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Listen up, I never got your "emails", all I can say, is, I'm getting along nicely, maybe, if I choose to, I can respond more in kind, all I ask is you try not to mess with my life, and keep your slander to yourself.  It is not justified.  The use of this argument in my mind hides a hidden agenda, which, as I see it, runs against the true purpose of introspective reason, and the search for truth and the real.  All I can say is, we will all get along nicely, if you keep it in the real, and realize I help us all grow up, respectively.  You see about what's there, Tom, except I'm seeing some politics enfringing on your soul.  Let's not scapegoat your friend, while if I am being the one at fault, for anything, I'd appreciate an open discussion.    So, I have my Life, that you don't get to step on, got me?


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Matthew, you have failed to acknowledge every point raised concerning the nature of your posts over the past four months, and have ignored every request to honor the integrity of the forum by speaking coherently. Even if you didn't get my emails, which I find to be a convenient excuse, there were times when I and others asked you on the forum to do this. You wish to know what right I have (to merely move your posts on this thread to a PDF file) - I have the right and duty as moderator to keep the board free of clutter and the threads relatively on-topic for the sake of everyone who uses this forum. You say I have a hidden agenda - my only agenda is to preserve the integrity of the forum, and this "agenda" is hampered by your consistent refusal over the past months to acknowledge what has been requested of you. You ask for an open discussion - the nature of your posts speak for themselves so there is really nothing to discuss. Hope you enjoyed your time here. You are free to continue learning and reading posts as a guest.

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YesExistance wrote:

All I can say is, we will all get along nicely, if you keep it in the real, and realize I help us all grow up, respectively.

  <no comment>

Well, to be brief, Matthew has effectively contributed to clutter the forum with disconnected words and concepts - intentions unknown.  He seems to be trying to preach, but even a preacher has to make sense of his ideas.  More of a stream of consciousness understood only by the originator, and even that is in question.


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Cameron, do you recommend a site I can go to for further readings on Venus and it's upcoming events?

I'll look around on the net but I'm always weary of disinformation.

Just want to read detailed and valid information on the upcoming events like June 4th.


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Isn't it about time someone produced the cat pictures? :-)

Just heard about the "inflation theory" of the universe - expansive.




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JT, go on. What do you mean by "cat pictures"? I wish I could get this joke! sad

All I know is that whenever I read your posts with prime numbers (14:33), my computer-mouse spins around. So please, can you elaborate so whatever demon is possessing my computer can go away? smile


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Well there is another thread somewhere and a few posted amusing cat photographs to kind of bring the thread back on track :-D

Warm regards


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The Extraordinary Technology Conference 2004 is going on in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Here's a brief write-up of the speakers.  A friend who is attending mentioned a few speakers.

- Robert Patterson, and
- Sterling Allan, founder of Pure Energy Systems

On a larger note, unfortunately, in the past few weeks numerous alternative energy websites (mostly experimentally natured ones) have been shut down.  Those busy with such ideal visions for alternative energy technologies must have a clear understanding of the pressures involved when experimenting publicly.  Hopefully some will find the strength and wisdom to bring innovative theory through the prototypic phase in the coming years.

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The Edwin Gray Pulsed Capacitor Discharge Electric Engine  (from pureenergysystems.com)

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They have been shut down? That's terrible. Wow. Things are so crazy now.

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I see a need to implement the use of energy sources that are not environmentally destructive.  Oil is becoming expensive and the process of searching for and extracting oil is destructive in itself.  I am particularly aware of the negative effects of these endeavors as they relate to the Amazon rainforest and the people who live there.

In the coming months and years, suppression may be increased in some areas of society and lessened in others.  There may be openings to design and develop innovative energy sources.  Information may be available through meditation or intuition in order to assist in developing these technologies.

I have not personally witnessed suppression of "free energy" research, but I have heard stories.  If these devices were impossible to make, then I do not see much need to have an active suppression campaign.  This may provide an indication of feasibility.

The following quotes from Handbook for the New Paradigm Volume II relate to "free energy from nature."

Volume II Section 13
"The natural ingenuity and creativity have been encouraged and then turned to advantage or "bought out" and shelved. A particularly appropriate example is the continued development of sources of energy and transportation that would end the dependence on oil and coal which would eliminate the health endangering of both the human body and the planetary flora and fauna. These are available to be developed very quickly in the context of the new paradigm."

Volume II Section 13
"Is this saying that technology should be abandoned entirely and 6 billion people should return to indigenous living? That certainly would return the planet to 500 million people quickly through starvation. If living in that way would allow understanding of the universal laws, then it would be a worthwhile experience. However, knowledge of the laws from those who have both advanced technology and understanding is available to help, consequently the indigenous alternative would not be necessary."

Volume II Section 28
"The pivotal point is reached when the critical group in this focused thought is in harmony with the surrounding galactic environment, when it conforms to and within the universal laws and becomes the intent of humanity. It is then that the victory is won, the victors will write the new scenario and, on request, advice is available to accomplish the manifestation of the new experience. Again, free will is the controlling factor. The advisors have available technology that surpasses any that is present on earth. These can and will be shared and abundant life will not mean tramping barefoot in the desert, unless the victors steadfastly choose that scenario."

Handbook for the New Paradigm Volume II:
http://www.futuredynamicadvantage.com/n … mvol2.html

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Handbook wrote:

These are available to be developed very quickly in the context of the new paradigm

That's right. Oil is hitting above 55 dollars a barrel now, and if it stays or continues to increase there will be increasing threat of destabilization in economies and governments everywhere. No matter what happens, conditions are becoming better and better for free energy technology to get out there. For one, there are plenty of researchers-in-hiding waiting for the right moment to come forth, when they won't get squashed like bugs for sticking their heads up during times when the NWO bullies have nothing better to do. These coming years sees these bullies becoming increasingly preoccupied with keeping things together and overseeing their chaos-into-order operation, which leaves more territory unguarded, more opportunities for previously suppressed technology to poke through the gaps.

When it happens, it will happen rapidly as it only takes a few to pave the way for the rest. But being that free energy will bring inevitable ruin to the energy/oil industry, it seems fitting that only during the demise of that industry (due to mid-east war among other things) will these technologies rise. 

Bringers of the Dawn mentioned such technologies being traded or bartered in an underground system. That's the way it is right now, actually. But as time goes on, which is pretty soon judging by the way things are going, this underground network will increasingly surface. Definitely looking forward to it...

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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I "lived off the grid" for several years, albeit I did use gas for the generator-but for the most part solar panels provided most of the evergy needed.  One can have all the modern conveniences, but it does take some work.  Checking to see if the voltage meter can provide enough juice for internet usage, reconfiguring the hot tub to use propane and copper tubing for instant water heating (European type of water heater), propane lights and frig.  Old fashioned ringer washer, special toilet (boat kind), figuring out ways to meet one's needs can be fun and challanging.  It is possible, you don't have to live like a "cave man" or do without modern conveniences.  Bartering with the neighbors and eating meals together, being there for each other, but respecting each others privacy. I  provided emergency medical help when the need arose, another neighbor helped with construction skills, someone else may have had an extra propane  tank for back up.  Point being, we all helped each other out and everything seemed to balance out in the long run.  Miss those days, but thankful those skills are still with me.

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manyeagles- I think that "off the grid" skills and experience may be quite useful in the years ahead.  Our ability to adapt and help each other may become far more central than they are today.

montalk- Thanks for posting.  I think you captured the essence of what I was saying and expanded upon it.

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manyeagles.....what a bunch of cool skills / experiences you've had!   That's awesome that you've been able to live off the grid and know what to do just in case the need ever arises.  In these coming times, learning how to live "off the grid" and acquiring "old fashioned" skills in general is going to come in handy.

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