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bad vibes on old NR lately and im not likin it (at all) but then i saw this and said to self--they should see this.  it lifted my spirits and its real, i think.  id love to live in this, as long as the ceilings are high (no crouching).  i bet titmouse and a cpl of other members could do this.  its way too cool.  living in this romantic piece of art and creating in it.  in a world of conflict, fear, and pain.  oh to be a hermit, and live in here!

u gotta see this.  i want one.

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Awww, looks like a Hobbit house!  I would love living there.

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Very impressive. Nice place to hide out if TSHTF.

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I love those kinds of homes I wish I had one. I would never leave it. tongue

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I love it, makes you want to move in right now, doesn't it. Very similar to the project Karen Bishop is trying to set up.

Now then, I know the following is New Age and definitely has a loosh agenda at it's source, but read ye this page. Even though I knew this to be a 'trap', I still think the concepts of forming a new Earth, as outlined here, make a good blueprint to kick off with. It almost brought me to tears at one stage, I so wanted to be part of this..

My HS gave me a kick up the bum for reading this btw. big_smile


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As soon as I have money, I will build a house like that!

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Ooooh, I want of those too! When I was a kid, I was always trying to make little "hobbit" type houses out in the woods. big_smile  Zenden, yeah those vibes are not good, been noticin myself.

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Beautiful, zenden.  I've always admired the earth sheltered houses,
they're just no brainers when it comes to utilizing nature to protect
you from the elements.  Thank you for reminding us of these.

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yikes  My new dream home!!

I had always imagined a cozy little trapper's cabin, but this...THIS is absolutely perfect!!!

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Thanks Zenden!

I was looking into the whole process of doing just this a few months ago, but just couldn't quite find what I was looking for! Rats, missed the courses on the site, but being in the UK, I can deffo make it to another one soon.


All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

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Awesome...............nice one my cogs are turning big style.
A reading of the entire site and links is now underway!!

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.


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Wow, everyone's so nice down here in the links section -- hobbit houses, reptile genitalia, no vampires...


That's a very cool abode, zenden. I know someone who's worked on several alternatively constructed dwellings, but it's difficult to do one as eco-friendly as that.

I noticed they used bales of straw as insulation. There are methods of building the entire basic structure out of straw bales. Basically you build like you're using giant legos and then spray gunite (sprayable concrete) over it all. When the gunite weathers it ends up covered with the local strains of lichens and moss and eventually, your house melts into the surrounding terrain. They're hurricane and tornado proof, and (it's claimed) earthquake resistant as well.
I'm not sure if the one below used the straw bale technique, but the "rocks" around the entrance were made from sprayed concrete.

There's a lot of information available about building alternative structures like this, for example: … ction.html

...however you can't do it just anywhere. There are many localities where the building code people can't grok much beyond standard construction techniques. 


Of course they're all modeled on Hobbiton. I'm think this is Samwise's house:

It would be interesting to discover how the hobbits kept their roofs from leaking. :>)

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Fiberglass, asphalt... big_smile
I bet "hobbits" houses are too humid.

Bye, Pictus


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Cob houses are pretty sweet also. Good thermal insulation, fireproof, a lot cheaper than regular houses, but requires more time to build and they aren't as earthquake resistant as normal houses. … b%20houses

You can supposedly make one for as little as $500 minus the cost of land. A house that size though is good for 2 people tops.

This webpage gives a good intro on what cob is and the advantages of a house made of cob.

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