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Bartering with the neighbors and eating meals together, being there for each other, but respecting each others privacy. I  provided emergency medical help when the need arose, another neighbor helped with construction skills, someone else may have had an extra propane tank for back up.  Point being, we all helped each other out and everything seemed to balance out in the long run.  Miss those days, but thankful those skills are still with me.

This to me is exactly how a free society should be built. Thanks for sharing that.

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Free Energy is still quite a mystery for me.

Of course, I'm convinced there are a lot of methods to get energy for free with little (or zero) input.

I've found there are some classifications/ways getting free energy:
Although I am not a technican, I can give my estimated summary of free energy technology for this forum:

1) Electro-magnetic technology:

a) The application of vacuum Casimir effects (In physics)
b) The mentioned Schauberger Technology (VRIL Saucers) in this topic
c) The Zero-Point energy like publiced at various websites
d) Tesla technology: Tesla Towers and Wilhelm Reich energy devices

2) Nuclear technology:

Cold Fusion
Solar Energy

3)Earth/Sun Techology:

a) Tapping of the Earthly/geomagnetic energies
b) Tapping of solar magnetic energy fields
c) Tapping of both a) & b) in combination with the Earth-morfogenetic energy grid
across lines like Stonehenge and Gizeh (Egypt) and crop-circles made by Satelites.

4) Atlantean Energy-Technology:

a) Bio-kernel energy: tapping energy from plant seeds
b) Large Crystal Energy storage machines in combination with solar energy devices
   (Bermuda triangle energy-vortex)
c) Black Magic, Sex Magic & Mind-Control/Radionics
d) Sound and anti-gravity (i.e. Kelly devices)
e) Space-time tuning using solotons (also Pleiadian/Sirian Technology)

The HAARP/ELF system also uses partly 3c) & 4b/4c.

For me 4e) seems the most interesting technology.
Something about it is written in the book:
"Encounter in the Pleiades: an inside look at UFOs" by Preston B. Nichols, 1996.

Interesting also, it seems there is a overlapping between 1b) and 4e),
but the Schauberger devices seem not using technology like time-travelling or time-shifting.

My problem is, I have not enough time/knowledge to research these things and I have not a graduation in
physics, so the only thing I can do here is give my own "estimated" overview.
It's possible that my overview has some overlappings of applications.

I hope others can go far further with it than I.

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Re: free energy from nature

Nice list, Atlantis. 
I'm sure this topic would be greatly expanded if NR had a nice Wiki to work with.

Not to get anyone excited or anything.  :-)

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Hey Montalk - how'd you like to run Schauberger's designs through this little piece of software?  :-)  I met a fellow from the NASA team who develops this software at a programming conference recently.  Nice guy, too.  Shame he hadn't heard of Schauberger.

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wow, if this model incorporates nonlinear phenomena like soliton waves, it should work. I'm looking forward to the wiki - it will be finished this weekend.

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montalk wrote:

wow, if this model incorporates nonlinear phenomena like soliton waves, it should work. I'm looking forward to the wiki - it will be finished this weekend.

Awesome.  I tried to get folks excited 'bout it, but maybe it's just me who is.  :-)

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I am, I am!

Be not ruse'd by the roos ( like in Montalk's dream). Oh, I love being silly sometimes.

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Check out this invention called the "Windhexe" (german for dirt-devil) - it's a big vortex machine that disintegrates matter. Whatever you drop in at the top comes out the bottom as fine powder.

‘Tornado in a Can’
Polifka, with no more than a high school education and a creative way of looking at problems, has been working on the Windhexe for 15 years. He calls it the “Tornado in a Can"  – a system for safely harnessing the enormous power of a funnel cloud in a small industrial machine.

Scientists say they doubt that's what’s really happening, but there’s no doubt that whatever you put in the Windhexe – shoes, rocks, sludge, concrete, industrial waste – comes out the bottom as a superfine powder.

It’s a clean way to dispose of almost anything safely and cheaply, because there are virtually no polluting emissions. Industrial scientists say its uses could be limited only by the imagination.

And some imaginations are running wild. Pastors have circulated a church sermon that draws its lesson from the Windhexe, comparing the power of the “Tornado in a Can"  to the power of God’s love. Conspiracy theorists, meanwhile, propound that the technology was given to mankind by aliens because it appears to create a product that produces far more energy than is put into it – what science fiction writers call a “perpetual motion machine.�

In fact, what the Windhexe is is a big chicken squisher, at least for now. Polifka is selling the Windhexe – quietly – through a company called Vortex Dehydration Systems, which got involved because its principals all come from the poultry industry, and Polifka offered them a way to safely and cleanly reprocess poultry waste.

>> read the rest of this fascinating article

Victor Schauberger, the vortex scientist of the 19th-20th century who we discussed at the beginning of this thread, explained that on the molecular level weird things happen inside large vortices. We know from the effects of tornadoes that powerful vortices can cause dimensional overlaps between objects, such as flimsy straws penetrating tree trunks or wooden planks without disintegrating.

Inside the Windhexe there could be some dimensional effect going on. The extreme velocities and accelerations near the bottom of the funnel may strip electrons off molecules, ionizing them. This would produce a vortical electrical current whose electromagnetic field may be correctly configured to produce something along the lines of a black hole. Matter falling into this would disintegrate pretty nicely. The annotators of "Case for the UFO" mentioned something called "reverse magnetism" which they equated with gravity, and also associated it with vortices. Could fit into this.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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These are the concluding paragraphs from an article by Goro Adachi:

It is also quite feasible that the apparent suppression of the information has much to do with the ultimate meaning of the ‘message of Cydonia’, which, according to Richard Hoagland, concerns what he calls ‘hyperdimensional physics’.

This is a form of ‘hyperspace’ theory that basically adds extra dimensions to the normal four dimensions of space and time to explain physical phenomena. In the model promoted by Hoagland, stemming from the Cydonia research, tetrahedral geometry and angular momentum are viewed as the key to uniting the physical and ‘hyperdimensional’ realms. And this unification, if achieved, would lead to the harnessing of an entirely new form of energy or force.

If valid and developed further, it has the potential to quickly and completely upset the societal structure and utterly undermine those in control of the world’s economy – as the new physics would easily translate to something akin to ‘free energy’, which in turn translates to dramatically decreased dependency on oil and other conventional energy sources.

The full article can be found here: … essage.htm


Any comments on this hyperdimensional physics?

Does anyone understand how a pyramid with four equal sides (a tetrahedron) fitting into a sphere can be a clue to understanding hyperdimensional physics?

I am aware of the 19.5 degrees (19.47 degrees) aspect where the tips of the tetrahedron touch the sphere.  The red spot of Jupiter and volcanoes on Hawaii are examples.  Is that a point where energy can be captured or utilized?

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Hoagland discovered that where the points of a tetrahedron touch the earth's surface from the inside, energy is coming in from "somewhere" and it's not this dimension, so it must be hyperdimensional. But after this basic observation, his theory gets a bit vague, more like he has clues pointing toward something strange going on having to do with geometry and quantum physics, but he doesn't know what exactly is going on or how apply it other than through observation and guesses.

You can stick other shapes inside the earth, like a cube, dodecahedron, octohedron, or icosahedron and find other significant points on the surface. Hoagland focuses heavily on the tetrahedral model despite these other shapes being just as important.

What's going on at these points? Well, the vertices of platonic solids show where standing waves collect on a sphere. If you vibrate a sphere, you'll get cymatic waveshapes with nodes and antinodes arranged geometrically on the surface.

Whatever energy vibrates from the center of the earth, it seems to create standing waves on the surface. Perhaps it's the nodes, perhaps the antinodes, but at these points strange things happen. They are major earth grid points, vortices, portals so to speak. Place the proper device in that region and you can gather energy or even control the rest of the grid to an extent (that idea was explored in Umberto Eco's book Foucault's Pendulum, if you've read it).

But where these points are located depends on how you orient the platonic solid inside the earth.  Here's a map showing latitudes where the gridpoints would be if the platonic shapes were aligned with the north geographic pole:


You can see the tetrahedral one going through Hawaii. The other lines pass through such places as the HAARP facility, geomagnetic hotspots on the globe, the various secret bases in Australia, Canary Islands, and so on.

As to how a pyramid works, the only explanations I read that make sense come from the Ra and Cass material. The first explained that pyramids act as funnels or diodes for etheric energy that is always present around us, causing a one-way flow. The C's then expounded upon this, saying that when put at one of these grid points, the "magnetic energy streams" coming into and out of that point, streams which are normally paired in mutually balancing flows of opposite direction, become unbalanced. Nature then expends energy to try and restore equillbrium, but this energy can be collected for as long as the unbalancer (the pyramids) remain actively in place.

I'm not sure how a device can be built to capture this energy, but there are enough annecdotal reports of fringe inventions to suggest it's real, possible, and has been done.

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Thanks.  Very well stated.

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There was a made for tv movie called "Crimson Force" that was shown on the Sci-Fi channel not too long ago.

On the Yahoo Group asc2k, the following is part of a post that David Wilcok made about the show.  This part refers to "free energy from nature':

"In the future, a human expedition team lands on Mars near the face
(which is very much a face in the film) and the five-sided D&M pyramid
(which was clearly made at an angle that was too steep in the film, but
still . it was amazing to see it show up at all.) Right in the beginning
they say something like, "In the last century it was discovered that
these monuments appeared to be artificial - a human face and a series of
pyramids - and that their relationships to each other describe a system
of physics that offers limitless free energy - the tetrahedral geometry
within a sphere." Then they actually showed a 3D diagram of a rotating
sphere with a tetrahedron inside of it, and little energy jets (looked
like little fires) shooting out from each node near the equator!
Unbelievable! This is mainstream television here! >/*pinching self*/"


If utilizing knowledge of  "platonic solids within a sphere hyperdimensional physics" is really a way to generate usable energy, then I think that it is significant that this idea is getting out to a large audience.

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Re: jpg

Montalk wrote:

But where these points are located depends on how you orient the platonic solid inside the earth.  Here's a map showing latitudes where the gridpoints would be if the platonic shapes were aligned with the north geographic pole:


This link is no longer there. Do you by any chance have it stored somewhere?

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Sure, here is the new location:

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.