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Chapter 7: The Invisible War

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Doris Lessing

Here is a quotation from another of her novels, Briefing for a Descent Into Hell (1971):

At the risk of boring you, I must repeat, I am afraid, repeat, reiterate, reemphasize, it is not a question of your arriving on Planet Earth as you leave here.  You will lose nearly all memory of your past existence.  You will each of you come to yourselves, perhaps alone, perhaps in the company of each other, but with only a vague feeling of recognition, and probably disassociated, disorientated, ill, discouraged, and unable to believe, when you are told what your task really is.  You will wake up, as it were, but there will be a period while you are waking which will be like the recovery from an illness, or like the emergence into good air from a poisoned one.  Some of you may choose not to wake, for the waking will be so painful, and the knowledge of your condition and Earth’s condition so agonizing, you will be like drug addicts: you may prefer to continue to breathe in oblivion.  And when you have understood that you are in the process of awakening, that you have something to get done, you will have absorbed enough of the characteristics of Earthmen to be distrustful, surly, grudging, suspicious.  You will be like a drowning person who drowns his rescuer, so violently will you struggle in your panic terror.

And, when you have become aroused to your real condition, and have recovered from the shame or embarrassment of seeing to what depths you have sunk, you will then begin the task of arousing others, and you will find that you are in the position of rescuer of a drowning person, or a doctor in a city that has an epidemic of madness.  The drowning person wants to be rescued, but can’t prevent himself struggling.  The mad person has intermittent fits of sanity, but in between behaves as if his doctor were his enemy.

And so, my friends: that’s it.  That’s my message to you.  It’s going to be tough.  Every bit as tough as you expect.

Here’s a quotation from Colin Wilson’s The Mind Parasites (1967):

We now had an important clue about the origin of the parasites....  They couldn’t exist apart from mankind because they were mankind.  And it was this that brought a new level of knowledge.  When I had said to them. ‘Man is not alone,’ I had understood what I meant, but all its implications were not clear to me; I was speaking about the source of power, meaning and purpose.  Now I realized that, in a far more obvious and simple sense, we were not alone.  We had joined the police of the universe, and there were others.  Our minds now made instant contact with these others.  It was as if we had sent out a signal, which had instantly been picked up by a hundred receivers, who immediately signaled their presence back to us.  The nearest of these receivers was situated only about four thousand million miles away, a cruising ship from a planet in the Proxima Centauri system.

Here’s an illustration from a realistic modern fantasy: Mystery Walk (1983), by Robert R.  McCaramon:

Why does it hate us?

Because it’s a greedy beast that uses fear to make itself stronger.  It feeds like a hog at a trough on the human emotions of despair, torment, and confusion; sometimes it traps revenants, and won’t let them break away from this world.  It feeds on their souls, and if there’s a Hell, I suppose that must be it.  But when we work to free those revenants, to take their suffering into ourselves and do something constructive with it, we steal from the shape changer’s dinner table.  We sent those poor souls onward to where the shape changer can’t get at them anymore.

And I’ll end with a paragraph from Extra-Terrestrials Among Us by George C.  Andrews:

Human psychic energy may be the equivalent of rocket fuel or cocaine to inhabitants of other dimensions.  Seen from this angle, the otherwise senseless wars between the devotees of different jealous gods which have recurred constantly throughout human history take on a rational motivation.  It would explain why such extraordinary importance has been accorded to the individual’s choice of which deity to worship.  By worshipping a specific deity, one channels psychic energy in a specific direction...

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Re: War In Heaven

Thank you SiriArc for starting this thread
Here are the main links from which I will be quoting: … ithQA.html

This is from Karmapolis's interview with Kyle Griffith, the author of War In Heaven:

(druid---you might find this on elementals quite interesting...!)

Questions and Answers
1. Can you explain more clearly the differences between Elementals, animalistic Elementals, “young”  Gods, “mature”  Gods and of course “free and autonomous minds” ?

    The first four are what I call “collective astral entities” , made up of a group of astral souls linked together with strands of astral matter that conduct astral energy as a metal wire conducts electricity. Studied by itself, each of these astral souls is structure of living astral matter very similar to one of the independent astral entities your question calls “free and autonomous minds”  and WiH calls “Free Spirits” . Any astral soul, whether independent or part of a collective entity, can also be called an “astral body” , and possess its own astral mind and personality structure.

    In order to make a reasonably coherent comparison of the different types of collective astral entities, I have to begin by describing the simplest form that these entities take, which you didn’t include in your question: “Theocratic Bands” . These are groups of linked spirits that can range in size from two or three individuals up to hundreds.

    In most cases, one of these spirits is Dominant Theocrat  ­ the spirit whose astral mind controls and dominates the astral minds of the other spirits in the Band by sending energy impulses along the strands that bind the members of the Band together. However, the degree of autonomy possessed by the minds of subordinate spirits in a Theocratic Band varies considerably.

    Some have almost none, and are for all practical purposes “mindless slaves” . Others are “Subordinate Theocrats”  with a degree of autonomy as long as they enjoy the Dominant Theocrat’s favor. In some large Theocratic Bands, the original Theocrat becomes insane or senile and is replaced by a “junta”  of several Subordinate Theocrats. This is usually temporary, and one of the Subordinates usually takes power and either drives out the other Subordinates, or totally enslaves them.

    The astral minds of all of the spirits in a Theocratic Band deteriorate at a slow but steady pace. Eventually, the Dominant Theocrat goes senile or insane and there is no Subordinate Theocrat in the Band who is still in a good enough mental condition to take over. At this point, the Band becomes an Elemental.

    Large Elemental Bands usually hang around places where large religious rituals used to be held but are no longer used for this purpose. Small Elemental Bands are often found in “haunted houses” . However, Elementals are free to move around, and actually can turn up almost anywhere.

    The difference between “ordinary”  and “animalistic”  Elementals is one of degree, not of kind. Ordinary Elementals often communicate with the living telepathically using recognizable verbal and visual images, though they still appear obviously delusional and irrational. Animalistic Elementals are less sane than this, and usually just project raw emotion with little content that stimulates a response from the intellect of the living recipient of their telepathic messages.

    Gods are something entirely different. They are composed of what WiH calls “Elohim Spirits” , which have astral souls somewhat different from those of any of the spirits just described. The chief differences are: 1) They have astral minds which can link together into a group mind that is a “whole that is greater than the sum of its parts” . In other words a collective that is not just one mind dominating others, but autonomous individual minds working in concert voluntarily. 2) The astral minds of Elohim Spirits don’t deteriorate if they link their astral bodies to other astral souls; in fact, they deteriorate if such linkages don’t occur.

    As far as I know, the only difference between “young”  Gods and “mature”  Gods is the number of Elohim spirits involved and the degree to which they have learned to function in unison as part of a group mind.

    However, according to WiH, the Gods contain ordinary human spirits as well as Elohim spirits. Supposedly, the Elohim spirits take good care of them, and are able to prevent their astral minds from deteriorating. The Elohim say such ordinary human spirits have to be included if new Gods are to be created on a planet like Earth, because these are the kind of astral souls spontaneously generated by earthly physical bodies if an existing soul does not incarnate in an infant. In other words, the Elohim can incarnate on Earth and can live indefinitely on its astral plane in a disembodied state, but they can’t reproduce here.

    Since a God has to contain millions of individual astral bodies, and there are not that many Elohim spirits on Earth, (I have no idea of the number), ordinary souls have to be included. I believe the Elohim when they explain why they include ordinary astral souls in the Gods, but I’ve always had serious doubt about how well these souls are treated over long periods of time.

    Here is some new information that isn’t in WiH: My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that during the Last Days, the Elohim are going to round up all the astral souls trapped in Theocratic Bands and Elemental Bands, erase most of the contents of their astral minds, and use them as “building material”  in the new Gods. They will then invite Free Spirits that they think are suitable for the job to volunteer as “colonists”   ­ astral souls whose memories and conscience will remain intact until they reincarnate on some distant world.

    (I certainly won’t volunteer. If my soul can “slip through a wormhole”  or something and reincarnate on some distant world with an advanced civilization right away, I’ll consider it. Otherwise, I’ll stay and accept my fate as an ordinary Earth Person. The idea of riding one of those Gods for millions of years makes my skin crawl.) .This answer is a guess, because I’ve never been able to get a straight answer on this from the Elohim spirits, and the “Space People”  can’t tell me either, because of treaties.
And this on the pitfalls of religious beliefs:

9. What really and deeply happens to a mind immersed in a Theocratic Band after the so-called “death” ?

    I seem to remember that there’s more material on this in the description of “Theocratic Bands”  in the 1988 WiH than Gerry included in his summary for the Notes. It’s the kind of heart-wrenching emotionalism that I try to keep to a minimum, but there are areas where it is necessary to put it in. Most likely, a more detailed excerpt will be included when I create a Topic in the WiH Forum for discussing this subject.

    Here are a few details that will give you a general idea. They are a rough paraphrase of some of the original material that I just channelled for the current WiH Project.

    Many Christians eagerly join a Theocratic Band believing they are entering Heaven. And they can perceive what seem to be “golden streets”  except that they all seem to lead back to the same room, where there’s a dull church service going on. It’s being conducted by a very authoritarian preacher who spouts a lot of apparent nonsense and the congregation is expected to greet every pause with enthusiastic “Amens” .

    If someone asks, “When can I meet Jesus?”  the answer is “You aren’t ready for that yet.”  And a lot of the other worshippers seem to be babbling idiots or raving lunatics.

    But the trapped soul can’t escape  ­ those streets always lead back to the same room. After a while, the person begins to realize, “This is really Hell” , but tries to fights those thoughts off, knowing that, “This way lies madness.”  Slowly, he or she does become more and more despondent and delusional, and experiences an ever-increasing lethargy as well.

10. When you talk about low and high stages of development, what do you mean? When you say that a person is in a low stage of development, are you referring to someone who completely mind controlled and submits to a religion to the point of being essentially without free will? What are the criteria that determine whether we are low or high in maturity?

    Well the reality sounds quite elitist to anyone with a “modern, progressive”  viewpoint. It’s one of those aspects of the WiH information that “I wish wasn’t true, but have to admit that it is.”

    The human astral soul evolves slowly over the course of many lives, if the person is able to evade Theocratic entrapment and keep reincarnating. People who make a deliberate effort to gain access to their subconscious mind and make use of the programs they find there  ­ such as the ones used in practicing telepathy  ­ make more progress along this line of evolution that people who don’t.

    Having spontaneous flashes of past-life memory is a sign that someone is at a higher than average state of development. As Krishna tells Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, “We have both lived many lives. The only difference is, I remember mine and you don’t remember yours.”  This kind of elitist thinking was one of the factors that created the infamous Hindu Caste System, but there’s still a kernel of truth behind it.

    And yes, what WiH calls a “New Soul”   ­ a person whose astral soul was created during the present lifetime because the soul of a deceased person didn’t incarnate in the body during infancy  ­ usually has less free will, creative intelligence, etc. than one of the “Twice Born” . Such people almost never learn enough psychic skills during earthly life to reincarnate without help from the IC after they pass over.

    This is complicated by the fact that such people are also especially prone to give in to Theocratic mind control during physical life  ­ they have neither the will nor the skills to resist. This is a reason why Theocratic religions have always promoted population growth: it gives them a steady supply of New Souls to feed on.


This should be enough for anyone interested to chew on.  When I first read
War In Heaven in 1988 it was a real shocker.  Mainly because it blew away the
fuzzy gauze around a bunch of New Agey ("Flappy Dappy" to quote Lipstick Mystic)
ideas about entities in the astral.

Kyle Griffith is currently working on a second and third book with the help of his
guides and input from the forums he has created to gather practical ways of
defending against mind control and strengthening our psychic abilities to discern
the good guys from the bad.

Tom Paine

Re: War In Heaven

I neglected to point out that Kyle Griffith's guides are a group of non-physically incarnated
entities who call themselves The Invisible College.  They are working to free humanity from
the death grip of the Theocrats who perpetuate their existence at the expense of human

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Re: War In Heaven

I highly recommend War in Heaven, a fantastic source of knowledge and wisdom pertaining to the spiritual world and after-life.

There is a PDF version here... … HEAVEN.pdf

Re: War In Heaven

Thanks for that FYM, but you seem to have linked to 'http:/war in heaven' - which does a google search and picks up a vaguely related site.
I copied and pasted the url above to get the pdf.

Re: War In Heaven

TP, lots of good information there. It also relates a lot to what Robert Monroe talks about in his book Far Journeys, which I would also recommend.

In man's analysis and understanding of himself, it is as well to know from whence he came as whither he is going.   Edgar Cayce

Beliefs are tools for social conditioning, rather than expressions of inner realization or inner truth.   unknown
Ad Verecundiam

Re: War In Heaven

I finished reading War in Heaven a couple weeks ago.  It left a kind of bad taste in my mouth.  It just didn't feel like it was completely accurate.

"...But Nothing is Lost:" "Nothing lasts... nothing lasts. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track. William Blake said nothing is lost and I believe that we all move on." - Terrence McKenna - Shpongle - But Nothing Is Lost

Re: War In Heaven

Unbelievable, Pictus!  Is that really something that just happened?  See, Ferit, you don't really want one of those now do you? yikes

Re: War In Heaven

I agree with Capitan, that there was truth but something off about War in Heaven. The "Invisible College" endorsement of JFK's assassination was weird. I kind of got the idea that the Invisble College and the Theocrats were like the Republicans and the Democrats, fighting it out for control of the lower astral planes.

However, I do think that most humans, after the death of the physical, end up stuck in the astral where they are easily manipulated, especially these days when the NWO is doing such a good job of disconnecting humans in physical form from their souls, all over the world. Once in a while when I am falling asleep i end up in the lower astral, at least that is what it seems like. Many ugly faces and vibes. I wake myself up, pray for protection, and then bypass it when I fall asleep again.

I did like the quote from William S Burroughs, re having to fight our way thru the lower planes to get through to higher ones, the goal being the Light, the true Light, after we die. The reptilians control the astral planes and do not want a single juicy human to escape.

"There is ALWAYS hope."

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Re: War In Heaven

If you'd like to read a kind of "Cliff's Notes" on War In Heaven then here is the

This is from the Electronic Mind Control section:
But the media networks used by the TV evangelists are not the most important electronic mind control networks in the United States right now. The Theocrats have another mind control network that enslaves large numbers of people who have little or no interest in organized religion. It's centered around major spectator sports, organized gambling, and the communications media that service both, and it controls more people than all the Fundamentalist churches and TV evangelists combined. It doesn't program people's surface thinking and behavior as thoroughly as Theocratic religion does, because there's less verbal-intellectual content, but it's just as effective at programming their subconscious minds into forming instinctive opinions favorable to the goals of the Theocrats.

People don't have to be watching a sermon or listening to a hymn to receive subconscious telepathic messages from the very same spirits who control Fundamentalist religion; they only have to be in the correct state of altered consciousness (which TV and radio produces automatically in all members of the audience who haven't learned specific techniques for preventing it), and they have to have the transmission lines of astral matter implanted in the right part of their soul, linking them into the network. (This idea of connecting lines to the right part of the soul reminds one of Carlos Castaneda's mention of "shifting the assemblage point," a location on the "luminous cocoon" of awareness where all the fibers of the universe are focused into our perception of the universe.)

So live sports events and casino gambling serve the same function in this network as church services and revival meetings do in the electronic religious mind control networks. Compulsive gambling, especially on sports events through an enormous electronic bookmaking network, plays the same role as does the cycle of sin/guilt/forgiveness in Theocratic religion.

And the Theocrats are now actively expanding this form of mind control. Many states have legalized various forms of gambling that plug people into the networks just described: state lotteries, horse racing (including off-track betting), bingo, card parlors, etc. It's no accident that gambling expands on both the in-person and media levels as the Fundamentalist churches and TV evangelism decline. The Theocrats are shifting their attention to activities more natural to the average opinions and lifestyles of present-day Americans.

Casino gambling in Nevada is one of the most important battlefields in the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College. Once Theocratic spirits get their control threads on people gambling in the casinos, they continue to send telepathic messages into the minds of these people whenever they watch certain television programs, especially sports events and game shows.

The Invisible College also uses the Nevada casinos but they will not give a description of what they do there. But they do mention that (as of 1988 at least) the electronic mental reprogramming networks of the Theocrats and the Invisible College have their American Headquarters in Las Vegas: the Theocrats are mostly on the Strip and the Invisible College is mostly Downtown.

At this point they suggest that Griffith put in some advice for people who enjoy reacreational gambling. Griffith responds with the advice that people who want to gamble do it in private games with friends, or at local bingo or card clubs if such are legal where they live. These forms of gambling can still plug people into an electronic mind-control network, but they're less dangerous than the Nevada casinos. Going to Reno or Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble for fun would be like going “out on the town�  in Saigon during the late Sixties. There's a war on, and the innocent can get caught up in it as easily as the combatants.

People who disregard this advice and go to Nevada to gamble anyway can minimize the danger if they are careful to remain in a normal state of consciousness. This means: don't sample the free drinks, and above all, don't gamble for more than an hour at a time. If you get at all intoxicated or spaced out from fatigue, the Theocrats can put you into the same type of trance that people go into at religious services, and start brainwashing you.

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Re: War In Heaven

I don't channel or anything of the sort, but my intuition has lead me in what seemed to be the right direction often.  I have to say that Tom Paine's post just doesn't sound accurate.  I don't see or feel that gambling is the number one electronic mind control mode out there.  Every time I turn on the television to a news show or morning/midday show there is some sort of "mind control" message in the telecast, or radio cast.  The themes are stay afraid, maintain the status quo, "can you believe someone did that" (chastising people who don't stay within the status quo), chastising people who question the government, etc.  Those are the same things theocratic religion's do and so I would figure that that type of electronic communication would be the most harmful form of electronic mindcontrol.  I have seen the effects of gambling on people, and the effects of Bill Orielly, and Bill Orielly is much more destructive to an otherwise intelligent persons mindset then any compulsive gambling or sporting event I've ever witnessed.

"...But Nothing is Lost:" "Nothing lasts... nothing lasts. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track. William Blake said nothing is lost and I believe that we all move on." - Terrence McKenna - Shpongle - But Nothing Is Lost

Re: War In Heaven

Captain--If you'll reread the first paragraph you'll see that the text I was quoting says:

The Theocrats have another mind control network that enslaves large numbers of people who have little or no interest in organized religion. It's centered around major spectator sports, organized gambling, and the communications media that service both, and it controls more people than all the Fundamentalist churches and TV evangelists combined.

And in the next paragraph:

People don't have to be watching a sermon or listening to a hymn to receive subconscious telepathic messages from the very same spirits who control Fundamentalist religion; they only have to be in the correct state of altered consciousness (which TV and radio produces automatically in all members of the audience who haven't learned specific techniques for preventing it),
I agree that Bill Orielly and his ilk are spreading lies and false propaganda, but mostly
these broadcasts can be examined and challenged by the rational mind.  The kind of
programming that Kyle Griffith and his Invisible College guides are talking about is the
kind that can't be consciously stopped at the door because it is working on our subconscious
minds when we are in that semi trance state while watching TV or a sports event.

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Re: War In Heaven

It's all stuff we need to learn to overcome, if the danger is so great. If one doesn't accumulate any addictions in the physical realm, and is a relatively mature soul, I don't see any potential problems arising when one passes away. It is the attachments that keep us bonded with this world, but if you're a soul capable of perception and intuition (which all souls, to some degree, are...given the telepathic nature of the spirit world), grounded in experience and knowledge, it is something that all will overcome. I don't worry about getting caught up in some guys hell...the best thing we can hope to do, if we ever arise to the occasion, is to attempt to lead the individual away from that path, and to guide them, letting them know the pull is not something that is bringing them down to hell, but rather back to the original, all expansive realm of the soul.
But who knows? Maybe I'll wake up one day in a dillusional stupor and have no clue. The best thing we can hope to do is to gain enough knowledge and experience so that if the time ever arises when we find ourselves, after death, listening to the dronings of a sermon, that we will know that it isn't heaven, and will let our spirit guide us on the path towards our home.

"Don't eat any wooden nickels."

Re: War In Heaven

This is from the section Handbook for the Recently Deceased: … 5.html#HRD

Q. Please summarize what you want me to tell people that will increase their chances for survival.

A. Everyone who understands and accepts the basic information in this book should make a conscious effort to develop his or her psychic powers during life. It's a basic survival skill that every human being needs to know, and the rudiments of it are not that hard to learn. The majority of occult and New Age groups are capable of teaching a person enough basic psychic skills to attract the attention of friendly spirits on the astral plane after death. If such a group isn't available, people can learn such skills by working with almost anyone who already possesses them, just using trial and error. However, we want to make it clear that the process requires real effort, applied regularly over several years.

We also have another word of caution for people who have accepted the information in WAR IN HEAVEN as true, but are not serious occultists with highly developed psychic powers. They should read accounts of point-of-death experiences and learn to recognize the common tricks that the Theocrats use to enslave the unwary after death.

Q. What can people do to avoid such deceptions?

A. The only sure defense is to achieve a certain degree of psychic development. The Theocrats are able to practice such tricks only if the psychic senses of the deceased person are being activated from outside by the Theocrats' telepathic transmissions. If the person's soul is actively perceiving the astral environment with its own telepathic and clairvoyant powers, it can usually perceive the true nature of the spirits forming the "greeting party." This is difficult to put into English, so let's just say they "look phony" or "have bad vibes." The closest we can come to an actual description is that some of the psychic control mechanisms that the Theocrats use to enslave other spirits on the astral plane become perceptible to anyone who psychically "reads" them actively, instead of being communicated with while remaining passive.

Q. This is one of the elements of the breakthrough information that will frighten certain readers, especially when they realize that many of their deceased relatives and friends may be slaves in Theocratic bands right now. Suppose such a person does meet his or her dead mother or some other loved ­ one on the astral plane?

A. The important rule is: KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. DON'T LET ANY OTHER SPIRIT “TOUCH" YOU AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN ON THE ASTRAL PLANE. Free Spirits rare1y communicate telepathically. [This may refer to encounters shortly after death.] They don't approach other spirits closely, even when they assist them in reincarnating, but instead "talk them through" the process. Remember: "TALK, BUT DON'T “TOUCH."

Q. I've never seen this written down before, but it becomes obvious when pointed out. You explained earlier that the Theocrats enslave weaker souls by literally attaching themselves to them, allowing energies to flow directly as they do within human nerve tissue; but I didn't realize the full significance of this until right now.

Apparently one has to be psychically aware and able to read and discern after death of
the physical body or they are at risk.

Re: War In Heaven

Keep In Mind:

What‘s Being Noted, In Various Forms, Is A General Concept.

Doesn‘t Matter If it‘s Called:



infringing b a s t a r d

Bottom Line Is YOUR Awareness

YOUR Reclamation Of Personal Power


Chapter 12: Religious Mind Control

Message 4 of 6

And the Theocrats deliberately make the religious mind-control process as addictive as possible to enslave believers.  The whole vicious circle of sin, guilt, and forgiveness was deliberately designed to create a cycle of addiction that is almost impossible to break.

That’s one of the most important things we’re trying to tell you.  People have always been ‘property’ and ‘cattle’ just as Charles Fort speculated, but it’s not on the physical level.  What has been enslaved is the mind during life and the soul after death.

The last thing the Theocrats want is for religious believers to stop sinning.  That is why they made sexual pleasure a sin, and why Christianity and most other organized religions teach the obvious fallacy that women are inferior to men.

_______       _______       _______       _______       _______

Chapter 13: Soul, Mind, and Consciousness

Message 2 of 7

The mind of the average person on Earth right now is run by software designed by the Theocrats to keep people from consciously finding out they exist.  And there’s no use just telling people the truth: they simply can’t understand or believe it, because the mental programs they use for understanding and believing things were designed by the Theocrats.

Theocrats don’t have the psychic power to kill people or analyze their conscious minds, or you wouldn’t have survived to write this.  They operate through the subconscious, and they keep people from finding out about them by making it difficult to understand certain kinds of spiritual information or draw rational conclusions from it.

Message 4 of 7

In other words, what people call ‘normal consciousness’ is like a computer menu, which gives access to certain files and allows them to perform certain operations.  Various ‘altered’ states of consciousness give access to entirely different menus.  Since the Theocrats have some degree of direct access to the ‘control mode’ for modifying these programs in both the physical and astral mind, they have redesigned many of them to serve their selfish purposes for exploiting human beings both on Earth and after death.

This is because the mental programs they use to draw conclusions from information on spiritual subjects were deliberately designed by the Theocrats to be illogical and irrational.

Message 5 of 7

The key to Theocratic power is the nature of what the behaviorists call reinforcement.  As materialists, they think of it as something concrete; but it also has a subjective component, and the Theocrats are able to make use of this fact to manipulate the kind of reinforcement that people receive in response to their behavior.

The best name for it in English is ‘the emotional reaction to sensory stimulus.’  As sensory stimuli are received by the mind of a person in a normal state of consciousness, they cause the retrieval of ideas and emotions from memory.  This component is subjective because it comes out of memory storage rather than from the outside environment, and in many cases it has more effect on decision-making than the sensory input alone.

Message 7 of 7

A large part of the customs and beliefs and instinctive emotional reactions that make up this social environment were created by Theocratic religion.  The further back you go into human history, the greater the percentage of people who were devout believers in Theocratic religion and were subjected to religious mind control to a significant degree throughout their lives.

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