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this really could go into WIH.  or showdown, or about anywhere.  here's a take on the fall.  and its old, 1999.  i suggest/recommend u read this guy's site in general.  u can find him talking about barbarians (gotta LOVE 'EM!!!), wizards, thieves, and warriors (and their impatience....).  i stumbled back on his site after not seeing him or it for over 10 yrs.  looking for stuff on the triadic soul (im still on that).  its all changed now and hes evolved, but his take on the cycles of man and how it works is fascinating.  his wife (the leopard queen) has excellent channelings of what happened to the druids.  good reading there.  check out what she says St. Patrick did.  wow.  she has great info.  i love it all.  this resonates with me, as does the soul work/tasks/functions of the wizard, the thief, the priest, the warrior.  this is a line of thinking that is mystical.  mystical stuff has these themes, from ancient days.  and again, the druids did not like to write stuff down, and this we have said and know this from before.  another cross link.  reference point.

wanted u to see the final conflict saga.  continued in 3 long parts.  describes the great lie--that we've been fed the grandest deception of all--that indeed, we will dissolve into losing our uniqueness, our individuality into the sea of creation if we let go, and all that, when we die/crossover/ascend.  this work will show u that is the dilemma.  that life has to stop and forgetfulness occurs, if u believe it and let it.  and i read that recently too on a south african channeling website the other day.  the dark ones and the theocrats r behind this notion.  thats the f*cking plan.  been all along.  im not gonna dissolve shit.  we know better, we have to stay alert on crossover and lose nothing and not be added to the miasma up there--out there --or wherever on the plane of sharon, thru the halls of amenti.  all this is the training, the plan to stay awake and AWARE.  the leopard queen has writings on this.  the druids counted on it.  but then the dark ones way laid the plot.  the orig design got out of hand.  once again, nobody had ever done the free will thing and it got screwed.  big projects tend to do that.  without controllers.  see how that goes?  here u go for a nutshell view.   and we felt betrayed.  the crats still have their hand in it and one can see, clearly how all the talk of getting rid of the ego and going back to source and all that STUFF may be the brainwashing thru millennia that is exactly what we dont need.  dont believe it.  better watch out for that light.  may swallow up.  and lead u in circles and sharp angles.  im preparing in the now, here.  absorbing info rather than being absorbed.  i feel very strongly on this.  and i want my comrades to have that info, if interested.  the dark ones r not to be beaten, nor reckoned with since theyre criminal to quote LKJ.  and psychopaths.  u cant do alot with CRIMS unless they wanna change.  crats=crims.  and that line of thinking.  ages old.  they apparently always show up.  and infiltrate, in layers, and betray.  they use caesars, romans, politicians, religions, et al,  to do their bidding.  we do their bidding if we allow it.  thats a master plan.  and theyre out there all the time.  just waiting to get in, lie, trap, attach.  suck the loosh, tell the lies.  its all connected.  the "dark ones"--and ive always said this--infiltrated the KT, the first masons, who were of the craft; medicine, etc., they take over and rule, they suck, literally.   they seem like way more than 'the fallen'...i have to get to the bottom of that, someday.  i WILL.  bet on it.

u will also see the hand of the invisible college in here when u read about the hippies (thieves), the music, and the happenings in the 60's where HAIR is mentioned, and why.  have to work tomorrow but i didnt want this to go any longer.  the nutshell 3 parter and more got to me.  i lived then, i still live now.  i plan, i strategize, i wait, i train.  i hear, see, connect the dots.  from the vanguard u know, after all.   

http://www.wizardrealm.com/wizards/               read from the choices on the left--final conflict



i cant get it all linked well to every spot and too tired and lazy to use the box quotes thingy and excerpt,  but u will get it.  all is finally merging in memory, destiny, understanding, looking for self.  and remembering, being, but always KNEW.


read the catechism of the grail  http://www.wizardrealm.com/metaphysics/grail.html

ok then, hope u see what i saw.  feel.  know.  good stuff.  lots is here, and see libations and esoteric cognition, for all u guys that have well-trained minds.   for my friends.

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I'm a thief big_smile

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Arrgghh!!!  *curses*

My internet has been giving me grief for over a week so...wouldn't you know...due to the difficulties I've been experiencing *she says through gritted teeth* I decided to lose myself in the Mists of Avalon.  And now you post this!?!

"Next week it shall be remedied", says I, "for I can withstand it no longer!"


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FANTASTIC Pamelajean.  that's incredible.  its brilliant and in their blood/genes.  i know U remember everything and so do they.  i love what u said--devout in ur missions.  those 2 boys r  true little WISE men with so much wisdom.  came in knowing.  wow.  and lilmomma--dammit.  get that machine up and running.  aint that just the luck.  maybe all that wizard guy's stuff will keep gelling up and add to ur reading.  all these equations and puzzle pieces keep adding up to explain. belljar--u are a thief.  for sure.

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[size=16]The Journey Home[/size]

All of Humanity has the ability and desire to render conscious creation in their world.  It is up to the individual to make the choice to align with the Divine Will in Active Intelligence and render conscious creation, aligned with Spirit, in his or her own reality.  There are those who will still try to breach the Divine Plan and enslave us in darkness again, but their efforts will be unsuccessful.  We are no longer the children we were in Atlantis.  We are not helpless, but strong and able.  It is up to us to create the Reality that will bring this world, this Blessed World beyond all others, into the destiny it has earned the right to claim:  the Ascension of Earth into the Realm of All Possible Realities.   Then the elemental realms will again unite into their ultimate expressions of Light (Photonic), Love (Hydraulic), and Power (Celestial), and then shall Selah and See-La-Aum be once again united as one.  What greater glory can there be?

[size=16][/size]The future of Earth is ours, as it has always been.  It's time for us to claim it.


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belljar--u are a thief.  for sure