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Very interesting dream, Montalk.  Did you get any sense of where YOU were during this time?  I wonder if the people at the bottom of the lake and at the resort represent all of humanity, or just the majority of them.  IOW, are we there too?

I found the concept of the woman who couldn't hear particularly interesting, since my "Matrix-style" dream featured people who either couldn't or wouldn't hear.  My dream had something of the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" feel to it, and yours actually featured a monkey. 

Did any certain feeling remain with you after you woke up?

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Crazy dream. I wonder how the current Matrix will fare during the dimensional shift. The C's mention how the Reptilians wish to control us in 4D, to continue their dominion over the Earth...but I wonder, as the dimensions grow closer together in frequency, how exactly will they go about doing this? I came to the realization that they probably won't even appear as reptilians, but rather mask themselves as beautiful humans promising us power, training, technology...basically, the Altanteans bought into these temptations and they fell...WE fell! Some of us are probably from that event, but this time, wiser and with more lessons under our belts.
"We don't get fooled again!" - Steppenwolf.
Just be careful who you make your allegiences with.

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Magical_Mongoose wrote:

"We don't get fooled again!" - Steppenwolf.

The Who.  Not Steppenwolf.

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit ... what a ride!"  - Anonymous
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They'll make themselves look like nordics I'm assuming. If you look at our advertising we are being made ready for them. I always go back to George Carlin when he says he's been looking around at this reality and he realizes that something is f---ed up. This is not good work. Anyway there's always a hope that some of the rats will escape the cage when there is a change over.


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I have been dreaming about going to weird classes the last couple of months. I don't know where these things are astral? Anyway I just have waking dream memories of being shoved into rooms with other people and we are going over material about earth. And I'm always the one that stops and corrects the teacher about something they are teaching. Last night it was showing pictures of how animals lived on this planet in cages. I informed them that they do much worse than that to them here and showed them with my mind. They were all shocked. These people seem so innocent. Another class dream we are just sitting there and all of a sudden a very negative unseen presence comes into the room. I instantly start going into a lotus position and projecting the violet ray. But, the people around me don't know what to make of me doing this. They are more scared of me than the sick feeling in the room. Another one I am being asked in class what secret organizations have asked me to help them here on earth. I write down military on a piece of paper. But, I've never had anything in waking life to do with the military. But, I still keep seeing that flash in my head even now. Next one I am sitting alone in the classroom for once. There is a large mirror in front of me I start levitating in the lotus position and I'm very happy about this. The teacher comes in I instantly stop because I don't want them to see me doing this. Last dream I can remember I'm taken into a room to see some children they are being trained about earth I think. The teacher over them talks about how great they are to me but I say they are boring for some reason. Then she takes me to a weird looking computer and wants to put me in the program as well. I tell her I am a free spirit she is upset and I wake up. Anway this is becoming a common theme with me now I can only guess what it means not for certain.

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Another class dream we are just sitting there and all of a sudden a very negative unseen presence comes into the room.

That...I've had that happen too. The dreams are always different, but the scenario is the same. First started some 3-5 years ago, thereafter typically happened once every 4-6 months (has not happened as much since I started processing my Shadow in the last year, starting with wiping out negative thoughts). Only had maybe 10 such dreams, can remember almost all of them. When I'm not occupied I'll post the entire list of dreams. Interesting thing is that in the beginning, this thing that paralyzes me with ice-cold terror when it "attacks" (can't move, can't breathe, can't do anything but feel pure panic in the dream), it was invisible. In recent dreams, it's taken different forms; one looked like just the aura of a person (saw it in dim light heading toward me), another time it was a big brown or black dog going for my neck (I managed to "freeze" the dream right before it bit me), and most recently it was a hateful face (that closely resembles one from an anime opening sequence) flying toward me. The only time it didn't get me was the most recent, when the intense, warm love feeling I had felt for my girlfriend (we're in an LDR, so feeling close to her is very difficult) came up and made it shoot off to the side at the last minute. In the early dreams the dreams felt like they were built around the thing (ominous from the start), while in others it was a normal action-adventure (most common dream type I have) where it seemed to be interfering, such as the one where I was sitting at a circle table with 5 others and wondering where the "Over here." whispers were coming from. More later.

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Wow this thread has really turned into something! Over twenty pages, thanks everyone for sharing.

The only dream I remember lately is _another_ levitation one. It was almost exactly like other levitation dreams I've had where I try to levitate just spontaneously and it dosen't work the first time but then I try again immediately afterwards and it works and I levitate about 4 - 5 feet into the air. Unfortunately I don't ever remember why I may  be doing this which may indicate it is some sort of normal occurance for me outside of body.

I am as is Void.

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Got another weird one. It is night just like when I go to sleep I am standing out on the driveway. Everything looks exactly at it would in real life. I look out on the street and a black wolf is walking toward me. I like wolves so I'm not upset but as it gets closer I can see it is not a friend. It looks demonic. All of a sudden some unseen force breaks its back legs. It starts crying and dragging itself quickly down the street away from me. I'm suddenly back inside the house by the door. As soon as I'm inside a black mist starts to collect in front of me. It gets higher and higher. I start speaking some weird language sort of like the sum of all languages is how I remember it. This black mist falls apart. It seems like a lot of negatives were after me but I avoided them for once.

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Had a couple of dreams last night, but I'll only discuss the two most interesting ones.
Have any of you had a dream where somewhere else was driving, but they were driving like a madman? Going over curbs, plowing through parks, going into wrong lanes...but never getting hit? Well I did the other night, and it was both exciting but extremely disconcerting. We were making a getaway to a beach, I could see the white sand dunes on the side of the highway...but, a "cop car" (which was really a PT Cruiser with "police lights" on the top of it) pulled us over.
Now, the interesting thing about this is that the police officer seemed to be prodding me to "wake up" in my dream. He said that he saw me sitting in the backseat behind the passenger seat, but when he pulled us over at the beach, I was behind the driver. Anyways, all I remember from this point is that the officer was now driving the car, and I started talking to him about the principle of forgiveness. He said that 9/11 was an act that needed to be avenged, but I said that it need not be in the physical sense. A greater spirituality, and commonality, was in the air after 9/11...it was definitely a spiritual shake up to all those who knew little about evil. Yet to fight evil with bombs is a failing tactic, the best tactic is to offseat the source of true evil and that's the shadow self. Yes, I was actually having a metaphysical conversation with a police officer who was probably taking me off to the loony bin. But, he seemed to be changed from what I said...even those who are the enforcers of guilt can be redeemed. I've never bought into the whole "anti-police", "anti-state" thing...I see them all as people who have lives to live, and lessons to learn...no more, no less.
Anyways, then the second dream was a tad more interesting. Before I went to sleep, I mentioned on the IRC channel (which I highly recommend you check out) that it would be awesome for universities to offer "Galactic Anthropology", a study of the various cultures of alien beings through the use of both astral projection work in the beginning, and hopefully physical interaction with these beings in the future when such technology is publicly disclosed and available.
So, with this wish, and after a few minutes of meditation, I fell asleep. This is what I saw:
I was in a bookstore, looking at a bookshelf. I noticed three books in particular: a book on eco-feminism, a book on Islam, and a book titled "Images of Alien Worlds". I immediately picked up this book, and went through the pages briefly...
The first image was that of a rocky, dry valley that had white domed structures. It pretty much resembled that of Tatooine from Star Wars, but as I read the caption next to the picture, it said it was just outside of Pheonix, Arizona. I turned the page...
Then I saw an image of two reptilian beings...they are what you would call "nagas", which are half snake, half human beings. They were slithering along the coast, which was described as a cool, damp world which rained for most of its days.
Probably just random stuff out of my imagination, but it was pretty cool. I was also told there were glaciers at the bottom of the ocean, and that there were mummified remians of extinct animals down there that would interest zoologists. Anyways, sweet dreams big_smile

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I have to write this one.

That was 3 nights ago; I was watching a sci-fi movie somewhere showing two astronauts on an alien planet. One of them was human but the other had a skull inside its helmet and I understand that its evil. As expected, this evil one kills human astronaut because it will make a sabotage or assassination or smth like that. Then suddenly I find myself inside a spaceship (can't remember the scenes between these). I'm looking outside and see another giant spaceship coming closer to ours. I can draw the back of the ship - as I can only see this from our window. The ship comes closer and I understand that it will connect to our ship. I see a silhouette inside this other ship as there's a very big window at the back of it. It also has rockets under this big window line. The silhoutte I see has two horns and looks really big. Then our ship's command room (which we stand in) doors open and 3 beings enter. One of the is big silhoutte that I saw, it really has horns and it's yellow. The other is red-brown and amorphous, I can't remember the third one. My friends in the ship (I don't know any of them in my awake life) tell me these 3 beings are gods - they are considered as gods in some sectors of the universe. They are not hostile, it seems they come to our ship for a talk or maybe some kind of commerce. I think they may be elementals. I wake up at that point.

As I said I can draw the giant spaceship I saw and the beings entered to our ship. Do any of you know any big- humanoid - yellow- two-horned god in any of the cultures? I wonder where about it resides nowadays cause I was there 3 nights ago! cool

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This one is sort of scary funny. I'm sitting over a bathtub with water pouring into it. I look down at my hand there is a small hole in it. I dig into it and pull out a little worm. I'm shocked of course. But, the worm has a very animated face and gives me a big grin. I put him in the water and he goes down the drain. Just weird and I keep seeing his face in my head.


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That is easy I think...
It was an attachment, now you are free from it.

Bye, Pictus


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I had that feeling in the back of my mind. I've been working hard on clearing.



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When I was younger, I had recurring dreams about finding bumps on my skin that small snakes came out of.  It really freaked me out because the snakes were scary.  They also seemed to be full of shame, if that makes sense.  In the dream, I'd have a lot of anxiety, and hoped that no one would ever find out-- but fearing that everyone would automatically know.  Looking back, those had to be attachments of some kind.

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I've been having recurring dreams of cars- driving a car, losing control of driving and spinning, forgetting to put the car on park and letting it slide just in time for me to gain control of it and losing the car keys. This one dream I had recently this past week was pretty weird. As I got out of the car, I was having a conversation with someone, an older man with a beard. I had the keys in my hand but noticed the car was starting to slide away as if I did not put the car on park and wanted to put it on park but my keys were gone and were back inside the car, but not on the ignition. It was on the driver seat's floor.

The next scene, I'm inside this Armenian Church, but it was much grander, bigger with more decorative columns, stairs, better lighting - it's not the way it looks in real life, since I've been there not too long ago to check out the art of the church. I then went downstairs and they were accusing me of something and we're taking me outside, but these weren't church officials, it was more like rent-a-cop like security you would see at any chain store. I was going crazy, losing my mind and didn't care and stuck my middle finger to the ones behind the glass as they were hauling me off. It was weird because it seemed like some underground/basement place as I yelled "Fu*k you all, weirdos!". Next scene, I'm begging for forgiveness from an Orthodox looking priest, but he walked away and I'm outside the Church, sitting on the stairs while the skies were gray and raining.

I then went across the street to some pizzeria, but the windows were covered in brown paper bag with a little opening where I can see the pizza. I asked for a slice, but walked away in the rain, all in the dumps.

Another dream I had last night kind of freaked me out in some way. I was dreaming that I was awake in my bed, unable to move and I see a goolish figure with a black rob and red blinking eyes. What's weird about it was the room, the figure, me- EVERYTHING- was a lot smaller. I managed to "float" out of the room to go to my sisters room and I see a fat, dominatrix with jet black hair and straight bangs, smiling while in a compromising position waiting to be spanked. I said "oh hell no, you're ugly". I wandered around my apartment and woke up suddenly, feeling a little disoriented.  That's all I remembered. Yeah, WTF?!...[right][/right]


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