This is not to say the minds of human beings are asleep, but in comparison to beings from Procyon, human minds are in a state of deep, deep, trance sleep. These beings can have full awareness of every molecule in a sun, can understand every atmospheric interaction of all the particles, substances, and beings in a volume of space that might exist around an entire planet. However, their awareness of such things has not given them the understanding and evolution that they desired. Earth people may eventually be able to teach other races about facets of love, such as letting go to discover that love, knowing it within yourself, and seeking it as its own end. These beings from Procyon hope that they will be taught about love, that they be the ones perhaps to combine this with their own understanding and transcend. When this occurs, they will finally reach their next goal. It is not clear what it will be, but it may be something along the lines of the creation of a magnificent sister galaxy to the Milky Way. This would be a galaxy full of all sorts of beings that have the capacity to enjoy, to grow, to play, and to love, as well as having the capacity to think, to understand, and to create their own universes should they choose this.

This general evolution towards creativity appears in many races. And this dependence upon mental acuity and understanding of karma through the mind also appears in many races. The beings from Procyon have perhaps taken this to the highest degree of evolution of any society that might come into contact with Earth. Through their own great intelligence and observation, they have seen that Earth is perhaps the place holding the greatest and most important answers to their own evolution. By understanding and working with the Law of Progress, they have come to accept and understand patience. They have infinite patience, and they will wait as long as it takes for Earth's own evolution to be eventually shared.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


Early in their development, the beings on the fourth planet from Fomalhaut recognized the importance of addictive principles, but were unable to fully integrate this into their society. They had understood that the chlorophyll based lifeforms they ate derived energy directly from their sun. At first, this was viewed as a natural process, just as you do on Earth. They began to derive energies directly from Fomalhaut itself, eventually releasing the need for the ingestion of physical substance. The light from Fomalhaut was of the perfect spectral configuration to provide them all the energies they needed.

There was a great debate amongst Fomalhaut society of the principle of the addictive versus nourishment. This principle is that which plays upon your consciousness whenever you begin to look at any addictive principles yourself. Is this something my body really needs or is this something I am addicted to? You may even play with this in humorous ways as in :"I am addicted to water." But there is a difference between an addiction and that which is part of your substance and needs to be replenished. These beings were made of light and needed to be replenished by such. But they were on the verge of a transformation beyond such a level to a realization that they were made of God, that they were made of the essence of things higher than light. They were able to see the addictive principle, and in many cases chose - not always consciously - to attune to the light of Fomalhaut rather than to the forces higher than that.

By very slightly altering the spectrum of the light from Fomalhaut, machine beings originally created in the star system of Procyon were easily able to accelerate sensations of pleasure and euphoria within these beings and enslave them. These machine beings were able to provide powerful energies of a nourishing nature in order to transfer the addiction away from the light of Fomalhaut towards the machine beings. This became the ultimate addiction - where you become consciously, unconsciously, in all ways a slave. The slavery was complete. Their minds, the awareness of their hearts, their day-to-day lives, and many other things were influenced by this. These machines needed raw materials. Fomalhaut is a star that has twelve planets around it that are very rich in all kinds of natural resources such as various materials, various energetics, crystalline structures, and many other things of great interest to other beings.

This position of slavery existed for a long time. After the machine wars ended on Procyon, the civilization on Procyon still maintained a relationship with the beings on Fomalhaut. The beings from Procyon decided to listen to what these beings from Fomalhaut really wanted. And the Fomalhaut beings, many of them at such time oppressed and in places of struggle and discomfort, did recognize that they were being listened to. In a very short period they created a collective message."Help us to let this energy somehow change."

As a result beings from Procyon, Polaris, and many other star systems poured their energy into this planet. It was seen that direct interference with the machine beings was actually unnecessary and would not aid in the development of this planet. This energy poured into this planet to give these beings more free will, more choice, more awareness, and more ability to understand the very principles that they were working with. What became very clear here was that an eventual break could be made by deliberately creating a situation where these machine beings became dependent on the people of Fomalhaut and on the resources of the twelve planets. This beautiful energy of understanding was kept secret from the machines. This was very easy to do, because machines don't really understand in that sense.

Over a period off about fifty years, the beings from Fomalhaut concentrated on understanding the addictive principle. They came to understand very deeply, very clearly, all facets of addiction, and applied this understanding in great amounts to the machines. Being machines, they did not have much awareness (in the sense of consciousness) about such dependence, and found such addictive principles were impossible to resist. The machines became very addicted to such as the beings from Fomalhaut provided. This was an addiction to materials, but also to ways of thinking, particular machine parts, and particular ways of showing them how to do things.

Towards the end of this fifty year period, the beings from Fomalhaut used their understanding of addiction to produce a device. This device was the most addictive device that could ever be produced, as anyone who utilized it would focus all their energies on sensations produced by the device. This device was provided to all of these machines, who became enmeshed with it until their batteries ran down and they all died. It was really a very simple solution once the full awareness of addiction as a principle came into consciousness. Of course when we speak about batteries running down and the rest, we are oversimplifying, but you get the general idea.

The principle of addiction was clearly used to create a situation of powerlessness among the machines, which was then utilized to free these beings from their position of powerlessness. As a result of this, all of the civilizations who had helped as well as others sought information about this principle. The question for them became :"What is addiction, what does this mean, and how do we have this in our society?" Almost at once, the beings of Fomalhaut became teachers to share this. In their own way, this was a very difficult period for them. It lasted for about 3,500 years. It was a period in which they became addicted to their own ability to teach, to share information, and to assist others.

These beings had to work with these principles for a while to fully understand them. Having transcended and understood thought addiction, utilizing it for the freeing of their planet, what would be a further step in this road toward releasing addictions? The next step would be to release the addiction to helping, to making a difference, and to assisting others. These beings came to the deeper understanding that they were in some ways short-circuiting their own development by helping others. As a result of this a period of inner work took place. This lasted for about another 3,500 years. They came out of this with a deep understanding of all life processes.

They created a series of protective energies around their planet. These were to be sure that no enslaving would ever take place again with their civilization. This was simply a beacon of powerful energy that would burst forth from the star and pour into their solar system and their region of the galaxy. This energy would empower, would say to any beings :"You need nothing from us. You may find all you need in yourselves, in your own awareness, in your own understanding."

It was initially a protective device to minimize any interference from other planets. It was not that the beings who interfered were doing so in any way to harm the beings from Fomalhaut ; but they did not realize that these beings from Fomalhaut had created for themselves this path of learning and understanding all facets of addictions. Initially, it was not a deliberately chosen path. But in God's wisdom in working with these energies with this planet, what was discovered was a magnificent principle. This principle came into formation toward the end of that second 3,500-year cycle. Once this came into greater clarity it was seen that this principle needed free will and assistance on all levels in the way in which the Fomalhaut beings themselves wished it. The energy of their beacon was respected, known, and relayed throughout the galaxy and into many other galaxies.

As a result of this a gentle influence came into the Earth at this time. It was an influence that said : "What can you learn from this whole principle of addiction and dependence where a reference that is external is seen as being more important than a reference that is internal?" This was an influence in the development of the dinosaurs. Later the development of various conscious forms of this energy was allowed in the human society during the middle and later Atlantean epoch. This was a period when the addictive principle was first explored in a direct and conscious way by humanity.

Many hundreds of thousands of years after the dinosaurs, the beings of Fomalhaut had come to an entirely different understanding about this. Between the period of the end of the age of dinosaurs and the period of the Atlantean civilization for humanity, many changes took place in the Fomalhaut system. They were able to recognize the great benefit of empowerment and the releasing of any aspects that could take one away from higher sources, higher love, and higher purpose of whatever civilization. They observed this by seeing the effect their beacon had on other civilizations and on other beings who came close to Fomalhaut. They also observed that although it was a defensive maneuver, still this beacon had capacities they had not thought of, they had not seen, and they saw the benefit of this.

So it is that very beacon that continues to affect Earth when people attune to Fomalhaut. As they attune to this whole principle, many of these things come into form. This powerful influence is deep within the core of humans because of this energy influencing the genetic development of reptiles and this having been incorporated into humanity's genetic development - the reptilian core of the brain is sometimes referred to in some older texts. In meditation or working with the star elixir, there is a positive influence that can help individuals attune to what they have been. This can assist them in tracing their own contact through past civilizations, and understanding how in past lives the addictive principle has influenced them so much.

There is of course with all this a parallel in that civilizations have been created that were slave-based or addiction-based and there are powerful aspects of this running through human society right now. Right now in society there is enough consciousness and free will, and many programs that deliberately focus on addiction, that if people choose to look at this consciously, they can do so. The parallel to the beings on Fomalhaut so long ago is very different. Without the help of others, they could not begin to look at this issue and understand the very nature of their slavery.

The core of addiction is an aspect of free will that is removed from consciousness. A slavery to the external reference takes place. Slavery is a condition where one aspect is directly coupled to another with no potential for its own free will or its own development. Where consciousness, awareness, love, or any other higher aspect of existence is present in the master, some of it always leaks into the slave. As a result, the awareness of the consciousness of the master will naturally be transferred to the slave. This means that the master/slave relationship must be a dynamic one that must change by its very nature. As God's understanding is now transmitted to all beings, slavery can only be a temporary condition, and is generally not seen as a balanced, healthy, or useful state.

This realization has been especially clear over the last 120 years or so on Earth and coincides with the channeling of the Emancipation Proclamation and the information given to Abraham Lincoln near the middle of the Civil War. This is important because in this understanding of addictive principle is this awareness of the external reference and the awareness of the similarity between slavery and addiction. This may not always be very clear, but is certainly alluded to in all of literature. The monkey on my back is one of the old terms referring to heroin addiction.

The wide resources available to the Fomalhaut beings through the variety of substances, energies, and other things found throughout their solar system makes the energy in their beacon one that can affect people on Earth in many different ways and can help them with substance addiction of many different substances or addiction to particular forms of co-dependent relationship, sex, or even addictions to thinking. There are many energies here that are helpful on many different levels, and it is up to the individual to attune to the specific aspect they require when utilizing the Fomalhaut energies.

From the story of the civilization from Fomalhaut, you recognize that a society poised on the brink of transformation is most vulnerable to enslavement. This principle has a direct parallel to humanity right now. People as poised on the brink of this transformation are most vulnerable to new energies that would say to them :"Be asleep. Take power for yourself. Choose power over others."or other foolish messages. Of even more importance is that beings have choice in this matter, if they are but willing to see it. This tale is not simply of historical significance or for understanding of these patterns, but also relates to people on Earth.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


A long time before the seeding of humanity on Earth, beings living on the fourth planet that encircles this star had the ability to understand and work with powerful energies of all sorts. There was a development of a separate race. This race was the ultimate gift. They saw that working with the energies of procreation would have an impact on the development of their society. The child was conceived of over a period of several thousand years. This massive group effort was society's goal.

The production of this race took place in a tremendous burst of creative energy. They utilized many sources from other suns and star systems, including Procyon, El Nath, and even from other galaxies as yet unknown or unnamed in your science. All sorts of vibrational methods were utilized to genetically and aetherically crossbreed these energies to create this new race. These newly-born beings had a tremendous ability to communicate, to understand, and to transcend the lives of the parents. These beings then gathered together over a period of 200 years to understand themselves.

They saw that it was necessary to separate from the parent civilization. The parent civilization saw that this was in greatest harmony, and assisted these children to migrate to the sixth planet in their star system. Because this planet was much cooler and not as life supporting, this involved the production of all sorts of artificial energy sources so that they could exist. Since the beings that were created were so powerful and had inherent capabilities to manifest in new ways and transcend dimension, this was fairly easily done.

After the settling took place and the society began to grow on this planet, the parent group began to perceive all sorts of energies at subtle levels. These energies seemed to radiate from the sixth planet. These were unclear energies of struggle which became very deeply saddening to the parent group. The parent group began to recognize that they did not know the child. Emissaries and diplomats between the two planets conveyed information back to the parent saying, everything is fine, these are just your interpretations of our feelings.

But in fact there was a deep problem within the society being created on the sixth planet. They could not accept that the universe they had come into was ready to hold them, love them, and know them. This was implanted into their genetic structures, but they did not have the inherent understanding that comes from a history of struggle and difficulty. It was as if what they were attempting to do was touch a small portion of emotion. All of these beings together were attempting to know all facets of emotional awareness. Although not nearly to the extent that all the different kinds of loss, grief, or struggle are understood by humanity, just this small portion of emotional understanding was too much. There was a mass suicide. They simply disconnected all of the equipment that allowed life to be sustained, and within a few short hours all were dead.

These parents had established this society by their own love and kindness, their own bodies, and their own willingness to see this. All of a sudden the energies that emanated from this planet stopped, and the emissaries brought back the sad news. This caused a great struggle in their civilization, and a rethinking of many goals. There were some suicides, and much difficulty, insanity, depression, and other problems amongst those people. Yet for the most part they made it through. Recognizing that this is a planet populated by beings who were in telepathic communication, emotionally aware, and who understood many things, even so it was barely up to their ability to handle this. They moved through a period of grief and struggle which you cannot imagine.

As a result of this they came to a new understanding. They discovered that the best way to experience the overall depth of evolution would be through the experiences that were created by free will, not through genetic manipulation or the understanding of the parent. They had not been attempting to side-step evolution, but they recognized their failure. They had a vision of a future race who had evolved by means of free will and a separation of love from other characteristics, eventually to utilize the science developed by these parent beings and others to further this new race's own evolution. Such was glimpsed as one possibility for the race that was to be humanity.

One result of this was some of the seeding into the desert areas of Earth, such as the tribes of Israel, Bedouin tribes, the Nairobi desert, the Sudan, and others. Some of this genetic seeding was derived from the experiments that were done by these beings from Aldebaran. These energies were powerful and very useful for other races who contributed to the seeding process on Earth. The link with Aldebaran was broken so that the beings from Aldebaran would not influence humanity, would not be directly involved, and would not interfere with their will upon humanity's will, even if the cost meant mass suicide for humanity or some way in which the people on Earth did not accept the gifts of love that the Aldebaran beings had.

Certain changes in the planets of the Aldebaran system required some changes in their own evolution. The development of water-based and desert-based technologies gave rise to civilizations there, and so it was very easy to draw on those for some benefit in this seeding process on Earth.

There is an inherent link very deep in the genetic character of all people on Earth. Should they attune to Aldebaran, they may sense a little bit of this loss because this is in their history. But these beings from Aldebaran have filtered most of this out of what they are broadcasting to Earth. What is left is an empowerment, a loving, an encouragement, and a willingness to say :"You live. You grow. You may be." These are some very beautiful things, which act as an example for other civilizations that have sought a seeding of Earth.

These beings from Aldebaran hope that humanity may someday choose to co-create a civilization with them on this sixth planet. This planet was not chosen as a place to struggle against ecology and other difficulties. It was chosen because it is a planet with tremendous internal capacities for a powerful support structure. The highly compressed inert gases of xenon and krypton act as a core within its center which projects a magnificent, strong, clearing energy that could be quite sustaining and helpful to any civilization capable of living there. Most of the natives of the Aldebaran system would not be capable of living there because of the higher energy levels required to be in such a cold place.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


In the seeds of this civilization was an understanding of light and dark that ran very deep in their consciousness. In the religious development of this civilization, there was a powerful energy of light and dark. There is a planetary system around the star Antares that includes at the fourth planetary orbit two planets equidistant from the sun Antares, and on opposite sides of Antares. The other planet could not be seen night or day. The result was an energetic connection between the beings on these two planets that was largely unconscious, since without space travel the beings on one planet were not aware of beings on the other. This balance at an unconscious level was very powerful between them.

These civilizations were seeded by a number of factors from other places somewhat influenced by the explosion of energy from El Nath we spoke of earlier. They were also influenced by a parallel course in genetics that came about through the natural geological formation of the planets. These two planets were very similar in many ways, having similar quantities of substances such as water, air, food, and other things.

As these civilizations developed, they recognized each other through the intuitive and through the dream state. In many cases their seasons were also balanced - one moving through winter while the other through summer. This led to some rather interesting balances before space travel was possible for these beings. This gradually led to a development of a clear understanding within of the dream side. The activities even eventually reached a place where the genetic structures themselves became powerfully influenced by consciousness and one soul group would create in the other civilization on the parallel planet a balanced soul group in incarnation. One would be experiencing out the negative karma that the other was experiencing as a positive karma. This led eventually to a seeking of understanding of consciousness through this balancing of two halves.

When space travel became possible, much was revealed. A co-development between the civilizations took place through free trade, free travel, and understanding. There was also a co-development through religions on both planets of the understanding of light and dark, of the powerful nature of the two sides of existence, and of the many polarities. Over a period of about 3,500 years, the co-seeding and co-development led to several phases of war, some difficulties of understanding of relationship, and the eventual genetic merging that led to a unification of the races coinciding with a transformation into other dimensions. This powerful energy was primarily third dimensional in character and was the foundation for this civilization's transformation to the fourth dimension. The pooling of resources from both the planets was of great power and developed within this civilization a great respect for the awareness of life and for the awareness of all sentient beings on both planets. After many thousands of years, this led to the eventual development into higher dimensional levels - fifth, sixth, and seventh - where the civilization now exists.

Although the animal and plant life was not as varied as that in humanity's existence and awareness through terrestrial forces, still a pattern emerged even there where plants on one planet would tend to mirror action of plants on another, acting as the shadow self one for the other, and there was a general balance here too. Many of the foods taken from one planet to another were found to be exotic, stimulating, strange, and yet with a ring of familiarity. This ran in many ways through the civilization because of God's influence and the seeding influence of the Elohim. These powerful energies were to create these dichotomies for the deliberate purpose of allowing a new merged self to emerge from these civilizations. Telepathy, interactive communication, and awareness of the intuitive state or dream state was far more prevalent, accepted, and understood through these civilizations than it has been on Earth.

But at the same time, the development of space travel was impeded. There are a number of factors, primarily the deficiency of metals as found in these planets. Eventually, biological means of space travel over short distances were developed for the interaction between these planets. Here again, the spacecraft were developed pretty much concurrently between the two civilizations. These biological entities could attack each other, sometimes without the direct knowledge of those who worked with them.

Honoring both sides of all issues became an important aspect of the combined civilization. This was to give an even-handedness, creating a race of diplomats when these beings eventually rose to the sixth dimensional level. These diplomats settled crisis and wars throughout the galaxy. But such an energy is not accessible to humanity at this time. The diplomacy issue relates very much to the acceptance in oneself of the parallels that one sees in one's enemy; and this is an important principle of diplomacy that has not been sufficiently applied on Earth. Diplomats on Earth are primarily mediators to achieve compromise, to see the bigger view and transmit this to the parties involved; but not to help them to see themselves, to help them understand their own purpose in this conflict, and to see how the shadow self is reflected in one's own enemy. Therefore at some later date when there is greater spiritual awareness and acceptance of this inner principle of the shadow self mirrored in one's enemy, then the diplomacy aspects of Antares will become more prevalent. This will become a more important principle after about 2010 in mankind's own development.

In this awareness of the shadow self, what you see is another aspect of yourself mirrored in your world, mirrored in your own understanding of your past lives, or mirrored in your understanding of so many aspects of your personality. These civilizations from Antares co-developed energies that they put in their sun which were broadcast. Some of this broadcasting is directed specifically at Earth for the purpose of awakening this dual nature, these polarities in people. There is a certain mysteriousness associated with it because it is clearly derived from experience. The greater lesson from Antares is that through the experiences of life itself and in the experience of one's own personal revelation comes also the ability to communicate, to trust the intuition, and to look squarely in the face all of those aspects of oneself that one was not always able to accept. In accepting these and in seeing them for what they are, progress can be made, changes can be allowed, and ultimately this awareness can be shared with others.

Beings from Antares were involved in the seeding of Earth and interaction with humans for the development of emotions through understanding the primary function of the hypothalamus, and in the development of the various chemistries that are necessary for the understanding of emotion. Here it was seen that both the free will aspect where humanity would develop on its own and the way of seeding very deep or even unconscious activities into humanity would be necessary. So the influence here was partly genetic but also an overshadowing influence in the development of the emotional body of people. The influence here was for a time created by direct interaction emotional body to emotional body between Antares beings and Earth people. This was tried in many different ways. One way was to offer a bit of a vacation to individuals in Lemurian and Atlantean cultures to come to Antares to experience this blending of many things and to experience some of their own culture and history. Another was a way in which the emotional body of an Antarean being was actually detached from such a being and allowed to work directly with humans who chose such a path. This was more in the later phases of Atlantis than in the Lemurian phase, but was often experimented with at various times in prehistory.

There is some overshadowing by beings from Antares in relation to the concept of Tao. After all, Tao is about unity through diversity, and a way of these yin and yang forces combining. But here it extends even beyond the influence of any single civilization. The work of Lao Tzu was influenced by beings from Antares, but was also a direct creation from his own awareness, consciousness, and acceptance of the Earth. And this is the part that is unique and the part that also attracts Antares beings here today. The Earth's own influence is of great importance right now in your civilization in an understanding of the shadow self, in an understanding of your own personality development, and ultimately with your interaction in groups with the Earth. Many of the most important ecological issues people face are solved not just through the interaction at a scientific level or understanding of your biosphere. These problems are also solved by an emotional acceptance of the Earth as a parallel for your own development - your own life blood being her waters, your own awareness of immune function relating to the rain forests, and many other things acting as parallels. This is very interesting to Antares beings : how you solve these issues will be of benefit in their own understanding of humanity.

Re: Expanded view of other civilizations

WoW nice thread M5! Where did you get all this information from?

"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity


Re: Expanded view of other civilizations

Hey Hildegarde   smile   

It's from a book , found on my travels called  "Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing"  by Michael Smulkis + Fred Rubenfeld.

First published in Great Britain in 1992   by the   C.W. Daniel Company Limited, 1 Church Path, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1JP.   ISBN 0 85207 258 9

Thought i'd share some excerpts from it - and get some typing practice.  big_smile

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


Many beings from Vega were involved in the seeding of the human race. Partway through this process, they began to experience some emotional difficulties from their extensive interaction with humans. They chose then to look at all of the different ways things had been done in the past to discover what would make the most difference for all of the civilizations and societies on Earth. Once again, they found their feelings were very difficult to understand. It was as if they had to almost become partly human in order to have such insights.

As a result, they began a long search for the essence of vibration. This search was inspired in many ways by the initial bringing together of forces for the creation of genetic structures on Earth. In this way, the further development of the Vegan civilization occurred at the same time as the development of Earth's civilization. These beings began to recognize that their affinity with humanity could best be served by some portion of free will and love being projected in a way that created a minimum of dependence. The idea was to create inspiration without any particular form or any particular way in which it was to come.

The beings from Vega have a hypersensitivity to dependence and co-dependence, relationship addiction, or even the development of societies and civilizations which have a sympathetic relationship with each other. Part of this is because they experienced a great deal of difficulty in the early development of their civilization. There was a series of wars on the sixth planet from their sun. These wars destroyed a large portion of their natural resources. It was as if certain bacteria were created that were able to devour and destroy only specific plant species or specific materials. There is some kinship to the neutron bomb which destroys all life, but leaves the buildings and larger structures intact. The great horror that many people feel about this is in some ways irrational and based upon their genetic connection to these Vegan beings. After they put aside war, these beings developed a natural interdependence as they became better acquainted and decided to find a way of life together. Due to the resulting scarcity of resources, it was with a great deal of struggle that they were able to trade across continents. They became fully dependent on each other for their survival.

They recognized that there was an underlying source of energy deep within their planet that gave them the strength for peace, for understanding, and for wisdom. Just as Earth has a vibration of approximately 7.83 cycles per second associated with her own being, this planet had a multiplicity of profound and powerful vibrations that are almost musical in nature. This was a uniting energy for all of the beings. An inner communication was then created and telepathy opened for all of the beings on this world. Over a period of several years, a relatively short period for such development, there was a great deal of interconnection and understanding.

As this process continued, many of the children suffered, for they could not adapt easily to the shift. To save the ones that were remaining, their answer was to let the inner vibration of their planet pour into these children to inspire, nurture, and sustain them, and not have them weighed down by the history of the planet. From this the children began to do something very strange. They began to make noises with their mouths, to pick up various objects and make noises with them, and to utilize various substances to make various tones, generally in harmony and occasionally in deliberate disharmony with the vibration of their world. This was not understandable to the adults, but it saved the children. So it was understood, studied, taught, worked with, and from this the science of music began.

There were certain precedents for this in this galaxy in the ways in which natural vibrations tend to work together. But this was a new way of utilizing the underlying inspirational vibration of a world to save lives, and to increase life itself. These children had a natural ability to appreciate newly developed things. This music gradually evolved, taking hundreds of thousands of years before it became something that could be well communicated and understood. Growing up at the same time as telepathic communication, music eventually surpassed telepathic communication for these beings. These beings took their music with them as they increased their vibrational level to reach higher and higher vibrational, inter dimensional, and density levels.

Many attempts were made to seed other civilizations using primarily music. Very little of anything has come from such experiments. Other civilizations sought the assistance of Vegans to create a genetic transfer into the human race that would help human children survive, partly by an attunement to song, music, and rhythm, and partly by an attunement to the life force within them. However, the Vegans discovered that this would create too much interference, too much dependence on the other civilizations, too many ways in which Earth people would not develop independently.

So what was designed into the DNA structures were simple links at vibrational level to an attunement to the Earth's own vibration, an attunement to the principles of music, and a natural way in which music would tend to realign the DNA patterns and hence be transmitted throughout the body. Cultural aspects were also planted deeply into human society by the vegans, such as the ones who are mythologized in the various religions of the Earth as ones who have played instruments and used music to teach these principles of healing through music. There was no requirement as to how these abilities would be used, only that they would be available. This was unique, and was a very different way of structuring such seeding. The Vegans understood this as the best way to proceed.

Until this experiment with Earth has come to a place of some logical conclusion, the other seeding experiments of the Vegans throughout the galaxy have been halted. They are waiting, and because of this there is a great deal of focus and attention on Earth at this time from these beings. They will not interfere as such by visiting here or causing any difficulty amongst Earth society. But they will continue to broadcast many frequencies and energies to Earth to inspire people, to help them understand music, to play where needed, and to listen deeply to the inner music. When people experience music together, this can create a deeper connection between people through a resonance of their DNA structures. Just as the ways of telepathy and music were able to be as one with the Vegans, so it is likely this will happen to humanity.

You generally recognize music as the result of emotional work or physical body work as influenced by the mind. However, you would recognize telepathy as mind interaction influenced by the emotions, the body, or other things. Therefore, communication through music with telepathy is beyond simply a sharing of a song. It is the underlying energy that is shared. The result is that the individual may find the inspiration deep within them to sing that song or to express that feeling in some way. This attunement can eventually lead to a new musical form : simultaneous musical improvisation. Many individuals have experienced this at various times, and this is the beginnings of this telepathic musical communication. For instance, jazz musicians are well known to be in synchronization together, and thus are able to play duets where everything fits together very beautifully. This has even been extended into larger groups. There are many examples of this, and most of them tend to be with groups that are short-lived. When they are playing music together, they are unconsciously communicating in a way in which they release all aspects of their being to each other. They may be unable to continue this level of communication outside the musical context. This can lead to struggles where musicians have a difficulty with drugs or other addictions. Although Fomalhaut will be helpful, Vega can be especially helpful in such cases for assistance with understanding the underlying principles. Many times the addiction comes just because the intimacy and closeness with other musicians has been very deep, and the person has been unable to assimilate and work with the experience.

For the future, it would appear that the Vegans still have a bit to teach in the way of music. But in a few hundred years it is likely that by working with their own free will and with this gift, humanity will have reached a level parallel to that of the Vegans and be able to contribute musically there. This is nice to know for those musicians who would like to imagine having a wider audience in the future.

As a developing civilization, it is wise to focus and concentrate on those things which are most necessary for the ensured survival and development of that civilization. But it is also wise to assist beings in other worlds with what they need. In their own way, Vegans have made a great deal of hope, love, and assistance available to humanity, partly for selfish reasons. Their civilization has developed to a certain point in an understanding of this magnificent interconnectedness, this wonderful musical vibration, and the awareness of its rhythms throughout galaxies. But the amount of love they can manipulate, use, and understand is limited. Perhaps more than other civilizations, they hope for humanity's evolution so that the aspects of love that humans have developed will be shared. At the appropriate time in humanity's future, these beings will most definitely cry out for what Earth has to share.

The Physical Form of Vegans :

The physical form of musical reception is actually secondary. Although you would recognize that the ear is a surface that can vibrate easily, the skin is also one that can be affected by music, as well as the cells themselves. Although the brain causes the messages to be received, it is not the place where the energy is felt. Indeed although the heart is part of the process, at a much deeper level it is by resonant structures throughout the physical body, primarily DNA based, that most of the musical information is received. This is the part of you that likes the music, finds it very beautiful, reminds you of something, takes you to another place, or puts you in a state of emptiness or fullness. Once this was recognized, this was coordinated with the natural development of science in Vega's own evolution. What began to emerge is the way of change for the physical body. This is a natural sort of thing to coordinate with vibrational interaction, and so this is also true for the physical structures of most of the beings of higher vibration throughout the galaxy. Throughout this book, we have mentioned various different beings and not put very much attention on their physical structures. As they have evolved, they have recognized that it is easily possible to alter their physical structure, and have usually done so to reflect the inner being, to reflect the nature of who they are, what they are growing from, and the sort of things that they are wishing to work with.

So for a time on Vega there was some attention on physical structure, including the development of very sensitive ear structures. But very quickly it was found that all of these structures were simply to bring the energy into the DNA itself, and so all that seemed to be necessary was to be aware of all the DNA in the body and set it into vibration, letting that vibration then interact with the vibrations created by other musical sources be they the planet, stars, other beings, or some of the natural forces of life through the various plants, animals, and other living things that might be contacted. As vibrational awareness to higher dimensional levels increased, it was a simple matter to increase resonance between the subtler DNA structures - those which relate to the subtle bodies and the higher dimensional aspects - and the DNA structures of other beings. So the idea is that the actual coupling that takes place through resonant structures. The physical structure's ability to transmit such vibration became unimportant.

You could imagine a Vegan being looking very much like you, but when you play music for them they begin to glow all over as if every cell becomes alive. In this aliveness there is a magnificent vibration. As the music is received each individual cell with its own individual DNA strand vibrates in its own unique way. Waves of color pour through the being. There is some gentle movement as in an undulation, and these reflect the responses to the music. A more receptive audience you could not ask for. If you can imagine a musician playing to a crowd of such beings, it would be quite an amazing experience. They would also be broadcasting feelings, awareness, and many things which relate to higher dimensional characteristics. Clouds of light would tend to gather over the entire group, and these would also move through various variations in color and shading. When the concert is over, they would become as if one vibration of thanks and receptivity, and this energy would simply move from these beings into the musicians playing, and this would be the equivalent of the clapping of hands.

The Influence of Vega on Music on Earth :

At times these beings from Vega are imagining about music that would be helpful to humanity. If people can be given a choice as to how to work with it or not, these things can be made all that much more available. What is seen as useful for many people on Earth is a time of peace, a time of emptiness, a time for recreating the energies of inspiration and source - not the energies that would tend to be disruptive or remind you of your past, but rather those energies that open you to your possible future, your potential. this music is sometimes known as space music, but is really more accurately called emptiness music. The Vegans have influenced the development of this sort of music, and individuals who have expressed themselves this way have sometimes found themselves very surprised to discover that the music is widely received. These vibrations pour from Vega into Earth, touching everyone. Those people who feel a need to experience this emptiness but cannot do it without some inspiration, they will do well by working with such space music.

Vegans have influenced various forms of music in the past. One of these was the shift from the earlier musical forms shortly after the development of the equal-tempered scale, the shift out of Mozart into more Romantic music. This was an important development for bringing heart energy and more love into humanity. But beyond this there are no primary influences, they would never interfere. Though such beings have some resonance and acceptance of all forms of music, some are not as popular on Vega as they are here on Earth.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


Sirius has a great historical significance for people on Earth. This star is a binary with a periodicity of approximately 49.5 years. This is well known to astronomers. However it was also known through esoteric sources. The teachings through Alice Bailey describe the powerful influence of Sirius on many levels. The understanding of the magnetic energies that pour from this system to Earth is only a symbol. This works like any astrological symbol, but having a much longer period than most of the astrological symbols in the solar system, this cycle has a profound effect on individuals on Earth because humanity has chosen to work with this symbol. The second reason for this great influence is that the powerful aetheric energies of the star itself have an ability to create transformation.

Sirius is shrouded in a little bit of mystery. Few extraterrestrial beings who communicate telepathically with humans appear to explain clearly about Sirius. Part of this is the strong genetic connection, and the understanding of these powerful cycles. But more importantly, there is a direct tie-in to Earth's immediate future. Because of this, some of the information we will share may have impact at a cellular level. So we will assist with your creation in your imagination of a beautiful emerald light swirling and easily releasing this information so that the cellular structures do not have to hold this information. The cellular structures can let it go, but at the same time you can recognize the potentials and opportunities that this reveals.

Earlier in this book, we have spoken of this star in the past with regards to some of its healing properties. But to recognize the value of this, we need to go back about 500 million years. Time is very difficult to peg into exact categories because the very nature of time is shifted by consciousness. The single sun broke apart approximately 500 million years ago. This was a rather unusual phenomena, as most binaries are captured binaries. The Sirius binary is unstable due to the nature of this star giving birth. When this occurred there was a tremendous explosion. Flares, magnetic forces, and other powerful energies swept through the Sirius star and into multiple dimensions and swept across the surrounding planets. This destroyed the life on all of the planets, but at the same time seeded these planets with a very interesting characteristic of transformation. The birth of this complex binary created a cyclical movement of transformational energies.

This cycle has been different at various times in the past. These larger cycles roughly correspond to periods of approximately 26,000 years, and are similar to the major periods of Earth's own evolution. In one case this binary had a cycle of about 126 years, in another period a cycle of about 7 years, and now it is about 49.5 years. As the shift into the domain of the Aquarius energy takes place, it is likely that a new cycle will emerge. This may be created by a powerful instability that will occur as the two stars reach their closest approach in June of 1994; or it may occur during the next cycle, about 49.5 years later. It is unclear as to just when this new cycle will begin, because many of the energies of consciousness strongly affect this.

The planetary system around this binary is strongly affected by these energies. Every 49.5 years the interaction of the two stars causes a tremendous shift in their magnetic fields, powerful solar flares, extreme weather changes, and even shifts in the axes and orbits for all of he planets that go around this star. Many naturally occurring civilizations based on simple life forms were able to survive for brief periods only to perish. The irregular nature of these stars and how close they pull to each other occasionally causes a tremendous change. Sometimes this would occur every 500 years, sometimes every 1000 years, sometimes every 12,000 years, or at other combinations of these cycles. These stars would pour forth powerful energies such as magnetic fields and all kinds of electrical energies. As these energies pour through the planetary worlds, this would create earthquakes, floods, fires, and other things of catastrophic nature that are difficult for you to imagine. The beings that have grown there have to cope with this.

With the gradual development of life on the second, third, fourth, and fifth planets, these energies were implicit in the development of all plant and animal species. Entire worlds were created with the underlying idea of periodic cyclical transformation. Imagine a world built on the very principle of this powerful transformation from its very beginning time. Upon the second planet a variety of life forms began to recognize this powerful energy. This was an evolutionary step by which they would actually absorb and work with this energy. They found a way to allow what was going on around them to simply pass through them. They made a unconscious transfer from a third-dimensional form into a fourth-dimensional form, and later into a fifth-dimensional form. For their own survival, insects, plants, and other living forms of simple nature were able to make this transition.

As intelligent beings naturally evolved, they had an innate capacity to shift in vibration and to work with many different energies. In the development of this civilization at various times long past, they worked with this energy of transformation in various forms. Naturally there was a time of primitive worship of this. It was necessary for these beings to transform their own bodies in the time of maximum transformation of their own suns. As these two suns get so close together their magnetic fields become extremely strong. They gradually learned how to use these magnetic fields for their own healing. Where there is destruction because of natural cataclysms as in high winds, powerful storms, flooding, fire, and such things on their world, they heal these by manipulating the movement of the aether with their own ability to love. In this way they did not have to wait many years for the ecosphere to repair itself.

Their ability to love is a bit narrow at this time by comparison to the opportunities available for Earth people, and it is this which draws them or bonds them to Earthlings. Their development of love was a way of directly manipulating the magnetic forces of their suns so that plants and animals which had been harmed could be brought into a state of physical health quickly. In this way the effects of such cataclysms were short-lived. Over the many thousands of years that these techniques were utilized, the underlying message that gradually came into consciousness was one of the innate ability to heal something far larger than any sort of individual disease. They had the ability to heal an entire planet by the utilization of thought, visualization, and deep contemplative awareness for the manipulation of the aethers to create this healing. This understanding gave these beings a deep reverence for such an energy.

During one of these periods of transformation on Sirius, a powerful link was established between the Sirius suns and the Earth's sun. This link was the bond that allowed the DNA seeding that took place in the early Lemurian epoch. Very powerful energies were focused to work with physical matter on Earth. The DNA constructs left humans with some powerful energies, including an awareness into several dimensions, though without consciousness. The most important of these was the ability for humans to create through their subtle bodies the understanding of their world that provides both death and life. As a result, healing is innate in this transformation process,transformation is innate in the healing process. This is what is a little difficult to assimilate and work with in your cellular structures - the very idea that imbalance leads to disease, and that correcting the imbalance or working with it on some level must inherently lead to transformation. Any form of transformation can create the shift which brings healing. This can be created by changing one's vibration, working with the subtler levels within the capacity of the subtle bodies, or just in some way attuning to another vibration.

They have specifically developed technologies and techniques to beam this energy as a supportive healing function to Earth. This is especially useful in dealing with the energies of love. This can bring a sense of the combining of all of the subtle forces, a sense of how the subtle bodies interact, and a sense of how the energies of the aetheric body as manipulated by consciousness can come into the physical body. They have worked with all of these tools extensively. This is a different focus than most other star systems, even the Pleiadean system, because they have a sense of responsibility. These beings recognize that transformation is easily possible on Earth when people understand how to utilize the transformational energy of Earth's own heated inner core, the energies of Sirius itself, and humanity's co-creative combined energies. It would then be a simple matter to end disease.

By living with this tremendous change, accepting it in to themselves, and working with it over many thousands of years, they gradually realized that they had developed something quite unique. It was difficult to apply this perfectly in the world. There was the difficulty of how to trust, how to know where it would best be utilized. They have found that the very best method is to attune to it, to use it, and to utilize it for transformation, understanding, and awareness. As a result of this development there was a connection through consciousness with the early Lemurians. They were asking the same question : how do we bring this transformative ability into form ? The answer was very simple. The Lemurian understanding of these principles was that what was needed was trust, faith, and awareness, and not logic. The acceptance of transformation was unnecessary, because on Earth such transformations would not hold very long. The Lemurians saw that in humanity's future the separation of the soul into its individual parts would make it very difficult for such transformations to take place on the Earth.

The canine species was created to remind humanity of this energy. These beings are to learn trust from humanity, and in many cases have done very well. This trust does sometimes extend into a trusting of certain negative ideas, the hunting dog might be an example here. But many positive ideas have also been shared, the seeing eye dog as an example. These energies are being constantly transmitted back to the second planet near Sirius. The canine species does not just listen and learn of the simpler things. To a limited extent, they are also the eyes and ears of this civilization, and do occasionally transmit bursts of information about Earth's evolution.

These beings on Sirius do not fully understand the extent to which individualization of soul has taken place on Earth. Genetically ingrained in them at a very deep level is this time of shared transformation when all over their planet things change, cataclysms take place, and they must protect themselves and help each other. They adapt to this together. This creates an inherent shared condition in which an alignment to an outside force, this change in the suns, brings them into a shared energy and creative effort together. It is very difficult for such beings to comprehend individuality at the level which Earth beings have achieved.

However, in their DNA seeding they have significantly added to humanity's capacity for just such individuality because they have recognized that their ability to love is insufficient to mirror back to God the very energies that were needed. Sirius is an experiment that has failed. Indeed this energy sweeping through the planets of Sirius was planned. The idea was that by this regular, magnetically-based transformation, love would be utilized to manipulate the aethers and create these powerful energies. Some of the initial seeding of Sirius was influenced by beings in the center of the galaxy, as well as by beings from Andromeda and other locations far away from this galaxy. But the experiment has not yielded the ability to love nearly to the extent that was seen as possible, principally because the impetus for transformation comes from outside, it comes from the sun, it does not come from within the beings themselves. This did create a great linkage among these beings. In the seeding of the Earth, individuality leading to the possible destruction of a planet was seen as a necessary risk. So this seeding of individuality is the other aspect that these beings have contributed to Earth.

As this civilization developed through periods of primitive worship of this transformation, co-creative ability to heal the planet, and into places of contemplating their own purpose and ability to assist, many technologies were developed and discarded. Small amounts of these technologies have filtered their way into Earth's own environments at this time. Many ideas for technologies of a healing nature are likely to be released over the next few years from Sirius. Some of these energies come from the beings. But many of these come from the compassion of this star, which has a direct link to the sun. In this way there is as if a witnessing of a great event.

The third planet of the Sirius system was seeded by the beings on the second. They have gone through a similar process of development. They have provided energies of technical ability and transformation for many worlds. Their own abilities to work with space travel and other things are in line with humanity's understanding of physical properties. Therefore some of their technologies may be the most accessible to people on Earth, and these may eventually be brought into humanity's awareness.

An inherent self-governing factor that prevents such beings from causing destruction or difficulty on Earth, or any willingness to take it over, is the way in which their own sun every 49.5 years goes through its great trials and tribulation. It is as if the inherent nature of transformation and a willingness to see this proceed is such an important part of their society that they would not seek to dominate other beings, they would seek only to promote transformation where possible.

In many ways the Sirians are sympathetic, for instance, while the Pleiadeans are empathic by comparison; and so this can lead to a little bit of difficulty at times. Individuals who contact beings from Sirius may experience fear as they begin to see through the eyes of a Sirian their awareness of this time of change. Many individuals may not be able to easily accept this at a conscious level. They might find such change would be unthinkable. It may be too difficult for them to imagine that their sun would be as if exploding or shifting. At the same time there would be in the cells a remembrance, a reminder.

In their development over many centuries, Sirians have come to understand many opportunities in their contact with Earth, through their influence of Earth technology, and through their willingness to assist people to understand more of their own potential and their own future. At the same time, because their genetic structures are based on these times of tremendous change, they no longer fear it. They do not have capacity to fear it. Because this cycle of change is fairly predictable, they can come to expect it and understand it and know it, and at the same time work with such an energy.

This powerful magnetic storm and this energy created on multiple dimensional levels that pours from Sirius every 49.5 years or so affects other stars. The ways in which various beings have accommodated or worked with such an energy has been very important. But the beings from Sirius primarily attune to Earth at this time because of this sense of responsibility and the potential they see. More than most other beings, it is possible that they will learn from Earth's own evolution in their own way, and be able to contribute directly. Due to the relative closeness of Sirius, it is also possible for these beings to actually come here in physical form, and for Earth beings to go there with very little difficulty. This may take place as soon as 2025.

Now this is a little different than just giving the ancient history because here is a star more so than any other star directly associated with humanity's evolution in a positive way, and therefore these things are given in historical and present tense as well as some hint of the future understanding.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


In comparison to other stars, Almach appears to have a major spiritual impact on people. This star has a long history of spirituality, which is in some ways far more intense and far more developed than anything that has been experienced on Earth. This civilization developed on the second planet from Almach. In their early development, there was a natural tendency towards religion, superstition, and looking outside themselves. This is because in the orbit area of the third planet were two planets that collided and created a massive asteroid belt. The proximity of this to the planet caused frequent meteor showers. These were multicolored as the atmosphere of this second planet contained many radioactive gases as well as inert gases, which caused all sorts of interesting effects. These spectacular stellar displays seemed randomly timed, as the orbits of the asteroids were very difficult for any sort of mathematical calculations due to their high degree of eccentricity. As a result, this attention on the outside and on spirituality was deep within these people. They began to ask: "What is this world we live in, what is this universe, what is it all about?" This was very important to them from the very early beginnings of their civilization. This civilization was seeded by certain energies emanating from El Nath, and Procyon in its early development. As a result of all of these energies and this attention on spiritual form, the shared soul of these beings from Almach became attuned to this question about the nature of existence. This deep questioning occurred for about 5000 years.

At that time there was a destruction that was very intense on that planet. Asteroid interaction caused the depletion of oxygen and various other substances in their atmosphere. There was also a simultaneous development of a microbiological organism similar to the aids virus. This virus only needed a few seconds to take action. This combination of factors caused the death of the entire population with one exception.

The beings saw that if they put all of their energy, their love, their attention, their oneness, and their kindness into one being, there was a chance that one of them would survive. Any one of these beings could have been given all the facets that were needed physically, structurally, as well as the ways of working with their form dimensionally and in the ways of working with their own consciousness and understanding. However, the being that would be involved in this would lose all sense of personal identity, and their personal identity would then be equivalent to all of the other beings. So what was asked of all of the race was who would be willing to give up the most. The one who would only sacrifice their life, this would not be sufficient. The one who would sacrifice only their personality or their learning was not sufficient. The one who would let go of all, who would then be aware of all aspects as a result of this sacrifice, the degree to which this being would move toward such an ideal by their very nature, this was the one selected.

This was an individual that by other standards would be seen as very ordinary, a person of perhaps even low or medium intelligence. But this individual had a sense of compassion, a deep reverence for life, and the willingness to allow this in whatever form would be appropriate. It was for these qualities that this being was selected. For these beings, love was a feeling of interconnectivity to all the other beings and a willingness to appreciate them. It was this aspect of compassion and lovingness within that being that ensured the survival of the race.

These beings did not fully understand that this was an important developmental aspect of their own awareness. A tremendous power of consciousness was developed in this individual by focusing the energy of an entire civilization into one being. This in itself was able to cause this individual to have an ability to transfer dimensional levels very quickly, as well as being able to maintain the consciousness and evolution of all of the individual souls from that society.

After the biochemistry problem was solved, the replenishment of the atmosphere was accomplished. This one person was able to create many clones of himself. The DNA structures could be varied to create some variation amongst these clones. From that point forward, a sense of oneness was inherent in that society. All beings with any sort of racial memory or memory across generations could recall themselves indeed being one. Out of this oneness and this ability to transfer dimensional levels, this race developed a tremendous appreciation of the nature of God and the reflection of this oneness throughout the galaxy. There was also a deep expression of a tremendous sadness at the death of all these beings. But there was also a tremendous energy of hope - a sense that anything is possible, that people can do as they choose, and an entire civilization can indeed be birthed through one person.

This being is a very powerful representation of the oneness of all, and the ability for this oneness to be able to change vibration, not for any particular reason, but just because it appears appropriate to be many at once, to understand all aspects of being, and to release any need for things being a certain way. Naturally this also develops an ability to survive. It is as if the spirituality of this race survived. When these beings all died, their physical form disappeared. But the form was unimportant, it was their essential spirituality, their essential awareness, which was maintained and was continued.

This being has acted as a model for many of the great beings of tremendous light and energy that have existed on your Earth, such as Mohamed, Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus. These beings have known of this one in the times transcending the limitations of time and space that these beings have experienced in their own enlightenment. They have been able to meet with this being and understand enlightenment in a different way. They knew this being had an awareness of at-oneness and emptiness that had become one, this is the nothing that is all things.

In the seeding of the Earth, this energy of oneness was the essential characteristic that was shared with the subtle bodies of Earth beings. This was an influence on the mental body and emotional body of Earth people. This was to allow these to connect when this sense of oneness was there; and when they do connect there would be this sense that all beings are one, that indeed humanity can share and understand this as one. This is very helpful for the survival of the human race. It is through this spiritual awareness that many of the problems on Earth will be solved, and many of the accidents or difficulties will instead simply prove to be times of deeper opportunity and change for people.

There can be in working with the Almach energy sometimes a sadness felt, a place inside from which this memory of loss comes from. Immediately after this there will usually be felt a sense of tremendous uplifting joy, and a sense of all the possibilities. Your enlightenment may be on a minor scale by comparison with the great enlightened ones on Earth or the enlightenment of beings from other star systems such as those from Almach, yet in your own deeper awareness you have a transformation, a deeper awakening, and a love born of the oneness you share with all humanity.

As a society, there are questions that have not been formed yet that will have their answers only in oneness, in spiritual form, and in the awareness of this magnificent God-light which all people are able to manifest. Utilizing this elixir can remind you of this, take you to this place of preparation, and bring you to know this energy a little more. You may be reminded that even in the darkest or most difficult days, there is hope, and you are not alone. This combining of energies is not just like having a friend, but is more like having an extension of yourself into realms that you have only dreamed of - be available to you as something second nature, just very much part of you. The ability to recognize more of the spiritual aspects of your own self, trust this, and know that it is appropriate, can be of great help to most people.

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Re: Expanded view of other civilizations


This civilization from the Pleiades gets a lot of press these days. There is a good reason for this. Many of the seeds sown by these beings in the early Atlantean times are now bearing fruit. Their intent was to increase lung capacity in people to give them extra abilities to manifest energy, and also to increase peoples intuitive abilities.

Approximately 118,000 years ago, these beings primarily home based in Alcyone reached a powerful obstacle in their development. Having developed space travel, having the ability to communicate with many civilizations, and having seen many wonders of the galaxy, they began to recognize a powerful force within them that was not easily manifested. This was a force of God's strength, a force of love and compassion formed with a certain degree of powerful creativity. A hands-off principle was applied to this creativity, as for instance is applied to Earth, where something is created and allowed to find its own course. So these beings respected this energy they discovered in themselves as if seeing a part of God within it, yet is was not easily understandable. They understood and worked with many powerful intellectual principles, having well mastered certain of the basic concepts of the universal laws of thought, speech, manifestation, permanence, and to a lesser extent, though still understood well by them, karma. Through their deeper awareness of these principles, the obstacle was sighted, and it pretty much froze the development of the civilization for a long period. There was almost a cry for help and assistance, but the other civilizations they had contacted were unable to assist. It was seen that this part of themselves needed to be purified, understood for its highest and best aims, then released, eventually to grow, to seed, to become what it could be, and then to be returned to that civilization in any form.

It was not entirely clear exactly how this would take place, but it was clear that it was a long process and that a great deal of patience would be needed. So the initial seeding of a number of civilizations took place. In each of these, what was perceived as an important component of this obstacle-producing energy was then allowed into the world that they seeded. On Earth this became an awareness of higher intuitive faculties and abilities that could be called channeling or telepathy or communication with higher forces - always with the blending influence of will and love. The other civilizations that were seeded have not progressed as far yet as terrestrial civilization. The abilities that were seeded into one of these civilizations included capacities for instantaneous healing combined with will and love. In another, an awareness of the ability to transform one's physical form into multiple dimensions combined with will and love. In yet another civilization, an awareness of an ability to see in all of the electromagnetic spectrum from ultraviolet all the way through far infrared, this combined with will and love. This civilization would likely be the next one to make contact with Pleiadies-based peoples, and this will likely occur in about 600 years. At such a time contact with Earth may also be possible for this civilization.

Indeed this seeding was of interest to many others who observed the process and influenced it at various times. It was not as coordinated a thing as you might imagine because at times in their own development splits that you might call political insurrections or struggles of various types took place within the various governments, among the people living in the Alcyone civilization, as well as other influences to change things. But the gradual increase in this seeding of energies both genetically and telepathically with humanity has continued. The harvesting of this has not yet begun. It is unclear just how humanity will project this energy back to the pleiades. It is clear however, from our perspective and the understanding of most of those Pleiadeans who many generations down the line will come to inherit this eventual gift from humanity, that humanity owes nothing to these Pleiadeans

Rather, if humanity chooses to give, if the development of this loving and the ability to transfer it utilizing intuitive faculties becomes a part of humanity's own loving desire to share, then much will be opened. The doors of the great libraries on Alcyone will be opened to any who wish to explore them. This can be of great benefit to those who wish to understand and extract information about universal principles, about their very world, and about God. Eventually a joining of these civilizations from Earth and Alcyone will most likely take place, though it is hard to say quite when. It may be many thousands of years from now, but appears more likely to be far sooner.

Although they are continuing to maintain this hands-off relationship, there is still a great deal of attraction between beings from the Pleiades and humanity. Beings from the Pleiades still want to interact, to learn, and to be a part of things here. Pleiadians are easily able to incarnate on Earth. Certain individuals who don't fit in very well may feel very attracted to extra-terrestrial activities and have very pleasant dreams or very enlightening awarenesses when they are feeling this connection to Alcyone and the Pleiades. These individuals would do well to utilize the elixir of Alcyone so that they may attune more to this civilization and allow this communication more deeply. There are certain drawbacks to this in that one can be as if contacting one's ancestors. Sometimes the ancient ways may come through into an individuals consciousness, overriding some of the patterns they have already created in the world, thus creating a bit of confusion. However, this usually passes, because the underlying influence of free will and love usually comes forth for an individual.

Many of the communications from various Pleiadians who have attempted to assist on Earth through for instance the Billy Meyer contacts or various channelings from various Pleiadians, have an overriding theme often of love, of some assistance for humanity, and many times prophecies as given in such are accurate because of the powerful loving influence between the beings on Earth and those in the Pleiades. The underlying message is that humanity can experience greater loving and compassion for itself. This is of great importance and is the foundation for the building and understanding of the higher intuitive faculties. Now one must be cautious here not to assume that intuitive faculties come from the Pleiades. They come from humanity's own development, most importantly in reaction to the negative emotional energies, the thickened aethers on the Earth, and other things. Just for survival, people have had to create this for themselves. But to show people on Earth the direction of this, to give some hints as to how this could be accomplished, this has been aided dramatically by individuals in centuries long past.

To answer your question concerning the physical appearance of those from the Pleiades, the ability to physically transform has been with this race for a long time. They can recreate bodies in various forms. At one time there was a natural appearance somewhat similar to the human appearance. There were some differences : much smaller skin pores, and a physical stature in the order of usually 9 to 11 feet. However, this form can be easily altered, and indeed such beings can appear very much like humans, and in this way appear far less threatening than when they are so tall.

Many individuals on Earth have had lifetimes on the sixth planet encircling Alcyone. However, many individuals have had experiences on many planets in many star systems. They may find it easier to attune to lifetimes in the Pleiades because of two factors, one genetic. The most powerful genetics within the human body is that influenced and created through Pleiadian encounters. But secondly, there is a similarity in form and aim for these two civilizations. Individuals will often be working with their own intuition when they are looking at their own past, or when reading books by various authors including Ruth Montgomery and others who speak of being from the stars. They are attuning to their own intuition, and so therefore it is only natural that they would work with those beings who work intuitive faculties so importantly and clearly as beings from the Pleiades.

Some of the channels who work with beings from the Pleiades may have difficulty transmitting this information and energy because of some struggles in themselves. Many of them have had recent incarnations or even have a primary soul influence in the Pleiades, and bringing themselves into human form has been very difficult. It is often up to the channel to translate the energy of love from these beings from the Pleiades, and this is one of the toughest things to actually recreate and transfer. We recognize that the energies of compassion and love of most extraterrestrial civilizations are very different than anything a human being can assimilate or work with. However, in some ways the energies of compassion and loving as created through the Pleiadeans are perhaps more advanced than the other civilizations in so far as their potential ability to transfer this love to humanity. Unfortunately, when individuals are exposed to such a level of love and do not have an easy way to work with it in their lives, they naturally throw up obstacles, create various resistances, boundaries, and other things inside that keep them from moving forward. This would manifest through the channeling and the information they are able to share. But the purpose of that would be so that other people then alerting them to this so that they would attune to this deeper lovingness - not as born from another civilization, but as created within themselves. Channels may be struggling with pieces and parts of the puzzle, but not be able to bring it all through because of their own patterns or ways of working with things in the world. This is true for all channels including the channel speaking and naturally occurs as a by-product of the channeling process.

It is important to recognize that your own attunement to various civilizations is an important factor. Each individual will attune to a different civilization because of their own awareness of a lifetime in such a civilization, meeting somebody from that place, having an awareness of deeper concepts, or by perhaps simply being aware of the universal laws that civilization has dealt with. Each individual will naturally create an attunement that is different one to the next, and so naturally there would be some attraction to these general energies in different ways.