Topic: molecular enhancer

i've had one of these for a few years, and an imitation made by someone else although Dan Dial was the original inventor ... I would highly recommend it ...

Dan Dial claims that it works through resonance, however I think it's most beneficial effect is increasing the net amperage of your cells through induction ...


Re: molecular enhancer


I have one of these.  big_smile  Works really well too... at least for me. 
I see it has gotten quite a bit lighter LMAO  mine takes two people to move.  I really don't have any more ideas on how it actually works, though.  But if increasing the amperage of your cells through induction means that it it gives your cells more erm...electricity to grow, mature and etc... I guess I would agree.  For me it seems to help increase the rate of healing...for me especially with things like sore throats and deep tissue/muscle/nerve damage.  It has greatly helped my carpal tunnel syndrome as well.