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If you liked Phil Schneider's presentations, you may get a kick out of this:

>> Go here to download the videos

These are from a recent presentation given by Dr William Deagle concerning underground bases, advanced monitoring technologies, hyper-dimensional controllers, the chemical and scalar techniques used to dumb us down, what the NWO elite have planned for the coming decade, and the spiritual solutions to overcoming all this.

I can't vouch for it being 100% truth, but if nothing else some fascinating things are discussed.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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I'm into this a little over an hour and it is very interesting. It's scary. But he's talking about most everything we've seen, with more details and evidence. Of course how much can be verified. He's says he's a whistle blower. He's painting a pretty bleak picture up to this point, but it's still fascinating. So if catastrophe is coming I guess pack a lunch and get a pair of comfortable running shoes. It's a little unnerving because he's saying a lot of things I've heard from other places which gives it a little bit more credibility. But I'm still really not convinced they/them/NWO etc are going to pull it off as they want. But this beats any horror film for spooky...

Thanks for posting this.

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I'm not getting any video, only audio. Got any codecs? Or is it my machine?

I am as is Void.

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We know how darkness needs technology like a drug addict needs their drugs. And they have plans within plans of course. I remember Arizona Wilder saying that their weakness is their ego. They think they can do anything and nothing will ever go wrong.

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Xenopope, it's the XVid codec --  ... or else use the VLC media player:

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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Blimey, I hope this blokes wrong...I'm just off to find my cyanide tablet!

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Just watched the last part...won't be popping the pill quite yet wink

Not as clever as I think I am

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Thank you for posting this, montalk.  Scary stuff but he gives some good
information and some spiritual pointers at the end.  I really like the guy.

Funny, most of us here have seen or heard many of these things, but
your average sheeple would be devastated by what he's saying.

For all those who think this stuff is just somebody's imagination, think again.

This also explains why the moon landing videos were done like they were.
They had to use primitive technology to do it even though they could've
just flown one of the Aurora craft up there and landed it.  There's also a
serendipidous corroboration of the C's ancient tunnels they spoke about
because while riding in one of our tunneling machines which can do 7 miles
of tunnel in 24 hours the tunneler came across an ancient tunnel from
an unknown civilization from an unknown past.  The Saudi's in Saudi
Arabia have discovered tunnels which no one could explain which went
further than any existing technologies at the time.  They said that they
were dug by the Jinn!

His presentation is a really cool connect the dots giving us a complete
overview of what the hell is really going on. 

If you don't watch them then, SEE YA.  Wouldn't wanna BE YA!

Tom Paine

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Apparently, Dr. Deagle was present at the Columbine massacre.  neutral    Now he's giving public lectures about government and alien conspiracies.   (?!)  There might be some serious bad news here ...

And personally,  I don't think that a true prophet of God would present himself as such so explicitly.   

That all aside, the lecture itself is very interesting and I recommend watching it.

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What I got from the lectures is that he TREATED one of the victims of the
Columbine massacre, since he's an ER trauma physician and he must've
been on duty. 

Normally I wouldn't put much credence in someone who called themselves
a prophet, but these are very heady times we are in.  And the information
he is giving and the fact that he says the second coming of the Messiah is
US is something I have resonated with for a long time.  Jesus isn't coming
back in a physical body, the Christ is going to be US when we finally
remember what we really are and what they've been hiding from us
all along.

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Seriously though, i'm 41min into it and it's a very grim picture. Cray-5 computers, project omega, boom:

...vaccines that change your DNA. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.

And I just got a vaccine a few months ago!
Does anyone think the TDAP is contaminated?

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LightningEye--Parts 1 and 2 are kinda hard to take, but parts 3, 4 and 5 he saves
the best for last.  3 is about things you can do to make yourself healthier and
4 is uplifting.  5 is only 10 minutes long and he answers questions.

I've made copies of the videos and plan to give them to people who can make
a difference.

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This is one of those videos I recommend watching because it includes things not discussed elsewhere, but watching with discernment because some parts seemed off. Also watch it through to the end, otherwise you'll slit your wrists. I know that his time to lecture was limited, but it would have been great if he gave more do-it-yourself solutions than just going through lists of costly supplements and services to buy. I'm naturally cautious of people with photographic memories and good speaking skills because sometimes they can make themselves sound smarter than they are. He gives a lot of trivia and information, chunks of things to be aware of, but there seems to be a lack of self-consistency, cohesion, and practical understanding infused into this. So it came off a bit patchworky. Then again, only so much can fit into the time slot, and I haven't listened to his radio shows to get the bigger context on which to gauge his spiel. But overall, I think there are more plusses than minuses, which is why I posted it.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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I'm done. My brain feels heavy.

Couple things of note: this was filmed on 7 Dec 2006, so it is timely. Wether or not it's completely accurate... it also seems that his Nutrimedical Report is no longer on RBN: … tnG=Search

Some notable quotes:
"If we knew what we were, we would not do what we do."
"Religion always substitutes a formula for a pathway."
"I am a Cosmic Messianic Christian..."
"If you fear man, you cannot fear God. And if you fear God, you cannot fear man."
"We are all starchildren."
"Look for the questions!"

Some things I had trouble taking his word on:
nokia has technology to insert thoughts into your mind?
jupiter is a star?
all food will be made in 90 floor buildings?
the govt. wants to bring dinosaurs back?
onstar can commandeer your vehicle?
the govt. wants a national quarantine in 2007?
    to close all highways and turn off the grid?
    within 30 days more than half of the population would be dead?
    and to set a double perimeter around every major city?
there are preplaced nukes in major cities?
666 means location, age, and DNA subtype?
Helium-3 is being mined on the moon?
Supersoldiers were cloned in 1982?
The 25th frame in HD video inserts neurolinguistic programming?
Silicon-based lifeforms called morgellans are making us sick?
Everyone is breathing depleted uranium?
A mach-1 tsunami will reduce California to islands?
The Govt raises funds by selling illegal drugs?
Scalar bombs can kill a specific organisms with a frequency?
Water with a PH of 10.5 is healthy to drink?
Fast Fourier Transform can detect my spiritual beliefs?
We lose 3-5% of our immune system every decade?
We're all going to get cancer?
Scalar wave EMF causes crosstalk between my cells?
We have 23 genes that do not exist in any other mammal?
Nikola Tesla's father got the ideas from the Vatican library?
There's a stargate in Iran?

Revelation 6 is literal?:

12I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, 13and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. 14The sky receded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

15Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16They called to the mountains and the rocks, "Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?"

Humans originated on a starsystem about 500,000,000 years ago?
There is a city on the moon?
There has been a mars colony since 1982?
There were electric lights and batteries 3000 years ago?
Hyperspace archetypes translated onto a surface are crop circles?
Chinese have virus strains that will wipe out white males?
Angles are aliens?
1260 days after the Israeli Peace treaty, the end begins?
When he talks about names, he's talking about our spiritual name, isn't he?

And my favorite: Vaccines change who you are? Change DNA? Contain fetus material?

Sum Up:
Whew. He provides a plethora of talking points, but not a lot of evidence to back up all of his claims. He also seems to encourage fear-mongering with these kinds of fantastic claims. In any case, seems as though this man will be proved a liar if a national catastrophe doesn't happen in 2007 as he claims. And we only have 67% of the year left. Happy April Fools month indeed.

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LightningEye--you must've taken notes while watching!
I didn't take the "predictions" as solid statements of fact, rather
I consider them to be possibilities.  For instance, if a natural disaster
happens, then they'll use plan A, if that doesn't happen, then they'll
use a terrorist "event" to do their martial law thing.  In other words,
it all appears to be open.