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The spiritual experience in the arts can open wide the doors of perception. As we evolve as a species, we hit certain key moments in that evolution when old ways are discarded and new maps of behavior are forged.

Could this entertainment form of the movies be, in some cosmic way, reflecting to us in those darkened theaters the deepest questions, challenges, and yearnings of our humanity? Could movies be fashioning a metaphoric pathway to the forgotten secrets of our very existence?

Let me tell you a story...of Magellan's trip around the world in 1519. Magellan's fleet of massive high-sailed ships would sail into the bays of primitive islands and the natives would go wild with fear upon seeing these huge vessels. It would take weeks for the priests aboard to calm the natives and get to know them.

One day, the fleet sailed into the bay of an island and, to the amazement of all aboard, the natives onshore paid no attention whatsoever. They simply went on about their daily chores without the slightest shred of concern for these foreign invaders.

When Magellan's crew got into their longboats and neared shore, the natives finally did react, and with even greater terror than had been witnessed elsewhere. When the priests ultimately calmed the natives and learned their language, they realized something extraordinary. These particular natives were so primitive that they didn't react when the ships came into the bay -- because they actually couldn't physically perceive them! The ships were so far beyond their consciousness that they literally could not see them.

There is another landscape, however, that has only begun to be mapped -- our inner world, where we weave dreams of who we might be as a humanity when we operate at our very best.

Magellan's ships -- this time carrying the cargo of our deepest questions and hopes about ourselves -- are now sailing into the waters of the mass consciousness of human awareness. Movies are part of the mainsail. I believe that it is now up to those of us on the shoreline to see with new a distant horizon of evolution that is just now reflecting the first rays of dawn.


There is a story told about Magellan and the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego that is relevant here, whether it is apocryphal or actually occurred. It seems that the Fuegans were unable to see Magellan's ships anchored in the bay. Despite their huge size, they were invisible to the indigenous people-at first. Their shamans, however, did see the ships and, over time, were able to help the people see them as well. They taught the people how to see a reality that was far beyond the limits of their experience and thinking. Don't we have our own “shamans” who are trying to help us see what is right before our eyes? Will we learn to see before it is too late? And it is late now.

[size=16]The Deep Divers Re-Membering:[/size]


The first Sphinx story is a Tale of Time drifting away
in one dimension… or two… or three or more? It's hard to say…
It depends on how these words may steer you down the path for some describe mystery; others, math.

Number two story is a part of number one. After “In the beginning” and before the tale is done you'll traverse an abyss to roam the far side on nothing less than a fantastic ride across the Bridge of Transitions, into the Pages of Time, you'll be drawn ever closer to Truth sublime.

The third story is that of a wizard who's weaving
transforming stories that you should be believing!
To help you heighten your own intuition
Be sure to pass by this majestic magician...

Story number four describes a magical place
When you arrive there, you’ll come face to face
with winds whispering softly in your ear
slowly at first, until all disappear...
The further you go, the deeper to sleep...
preparing you for an evolutionary leap!

The fifth tale begins with the Great All-Timekeeper…
unveiling his story as you fall even deeper…
he's steadying you for the next cosmic affair
transporting you (do you believe you're aware?)
while he teaches his story, for that's what he does,
of an enchanted garden that some say never was...

The Garden ushers in story number six:
A conjuration, which more than predicts
a journey you'll survive through trials and
that will alter your deepest symbolic representations.

Story number seven some say can be scary;
So step with caution, though you might grow wary
as you descend in the cave whose drops get steeper…
Before it's too late you must find the gatekeeper…
who can unlock the doorway through the black void…
(this exit is a release and can be thoroughly

Now you leap through strange space in a quantum style…
Does it take forever? and still it's extremely
to travel the mind, to places afar…
Has this trip been nothing if not totally bizarre?

Now that you’ve landed, here on the other side,
we’ll give you three Riddles to help you provide
you with hints: for there are secrets woven within.
These mystical pointers will help you begin
your blissful transcendence upon heavenly sound
(whose effects will be nothing short of profound...)

Re-enter the garden of a Child's dream…
back towards the Beginning...yes, that is our theme…

Try to recall... Wasn't ALL this just a dream
spoken by One? Aha! So it may
that the Great All-Timekeeper has finished weaving
his story
of a complex place in metaphoric allegory.
Shake yourself out of his pages of time
and you'll receive a gift from your unconscious mind.

Back To story number four
(which included five, six
and seven)
You're in a space some might call 'heaven'.
Yet the winds whisper that it is time to re-awaken
and though you may think this was the beginning
you would be sorely mistaken!

Back to the third tale of the wise wizard weaving
his Word through Time; you're just now perceiving
that you're still enclosed in story number
But you've crossed the Transition Bridge enough to
your faith in your Self, back to story number one…
Remembering it All...this can be the most fun!

Now back to the beginning! And is this also the end?
the tale interweaves…not always easy to comprehend…
That all this was just a Dimension between fiction and fact.
The story of creation can not be more abstract!

So make this full circle a portal unto a new place,
that expands outward, beyond interplanetary space.

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Hmmm...that first image you posted reminds me of a lucid dream I had about a month ago. I was standing on a beach looking out over the ocean and  I could see these flying vessels, houses and trains go by. I thought at the time: "I am seeing the future"

My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair...But Now They're Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows

-Tyrannosaurus rex

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Thank You

"Beyond the stars a new world awaits me now" - Wintersun


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That's amazing, that photo and the story of the indigenous peoples of those islands not being able to perceive  Magellan's fleet .....the mind boggles.

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This photo was on my mind all day. Thanks Siri, you're definitely our local-shaman. smile

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[size=16]Wandering1(1)'s #3[/size]

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Shoogie wrote:

Hmmm...that first image you posted reminds me of a lucid dream I had about a month ago. I was standing on a beach looking out over the ocean and  I could see these flying vessels, houses and trains go by. I thought at the time: "I am seeing the future"

I've had a dream exactly like that. I was floating off the coast on a small raft, and I was told to be very quiet. We sat there, just off the coast lined with gigantic glowing lights of crystal, as these floating ships passed us by.

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[highlight]Bell's Interconnectedness Theorem[/highlight]

Kathleen Ann Goonan

The Bones Of Time

From Page 205:

     Take just one thing - Bell‘s Interconnectedness Theorem, which proved that physical reality can only exist in a milieu of faster-than-light information.

     And that this milieu is the ordinary world of objects, which is ... created, if you will, by information coming from somewhere else ... superluminally. Faster thanlight!

From Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert

      Arguing from quantum theory plus a bit of arithmetic, Bell was able to show that any model of reality whatsoever--whether ordinary or contextual--must be non-local. Bell's theorem has since been proved entirely in terms of quantum facts, no reference to quantum theory is necessary. In its most up-to-date version Bell's theorem reads: The quantum facts plus a bit of arithmetic require that reality be non-local. In a local reality, influences cannot travel faster than light. Bell's theorem says that in any reality of this sort, information does not get around fast enough to explain the quantum facts: reality must be non-local.

          "Bell's theorem proves that any model of reality, whether ordinary or contextual, must be connected by influences which do not respect the optical speed limit. If Bell's theorem is valid, we live in a superluminal reality. Bell's discovery of the necessary non-locality of deep reality is the most important achievement in reality research since the invention of quantum theory."

by f. maiello

It's important to note: the main thrust of the metaphysical approach has nothing to do with propounding any ideology or logical theory to prove the nature and origin of life [or the universe]. Its essential function is rather to get the mind to the point where it can disengage its dependence on [what appears to be its own] thinking and reasoning process, specifically involving that very pursuit of theoretical philosophy [re the nature and origin of life or the universe]. And this, due to the premise that the mind, per se, is incapable of discovering the essential nature of Reality, simply because its range of instrumentation used for analyzing the ontological is limited to the realm of Relativity and cannot hope to finally apprehend its [untraceable] cause in the "pure existential" Absolute.

Probably the most significant of these questions deals with the origin or nature of the world we experience; and, antecedent to this, the origin/nature of the mechanism experiencing this world: our human self.

Consequently, eight major propositions (quantum reality conceptions) have been offered. Two of the most popular were derived from the so-called Copenhagen interpretation [propounded by Niels Bohr] which asserts that

      1. "There is no deep reality." (ie: the sensorial world is real, yet it is based on a non-existent void) and
      2. "Reality is created by observation." (ie: the sensorial world wouldn't either exist if it weren't for an observer to give it life).

Then Werner Heisenberg came along and further embellished Bohr's view by proposing the idea that something has to be responsible for creating sensual phenomena, and that something--nearly impossible to accurately describe--thrives in a kind of plastic state of potentiality; an in-between state flanked by possibility and reality (he referred to it as 'quantum potentia')...until someone comes along to perceive or measure it, whereupon it suddenly manifests with flawless precision replete with elaborately verifiable Newtonian mechanics.

Now, contrary to what most people--lay and professional--would believe, these propositions are unmistakably approaching the basic tenets of metaphysics (Note: NOT the metaphysics unique to classical philosophy, nor that of the New Age movement--instead, what may be referred to as deep metaphysics, discoverable through unalloyed introspection). Yet the physicists have consistently overlooked one critical factor, which addresses the foundation of their entire philosophical argument: the causal reality of the observer.

Now, in light of this--especially as it applies to literally countless man-hours of research and development--can we afford to take the role of the observer for granted?! Don't we owe at least some of our time and effort toward investigating the value and function of our primary evaluating mechanism: our human Mind? Or does this represent such an awesome mystery so as to render us frozen in our tracks to even have the intestinal fortitude to apprehend it?

Enter: the role of deep metaphysics (which approach avails the possibility for breaking the bounds of the relative-thought paradigm).

Another very significant concept--which in of itself stands apart from quantum theory, yet was developed as a result of it--is known as non-locality. This states that objects or events are not isolated and unto themselves (local), but rather are integrated with [the totality] of all phenomena. This is the conclusion made possible by Bell's Interconnectedness Theorem, which was developed in response to the now famous EPR paradox. Again, this corroborates with yet another axiom central to the metaphysical view: that multiplicity is merely an appearance projected out from a Unified Substratum. This is described as the holographic effect in/of manifest phenomena.

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A person brought up to me once, the fact that whatever speed a human is traveling in relation to the speed of light, his locality, or wherever he is, in otherwords, is limited to the speed of light.  I think he was even saying that the body itself would not stay together in a faster than the speed of light continuum.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
You have to believe in the impossible in order to become.

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The Bones Of Time

From Page 219:

     His exotic matter - that which held this particular wormhole, or whatever it was, open for him was somehow [highlight]generated by an emotional interaction within his brain.[/highlight] He knew it was crazy but there - he‘d thought it. He didn‘t understand it at all on one level yet because of it he was able to forge proofs he knew were true. It was something new in the universe, a possibility that had just evolved, like the human ability to use tools or language. [highlight]It was the conscious ability to affect the quantum wave function.[/highlight]

     Late at night when he was on the web he could almost visualize time as something with an ever-changing shape. Yet each change created a new, fantastic, incredible intricate patten, from one point of view, [highlight]a fractal that repeated itself from infinitely large to infinitely small[/highlight], but whose inhabitants would always think of themselves as ... body-sized

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Was nudged to bring this post and link(below pic) of a great synopsis over here, too,
SiriArc and Others reading this thread.  Kinda pertinent.

Love those talks from Steve and Friends, SiriArc : )

We are on a faster than lightspeed course of consciousness energy of the third kind !

We're gonna be creating beautiful things...You and me and you and we : )

Yep...Magellan Ships on Oceans of Light and Anything Else to Enhance Our Enlightenment!

...In A Nutshell.  One of the best overviews, imho!  10 minute read if
you scroll about half way down and read the guts of the talk.
Wonderful synopsis of what is going on and what we can do and be,
each of us in our very own way!

Hang On!  Chchchchchchaaannnnnngggesss!