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You forgot to mention the tuning dial is stuck on the bottom picture!

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Hi..surfing the web i have found this link just today in a ebook in german... i dont understand this language but i think its subject..dmt, dna, and ayahuasca are related to this is the link to the book... I dont know if i can post this link here..but...knowledge rules... … lange.html

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The current design is also infested with “cockroach"...

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Re: Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor tuning dial is stuck on the bottom picture!

Which is the reason it’s been taken to the Cosmic Incinerator

The Way Cleared For Original Intent.......


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Rick Strassman: The Spirit Drugs
March 3, 2007

Rick Strassman, the controversial author of DMT, the Spirit Molecule, explores the possibility that hallucinogenic drugs, particularly DMT, might open doors into other dimensions that are very real.

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Unto Thee:[/size] … 073d?hl=en

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The closest thing that we can say to you is it would be like you are tripping, but it will be nothing like that. When you are tripping, you go some place different, you experience it, and you come back. What will happen is that the hypothalmus will have you dwell there and you will have changed everything so that you will be happy to dwell there, you will not want to dwell in the old place. It will be as if you moved to a new land, literally like moving to a new planet without leaving Earth. Earth and Earth's reality in the Living Library will change before your eyes because the chemicals that will be secreted through the hypothalmus will give you a literal new interpretation of reality.

Talk about a syn.  Wow.  If this doesn't confirm what I already felt and knew, then I'm going to delete the term "synchroncity" from my vocabulary. 

I've never openly stated this dream as I'm a big-believer in misinterpreting them.  Even when you have dictionaries of dream terms and intuition, the task of interpreting them is difficult to say the least.  It's definitely an art so-to-speak, in that everyone will have a minor/major difference in opinon in the interpretation sense.

My dream involved a library (a LIVING library), a test of true character and a glimpse of what I hope to be the future someday (heaven, nirvana, a true Peter Pan and the lost boys Neverland type story...without the Captain Hook).

Previously, I had never read this post as I haven't actually built anything in the alternative science section.  Just bought.  sad


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Believe it or not, I had a dream about MAOIs! I was reading some lady's scientific journal report as I sat around a full conference table with her and many other people,  that said something along the lines of "There are chemicals that are trapped in your body. MAOIs helps loosen these chemicals."
She then presented a had a slightly amber-ish, clear center. I had the feeling that this was the MAOI pill, that would "loosen up chemicals." There was another pill that was also presented, which I had the feeling was a concentrated concoction of anti-oxidants...apparently taking these two in combination would do something. What exactly, I didn't ask...but I took the pills. I immediately woke up.
This was a couple of days ago...I probably would've completely forgotten about it if it weren't for this post.
Does anyone know what taking an MAOI and some anti-oxidants woud do?

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Anti-oxidants absorb free radicals which cause aging, cancer, and various degenerative diseases.  MAO inhibitors bind to a certain enzyme (monoamine oxidase) which breaks down neurotransmitters.  I don't see any connection with the two, however MAO inhibitors are seldom used anymore due to the potentially fatal interactions with certain foods and OTC pharmaceuticals.