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This are disciples from disciples from Carlos Castaneda, if i did get it correctly, who are spreading the 'tensegrity' movements and workshops. I randomly found this newage-tv show on youtube, and this is one of their programs with the "chacmools" on.

Quite interessting and i was curious, as some time ago i did try some exercises from the book. Later on i heard claims that it was all a scam and 'tensgrity' was just some form of taiji which castaneda learned from a taijiteacher. i was dissapointed to hear that as i love this roamantic thing about scorchers, ancient secrets and old mexico etc.:) i dunno.

The ladies do some movements, like 'shooting up your personal histaory', which looks good to me. It's all a bit weird, but maybe the practice shows results.

anyhow, here's the link
and if some of you are practitioners of this i 'dlike to know what your findings are.

are you starting to look like a luminous egg or what ?:D

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Re: Chacmools on Tv

The Castaneda material is a big mix of different esoteric methodologies wrapped up in a single fictionalized framework, so that Tensegrity turns out to be re-branded Tai-Chi moves doesn't surprise me. But saying this move helps to erase personal history while another builds inner silence... if that's just sticking hot lingo to mundane moves to make it all sound impressive, I say no thanks to that. Then it would be no different from some new age modality that renames something mundane like pinching your tongue as being "Quantum Holographic Merkaba Repatterning (TM)." 

Many years ago I also tried Tensegrity for a while. If anything it made my dreams a bit wilder. Possibly due to actually loosening up the assemblage point as claimed. But recently I found out that merely working out a half hour before bed has the same effect, if not an even stronger one. Anyone here up for an experiment, 1 hour before bed eat a banana, take a melatonin, then do some pushups/situps/pullups/squats until you're exhausted, then get ready for bed and sleep. There it's possible that heavy breathing causes a surging accumulation of prana even though the extra oxygen is getting used up by the body. I haven't isolated the factors yet, whether it's physical motion affecting the energy body, prana being pulled in, or exercise releasing hormones, or a combination of these.

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