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Hi everybody.

I'm looking for a shaman or etheric healer - here or if anyobody can reccomend one - who has experience in remote depossession / entity removal. The healer would work on a person who has been under severe attack by dark etheric entities for a number of years now. This would have to be done for free, out of humaneness as the person under attack is presently in no position to pay for services.

Thank you all...

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Hello 48.  Here are a few links that I have bookmarked concerning shamans:



These first two are resources for finding shamans and healers. But honestly, you're going to have a hard time finding healers who don't have to charge for their work. After all, they are working and they have to pay bills and live, as well. I can see both sides on that, though, because the original shamans and medicine men never took payment; it was not the way.  But nowadays, they're hard to find.

Here's a couple links for the ones that I found that don't charge for the healing (unless they give you herbs).  They do accept donations, and if I were to ever use their services, I would give as much as I could if they could help me.  Hell, I've paid almost $3000 to two different people who were 'trained in the shaman way'; not even full-fledged shamans!  So, anyway, here ya go:



I have no idea whether they specifically do remote entity extraction or not.  The first one might. The second one is in Brazil. I think that you can send them a photo and description of problem and he can either help you or not, or he may tell you it's bad enough that a visit must be made to Brazil.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Maybe someone else will have better information.

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Things that came to mind

http://www.lipstickmystic.com/articles/ … 40705.html

http://www.amazon.com/Shaman-Healer-Sag … 0609605445


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On an unrelated note, if you don't mind me asking, what does 48 represent to you?

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Thank you very much on all these links, folks.

Brad, I *don't* mind.  smile  Most of what we call "numbers" are a positive and negative vibrational states / meanings (together with colors and musical tones) of a  kind of a essentially crude but effective programming language / code in which our world is "writen".

Most vibrations have a positive and negative state - like some kind of particles, which probably actually is the case - but most of them tend to come, have an affinity to appear in their natural or prevalent state which we, unable to percieve the true energetic nature of the matrix virtual reality / maya in we are presently "submerged", interpert as "meanings".

The number 48 (much like the 13) has an extremely negative influence / "meaning".

It comprises of a 4 (negative meaning sorrow, unhappy events / positive meaning love, happinnes, golden light) and an 8 (positive: deep peace and harmony, bliss, material happiness and fulfillment in a positive sense, blue light / negative: desperation, desolation, breakdown, general cathastrophe or simply impending doom), which when added together give the vibration of 12.

The 12 is the Great Teacher, you could say that in a sense it is the symbol of this world, or the incarnation experience... Translated into words it means "the-beginning-of-strife" when it shows it's negative face / polarity, or "the-beginning-of-teaching" (you being the teacher, or being thought to, depending on the circuimstance) in it's positive meaning.

Although in 90% of cases when it appears the vibration 48 or the 8 as a single digit inalmost always acts as a "messenger of doom".

84 is usually the "happy" variant of the same thing. There's a chinese or japanese sign (can't remember now how those things are called!) which means exactly that - "harmonygold" and it's considered to bring much good luck if you as the name of your, say, bussiness. 

The messenger of doom thing is specially apparent in, say, people's cell phone and credit card numbers, as well as the plates on their cars - for instance, if you pay attention to this over the years, so many times in car crashes you'll find a 0, 2, 8, 12 13 or a 48/84 in the sequence of numbers and letters on their car's plates...

I tend to think of the 48 in positive terms of gold / harmony, because that's the ideal I'm trying to achieve, the person who I'm striving to become. I was born on august 4th and you could say, in a sense that 48 is the vibration that, in short, describes tha nature of my life/destiny in this life cycle.

Hope this helps...

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If the other ways don't work go to Loohan. He's probably to out there for most but people do go to him for this sort of thing.


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I ask, because 48 is also my number and your explaination resonates with my personal experiences.

"There cannot be progress without expression. There cannot be expression without separation. There cannot be separation without progress."-Ouroboros

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Hello 48, its good to meet you.

I was wondering if you didnt mind sharing some of your experiences with me. What you are dealing with sounds alot like what I am dealing with as well. Ive been under attack for six years now to be exact. I definatly feel as though I am a MILAB. Most of what I have experienced is the result of military/alien technology, black magic, as well as demonic possesion.  HULK


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Good to meet you too, Hulk - and no, I don't mind sharing, but I'd rather it be over e-mail. So feel free to mail me anytime...   smile

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Hi 48.  Have you already tried any particular methods of casting out the demon?

Peace, PhiConcept.


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The "demon" is in fact hundreds (close to a thousand) of squid and spider looking thought forms that are created and sent to attack me by a group of dark mages on a daily basis. A few layers of my e body literally *consist* of these critters' entwined bodies - yes, it's still possible to function under all of this, but barely.

At the beginning of the ordeal, as I had a partially opened third eye and awakened etheric senses it was possible for me to actively defend myself by cutting, burning etc the attacking entities in the etheric (even had Archangel Michael assist me one time by raising the vibration of my sword to an enormous level), but that ability was gradually diminished and then more or less turned off as more and more critters attached to my subconscious mind and the eyesockets of my e body.

I'm now at a point where literally *any* kind of visualization I try is instantly taken over by one of the entities.

I tried sleeping on a large quantity of citrine crystals, doing daily salt baths, letting water flow over attachment points, bursting the attachment points with a needle (both etheric and physical - this is painless, as you're puncturing unnatural, mole-like looking things that appear on your skin where the critters attach to the energy meridians), drawing holy symbols on the attachment points, listening to christian medieval music, listening to buddhist monk chants etc etc

I prayed daily up to a point where my crown and heart chakra started opening and I started getting in touch with my Higher Self.

I had two advanced astral healers work on me for two years, then started searching for new ones when things started slowly getting out of hand...

The problem with the bad guys is that they seem to be some high class satanist badasses:

they have attacked my (and some other from my town) family / bloodline for more then thirty years, repeatedly cursed both my family and myself specificaly because I became so spiritual in the process of trying to survive this; 

the mass of these critters (or "mobile etheric implants", how they're popularly called on the web) is simply invisible to most healers and therefore impossible to extract and Light and reiki energy sent to me only seem to penetrate to me on a conscious level (where I can benefit from them the most) on rare occasions.

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48 wrote:

The problem with the bad guys is that they seem to be some high class satanist badasses:

Do you personally know the bad guys?  Do you work with them?  Are they family?  How are they connected to you and your family in the first place?

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I'm now at a point where literally *any* kind of visualization I try is instantly taken over by one of the entities.

What happens exactly when these entities take over a visualization?   You mentioned your family has been under attack for thirty years, how do you know this?  Could other family members who have been dealing with the same thing you are be of any aid to you?    It sounds like a truly terrible situation for you - every belief tradition has certain ways to deal with negative spirits and I find that the original belief system we started with can have the greatest power.   For example if you started off Catholic, maybe consider a good old fashioned excorcism?