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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati


The spiritual and the national configuration of Europe can only be understood when the great laws of world development are known. Closest to us appear the laws that govern the development leading from one root-race and one cultural epoch to the next. They can even be discerned on the basis of what has been presented in an extremely condensed form.* {*The author has worked more extensively on these questions in his book The Awaiting Culture - Esoteric Outlines of Russian History and Culture (Die wartende Kultur; Basle, 1995).} If we take a geographical map and mark the course of evolution within the last root-races we find a very interesting pattern which is repeated on different levels. The movement of the root-races and cultures on the earth's surface follows the form of simple or meandering spirals. This is not surprising, as the spiral has been known since primeval times as the symbol of development, and symbols are derived from supersensible observation.

Seven sub-races combined to form the Old Lemurian root-race. Then, as we have already mentioned, development made a leap. It moved to the region of Atlantis, but in such a way that the movement of the human monads from East to West itself led the human being to the upright posture; he developed the speech organs and learned to master the word.

Seven cultures form the developmental 'spiral' on Old Atlantis, and man was thus prepared for a new metamorphosis or, in the language of biology, a mutation. The population of Atlantis moved eastwards and, under the influence of the spiritual forces of the earth and the spiritual forces of the cosmos transmitted by way of the earth and the entire planetary system, man acquired mental pictures, the perceptions given in thought-images. And now, proceeding from the Mystery centre of Manu, the spiral of post-Atlantean cultures arises. The first four cultures move from East to West: the direction through which man had previously become an upright and speaking being. This time he does not 'raise himself' in a physical sense, but in his soul - he develops the threefold soul as his very own possession (formerly he had experienced its inspirative influence from the cosmos), and the present brain-structure which allows us to think in concepts.

Beginning with the European cultural epoch the impulse of spiritual development again moves from West to East. This is of fundamental significance for all earthly relationships. This shift means that the astral aura of the earth is itself involved in man's learning to master the individual Spirit Self, in his transition from pure to imaginative thinking. Formerly the Spirit Self worked out of higher worlds, because in the old cultures man did not experience himself fully as an individual. He knew: Ex oriente lux (The light comes from the East). This is why in occultism one speaks of man faring to the eternal East when he dies. The Messiah, the Divine Logos, came from the East. As post-Atlantean humanity, migrating eastwards, moved in the direction of His approaching impulse, it acquired, in a special way that was in keeping with the epoch of the complete individualization of man, the ability to gather earthly experience and think it through. And then, beginning with the Old Indian culture, humanity moved in the same direction as the Christ in His descent to earth. They met in the fourth, Greco-Latin, culture and man confronted the task formulated by the Apostle Paul: learn to sacrifice the lower 'I' and experience the Not I, but Christ in me.

The European cultural epoch is dedicated to the fulfilment of this task. The human being must learn to identify in his lower 'I' with the cosmic 'I' of the Christ. It therefore became necessary to turn the movement of the cultural impulse to the East again, but from now on in a different sense: Ex occidente lux (The light comes from the West). Mastery of the individual Spirit Self in the sixth, Slavic-Germanic cultural epoch will be entirely the task of single individuals who will to take their development actively into their own hands, who go the path of self-knowledge and self-education under the motto: The Kingdom of heaven must be taken by storm. What has been presented so far can be clarified by means of the following drawing (Fig. 2).

We have now found the fundamental law of world evolution within the context of the seven root-races, similar to the bio-genetic fundamental law in biology. We have thereby also built a foundation for an understanding of the spiritual task of Europe, Middle Europe having doubtlessly the most important role to play in its realization. There one is working not only on the development of the individual 'I', i.e. on the all-embracing synthesis of cultural-historical development hitherto, but the strength must also be found to lead this development towards the East, in a qualitative sense, in that cultural creativity formerly inspired from higher spheres has to become a thoroughly individual process, arising as the fruit of the realization of the lower 'I' in the highest 'I'. Classical German philosophy and Goetheanism are in part a transitional phase, but are also partially a product of creativity in this sense. Otherwise the entire remaining cultural heritage of Europe has, despite its grandeur, arisen out of the impulses of the Greco-Latin culture, and is at best a re-working of the old heritage by the young genius of Europe. Goetheanism and Anthroposophy alone are new creations that have arisen wholly out of the forces of the fifth cultural epoch. Only in these has it begun to fulfil its own tasks; all else, with few exceptions, must be regarded as a preparation.

The situation of Middle Europe, particularly that of Germany, reminds one of the 'ship's wheel' on the 'sailing vessel' of European civilization. All that once radiated from the centre of Europe in all directions (the Germanic tribes), has in essence maintained its connection to the spiritual task of the centre; it became something equivalent to the 'spokes' of the 'wheel', providing all the other peoples of Europe with an orientation in their task of turning the 'wheel' of history and culture. This too shall be clarified by means of a diagram (Fig. 3). 

This is the general principle of the reciprocal interaction of the European national cultures. Only a person of ill-will could see in it a disparagement of any nation. The laws of development also presuppose the coming into being of morality and freedom, but do not determine them. Each national culture has to fulfil its specific task within that of humanity as a whole, and thus Europe represents a special spiritual-organic, anthropomorphic entity. In it the Italians develop the sentient soul as it ought to be in the fifth cultural epoch, the Spanish and French the rational soul, the Anglo-Saxons the consciousness-soul.* {*The culture of the USA has meaning and importance only in so far as it is also working on this task. Everything else it brings is either useless or harmful.} The North Germanic, Scandinavian nations work on the task of bringing complex nuances to the phenomenon of the 'I'. The mission of the Finno-Ugric peoples is quite remarkable. As part of the Mongolian race they moved along the Southern route (via North Africa) from Atlantis to the East, then some went to the North and reached Europe again along the shore of the Arctic Sea. Thus, like the Aryans, they have not taken part in the development of the previous cultural epochs. They had a cultural epoch of their own on Atlantis and reached Europe by their own route, where they formed a small enclave in the North-east. It is the task of Russia to take on the cultural impulse of Middle Europe and then carry it further. It will fulfil its own original spiritual tasks in the sixth cultural epoch and lives therefore in the anticipation of its coming. The West Slavs are the vanguard of this culture. Hungary too was not by chance a part of the great Middle European Reich, at one period. The Turkish peoples wish also to join in fulfilling the European cultural mission. This is why they settled in the Balkans. It is a cruel folly that the Western European and American camp is inspiring wars there.

When we speak of the unification of Europe in the spirit of Kalergi or of Pan-Americanism it is as if we wanted to inflict a deathblow on the whole of civilization. Europe will be unified only through the spiritual and cultural tasks, which presuppose the greatest possible variety and uniqueness of the individual national cultures. The reciprocal interplay, the mutual enrichment of the cultures of the individual European peoples will be fostered for quite a long time yet by the inspirations of the Archangels - the spirit leaders of the nations. However, these will no longer come through the blood but on the path of individual spiritual efforts. There is in Europe already a conscious interaction (this does not necessarily have to be a supersensible experience) of culture-creating individuals with the Archangel. Anthroposophy makes it possible for us to add supersensible experience to this. But since everything now takes place on an individual basis, the preconditions arise of themselves, for man's ascent from a national being to the universal-human - for his ascent, not for some kind of wild, arbitrary leaps, which are in reality regressions to the group consciousness, the ideological, the mediumistic.

The Aura of the Russian People

In our time it is extremely dangerous to ignore the fact that the culture of humanity is in the stage of transition from group to individual consciousness. Nothing here should be under or overestimated. We should be guided in our judgments by a sober realism which is founded on knowledge of the truth.

The modern human being, if he wishes to participate in cultural evolution, takes on an entirely individual task. But to begin with this bears the seal and the specific quality of the national culture and, correspondingly also (by way of karma) of the entire soul-spiritual constellation of the individuality. Therefore with this as our starting-point, we can only raise ourselves to creativity in the universal-human sense inasmuch as 'I'-consciousness is developed. But since man is still weak and this very seldom happens, the spiritual leadership - the Spirit of Age, the hierarchical being who guides the development of the entire epoch - realizes the task of humanity nationally through the Archangel. For this purpose entire peoples are woven into a national aura of a given configuration. Here it is especially important for us to consider and compare the auras of the Russian and the German peoples.

Of great significance for an understanding of the character of the aura of the Russian people is a lecture by Rudolf Steiner from April 9, 1914 where he speaks of the coming into being of the Kiev Rus and of the Finnish epic. It contains a drawing that, without a doubt, represents the supersensible form into which the Slavs were woven in their migration from the region of the Balkans and Carpathians to the North-east, and which then became their national aura. The form appears as two interlocking ovals, the lower of which was formed through the working of the great initiate Skythianos who, in order to fulfil this mission, incarnated close to the Caspian Sea. To the deeply occult deeds of Skythianos there was added somewhat later the Byzantine cultural-religious influence, which came to Russia with the conversion to Christianity. Thus arose the aura of the Kiev Rus. (The interested reader is again referred to the communications of Rudolf Steiner in GA 158 [Kalevala] and to the book by the present author The Awaiting Culture). The substance of the aura was predominantly etheric. Further northwards the working of its etheric forces becomes weaker and more refined. In the upper oval the astral forces predominate, while their effect weakens toward the South in the region of the lower oval (though naturally it does not cease altogether). In the area where the ovals overlap, where eventually the city of Moscow appeared, the aura took on a complex character and formed something in the nature of what the individual human being possesses as soul-body, the sheath in which consciousness first arises. The Southern oval calls forth in the human being the mood of the unified soul, and finds its reflection in the character of the Southern Russians, in the culture of the Ukraine. The northern oval furthers the development of the threefold soul. The so-called 'stem of the soul' passes through the entire aura. It arose on the path followed by the Varagans through Russia to Byzantium. They brought to Russia the principle of statehood, and the 'ferment' for the development of 'I'-consciousness. The 'stem of the soul' is a kind of axis of national self-consciousness for the peoples who settled in Russia.

At present the aura of the Russian people, as Rudolf Steiner described it, corresponds only to the European part of Russia. But even in that great aura which encompasses the gigantic Siberian continent and the Asiatic border-region of Russia, it is of decisive importance, for it determines everything that promotes Russian self-consciousness by way of culture and spiritual creativity.* {*We understand very well how the apologists of regional sovereignty on the one hand and the adherents of the 'Soviet monolith' on the other will take ideas such as these. The spiritual-scientific viewpoint does not accord with either opinion, for it is not based on doctrines but springs from the truth that is drawn from spiritual reality. The time will come when the spiritual-scientific view on the Russian question will be visible to everyone, and revealed as true. We can only hope that by then it will not be too late.} The remaining part of Russia, larger than its European part, is absorbed in a mood of anticipation of the future Slavic-Germanic culture. Even a climatically gigantic region of the earth (the North, Siberia) has so far been preserved from mass-settlement and resultant ecological destruction. But this is not an idle waiting. As Rudolf Steiner says, even the Asiatic border regions of Russia are involved in preparing the future culture of the Spirit Self. But here something else should be accentuated, namely that the original aura of Russia has the same configuration as the aura of a single human being - it is anthropomorphic. It stretches like a giant Anthropos from the Black Sea to the Barents Sea.

In one of his lectures Rudolf Steiner called the Russians the 'Christ-people'. But Christ is the God of the human 'I'. All of His activity for the sake of man has an individualizing character. It is a grave error to want to experience him as a national God or a king. The anthropomorphic aura of the Russian people (or, more precisely, the aura of the population of Russia) would have us seek longingly for the image of the ideal, perfect man, of man as he will be when he masters the Spirit Self. Only through such human beings will Christianity move from the stage of preparation to the stage of realization. It will be possible on a large scale in the sixth cultural epoch, but for single individuals the way is already open.

Germany in the European Community of Peoples

If the future cultural epoch is to follow the right path of development, the entire course of cultural-historic development must be altered qualitatively. Above all, Middle Europe has to provide the seed of the fifth cultural epoch - Goetheanism and Anthroposophy - with enough strength to grow; so much strength, that from it an essentially different culture can arise than the one that is nourished with the 'juices' of antiquity and Hellenism (where it is not even doing this, everything is sinking into barbarism). Middle Europe also faces the task of turning the movement of culture eastwards again, and gradually passing on the spiritual impulses for its future metamorphosis (today already this must be done actively). Without the help of all the European peoples, these tasks cannot be fulfilled by Germany, or even by all the German-speaking peoples; though Germany is prepared for the task to a special degree through the configuration of its aura. In order to understand it we have to turn to a whole series of statements by Rudolf Steiner. As a characterization of Middle Europe he said that we find there what is always becoming and never is, that the 'I' seeks through mutual relationships to connect with the cultures of the neighbouring peoples and realizes an all-encompassing exchange of forces with the Sentient, Rational and Consciousness-soul (cf. Oct. 31, 1914, GA 157). Thus he remarks, for instance, that Shakespeare is understood better in Germany than in England. Rudolf Steiner says further, that the German nation works everywhere as a ferment, because it is peculiar to the 'I' to swing in different directions. Other nations say resentfully of the Middle European that he is here (on earth) only to plough the soil and search in the clouds ... This is why he tries in a certain sense already in his striving during earthly life to discard what has to be discarded when one goes through the portal of death into the spiritual world (Ibid.). In a certain sense only those have accomplished the task of the Germans, who have taken their self-education into their hands. The mere instinct-people ... remain behind in a certain sense (Dec. 8, 1918, GA 186). Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, who meet with such hostility today, created a thinking that is admittedly not yet spiritualism, is not spiritual science, but which is the seed of spiritual science, which, so to speak, if it is meditated through, truly leads to spiritual science. But for this reason the German national character has to remain fluid, it has to allow us to say: One is an Italian! One is a Frenchman! One is an Englishman! But one is always becoming a German! (Mar. 14, 1915, GA 159). The cultural historian of the future will certainly ascribe the same importance to the German spirit for the cultural education (Bildung) of modern times as one does today with the Greeks for that of antiquity (GA 30, p. 244). If the Norman-Germanic element had purely been active for itself, then today it would be easier to emphasize the justified monotheism that does not accept the abstract One God, but accepts the sequence of hierarchies, Angeloi, Archangeloi etc. (Nov. 23, 1918, GA 185a).

We may think that the nature of the German folk spirit is such that it continuously takes the path down to the nation and up again into the higher world ... that thereby especially within this folk-being the forces are to be called forth that in the most palpable sense lead to spiritual science. When the folk-spirit descends it brings about a strict folk-character in the physical world. When the folk-spirit ascends again and leaves the national character in a fluctuating state, then ... [the nation] learns to recognize that all being dissolves between the sensible and the supersensible world. The time of Fichte's activity was the time when the folk-spirit descended most strongly to earth. Only then was a creativity possible in such concepts and ideas as were revealed in the 'I'-nature of Fichte (Mar. 16, 1915, GA 157). By contrast, Jakob Boehme, although he is called the 'Teutonic philosopher', is a man independent in time of what his folk spirit is (May 9, 1915, GA 159).

It is not possible here to mention everything said by Rudolf Steiner about Middle Europe, and so a small selection of quotations should suffice to indicate the problem area; a study of which is to be validated by an analysis of the entire phenomenology of the German spirit - history, culture and language. Then - and the author is quite sure of this, because he has already partially examined it - what to a certain degree can only be stated hypothetically will become still more apparent.

A thoughtful study of the statements of Rudolf Steiner concerning Middle Europe, the overview (Anschauen - in the sense of Goethean method) of its history and culture, allows the aura of the German people to appear in a form that - in contrast to the aura of the Russian people - is oriented from the earth to the heavens (Fig. 4). That which forms the 'stem of the soul' in the Russian aura - the axis of the coming into being of 'I'-consciousness through the development of the soul-element that is connected to the earth and even to its configuration - is, in the German aura, directed from below to above, from the earth to the heavens. Along the axis of the 'I' a gigantic whirling and pulsating 'storm' rises up from the earth. This is how the etheric forces of the German people are oriented, and this endows the German 'I' with a mighty impulse of spiritual uprightness. Counter to the movement of the etheric forces, there descends earthwards from the heights a 'storm' of the astral aura, in which the inspirations of the folk spirit are revealed.* {*In the Russian aura the spiritual forces descend as in a chalice, in many respects still hovering above the folk-element. Thus they work in a way that is more spiritual (like the revelations) but less individualized.} If one tries to represent the configuration of the aura as a form, then a geometrical figure, or rather a symbol, an image appears - the hexagram. In the fifth cultural epoch this truly inexhaustible esoteric symbol belongs to Central Europe. In contrast to the third, Egyptian-Chaldean-Babylonian cultural epoch, a seventh element is now added, which expresses the mystery of the growing individual 'I'. Occult symbols have been at all times an expression of purely spiritual, not national or political, constellations of development. They should not be equated with badges or military distinctions that are awarded for warlike deeds of heroism. Still less can they serve as symbols of nationalism.

Formerly the Archangel Michael was the countenance of Jahve. Now he is the countenance of God. The old Star of Solomon was an expression of the state of the astral body of a human being who possesses group-consciousness. Today it symbolizes the character of the aura of the German people, or of entire Middle Europe, where the astral body of the individual is being transformed into the Spirit Self through the force of the lower 'I' appealing to the higher 'I'. Individual striving to develop is accompanied by the working of the aura of the people, the peoples of Middle Europe (we have to distinguish many nuances here). Hence the German (and in an extended sense the Austrian, the Swiss, possibly all the peoples of Northern Europe) strives simultaneously to work the soil and to seek in the clouds, always to be in process of becoming. Meanwhile the folk spirit draws near to the earth as though pulsating, only to withdraw again continually, thereby bringing it about that the spiritual strivings of the German are formed in accordance with the folk-character, but are then freed from it again. In this way the national is not active as something group-like but as an inspiring principle in the 'I', because the astral 'storm', in its descent to the earth, does not spread out over the surface but is fixed in individual centres of self-consciousness.

When we observe the aura of the German people from above, it has the form of a two-petalled lotus flower as represented in the red stained-glass window of the Goetheanum. In the traditional representation this lotus flower has the appearance of a Swastika rotating from left to right, clockwise from West to East.* {*Through the development of the two-petalled lotus flower the lower 'I' of the human being comes into relation with the higher, cosmic 'I'. It is just this relation that is expressed by the Swastika. It has nothing in common with the symbol of the cross. Its horizontal component can be recognized as a crab-like spiral - the sign of evolution in the course of which man develops the individual 'I'. This spiral appears in the red stained-glass window as a symbol of the two-petalled lotus flower. The higher 'I' descends from the spirit to man. This is why the 'I'-line of the Swastika can only be formed in thought, in imagination. If the sign is drawn completely, it would have the following form: 
Esoterically the Swastika is represented with a right-to-left rotation because it then expresses the processes that flow to the astral world. Great caution is needed in dealing with this form. [ ¶] In a further aspect the Swastika symbolizes the four-petalled lotus flower.} Thus we arrive at a deeper understanding of why this ancient sacred sign has been so degraded and has been impressed upon the consciousness of humanity as a symbol of evil. (Something similar is happening today with the hexagram.) In truth, the sign of the Swastika rightfully belongs to Germany and to the whole of Central Europe, because Germany is the 'third eye' of the world, that centre of modern civilization through which it can establish the conscious supersensible connection with the world of the spirit. The highest creation of the Middle European spirit - Goetheanism and Anthroposophy - must be seen from the aspect of this task, and Middle Europe as the point of all the forces of humanity that strive to fulfil this task. This is the reason why, in the circle of the German-speaking peoples, so many souls of genius are born who through their karma are connected to the folk-soul and to the great tasks of human development. An oppression, a destruction of Germany and Middle Europe, the falsification of its spiritual nature, would mean to sever the connection of earthly civilization with the spiritual world, to cast it into the darkness of materialism. - A distortion of the spiritual nature of Russia, the dissolving of its connection with Central Europe is tantamount to robbing the world of its future. These are the truths that must be understood above all, regardless of how and to what extent an understanding of the history of human relationships has been falsified in our century.

Culture and Initiation

Chapel in Palace of Charlemagne; built 796-804 under
direction of Einhard (thin lines show later reconstruction)   
The essential nature of every cultural epoch is determined by the character of the science of initiation, which itself is always brought into strict correspondence with the evolution of the human being - above all with the evolution of his soul and spirit. Anyone with even a little contact with esotericism will know that the levels of individual consciousness are closely related to the development of the lotus-system in the human being. The two-petalled lotus flower is intimately related to thinking consciousness. For this reason consciousness does not sink into a trance through its development, but becomes imaginative - a super-consciousness that is revealed in the normal state of mind of the human being only in moments of enthusiasm. Following the two-petalled flower the human being must develop the sixteen-petalled flower, located in the area of the larynx. Its development requires, in addition to the perfecting of oneself as an individual, a harmonizing of social relations. Rudolf Steiner says that the social relations of mankind as a whole depend on the condition of the sixteen-petalled lotus flower. The so-called 'Eightfold Path' of Buddha has in our cultural epoch to become an accepted social factor of everyday life - the sixteen-petalled lotus flower can unfold only within social and cultural relationships, but not in ascetic solitude.

With the help of the image of the ship's wheel mentioned above we have tried to illustrate the character of the peoples of Europe. It is the image of the sixteen-petalled lotus flower, which was represented in the Gothic and Romanesque churches in the form of the 'rose' window above the entrance (cf. figures). In the Romanesque churches the 'roses' were often shown with eight petals. To the person approaching the temple was immediately revealed the architectonic idea of the whole church, which was also eightfold (see diagrams in figures). This is how the ancient principle of the eightfold path of Buddha, who five hundred years before the physical coming of Christ had brought the teaching of love and compassion to men, was given to the emergent self-consciousness of Europe.

But this does not mean a return to Buddhism. No, for Buddhism itself comes to life again in a metamorphosed form in the Christian culture of Europe, where the relations between human beings must be built up on the basis of the virtues of the eightfold path of Buddha in a new colouring, which has been shown by Rudolf Steiner in its correspondence to the Christian path of initiation. He also said that the experience of these virtues is bound up with the development of the sixteen-petalled lotus flower, which in its turn determines the degree of social harmony over the entire earth.

Esoteric Christianity brings the positive experience of the spiritual development of the past to a synthesis within itself and raises it to a qualitatively new level, as the architectural genius of Middle Europe proclaimed to the entire world already before the beginning of the fifth post-Atlantean cultural epoch. The esotericism of the Romanesque and Gothic churches is in no way inferior to the esotericism of the Egyptian temples. Anyone can recognize this. It is enough to analyze geometrically the façade of Strasbourg Cathedral alone (see figure) in order to recognize the image embedded in the architecture of the temple, of the individuality raising himself spiritually on the path of development of the 'lotus flowers'. (The reader who is especially interested in this theme can also analyze geometrically the obelisk of Sesostris I in Heliopolis. It is known that the obelisks were the symbols of man raising himself physically into the upright posture.*) {*Cf. Otto Schubert, Gesetz der Baukunst, (Law of Architecture), Leipzig, 1954. Vol. II, p.36, 303.}

Thus we have before us the real phenomenology of the Middle European cultural impulse, which spread throughout Europe and gave it the character of a living organism in which, as opposed to a mechanism, no part can be replaced. And if we disregard political speculations and ideological interpretations of culture, we arrive at a profound understanding of the significant and unique role of each European people in the development of the cultural impulse of our epoch, which has its focal point in the human 'I'.

Single Rose, Strasbourg Cathedral  Cathedral at Auch, Rose at West Front 

Purely out of an understanding of the nature and meaning of Middle European spiritual creativity, and not out of the wish to defer to nationalism of any kind, we must assume that the symbol of the sixteen-petalled lotus flower still belongs to Central Europe today, and not to the East. It takes up its initial position in Central Europe, as it were, and from here strives, through the combined work of the nations, outwards in all directions, through the entire world: Ex occidente lux.

Rose-window, Strasbourg Cathedral   

The next stage in the development of the individual spirit, of consciousness, is connected with the twelve-petalled lotus flower. Its symbol belongs in a certain sense to Eastern Europe, and to Russia first and foremost. - Thus it is of crucial importance for Eastern Europe to take part in the cultural life of Europe, and for the cultural life of Europe as a whole to prepare for its impending metamorphosis, which is to be realized in the transition from the fifth to the sixth cultural epoch.* {*If Russia were to go its own, autonomous path the twelve-petalled lotus flower would from the point of view of initiation-science be developed earlier than the two- and sixteen-petalled flowers. This would have very tragic consequences at the threshold to the supersensible world.}

This is the path of development of humanity that is rightful and in harmony with world laws.

Strasbourg Cathedral. Triangulation of Erwin von Steinbach's plan 

The Archetypal Phenomenon of the Occult-Political Battle

Beside the legitimate and progressive course of development there is always an accumulation of forces of inertia, which cause the cultural impulse either to move in only one direction or to move in one spot, repeating itself endlessly and ossifying in a given state. If we look once more at that loop in the evolutionary spiral, which embraces our present cultural epoch, we can recognize the most important directions of inertia and stagnation (Fig. 5).

All modern occult-political forces that hinder development through their activity behind the scenes are based ultimately on the partial justification of their strivings. It is of extreme importance to understand this peculiarity of the world-wide struggle in our time. This partial justification proves in reality to be worse than complete error, because it is rooted in the laws of development but stands in their way. Thus the ideology of Rome - Jesuitism - is based on the premise that Christ came at a time when the greater part of humanity was still in the condition of group-consciousness. The rationality of Rome represented the highest form of individualization for that time. And because Rome took up Christianity, the C ¦saro-Papacy must be regarded as the highest form of societal and religious life. That which comes from the North brings, according to Rome, only destruction and chaos - in the far-distant past it was these very barbarians from the North who destroyed the glorious Imperium - the flower of civilization. Later, it was they again who, with their reformation, did irreparable damage to the most perfect Christian Church. The Latin race is better suited than any other, they believe, to bear Christianity into the world. The main enemy of Christianity is Central Europe with its seductive call to knowledge, secularization and freedom - as also its 'offshoot' - the Anglo-Saxon world that is sunk in materialism.

Anglo-Saxon political occultism builds on the many thousand years' tradition of the cultural movement from East to West. Its leading occultists (where and in what form does not concern us here) say: 'We are the only rightful heirs to the Greco-Latin culture. The Gods themselves, and the stars, look favourably upon us in our striving to rule the world. The time of the Latin race is over, and it must disappear. Central Europe stagnates and keeps us waiting. Admittedly it brings something to culture, but has to be held in a firm grip, its conservatism must be destroyed, it must be economically weakened and politically lamed so that it cannot prevent America from realizing the world rule to which it is destined. As to Eastern Europe, its importance is, in the end, limited to the reserve of genetic forces, which are considerably weakened in the rest of the world.'

The Nordic ideology arose in the wake of the cultural impulse in its movement from the South of Europe to the North. It is to an unimaginable degree reactionary, because it appeals for the restoration of the ancient Hyperborean, if not even the Polarian root-race. Only to Lucifer can the deeper meaning, the content, of an ideology of this kind be known. But its human bearers are only dreaming, they are possessed by it because not a single conscious mind among them is capable of establishing any reasonable relation to that in the highest sense spiritual planetary being of humanity as a unity devoid of all individual characteristics. Nordic ideology also has an ahrimanic component - it is Louhi, the Queen of the North (Kalevala).

Finally, the ideology of 'Eurasianism', whose popularity has grown enormously over recent years, represents the intention to allow the sixth cultural epoch to ripen before its time, to anticipate it at least in part, at a time that is in no way appropriate for it, and thus to place it into utterly unsuitable conditions, to drain the life forces of the Eastern European peoples and render them incapable of cultural creativity at the time when the Slavic-Germanic cultural epoch begins. For this reason the occultists everywhere in Russia today are saying that the age of Aquarius will begin in the coming century.

We have in 'Eurasianism' a repetition of the impulse of Gondishapur. The 'Eurasians' intend to build a bridge directly from Rome to Moscow (the 'Third Rome') and thereby cause Middle Europe to fall out of development entirely. Here is to be sought the origin of the two world wars, in which the aim was realized to incite Germany and Russia to war with each other. In the 'Eurasian' ideology hostility towards Germany will always outweigh resentment towards the USA, not in its phraseology which is oriented to political fashion, but in essence.

Rome regards 'Eurasianism' with mixed feelings. On the one hand the 'Third Rome' is a competitor, for here the first two are deemed sufficient. On the other hand, Rome sees in Eastern Europe, in Russia, an effective weapon in the struggle against Central Europe and America. The Americans for their part consider Russia a strong weapon in their struggle against Rome, against Europe and against the East in the widest sense.

If we bring all that has been said so far about the occult-political world-picture into a system, we arrive at the configuration in which the main spiritual forces on the world stage stand in relation to the true forces of development (Fig. 6).

The small circle in the figure expresses the 'wheel of history', that with the help of social-cultural and historical endeavours will be turned from West to East by all the countries of Europe and the entire world, thereby bringing about the succession, the metamorphoses of the cultural epochs. These justified efforts are to a greater or lesser degree opposed by the unified forces of the anti-spiritual and anti-historic impulses (outer circle on Fig. 6). The period of their emergence as separate entities has come to an end, as shown by the appearance of the Asuras in the political and cultural life of humanity. The unity of these forces is clearly manifest in the 20th century. Events like the wars of Germany with the USA and Russia may outwardly represent a contradiction, but they are at the same time merely episodes in the advance of these forces towards their one and only goal: to turn back the universal development of mankind. To this end the paralysis and oppression of Middle and Eastern Europe is essential. On the one hand wars further the attainment of this goal, and on the other, unions - the mixing of all the peoples of Europe, and later the races, into a grey mass. But other methods are also projected.

The Swastika, which was elevated to a political symbol or sign for Germany, expressed (for one who knows) this unity. It moves against empirical time within which evolution is realized; it turns evolution backwards - this is ultimately what Pan-Americanism strives to achieve. The esoteric meaning of the Swastika was carried from the astral plane to the external plane of history. Therein also lies the origin of all ideas regarding the 'hallowing' of life in society (cf. Ch. 17 and 18).

In contrast to this, a rightful development on the historical and cultural plane is expressed by the Swastika which rotates clockwise. It is the symbol of the two-petalled lotus flower opening gradually on the exoteric path, in proportion as each individual human being attains the capacity for freedom and moral autonomy, whereby he will begin to draw the motives of his actions from the world of moral intuitions, as Rudolf Steiner has described in the Philosophy of Freedom.

The picture given above would not be complete if we did not show its connection to the higher spiritual plane, of which Rudolf Steiner says: Four mighty, exalted figures stand in universal space, each at one of the four points of the compass. Thus they form the cosmic cross. They lead and guide events in the world and are servants of the One who is the life of the Sun (Christ). In the course of each cosmic day the Sun spirit inspires each one of them in turn. They are the primordial forces which are mirrored in the three forces of thinking, feeling and willing in the cosmos and in the human soul (GA 265, p. 336). These figures are the four Archangels. In the following (Fig. 7) are shown the main principles of their working, and their connection with the four Festivals of the year.

Michael, who stands in the East, brings the forces of the three other Archangels into harmony and he is the 'Countenance of God'. As he imparts his inspiration he invites human beings to be active with him. The human being acting out of free will in accordance with the intentions of the Archangel Michael becomes the bearer of the principle 'Ex occidente lux'. The four forces of political occultism enclosed within the ring of the Midgard-snake become its instrument. While Midgard surrounds Europe in an ever-widening noose it strives to isolate her spiritual and cultural life from the working of the four leading Archangels. For this reason the forces of political occultism want to fill human thoughts, feelings and motives of will with their ideologies and suppress self-consciousness with the help of mass-suggestion.

These are in a very condensed form some of the essential elements of the methodology of modern politology. Anyone who does not master them is given over to empty quarrels and enmities. But those whose sense of national self-worth is undermined by the development of the actual state of affairs can merely be told: Have patience, the time will come when Germany will fulfil its cultural-historical task, and then retire into the background and make way for others. But God grant that the latter does not happen today. For this would mean that the secret societies of the West would have succeeding in diverting the cultural impulse before its meeting with the Spirit Self, in forcing it further westwards. In this case one would have succeeded in making the fifth cultural epoch, in which the Anglo-Saxon race - with full justification - plays a leading rôle, eternal in a certain sense, in endowing it with a peculiar ahrimanic immortality. If this were to happen - says Rudolf Steiner - the sixth cultural epoch would indeed begin, but it would be transposed to South America and take effect only in a modified form. It would then come into contradiction with the spiritual laws of earth and cosmos. Only the human beings with the greatest strength of spirit would be able to attain the Spirit Self individually, through efforts having the character of an initiation. As to the rest of the inhabitants of the earth, their fate would veritably be a 'gnashing of teeth'. The emergence of the evil race, as prophesied in the Apocalypse, would move forward at an accelerated pace. The black-magical Mysteries of Taotl would come to life with renewed force.

The signs of a possible future of this kind can already be recognized in our century, because it is being decided today what course the whole further evolution of the earth will take. People who are not afraid of knowledge are quite capable of grasping this themselves. And we should not be surprised to see all demons of evil let loose to destroy Germany, to spiritually lame Russia, to prevent Europe from fulfilling its spiritual task. The publications of Pan-Americans we have already mentioned indicate this very clearly; in them we meet the world-wide lies, distortion and calumniation of the history of the people and their character. Anyone who still falls for the illusion of an abstract humanism should read these books. Next to Th. N. Kaufman's book, mentioned in chapter 3, one ought also to make acquaintance with the work of another American 'wise man' - Louis Nizer. It was published in 1944 (Chicago-New York) under the title: What to do with Germany. The author asks: What should we do with millions of murderers, with a criminal nation whose entire culture (including Fichte, Novalis etc.) right down to its folk-songs, is pervaded with biological militarism? Our reply - says the author, would be: One can't convict a whole people, ... you can't kill 80 millions. But, what should be done with them? If they are not destroyed, should they not at least be subjected to 'racial sterilization?' If 20,000 physicians were each to conduct 25 operations daily, the entire procedure of making 50 million fertile Germans sterile would take about three months. Maybe more time needs to be allowed for women. With a natural death rate of 2% per year the German nation would then vanish from the face of the earth within two generations.

But - the author says - we will have to forgo a project of this kind. Why? - Well, because Germans would then assume the role of martyrs, but mainly because mass uprisings could take place (!) and after all, only the fate of future generations could be resolved by means of sterilization, not that of the living. President Truman demanded that every American should read this book, and Eisenhower ordered his officers to write summaries of it.

We do not want to quote the entire content of this book,* in the place of which the American 'wise men' should rather have written a different one entitled 'What have we done with America?' {*The book goes on to develop the promising solution of the 'German problem' - re-education instead of physical destruction - applied after the capitulation. May those above all read it, in whom, owing to a repressed chauvinism, certain chapters in our book prompt an outburst of uncontrolled anger. May they then be persuaded that their impaired spirit is borne by lies, possession, and hostility towards the true interests of humanity, and that their humanistic mask is likewise hypocritical through and through.} At the end of this chapter we would only say the one thing that should have become clear to anybody possessing healthy common sense - that the path to the overcoming of nationalism and chauvinism leads only through the unmasking of lies of this kind. The farther back they lie in the past, the more the ultimate source of the world-wide lies takes on the character of an unshakeable truth, that is as though sanctified by tradition. It becomes progressively more difficult to arrive at the actual truth, and 're-educated' humanity is less and less inclined to change. It is as the poet said:

All honour to the madman,
Who feeds humanity with golden sleep!

Have not these words become the final universal dogma, in which all the warring world-forces, all the contradictions of civilization join together in peace? But if someone 'cannot sleep', if he has enough strength to clear the way to a number of sources, only horror awaits him. But at the same time he will understand that a human being of our time, whether he wishes it or not, is faced with the choice of either erecting the 'humanistic society of the future' on the nightmare of the lie inflated to hypertrophy, or laying aside his night-cap and applying all his strength to the search for the true grounds of life, in order, after physical death, not to experience a second and far more terrible death - that of the soul. No proof is surely needed that it is utterly necessary to choose the second option, even if we are then reviled as a 'Fascist', a 'Chauvinist', a 'misanthropist', etc. Let us be certain of it: The Prince of this world understands very well that he is the spirit of the lie. We should not expose ourselves as fools in his eyes.

150 years ago the outstanding Russian philosopher-Prince V. F. Odoyevsky wrote: In the madness of materialism the West delivers its great thinkers to the graveyard of thoughts, and tramples those in the dirt, who wish to abjure this madness with strong and holy words.

Could he have guessed that his words would become especially relevant at the end of the 20th century? … Europe.htm



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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

On Bolchevism, by Bondarev.

All the elements of 'inverted dialectics' (there are three and five of them; cf. fig. 16, p. *) negate each other, but not in a constructive, creative manner - the 'war of each against all' is already being waged in their midst - and yet they exist after the fashion of an organic whole. They do not exist at the expense of their own members, but at the expense of culture and civilization, which they take over, 'vampirize' and thus destroy. It is important to make a broad and at the same time precise investigation, according to their symptoms, of the manifestations of the primary phenomenon of evil at the end of the 20th century and corresponding prospects at the beginning of the 21st. In this book we have at least come close to the fulfilling of such a task, we have tried to meet some of the pre-conditions for its fulfilment. And now, with a concluding example, we would challenge the reader to carry out his own independent research.

In contemporary Russia* Bolshevism is again growing in strength and influence, after having undergone a complicated metamorphosis. {*The end of 1998 is meant (Publisher's Note).} It displays a nationalistic colouring and thus combines with patriotic, national and nationalistic streams, behind which one can recognize the basic inspiration of the Jesuit 'Fathers' and their latest offspring. The nationalistic movements, for their part, occur in three variations: materialistic, clerical-fundamentalist, and neo-pagan. In the latter the tendency can occasionally be noted, to occupy the platform of national-socialist ideology. In this sphere, as though from a twilight realm, the entire 'front' arises, under the official name of the 'Left', and gives itself over to confrontation with Zionism; while at the same time there is enthusiasm for the racist policy of Israel, which is revered as an example worthy of imitation.* {*Such Bolsheviks often remind the Zionists, while they are heaping reproaches on them, that they owe the recognition of the State of Israel to them, the Bolsheviks; and this is absolutely true, as the documents reveal beyond a shadow of doubt. The Zionists respond in the press with the reproach that the Bolsheviks are starting to become anti-Semitic and to forget to whom they owe their existence. Here we are simply stating the facts of everyday political life in Moscow and many other cities.}

Much that is comparable can also be found in the West. For example, in June 1998 a discussion took place in Berlin on the 'Black Book of Communism' which had appeared in France. A 'Left' group involved in the discussion (these are the 'Right' in Russia) tried to break up the meeting. With whistles and shouting these people tried to prevent a discussion taking place by means of arguments, because they said that class-genocide was not a crime in Russia, as it is based on the scientifically-founded theory of Communism. The political agitators were carrying a banner with the slogan: Long Live Communism! They then shouted out in chorus: Germany never again! (Junge Freiheit, Nr. 27/98 of 26.6.98) - In just the same way, in Russia our 'Right'-wing chants: Russia never again! Thereby giving grist to the mill of the neo-Communists. And as to their nationalism, these people of the 'Left' were also called 'red Fascists' in the course of the discussion.

These are the symptoms which testify to encirclement by consciously directed chaos.

But of course antagonism predominates, because the Zionist lobby in Russia is a servant of Pan-Americanism (we already spoke of this) and therefore represents a strong political and financial power. The neo-Bolsheviks exhibit their 'sincere' concern for the good of Russia and, not without reason, blame the Perestroika democrats (who call themselves officially people of the 'Right'; in their terminology Stalin and Hitler belong to the 'Left') for the destruction of the land, of the economy, and accuse them of carrying out a real genocide on the peoples of Russia and its former republics.

This is the present situation. What, in view of all this, do the neo-Bolshevik nationalists (also known as 'Russian chauvinists', or the 'Red-browns') dream of especially? They dream of erecting again in Lublyanskaya Square, before the headquarters of KGB, the Felix-Dzerzhinsky Memorial, which was removed at the beginning of the Perestroika. The memorial to the Polish Jew who inspired the 'Red Inquisition' and turned the land into a single blood-bath; a genocide virtually without parallel in human history!

And who prevents the national-Bolsheviks from realizing their dream? The 'democratically' and Zionistically-oriented core (thus also nationalistic) prevailing in Russia at present, which works in the interest of Pan-Americanism, is now the only force that can hinder the re-birth of Bolshevism in Russia. If its power collapses, the people will again be swallowed up in an infernal dictatorship.

It is truly so - it is none other than these 'Right democrats' who are shielding the Russia of today from this cruel fate. But they perform this good work while destroying the land utterly by means of laws which stifle all production and at the same time plunder the land without mercy. Quite distinct sources agree in estimating that during the Perestroika years Russia was robbed of a trillion (one thousand billion) dollars.

In this way the land is being turned into a desert and the populace is dying under horrifying conditions. Historical experience shows that such conditions lead to the setting up of a dictatorship - for example, Germany in the '20's. When it has come to power the five centres of force of the inverted pentagram will regroup and continue, under the new conditions, to strive for the destruction of civilisation, in order finally to 'renew' it according to the method described by K. S. Mereshkovsky in 1903 in his utopian novel 'The Earthly Paradise'. If the reader is able to encompass in his consciousness this many-layered character of the occult-political panorama without falling into one-sided points of view, then he is quite certainly on the only right and necessary path.

We have thus arrived at the conclusion of our investigation. The five-headed evil that works in the five power-centres of the world is not the result of the 'free' play of bad tendencies in single individuals, but a strictly integrated, spiritually (or, rather, anti-spiritually) formed unity, one could even say - an organism, which is supersensibly personified, negates civilization and humanity, and by virtue of its inherent conformity to law, negates also itself (thus explaining the bitter mutual struggle of its single parts) but exists as a whole nevertheless. Looked at from the purely cognitive point of view, we have here to do with an extremely interesting phenomenon of overturned/overthrown dialectics. There is within it a striving for synthesis, in which only negation rules; its rudimentary elements do not attain a higher existence by virtue of their cancellation. (This opens up for us a deep understanding of the essential difference between Marxist and Hegelian dialectics.) In such a case egocentricity naturally assumes the character of the infinite - the attribute of the higher world; although man should not enter this 'infinity', because nobody knows what might happen to him if he were to be converted back into the primal condition of a 'lump of clay' of creation.

But today the question is not whether the human being would or would not like to follow this path, but what he needs to do if he does not want to follow it. In this case it is very important to recognize the archetypal phenomenon of evil that is dominant in the present European cultural epoch. As soon as he has understood this he can begin to orient himself in the insidious web of the occult-political world-struggle that is taking place before our eyes. At the end of the 20th century we were afforded a brief glimpse of its secrets (above all in Russia) and it is enough to read the newspapers to obtain confirmations in their hundreds, if not thousands, of the concreteness of what Rudolf Steiner gave to us 80 years ago in his historical symptomatology. We must avail ourselves of existing opportunities now, because soon they will be gone.

Nowadays many are seduced by the sweet lunacy of political pluralism and of freedom in the domain of occult acts. At the same time we can also recognize how the world-view of Pan-materialism is promoted by every means - political, scientific, occult, religious - 'pluralistically'. Ideology is helped by science: technical progress makes possible gene-manipulation, the monitoring and control of consciousness, but also of the material crossing of its traditional boundaries (on the level of electro-magnetic energies). Finally, even the highest that man on earth possesses - the science of initiation - is taking on Asuric features. In this connection we should pay special attention to the phenomenon of occult Bolshevism. It is practised in closed circles as an extremely dark system of initiation. It is now revealed openly through the books of Gregory Klimov and the ideology of the Soviet 'Polarians'. Victor Suvorov also has indirectly described it in two of his works.

In order to understand the descriptions of the said authors, we need the help of statements made by Rudolf Steiner regarding black-magical mysteries of a special kind, which were practised in ancient times on the North American continent - in old Mexico - and remnants of which were found by the Spanish conquistadors.* {*To the present day Mexico remains a particularly dark centre for practical and ritual magic. It was no accident that Trotsky lived there after he was chased out of the USSR. Carlos Castaneda was initiated in sub-natural magic there as well.} In those mysteries one venerated a ghost-like spirit of ahrimanic character, who was the successor of the Great Spirit of Atlantis. The latter worked legitimately in his time, but gradually, towards the end of the Atlantean period, assumed ahrimanic traits.

The name of this ahrimanic spirit was Taotl. His priests learned the cosmic secrets through offering up human sacrifices. The wisdom out of the cosmos - says Rudolf Steiner - which in itself was not bad, which even contained holy secrets, this wisdom was kept carefully hidden by the initiates of Taotl ...

This wisdom was imparted to no-one who had not committed murder in a certain way. And with the first murder he learned only some of the secrets. Only with the subsequent murders was he told further and higher secrets (Sep. 18, 1916, GA 171).

The murders or sacrificial acts were carried out in such a way, that the chosen victim was prepared for death in a very special manner. And when he freely consented to it, he was placed on a special catafalque so that his stomach was protruding very far, after which the priest undergoing initiation cut out the stomach according to a precise ritual and dedicated it, in a certain ceremony, to Taotl. The result of such a procedure was that a quite special connection was established between the initiand and the victim. The one who was murdered in this way was to be prepared thereby in his soul to strive upwards into the luciferic realm, and the initiand was to receive the wisdom so to shape this earthly world that souls would be driven out of it. Through creating a relationship between the victim and the initiated one - not murderer, one can say, but initiated one -, the possibility was given that the initiated one was borne off by the other soul, i.e. could leave the earth at the appropriate moment (Ibid.). Rudolf Steiner concludes of course that these had been mysteries of the most outrageous kind. Fortunately they ceased after some time, because otherwise earth civilization would have been threatened with extinction.

It happened that an unusual being was born in old Mexico, who according to tradition was named Vitzliputzli. He was a contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth and was venerated as a sun being. His mother was a virgin. Vitzliputzli set off to fight against the mightiest black magician to be incarnated on earth at that time. The latter had already in several incarnations committed ritual murders in the mysteries of Taotl and now, at the age of thirty, stood immediately before an historic decision ... through continued initiation really to become so powerful as a single human individuality, that he would have known the fundamental secret through which he could have given so powerful an impulse to the subsequent human earth evolution, that humanity in the fourth and fifth post-Atlantean period would have been darkened to such an extent that the intentions of the ahrimanic powers for these periods would have been realized (Sep. 18, 1916, GA 171).

Vitzliputzli's battle with the great black-magician lasted for three years. Finally the magician was conquered, physically crucified, and his soul robbed of the forces of knowledge with which it had committed murders; the magician's soul was laid under a curse. Now there lives on, not what would have lived on from those regions if the mysteries of Taotl had borne fruit, but there lives on as it were only in the etheric world, what has remained of forces, of night-forces from what went on in those mysteries. All these forces exist; they exist sub-sensibly ... beneath the volcanic lid of everyday life, so to speak (Ibid.).

A considerable number of modern people will no doubt dismiss all this with a smile and regard it as a fairy-tale. In this case they will continue to believe that the world wars, revolutions, mass executions of millions of people occur by pure chance, just because 'in the little town of Simbirsk an ordinary boy called Lenin was born', that in the Austrian forest thicket an 'ordinary boy' called Schickelgruber came into the world, that somewhere in the backwoods of Georgia the 'ordinary boy' Djugashvili was born etc. One cannot hold a conversation with such readers; it would probably make more sense to declaim some revolutionary poetry to them, such as:

'Sleep, comrades, sleep.
Who, then, disturbs your repose?'

With regard to the political, or rather, occult-political reality what is now occurring as, perhaps, the greatest mystery of our times, is an awakening, an arising from the sub-sensible on to the outer, social plane, of those forces which held sway in the mysteries of Taotl. Even in the books of Carlos Castaneda one can read about their attitude of 'expectation' in the ancient tombs. But we have far more important reason to examine their interference in the life of Europe and the whole world today.

In development everything occurs rhythmically. And if at the time of the first coming of Christ the gigantic black-magical counter image of the Mystery of Golgatha appeared in the Western hemisphere, and the intervention of the infernal forces, which could bring about the irrevocable downfall of earthly civilization, was brought into opposition to the divine saving intervention in the destiny of mankind, how could the forces of Taotl not attempt to deliver a counter-attack in the 20th century, when the return of Christ is already taking place in the ether world? In addition to this, Ahriman is preparing his incarnation on earth. All these indications of Rudolf Steiner have profound methodological significance. They help us to understand the most important mystery of our time, the mystery of our epoch, which consists in the fact that all international or national socialistic experiments are deeply occult in their nature. This is why an attempt is being made to restore the old Taotl-mysteries, no longer according to the ahrimanic, but to the Asuric principle, so that they may be placed in opposition to the reappearance of the Christ.

If we now reflect, in the light of the communication given by Rudolf Steiner which we have quoted above, upon the phenomenon of the Lenin Mausoleum, surrounded by the 'eternal' Politburo, we understand where the Taotl-mysteries are nowadays celebrated in a metamorphosed form, and what they look like.* {*It is imperative that we quote here a further confession made by the occultists of Bolshevism today regarding the intensifying of the battle over their greatest relic - the mummy of Lenin. The newspaper 'Soviet Russia' published the following article on June 11, 1997: Marxism-Leninism assumed the status of the State religion whose structure was almost wholly derived from the Christian religion. Not without reason Engels already pointed to the astounding similarity between the emergence of early Christianity and that of the International Workers' movement. This fact can be explained. No social movement can jump over its own shadow, and thus it is forced, in order to forge a path for itself in the world, to use those means provided by the epoch in which it lives. Thus, despite its declared atheism, Marxism-Leninism has assumed clearly-defined traits of a religious cult. It has its Holy Scriptures, its theology, in which quotes from the Scriptures carry more authority than all references to experience or other sources, it has its apostles, saints and martyrs, its heretics and its most holy Inquisition. Whether it could have been different in the early socialistic revolutions is a complicated question. At any rate, the history of all great revolutions - including the Christian - showed that this was more often the rule than the exception...[ ¶] The body of Lenin has acquired a deeply sacred significance for millions of people. Therefore it is a gross insult to the feelings of the truly faithful if the mausoleum is visited purely out of curiosity... Alas, if this were otherwise, how many cynics and malcontents there would be. [ ¶] If the mausoleum were turned into a kind of theatrical enterprise, it would be as blasphemous as turning a church into an attraction with TV-coverage etc... In Soviet times taking snapshots was prohibited in the mausoleum. And there were purely religious reasons for this. Maybe we ought to take a further step in this direction. [ ¶] The best solution, in keeping with both the spirit of scientific communism and the demands of moral piety towards the dead, would be... if the Lenin mausoleum and all scientific and technical services belonging to it were left intact, but public access were prohibited or definitely restricted, if it were closed forever. Only special initiates should be concerned with the conservation of Lenin's body. They would be allowed access to the altar, as is customary in the Christian churches. Lay people are quite out of place there. (!) [ ¶] However, this is not a political but a spiritual question, the solution to which does not lie with the government or society as a whole. It is the task of Lenin's spiritual descendants and disciples, i.e. the Russian communists. Only their shared opinion can determine how the great tomb should be cared for.} We are probably not mistaken to assert that the reincarnated 'priests', the most important politicians of the 20th century, are initiates of those old American mysteries which took the heavens by storm with the help of ritual murders (by far not all of them are known in the outer world). Then we will also understand why people of this kind can be so immoral: so atavistic are they, that in the course of their reincarnations they have absolutely not yet encountered concepts like morality or compassion.

For this reason it is at present wholly inadmissible, indeed tragic and hopeless, for the Russians to believe in a difference between Stalin, Lenin or Trotsky, between Bukharin and Sverdlov etc., or to believe that anyone from this circle would have been able to think of the interests of Russia, to be simply human. By no means. All of them, together with the other bearers of five-headed evil, have pursued one single aim: to help the mysteries of Taotl to triumph throughout the whole world. As to the Western efforts to conquer them during the time of the Perestroika, it could well be that the intention was to extinguish them in one place, only to have them appear somewhere else. Black-magical mysteries exist also in the West. Their leaders believe that they are already in complete control of the situation on our planet, and they do not wish the earth to be destroyed prematurely, which would be the aim of the Soviet 'red priests'. But to find an accommodation with 'red civilization' (this concept was recently introduced into everyday political language by the Bolshevist occultists), is clearly impossible, as it has taken on an Asuric character. Its priests work with super-human but ahrimanized intellect, and a stupendous, luciferized will. They acquire this surplus of forces at the expense of the nullified, paralyzed sphere of feeling.

In his autobiographical novel The Aquarium Victor Suvorov writes that within a system (we would say, of Soviet Initiation) one immediately dissociates oneself from anyone who gives free rein to their feelings. Suvorov is himself admitted into the 'inner circle' because, as he is told: You have a brain like an electronic machine ... that is not tuned-in. But you can be tuned-in. 'Tuning-in', as he describes it, is achieved with the help of exercises that can be found in occult textbooks, but they are carried out for the sake of an illusory development of 'I'-consciousness. It appears to make the 'I' unusually alert, self-assured, autonomous and strong, but at the same time programmed into the tone given from without, as though it could produce through its activity nothing but lies, destruction and death.

It is of crucial importance to note that in Suvorov's book the intellectual training of the 'students' takes place in a Scientific Research Institute for Electromagnetic Radiations. This brings us face to face with the complex theme of the psychotronic manipulation of consciousness. The pedagogical principle applied, says Suvorov, is that success is achieved only when every aspect of the training (of the memory, the muscles, the psyche, will-power, stamina) leads the human being to the limit of his possibilities.

Beyond this limit lie, in the one case, the mysteries of the light, the higher 'I' of man, and, in the other, the present-day mysteries of Taotl, the realm of instinct: you need the automatic reflex ..., in five years, you will have the appropriate reflexes, the students are told by the teachers. The initiand must, as a future agent of the Secret Police (GRU) be transformed into an animal-man through a heightening of the instincts.

Suvorov describes his first 'hierophant', Major Kraftsov, as follows: He is an animal. Small, bloodthirsty, extremely dangerous. He knows his goal, goes straight for it without turning back once. I know his guiding star. It is called power. When Kraftsov sits by the campfire, red shadows surge over the wilful face with its projecting cheekbones. A black, regular profile. Red shadows. No more. No blending of outlines. No compromises. In short - none other than the priest of the mysteries of Old Mexico. His will to power is metaphysical. He enslaves by occult means everyone who comes into his sphere of influence: he enslaves on earth so that the effect will continue into the world beyond. But 65% of the GPU and KGB agents who remain in the West, because they do not want to return, return nevertheless after a very short time with a self-denunciation. We shoot them - says another 'Aztec'. They know it - and come back all the same.

Of course, this inhuman education of spies and 'diversants'* described by Suvorov can be justified as a means of defending the country. {*Communist word for saboteur, troublemaker} But if this were the only consideration, the Soviet Union ought to have lasted longer than the Inca Empire. It should have existed to all eternity. But the Perestroika has shown that all social-political and ideological bogies were no more than a veil concealing the black-magical mystery. To ensnare as many people as possible and guide them on to its course was, for this mystery, an end in itself. Remember how cynically the 'black professors' in Klimov's Protocols speak about their ruling ideology. And even Suvorov's 'teacher' tells him quite frankly: You can betray whoever you wish, even the Soviet Fatherland, but not me, i.e. not the laws of the black mystery, not the astral connection of the teacher (who performs the same human sacrifices, through in a renewed form) with the pupil; that connection which forms, in the esoteric centre, the 'eternal Politburo', the basis for ahrimanic immortality. Here, politics and ideology are only secondary; here other tasks await you. Don't you find pleasure in torturing other people, Kraftsov asks Suvorov, or do you only hide it?

Over the course of years the methods of initiation in the 'Red Order' changed. Formerly the human sacrifices, fully in keeping with the old Taotl traditions, were chosen from their own ranks. How well they were prepared was shown by their behaviour before execution. Marshal Tukhachevsky, for instance, called out: 'Long live Stalin!'

In the course of time wider sections of the population were drawn upon for the purpose of ritual murders. In his novel Control Suvorov shatteringly describes how normal and everyday this all appeared to be at first sight. However, the initiation-ritual became very complicated. In a certain 'sanctuary' belonging to a special, inner power-centre and located in a former monastery a specially chosen brotherhood of Chekists* worked without interruption. {*Chekist - a member of the Soviet political police 1917-1922. The word is still in use today.} Their life was strict and ascetic. Strenuous intellectual work alternated with physical exercises and military training of the members - the 'monks' and 'nuns' - and also the torture of a group of prisoners held in the monastery expressly for this purpose, and periodically special commandos were required to carry out the executions. 'Neophyte' Nastya Streletskaya, a Judo-master and highly-skilled parachutist who, thanks to her truly devilish intuition, had succeeded in performing an invaluable service to the leader himself, the 'high priest' - she had uncovered a conspiracy against him - was taking part in one of these executions. Suddenly she was grabbed hold of by those she regarded as her comrades, she was brutally beaten and dragged to a mass grave. She heard a bullet shoot past her ear, and then lost consciousness. Later it turned out that this had merely been the procedure of a higher initiation. Her 'friend' and fellow-member Kholovanov, called the 'Dragon', consoled her: 'We were testing you in the real thing', he said. 'The result is promising ... You are fulfilling our expectations.'

This is the way the old procedure of 'cutting out the stomach' is carried out in modern conditions. It is preceded by a long preparation with the aim of loosening the connection between astral and physical body. For this reason today's mystery pupils of Taotl continuously practise the free fall - sometimes from the stratosphere, sometimes from close to the ground - in which the opening of the parachute is delayed.

In one of his novels* Castaneda says of himself that, when he was once exposed to immediate outer danger, he experienced how a monster-like, unusually strong astral double suddenly released itself from him and delivered such a terrible astral blow to the witch, that she was even weakened physically. {*Castaneda's novels have been analyzed in another work by the present author: Triune Man of Body, Soul and Spirit in the Light of Anthroposophy (Volume I; Moskau-Basel-Verlag, 1993; Publisher's note).} Here he is describing a true occurrence. Under the effect of occult exercises whose main element is fear, the connection between Castaneda's astral and physical body is loosened. This normally results in a fettering of the lower nature, the luciferic-ahrimanic double of man.

The 'adepts' of the GRU experienced something of this kind; which is why they continuously exposed themselves to mortal dangers, so that finally certain changes took place in the solar plexus, the ganglion-system. Then the human being acquires the ability to awaken the forces of evil within him and put his 'I' in the occult service of evil.

It is a remarkable fact that the pupils of the 'Red Order' were mainly selected from among the Slavs. Owing to special factors in the ethnic development of the Slavs, the physical body of the Russians, Ukrainians and White Russians is more flexible than that of the other, older nations. Their connection of the 'I' with the body is more mobile; it fluctuates easily between the higher and the lower (double) nature. Hence they can so easily move from a boundless readiness to sacrifice to an equally boundless capacity for evil. In the mystery of the Asuras their development aims exclusively at the strengthening of the double.

The double represents the sum total of all the negative deeds of a human being in previous incarnations. The mysteries of the light help pupils to ennoble the double and live out negative karma, so that the path is opened up to true freedom. The mysteries of darkness lead their pupils in the very opposite direction - into total enslavement.

Occult Bolshevism remains true to its principles in every respect. Having pinned its hopes on the 'proletariat', the 'workers', it affords them free access to its mysteries. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and officers serving in the armed forces constitute in the 'Red Order' a kind of counterpart to the 'Rotary' and 'Lions' clubs in the West. Not much is divulged to them, but certain things are retained nevertheless. As they belong to the army elite, they arrive - even in a universal-human sense - at the deep conviction that human nature is, as Suvorov puts it, vicious and incorrigible, that we are all wild animals ... we fight always and everywhere. There is no truce, and there never will be ... life is a battle of evil with still greater evil. They are all subject to the strict rule and the vow: As soon as you have joined the organization, you belong to it completely. Of course not all - far from it - are aware how deeply this 'admission' leads into the infernal realms, or that a firm astral bond arises between 'priests' and 'lay people' (the sacrificial victims), which continues even beyond the threshold of death.

In the 'Red Order' one is not afraid of death; and this is the goal to which everything leads - death and the orgies of death. War is therefore an especially festive occasion for the Order. Peace - is war is proclaimed in the utopian world of 'English socialism', and, in his description of this, realized Bolshevistic socialism served as the model for George Orwell. This was a direct continuation of the Old Mexican Taotl-mysteries, in which the aim was to erect a mechanical, rigidified realm of death on the earth (Sep. 18, 1916, GA 171) through the 'killing' of all independence and of all movement of soul.



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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

Manichaeism, Catholicism, Freemasonry

Within the complex of questions dealt with in this book, this is the last one we will consider. It completes the 'structure' of our research through the laying of a final stone. It is one of the greatest mysteries of human existence, for the solution of which the philosophical and religious consciousness of mankind has wrestled for centuries: the mystery of evil. In its archetypal and essential nature it is a Mystery in the true sense, and for this reason artistic intuition (Bulgakov's Voland*) on the one hand, and confessional fanaticism estranged from the world ('much is wrong in the world') on the other, will in the future only weaken the creative forces of the human 'I'. {*Character from the novel The Master and Margarita by M. Bulgakov.} Moreover, if someone does not wish to attain knowledge of the mystery of evil in its concrete sense-supersensible form, even when he has the best incentives to do so (quite apart from the people who seek comfort in the illusion that they wish to have nothing to do with evil - even through cognition), he will nevertheless prove to be an instrument of evil to some degree. For evil has become so flexible in our century that it can adjust to any circumstance, provided a man reacts only dogmatically or remains passive out of laziness and does not examine and review these circumstances in a regular and thorough manner. Whoever wishes to hold fast to the truth has to make great efforts in order to maintain his balance in his struggle with the world-opposites of good and evil.

In European occult tradition knowledge is still preserved, of what are called the seven mysteries of life. But only in our century has it become possible to speak of them openly, exoterically. These mysteries are so profound, their content is so difficult to grasp by means of the intellect, that they are called the seven 'inexpressible', the 'nameless' mysteries. These are: the mystery of the abyss, of number, of alchemy, of death, the mystery of evil, of the word (Logoi) and of bliss in God (June 13, 1906, GA 94).

Of course by abstract thinking alone none of these mysteries can be solved, but we can come much closer to an understanding by approaching them with spiritual knowledge. We may even say that this knowledge is one of the most important tasks of developing 'I'-consciousness in the epoch of the consciousness-soul; that is, in the present European cultural epoch.

Regarding the mystery of evil we can definitely assert that the human being of today is unable to create what is truly good if he does not penetrate this mystery. All good intentions, often good deeds carried out without knowledge of the nature of evil, its technique and mode of action, remain uncertain, unstable and are easily transformed into evil. Good and evil are the two components of one world. As the phenomenon of magnetism does not occur without the positive and negative pole, so, in a certain phase of evolution (to which our time belongs), the phenomenon of man cannot exist without the polarity of good and evil.

In our previous considerations we have created the necessary basis to enable us to look behind the outer veil of evil and to try to recognize the archetypal phenomenon determining the many-facetted social-political phenomenology of today which, as we have already shown, is entirely pervaded by dark occultism. Here we have to reach back still further - and begin with the creation of man. For in the moment man was driven from Paradise, evil became an integral part of his development. But in this question the paths of religion and science diverge fundamentally and, in order to unite them again, i.e. to interpret the content of religious tradition scientifically, we must again turn to spiritual science, which looks upon this separation as deeply tragic. The sadly inadequate results to which science and religion have come in the question of good and evil are a consequence of it.

Anthroposophy is a direct successor of the doctrine of good and evil which was given to the world by one of the greatest leaders of humanity - Manes. In the third century he founded a small community in the Near East, and this grew gradually into a mighty spiritual stream known as Manichaeism. It seems that everything possible was undertaken by the religious faiths to slander Manichaeism - and with great success. Contributing to this was the fact that the ordinary disciples of Manes often understood his teaching only superficially, because its deep esotericism is expressed in the form of pictures.

Manich ¦ism is based on a deeply significant legend. We will tell it in the version given by Rudolf Steiner. The legend says that once the spirits of darkness wanted to storm the realm of light. They succeeded in reaching the boundary of the realm of light and wanted to conquer it. But they could accomplish nothing. Now they were to be punished ... by the realm of light. But nothing evil existed in the realm of light, only good. The demons of darkness could only have been punished with good. So what happened? ... The spirits of the realm of light took a portion of their realm and mixed it into the material kingdom of darkness ... Thus there arose within this realm of darkness a sourdough as it were, a ferment, which set the kingdom of darkness into a chaotic whirling dance, whereby it received a new element, namely death. So that it continuously devours itself and thus bears the seed of its own destruction within itself (Nov. 11, 1904, GA 93). The legend tells further that thanks to this event man appeared. As the first man (Adam) it was ... he who had been sent from the realm of light to mix with the realm of darkness and to overcome through death all that should not be in the realm of darkness; to overcome it within himself (ibid.).

Thus through the very fact of his existence man is placed before the task, not to deny evil but to transform it into good.

According to the Manich ¦an view, evil is good that was put at the wrong time into the wrong place. Dialectically speaking we have here to do with the question of the relationship between content and form, which comes into movement by virtue of the polarity. Spiritual light or self-consciousness, the 'I'-consciousness as being, gives rise, in its encounter with the realm of darkness, to a series of different forms, comes to expression in a variety of manifestations, without 'committing' itself to them finally, and overcomes them again and again, until it has become identical with the form, has attained 'agreement' with itself, has arrived at its own identity and transformed the form (matter, darkness) into pure spirit (light), so that the form of spiritual selfhood, the higher 'I', is born.

This is the direction followed by the inner life of Christendom. It comes into movement through the overcoming of its outer forms (the religious faiths). The point is not - says Rudolf Steiner - to seek equality everywhere in the outer forms of expression, but to sense the inner (Christian) stream of life that is there everywhere beneath the surface (Ibid.) And what can be found beneath the surface of the ecclesiastical forms is the pure content of Christianity. Occult Christianity, the Christianity of New Testament times as a Mystery - that is esoteric Christianity. For its future a worthy vessel is being prepared today, which the members of the Christian congregation can form if they succeed in purifying their own soul through work on themselves, raise it to the condition of Manas or Spirit-Self and, as a result of an inner catharsis, create fundamentally new forms of social life. This is the Manich ¦an view of Christian life.

The Cathars of the 12th century, whose name derives from the word 'catharsis', worked in the Manich ¦an spirit. As did also, from the 15th century onwards, the esoteric stream of Christianity founded by Christian Rosenkreutz.

From the point of view of the official Church everything we are describing here is an 'arch-heresy'. This is clearly the reason why it is so easy for neo-Bolshevism in today's Russia to raise all that comes from the Church on to the banner of its ideology. Catholicism, for its part, has for centuries responded to that heresy with murders and tortures. Yet it is interesting that Augustine almost became a Manich ¦an. He was prevented only through his total commitment to the form of faith prevailing at that time, which also made him into an opponent of a future form. Augustine became the opponent of 'Faust', a figure in whom, in his opinion, the Manich ¦an world-view was expressed.

However, this was merely an episode, because as a general tendency the polarity of Catholicism and esoteric Christianity was developing from almost as early as the 3rd or 4th century. Later it came to expression in the struggle of the Roman Church against the Templars, the Albigensians, the Rosicrucians etc.* {*The inhumanity of Rome in this struggle knew no bounds. Rudolf Steiner relates that the Inquisitors succeeded through prolonged, refined tortures (O'Brian also used them in Orwell's novel) to darken the consciousness of the Templars, so that from their subconscious there arose visionary experiences of luciferic forces which they consciously resisted inwardly. It was in this condition that they confessed to the desecration of sacred objects which, in clear consciousness, they held in the highest veneration. [ ¶] There were Templars who experienced during their initiation what the human soul is capable of even when it remains unconscious. The initiate becomes aware of this and tries to overcome what otherwise remains in the subconscious... he saw those human forces which strive to lead back to the old heathendom, to worship what the pagans worshipped and to scorn Christian progress. These people knew how the human soul can succumb to such temptations, because they had to overcome them consciously. Philip IV. had knowledge of these experiences thanks to his ahrimanic initiation through gold (September 25, 1916, GA 171). [ ¶] To this day the rumour is circulated that the Templars worshipped Baphomet. But Rudolf Steiner explains that Baphomet [is] a being of the ahrimanic world who appeared to people when they were being tortured. (Through the torturing of the Templars) this was cunningly made to happen. They brought back with them many visionary experiences when they returned to consciousness (GA 300a, p. 130).} They are all obliterated from the physical plane - says Rudolf Steiner - but their inner life works on. Later the antithesis is expressed in a weakened, yet still powerful form in two streams, both born of an occidental culture as Jesuitism ... and Freemasonry ... These are the offspring of the old spiritual streams. That is why you have in Jesuitism and Freemasonry a continuation of the same initiation ceremonies as in the old streams ... They run parallel to one another but follow quite different directions (Ibid.).

In previous chapters we spoke a great deal about the present relationships between the streams mentioned here, so that now the question that remains to be considered is that concerning the purely esoteric foundations of the battle between the world powers and between those who accompany them. A Manich ¦an legend provides the key, but it needs a spiritual-scientific interpretation.

The Worlds of Good and Evil

One of the most important requirements of the spiritual-scientific method of cognition is that all phenomena should be observed in their development. The teaching of the evolution of the world and of man forms the basis of the anthroposophical method of cognition. As this is our starting-point, we ought to act accordingly. But as we are restricted to one chapter we will express a number of postulates only additively, as information (i.e. not organically), and occasionally make use of diagrams. The latter are in any case commonly used and they can be very different. Some even serve as meditative formulae.

Anthroposophy speaks of the evolution of world and man as a process of global transformations, in the course of which the manifested conditions (Manvantaras) are followed by a general spiritualization of all existence (in Pralaya). Here one is drawing on traditional esoteric doctrine, which has been known in East and West for more than a millenium. Within the framework of our cycle of evolution (we can view it as a unity if we take account of the ancient Pythagorean school) in which the human being appears and rises to high levels of perfection, world evolution passes through seven Manvantaras or planetary aeons, as they are also called. In chapter 14 they were referred to without further explanation under their traditional names of Old Saturn, Earth, Future Jupiter etc.* {*Rudolf Steiner describes world evolution in detail in his book Occult Science, an Outline} In the course of each aeon man attains a certain level of consciousness. Thus on Old Saturn, for instance, he had an 'unconscious all-consciousness'; on Earth we acquire the objective, waking, thinking consciousness; in the future aeons man will ascend to three levels of individual super-consciousness.

There unfold in the world a multiplicity of different levels of being and of consciousness. Between man and God are found - purely spiritual beings - the Hierarchies. They stand high above man in evolution, and therefore take part in it as creators. Their self-consciousness is cosmic, substantial and disposes of immediate creative power. There are nine hierarchies, beginning with the angels and ascending to the Seraphim. Their names were already known to Christian Gnosis.

The divine act of creation through which the evolution of our cycle began must be imagined as proceeding from absolute unity, which has found expression in all monotheistic and monistic views right up to the present day. In Christian Gnosis (we should not at all consider it to be a heretical teaching if we wish to be factual) God is simultaneously one and three in one, which we should understand to mean that He is one in His hidden nature; and in revelation, when He turns to the act of creation of the new cycle (of the world), he is triune.

Our cycle differs principally from all others in that here absolute being confronts itself (in unity) for the first time. And man appears as a new creation originally at the boundary of the mutual confrontation of being and non-being, of World-'I' and World-non-'I'. This is the actual nature of the principal law of the emergence of our 'I'-consciousness. In order that it should acquire its main characteristics - self-determination, freedom of choice, freedom of will -, God had to confront Himself. J. G. Fichte expressed this philosophically as the identity of 'I' = not-'I'.

On an esoteric, occult level we should understand this to mean that the divine hierarchies, when they enter the evolutionary cycle, form relationships which, to the degree that they immerse themselves in the created world, assume the character of polarities. So that finally the world of 'secondary' gods, the gods of the non-'I'-world, comes into being, in which everything is only a mirror image of the true Divine World.

In the general world-picture, where everything has an anthropocentric character (corresponding to the plan of our evolutionary cycle), there stands over against the Divine Trinity - the realm of light - the tri-unity of the world of being 'other'. This is spoken of as the 'fallen', the evil world and it is - as material cosmos - also a unity.

Anthroposophy provides a deep and many-sided description of the personified structure of the world of not-'I'. In its own way it too consists of 'three hypostases'. In the divine all-unity the three true hypostases are opposed, not by a onefold, but by a threefold evil: three kinds, as it were, of 'anti-divine' beings: the luciferic, ahrimanic, and asuric.



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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

The activity of self-formation, and the descent of God and the hierarchies in the creative process, interpenetrate each other (fig. 10) and bring about in the Earth aeon a global turn in evolution. In the likeness of a Grail-vessel the evolutionary cycle (seven aeons) stands at first within eternity, formed by the timeless being of the hierarchies and permeated by the three hypostases of divine revelation. All this can be understood as the totality of laws determining everything that comes into being through evolution in time and space as a mirror-image of the 'vessel'.

Thus the material universe, the four kingdoms of nature, are a 'reflection'. They have been in a descending movement since Old Saturn; they have been falling away from God. During the Earth aeon this descent reaches its lowest point, its limit, and the process of ascent begins.

We may conclude from this that the evolution of man and the world takes place in two aspects simultaneously. In the extra-temporal realm it has already come to completion, whereas in time it has only reached the mid-point. This raises many questions concerning the nature of time, of predestination, freedom etc. The author addresses these in his work Triune Man of Body, Soul and Spirit in the Light of Anthroposophy, according to the method developed by him. In the present chapter we can only refer to this.

What is described in the Bible as the expulsion from Paradise is the transition of man from the world of the 2nd revelation to that of the 3rd, where he can develop freedom of the spirit. Whoever is unwilling to venture into the realm of trials and of error cannot attain spiritual freedom. And in order that human deeds might not work too destructively for the higher world of being, for the higher harmony, our dense, lifeless shadow-world was created, in which everything higher exists only in its reflection, as a likeness.

But we should not imagine that the polarity of two worlds - that of being and that of non-being - has only conditional significance. The world of being-other has the potential within it to cancel out the world of being, and become itself the sole reality. Something of this kind could take place if the purposes of the realm of darkness are realized in the time necessary to this realm, and not in the time necessary to the universe. If this were to come about, then good would transform into evil. And in order that this should not happen, the Son of God descended into the world of self-confrontation that had been willed by Him, and changed within it the law of descent, of materialization, of the Fall and of enmity, through transforming it into a law of ascent, of spiritualization, of all-unity and love.

After the Mystery of Golgatha the lawful and (for the sake of evolution) necessary descent of man into matter, the Fall into sin, must be arrested at the wish of the human being who has attained 'I'-consciousness. The Fall must be replaced by repentance. Every person can draw the necessary strength for this from the deed of the incarnating God, who went through death and gave the power of resurrection even to the physical body of man.

Figure 11

The cosmic constellation of the human being, particularly in modern times, is extremely complex. On the one hand he remains within eternity, in the lap of the Divine Trinity, only unconscious. On the other hand, if he is to become conscious of his situation - which is the main task of the spiritual ontogenesis of man, if one may so express it (because we can develop ourselves only in the totality of body, soul and spirit) -, he must for a period of time work upon himself within a further trinity: that of Christ, Lucifer and Ahriman. And if he errs (development always entails risks), he may quickly find himself within yet another trinity: that of Lucifer, Ahriman and Asura (a retarded spirit of personality, archai). He will then fall out of the evolution intended for him by the divine worlds, and take a different path of which the Gospel says that there reigns outer darkness; there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 22; 13). At some point this world too will be transformed into good, but today no-one can say whether the human being who takes this path will then still exist.

To the spoiled but also intimidated human being of today, it is highly uncomfortable to learn of truths like these. And yet he must either develop within himself the strength and the wish to face up to the truth, in order to recognize the true laws of development and work upon himself (then God Himself will be his helper), or sooner or later he will find himself on the path of 'continuous Fall'. In some black-magical occult circles this path is even considered the best, but such opinions belong to 'black' romanticism, which is a special kind of egoism.

Thus everything in man is predestined to good; but without risk, without an act of daring, without the possibility of choosing between good and evil, he cannot become a free spirit. The risk is permitted by God, and it does not lie within man's power to eliminate it. And the guarantee of security suggested by the Church is given at the price of the renunciation of 'I'-consciousness (the sin that cannot be forgiven), at the price of falling back into group-consciousness, for the overcoming of which so much effort has been expended. The falling back into group-consciousness leads man back into the grey distant past when he was still at the stage of animal-man. On this path nothing but the gravest perils await him.

The Fall

Since the human being is forced to live in a so catastrophic time as the present, he tends to ask himself why God allows this all. Does He not have the power to exclude Ahriman or Lucifer? And straight away the doubt arises: Maybe God is not perfect and all-powerful after all?

But God is perfect and everything lies within His power. He does not exclude Lucifer and Ahriman, because together with them He would also have to exclude a number of philosophers who deal with such questions, as Rudolf Steiner once remarked.

We could also ask the more comprehensive question: Why did God allow the Fall of man? Seen from the theological point of view we will not find an answer to this. And then all we can do is wrangle with God or deny His existence. Even in occult societies, where 'action' is preferred above spiritual cognition, where people know what they want but not what for, one does not get any further.

In Anthroposophy the process of the 'Fall' is said to be a part of evolution. And this is fundamentally true. Actually it already began when man's physical body was created in the aeon of Old Saturn. Since then the connection of man to material existence has grown ever closer (cf. fig. 11). Next to the, let us say, ideal course of evolution (the upper 'vessel'), there arises the realm of development in which the spiritual and the material interweave in a complicated way, in which the four natural kingdoms are formed. But all this remains within the sphere of divine creative deed, which, as three cosmic creative rays of force, provides the main law of our evolutionary cycle (they become energies only in the material world) (fig. 10, p. *). For this reason the Holy Trinity is the personified expression of the basic law of all being, and also of non-being.

In the Earth aeon the realm within which human evolution unfolds grows especially large. It reaches its boundary in the meeting with a purely spiritual existence, its divine original source. This comes to expression in the emergence of inorganic nature, which, in its four (alchemical) elements earth, water, air and warmth, reflects in an ideal manner (within the realm of 'being-other') the divine world order. Here 'being-other' attains perfection and at the same time its summit, its crown: the higher nerve-activity of man; we owe our reflective thinking to the mineralizing processes in our nerves.

In each aeon development begins with a repetition of the earlier conditions, after which the new arises. Man's sinking down into the solid realm of the earth was determined by his previous development. The Bible describes only in pictorial form how this took place, but does not explain why. It would be naïve to suppose that the first man, Adam, could have erred as an individuality. For this reason the 'original sin', which lives in us all, should be looked upon as an evolutionary rather than as a moral question. We atone for it through overcoming blood-ties and extending the evolution of species, which gave us the body so that it might become a vessel for the spirit, by means of our spirit and soul-evolution, whereby individual man becomes a species.

It is a real sin, if the human being does not wish to participate in the great transformation which took place in the middle of the Earth aeon, and after which any further descent into matter had no meaning. Man becomes guilty of something truly evil, a 'mortal sin', if he tries, with his 'I'-consciousness whose development entailed so many sacrifices from the spiritual world, to penetrate into the realm of sub-nature, thereby forfeiting the possibility of continuing on the human path of evolution. Especially effective in drawing man into this sphere is the now apparent 'reconciliation' between materialistic science and religion which has lost every trace of spirituality. In a tone of the highest positivity and tolerance, of the greatest benevolence, the leaders of the new universal ecumenism teach man to live with concepts like 'spiritual or rarefied material world', 'divine or energetic-informative world', etc.

Thus human development can take three directions within the context of the seven aeons. In figure 11 these are represented by spheres I, II and III. After man has attained individual consciousness he may choose any one of these, but he should first know what they mean and where each of them leads.

The upper path (sphere I) is for man the ideal and highest goal. Here he already stood as God's creation and was endowed by the spirits of form or Elohim with a spark of their fire. The 'I' lit up in him and man experienced his independence outside the material body. But this consciousness of the higher 'I' was an ideal mirroring of the world-all, and could not serve for cognition of the world. If man had remained in this condition, the Elohim would have endowed him with a purely supersensible form of consciousness-being corresponding to his nature. Instead of the skeletal system, says Rudolf Steiner, man would have had Imagination. The spirits of movement (Dynamis - the hierarchy above the Elohim) would have given him Inspiration instead of muscles, and the spirits of wisdom (Kyriotetes) Intuition instead of the nervous system (Dec. 30, 1912, GA 134). Man would have remained a threefold cosmic being existing in the three conditions of cosmic super-consciousness (which he is only now beginning to develop and must bring to completion in the coming aeons). But in this condition he would never had attained individual freedom, and his high level of consciousness would have had super-individual but group-like traits. In other words, that lofty unity would never have differentiated into the multiplicity of individual 'I's' which determines the original being of earth's humanity. The original being and the self-consciousness which man possesses today have arisen out of the fact that God Himself 'expelled' him from that high sphere of being, from Paradise, and gave him the task of returning to it as a free spirit.

For this 'expulsion' to succeed even the beings of the divine hierarchies had to oppose each other. But those among them who opposed the purely spiritual course of human evolution, says Rudolf Steiner, need not be considered evil forces. We can even say that they sacrificed themselves through obstructing the path of development. These powers can thus be called the gods of hindrance in the broadest sense of the word ... [they] were not yet evil as such, on the contrary, they were great furtherers of development in that they were up in arms against normal development. But they were the originators of evil (April 18, 1909, GA 110).

The diving down of man into material being was connected with the birth of time. When this process began, some of the beings of the highest hierarchies, the Seraphim, refused to accompany him on this path. They remained faithful to eternity, so that the downward development could in time return to them again. But such beings of the first hierarchy can also be called luciferic in a quite definite and very special sense.

A division also took place in the lowest hierarchy, that of the angels. Some of them helped man, when the spirits of form endowed him with the 'I'-spark to experience himself within it spiritually (in eternity). But the angels we call luciferic led into the human astral body, the bearer of feeling and consciousness, the principle of division that had occurred in the world of the hierarchies: the possibility of choosing between good and evil. Thereby man became a being of space and time. The division of the hierarchies reveals itself in so manifold a way.

Despite their grandeur and sublimity the beings of the higher hierarchies do not know freedom of choice. All that is untrue or evil is for them non-being. The evolution of their 'I'-consciousness took place in accordance with different laws than those prevailing in our cycle. Only in the third hierarchy, amongst the angels, archangels and archai does the possibility exist of freedom, and, connected with this, of error, i.e. of remaining behind in one's development. In this something always remains behind. In some cases the remaining behind occurs as a sacrifice for the benefit of a lower stage of development, in others not.

The beings of the third hierarchy developed their 'I'-consciousness within our evolutionary cycle, but already in past aeons. Some of them stayed behind, but this time not in the conventional way. To these belong the luciferic and ahrimanic beings - the retarded angels and archangels. The one who tempted man in Paradise is known to us as Serpent or Lucifer.

The possibility of freedom acquired by the beings of the third hierarchy cannot be lawful, since they cannot incarnate in physical bodies in order to tread the path of earthly man. In the spiritual world freedom and imperfection are irreconcilable. Their path would actually need to remain in the upper sphere (fig. 11, sphere I, p. *). But they have come into contradiction with the laws of higher being and at some time in the past missed the opportunity to develop their 'I'-consciousness, so that they now use man to make up for what they missed. Through their battle against the true gods a consolidation of spirit to the state of materiality is brought about; and an actual sub-physical realm is created in which the ether- and astral forces of the universe disintegrate. These beings know no bounds in their intentions. They hope to 'draw' the entire universe across into their sphere and, as it were, turn it inside-out.

Initially it was only given to man to develop the principle of freedom in the right way, and it is the foremost task of our entire evolutionary macro-cycle to create a hierarchy of freedom and love. It was for this reason that the Gods decided to drive man out into the material cosmos, whereby they also brought suffering upon themselves. In this way a tragedy entered world-development. You were bought at a price says the Apostle Paul (1. Cor. 7; 23). And Rudolf Steiner says Free will on the one hand, the possibility to choose between good and evil, between the beautiful and the ugly, between true and false, this free will on the one hand, and an apprehension of the divine so that it penetrates into our soul and we know ourselves to be inwardly filled, freely filled with the divine on the other hand, these are the two goals of human soul-development on earth (July 12, 1914, GA 155). In order to attain these, man received two religious gifts. One of them is intended to place into the human soul the forces that lead to freedom, to the distinguishing between true and false, beautiful and ugly, good and evil (Ibid.). This gift was the Fall. Through a further gift a seed was laid in our soul, out of which will rise the capacity to feel the divine within. The second religious gift is that which we meet in all that is expressed in the word: Mystery of Golgatha ... in these two religious gifts is contained all that is essential in world evolution (Ibid.).

The reader could raise at least two objections to what has been said above, if his quest for knowledge stops at the trivialities offered by modern science and theology with regard to the profound mysteries of existence. Above all he will object that freedom and predetermination are irreconcilable. But in this case he should consider that, as Rudolf Steiner says, man's free action will in future depend as little on what predetermined factors will be, as this freedom is dependent on his intention to live next year in a house whose plan he is now deciding upon. He will be free to the degree that he can be according to his inner nature, in the house he has built for himself. And on Jupiter and Venus he will be as free as his inner being allows, i.e. within the conditions that will arise there. Freedom will not depend upon what past conditions have predetermined, but upon what the soul has made of itself (GA 13, p. 413-414; emphasis by the present author).

To be free means to find oneself as spirit within oneself says Rudolf Steiner (May 15, 1910, GA 118).

A further objection will relate to the view of the Fall as a gift of God, and it will probably be raised with particularly strong emotion. Man can overcome this objection only within himself, through turning to spirit knowledge. Otherwise he would have to admit that God made a mistake etc.

The development of the human being is far more complicated than science claims, and the Biblical myth of creation needs to be deciphered, interpreted.

Man Between Lucifer and Ahriman

Nine kinds of spiritual beings, who rank above man in evolution, have achieved the development of 'I'-consciousness. For six of them this took place in cosmic conditions that have hardly anything in common with the present. The three lower hierarchies - angels, archangels and archai - went through their 'human stage' in past aeons, i.e. they then possessed object-consciousness. But not all of them succeeded in fulfilling the tasks in their sphere, for it is one of the evolutionary laws of our cycle that some remain behind and are overtaken by others in development: Thus, for instance, the angels who did not fulfil their task in the Old Moon aeon, cannot in the Earth aeon ascend to the level of consciousness that the archangels possessed on the Old Moon etc. They now have to catch up in their development, and this can only take place with the help of man, i.e. the human astral body, when this separates from the general astral body of humanity - or, figuratively expressed, from Adam.

This process was extremely complex. As a result of it, human consciousness could no longer be a mirror of the cosmos as the spirits of form had made it when they endowed it with the 'I'. In man the ability arose to control the pictures in his consciousness. However, this control did not proceed from the higher 'I', but from the astral body in which retarded angels - luciferic beings - were active. In this way the 'I', which ranked higher than the astral body, became dependent upon it. Man was from then on, says Rudolf Steiner, exposed to the continuous influences of the lower element in his nature (GA 13, p. 248); the possibility of error and of evil arose. The substances began to densify. The warmth ether caused physical warmth and the (lower) 'I' awakened by the luciferic desires of the astral body to arise in its first rudiments. If felt itself attracted gradually by the fiery materiality of earth, and man was drawn into this to an excessive degree. Untrue imaginations (at first supersensible but already becoming individualized - the serpent seduced man through knowledge) which could not be harmonized with higher spiritual influences, caused sickness and death. These come from our astral body.

The ether-body (which directs the life processes) was protected from the luciferic influence at the stage of the temptation. In part it was guided, as hitherto, by hierarchical beings (man was forbidden to eat of the fruits of the 'tree of life'), not by the 'I', which, after having become substantial, would have fallen as substance from the spirit, i.e. irrevocably. The physical expression of all the processes described became the gradual regulation of the mutual relations of (the planets) sun, moon and earth (GA 13, p. 250-252) and also of other heavenly bodies.

Death began to regulate the extent to which man came into contact with evil. Simultaneously with freedom and the possibility of error, fear arose. Behind the phenomena of death and fear there stand ahrimanic beings. They remained behind at a still earlier stage that did the luciferic beings. They ought to have attained the level of archangels already in the aeon of the Old Sun, but failed to do so.

Thus we see that complex transformations in evolution, which were related to the emergence of a new kind of self-consciousness that was also being elaborated by man, determined the polarity of good and evil in the cosmos. Here one should bear in mind that the (actively) willing 'I'-Logos represents the most essential element in cosmic evolution. There exist in the cosmos only beings endowed with the 'I'. This 'I' can be an individual or - for a time - a group-'I'. In the latter case being has a semi-illusory character. This is the most important truth of being, independent of any confessional prejudice. We should admit that the conditions in the world originate with the creator and not with man, and that it is therefore better to recognize than to deny and falsify them.

Everything in the world is determined by the laws of development. The laws themselves are beings, hierarchies in their rank and in their relation to each other (here lies the origin of the doctrine of the categories), whereby their deeds and their mutual interaction are determined. They are solely creative force of 'I'-consciousness. Human freedom also develops in harmony with the higher laws, since it is not arbitrary but the self-determined condition of the individual spirit. In order to attain this, the relation between subject and object has to arise within the original unified whole; the subject must, in order to become a subject, mirror itself in the object. At a given point in development this mirroring relationship assumes the character of polarity and negation. A world arises in which the higher condition of consciousness and being prevails through the negation of a lower. But the antithesis remains basically ethical, because everything is oriented towards the future synthesis, to all-unity - the unity of the entire multiplicity of 'I'-consciousnesses. In addition to this the negation is enclosed within the innermost being of man; where it has a perfectly legitimate function, for through it thinking arises.

The earthly human 'I' arises through the combining of these ingredients: thinking, feeling and willing. They all owe their genesis to the earthly existence of man: the higher nerve activity, the sensations and perceptions and a certain unconscious, instinctive force - the will. All three ingredients have a positive and a negative pole: affirmation is opposed by negation, a positive feeling by a negative one, constructive will is opposed by destructive will or absence of will. All this has long been known to the traditional sciences. Spiritual science completes the picture by adding the knowledge of the personified nature of all psychic and spiritual manifestations of man - his qualities.

When physiology speaks of the decay of nerve substance during the thought process, Anthroposophy provides in addition the teaching of ahrimanic beings, of their goals and world-mission. When psychoanalysis describes the 'sludge' in the soul and the various confusions arising in the human 'libido', Anthroposophy places over against this the teachings of the 'Doppelgänger'-being dwelling in the sub-nature of man, and of reincarnation and karma.

The conditions prevailing in the cosmos require of man that he should attain knowledge of the world-battle waged by the Gods against the luciferic and ahrimanic hordes. In this battle the highest God, who passed through death on earth and pointed the way to the final overcoming of the world-dualism of spirit and matter, is on the side of man. But man can follow Christ only in the 'I', for He is the God of the human 'I'. This means that, in his 'I', which he lives out in the combined faculties thinking, feeling and willing, the human being should strive for the ideal of the higher life, which brings not impoverishment and loss but enhancement of self-consciousness and the wealth of individual being.

On the path to higher stages of life hindrances are created by the luciferic and ahrimanic beings. As we have already mentioned, they need the human being, in order to catch up in their development. Thus they initially furthered man's individualization, his separation from the universal-human. But now man's task is not to follow them any longer, but to lead a strong, independent life in his 'I' through overcoming them.

When Lucifer and Ahriman influence human thinking, their aim is to arouse the false conviction that man in his inner being is only contradictory, and that the contradictions cannot be resolved. Thus they invent, says Rudolf Steiner, thought-combinations in the human soul such as: in tune, in harmony with the infinite, etc. Such conceptions arise because in their souls human beings are too cowardly to face up to contradiction, and want to let Lucifer-Ahriman invent for them a harmony with the infinite ... To seek satisfaction in such a world-view is equivalent to tying a blindfold over one's eyes. Today the human being shies away from looking at the multiplicity of battles that are fought in spiritual realms (Aug. 14, 1917, GA 176).

When attacking man, Lucifer approaches him from the side of the will (from below) and Ahriman from thinking (from above). Ahriman continuously strives to make man only into a head. Lucifer seeks continuously to cut off man's head so that he cannot think at all, so that everything is diverted through the heart and streams out as warmth, that he overflows with world-love and pours out into the world as world-love, pours forth as a cosmic fantasist (July 3, 1921, GA 205). Lucifer is fond of pious souls who strive for the spirit, for the good, but only out of egoism. Nowhere does Lucifer intrude more in our feelings - Rudolf Steiner says - than where people are striving for the divine out of their passions and desires (often cunningly refined) without illuminating the divine with the light of knowledge (May 18, 1910, GA 120).

Thinking has actually, if the human being truly masters it and does not merely use stereotyped phrases, the quality of will. Here instinctive will becomes conscious for the first time through the motive of an action, and then a deed becomes our own. The Luciferic beings, however, fetter the will that begins to free itself in man. They try to cast unclarity over the human being regarding the exercise of free will through making him into a good being. Lucifer wants actually to bring about - says Rudolf Steiner -, from the point of view I am alluding to here, the good in man, the spiritual. But he wants to make it automatic, without free will. The human being is, so to speak, to be automatically raised to clairvoyance according to good principles, but the luciferic beings want to rob man of his free will (and thereby) of the possibility for evil ... [They] have a strong interest in taking hold of man so that he cannot come to free (i.e. reasoned) will, because they did not achieve it themselves. Free will can only be attained on earth. But they want to have nothing to do with the earth ... They act in a highly spiritual manner, but they act automatically - this is of immense significance -, and they want to raise the human being up to their own ... spiritual height (Oct. 9, 1918, GA 182).

If we take note of these words and think of all the moral sermons with which all the confessions throughout the world wish to edify us, we realize at once that the utopia of K. S. Mereshkovsky will surely become social reality if people are unwilling to recognize in what times they are living. Where the luciferic beings once gave man the impulse to freedom, they now do the exact opposite. The reason for this is profound, for they remained behind in the aeon of the Old Moon, when man did not yet have an 'I'. The highest member of his revealed existence was the astral body. At that time they were not yet permitted to work upon it; but in the earth aeon they may. Here, however, man is developing the individual 'I', which is worked upon above all by the higher spirits; and through the 'I' they then work further on to the astral body and effect within it a catharsis. For this reason the 'I' is the enemy of the luciferic spirits, who try to extinguish it by working upon it from the astral body. They were allowed to inhabit this in order to fragment the unity of the astrality of mankind into a multiplicity of monads. Thanks to the luciferic spirits man can experience enthusiasm and elation - the source of his artistic activity. Thus human freedom was made possible, but at the same time the fall from God, and evil.

In a certain sense the human being strives for the ideal of ascending higher than his thoughts, feelings and expressions of will, to look upon them as something external in relation to himself as 'I'. But it is not easy to go through life in such a frame of mind. And at the same time, so long as it is not objectified in us, we can have no conception of the way 'I' and thinking, feeling and willing can stand over against one another, as this was originally intended by the divine beings.

The human being was intended to be an observer of himself, not to experience within himself - says Rudolf Steiner. But, he continues, Lucifer turned to man and spoke the following words: 'Just look, O man, how boring it is always to walk around in the world with this one central point 'I am', and merely look at everything else. It is far more interesting to dive down into your astral body. I give you the power to dive down into your astral body, and then you will not remain one-sidedly in your 'I' always staring only at your 'double', but you will dive down into it. Whatever may come over you as you dive into your astral body, which would feel like a drowning, I will compensate for by giving you something of my strength ...' And what man received by way of luciferic strength is the surplus of the 'I' over the astral body, it is the greater 'I-hood', which is actually luciferic (Dec. 29, 1911, GA 134). This is how we united through the higher 'I' with our thinking, feeling and willing and started to build our everyday 'I', so to speak, from below upwards.

The excess of the 'I'-force over the astral body gave rise to the excess of the astral body over the ether-body and this, in Lemurian times, led to the birth of individual life-processes.

The deeds of Lucifer had karmic consequences: Ahriman, whose main task in evolution is the consolidation of matter, intervened in the individual development of the human being. In proportion as the physical body densified, it acquired domination over the ether-body, thus giving rise to the phenomenon of death. But this intervention of Ahriman also made possible the development of the sense organs. As a further step the ether-body, under the influence of Ahriman in his active response to the deeds of Lucifer, begins to prevail over the astral body, and man senses himself throughout his whole body - glandular processes begin (Ibid.).

Thus to the degree that the harmony and balance of the threefold human body and 'I' created by the hierarchies is destroyed, the process of expulsion of man from Paradise takes place. Man was predestined to mirror world-consciousness perfectly through the members of his being, to be a kind of angel, but a withered angel, an object of world life - as Rudolf Steiner remarks. He was banished to the earth kingdom, which lies between the angel and animal-kingdoms. For this reason in the first period of life on earth the outer human form resembled that of animals. But this was only the form of archetypal man, within which he was ensouled by super-human divine wisdom. Gradually, however, this wisdom was extinguished in him, and in its place what we today call rationality slowly developed. In this Ahrimanic beings made their dwelling. In order to catch up on what they have missed they endeavour to tread the path of men to create his form in which he overcame the half-animal stage (e.g. achieved the upright posture). But it is not possible for them, and they experience terrible suffering. Rudolf Steiner describes this condition: It is as if an animal were to feel dimly within: You ought to be erect, you ought to be human - as though it wanted to tear apart everything inside itself. This is the terrible pain that is actually felt by the ahrimanic beings. It can only be assuaged if they approach man and take hold of his understanding. Then the understanding cools down the pain. This is why they cling as it were with their entire being to the human understanding, they dig their nails into it, harden their bones inside it (Oct. 23, 1921, GA 208). It is a terrible picture. But there is no sense in shying away from it; without reason there would be no consciousness. And reason needs a certain 'solidity' for support. And, since this already exists, man should spiritualize thinking, advance to an individualized perception of the intelligible world and enter the world of the hierarchies as a subject.

Man has the task of penetrating thinking with the will, of developing reason, of enlivening his thoughts, giving them substance and then carrying individually-willed thinking as the substance of his 'I' across the threshold of the supersensible world (on the path of initiation or after death). But Ahriman wishes to prevent this. He would like the will to remain separate, and thoughts to be especially formed only in us (in the way he wishes; July 3, 1921, GA 205). In this case we would lose our individuality. We would arrive at the moment of death with an altogether exaggerated, instinctively-formed thought. But we humans would not be able to retain this thought, and Ahriman would be able to take hold of it and integrate it into the rest of the world ... (Ibid.). Humanity faces this danger if it continues in present-day materialism (however broadly its concepts may be interpreted) with the result that the ahrimanic powers so gain in strength that Ahriman can steal thoughts from the human being and incorporate them in their effective working into the earth (i.e. the abstractions become reality) so that the earth, which is actually (in time) supposed to pass away (spiritualize) will be consolidated ... Ahriman works counter to the word: 'Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will not pass away'. He wants the words to be thrown away and that heaven and earth should remain (materially). This can only be accomplished when human beings are robbed of their thoughts, when human beings are de-individualized (Ibid.).

In the lecture quoted above Rudolf Steiner goes on to speak about the human brain, and says that it will grow ever harder if the ahrimanic influence persists, and that human beings would have to live with materialistic, obsessive ideas. The whole approach to pedagogy and education would be structured in such a way that the human being would no longer be able to have flexible thoughts, that even children from a certain age on would only have very rigid thoughts. And all this has virtually been accomplished today. In time means will be found to teach the human being instantaneously, outside school and at a certain age, everything he needs to know, so that he becomes an extremely clever automaton. Through injection with certain substances it will be accomplished (in such a case) that the ether-body is loosened in the physical body ... (and in that case) the interplay between cosmos and ether-body will be extremely lively, [but] man will become an automaton if his physical body is not educated through spiritual will here on earth (Ibid.). The reader who follows the latest achievements of science will say that this has already been done in individual cases. People will therefore have all the more reason to be concerned about their future, and not only the earthly one.

Manifold are the influences upon man, of Lucifer and Ahriman, who are antipodes in the cosmos. They reveal themselves as such also within us. Where, for instance, Lucifer hates any kind of law, Ahriman would like everything to comply with law: statutes, regulations, programmes and so on.



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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

On the one hand all this has to be, for through opposing God man becomes a free spirit. On the other hand, because 'I'-consciousness is already developed, man must use this capacity in the task of reconciliation with God, and lead his forces along the path of higher development. The 'prodigal son' should have returned to his spiritual home long ago and should know exactly how this is achieved. He should know that for a long time to come he will be standing between the luciferic and ahrimanic forces which he is not permitted to ignore, eliminate or conquer, but which he must learn to lead to mutual cancellation. That is the method to use in the battle with evil. It is based on the continuous enhancement of the principle of individuality, of self-consciousness.

It is of crucial importance for us to know that Ahriman's influence on man in our epoch is dangerous only when the consciousness is disturbed in any way. So long as the consciousness is clear and alert, is not darkened by lies, drugged by sub-culture or undermined by occult practices, asceticism and fear - then neither Ahriman nor Lucifer can harm man. On the contrary, the autonomous human spirit is strengthened through confronting them.

It is dangerous, indeed fatal, for the human being if he does not know what dark spiritual forces approach him, when Lucifer is confused with God and Ahriman with Lucifer. The adversaries know the forces which enable man to build a trinity on the earthly plane, and they veil this secret from him completely, for its revelation enables humanity to achieve the state of balance between ahrimanic and luciferic powers (Nov. 21, 1919, GA 194) and neutralize them.

Rudolf Steiner embodied the secret of the mystery-battle of good and evil in the group 'The Representative of Man' (see fig.). The central figure is Christ as he appears today to the human soul who rises to perception of the etheric forces. The soul then perceives how Christ holds Ahriman back in the sphere of the mineral forces (the gesture of the right hand), and directs him to his realm of measure, number and weight. With the gesture of the left hand Christ keeps Lucifer back from the fall into darkness, and thereby opens up for him the possibility of salvation (the figure of Lucifer externally reminds one of the ear - he has a special relation to the sense of hearing). In the central area of the group Lucifer and Ahriman appear in their cosmic antithesis. From a rock in the upper left-hand corner World-humour smiles down upon us. If the secrets of the world that are revealed to man are too mighty, he is in danger of losing his sense of humour.

[Abbildung Holzgruppe]

In the position of the Christ represented in the group the human being should learn to experience himself, not, however, in a sentimental, pseudo-romantic or reckless way, but according to the principle of Not I, but Christ in me. Then he will find the strength to stand firmly on the earth and live out the karma of materialism rightly, to atone for original sin, without being thrown into disarray by the encounter with the emissaries of Satan and the Devil, be it in factories, banks, shops, in the press, in culture, in occultism or even in the Church. All the factors of civilization have a meaning. This helps the strong - and ruins the weak. The weak therefore must become strong - through knowledge. But knowledge without will or will without knowledge is the true enemy of man. Through it the feeling-sphere also becomes deformed.

All that surrounds us, without and within, has not come about through a 'mistake' of the Divinity but for the sake of the unique world creation, for man as the future hierarchy of freedom and love.

The Individual Spirit and the Evolution of Species

In evolution all retarding is accompanied by densification. Just as in a liquid everything that cannot remain in a state of solution becomes a deposit so, also in the spiritual, everything that loses its connection to the whole, the ability to be permeated by the universal, separates off, and thus 'coagulates', as it were. The condition of life in the universe is based on four kinds of ether: warmth-ether, light-ether etc. The etheric is pervaded by the astral, in which a disjunction, a remaining behind takes place. This then causes a retardation in the etheric, and the result of all this is the emergence of the world of 'otherness', the elementary world: earth, water, air, warmth.

Rudolf Steiner explains: ... through the compression of the human body brought about by the luciferic beings, man became heavier and sank down from the periphery (of the earth) to the ground. This was the departure from Paradise, as it is figuratively described (Aug. 24, 1910, GA 122). The luciferic spirits asserted their own will, and this created in the human astral body desires which drew him downwards into a more rigid form, so that the etheric and physical consolidation took place. Then the progressive Gods were obliged to place man into a sphere where, from the light-ether downwards, death lives in his physical body. But at that time these progressive Gods said ...: 'Man has acquired the power to distinguish good and evil, but he shall not have life. He shall not eat of the 'tree of life' (July 16, 1914, GA 155).

Man was expelled from the world of the life-forces, in which he had dwelt in a super-conscious condition, and where consciousness and existence formed a unity. From then on he had to experience them as separate, whereby the force of his individual 'I' increased in strength, but not in substance. The secret of life remained beyond the threshold of consciousness and revealed itself only in instinctive will. And thus it will remain, so long as man has not learned to direct his life-processes with his consciousness. To the present day we breathe instinctively; we are not conscious of blood-circulation or the processes of metabolism.

The process of individualization of the human being has stopped at the point of the exchange with the environment. Therefore two worlds had to arise: the inner and the outer. The interaction between them was gradually differentiated into a number of processes such as digestion, breathing and perception. In the aeon of the Old Sun digestion and breathing were a single process. Later they were again separated from one another, parallel to the development of the inner organs, circulation and the nervous system, and still later, during the Lemurian period of the Earth aeon, the sense organs began to open outwards. Their activity has become a refined (astral) breathing process.

In the Bible it says that God breathed the living breath into man (Genesis 2;7), i.e. man took his first breath, received from without a certain inner content and thus unavoidably separated from God. In this way the separation of man from God began, and at the same time the system of his inner organs began to develop. They are all the result of separation, of egoistic enclosure within oneself, and consequently their 'pocket' shape is not accidental. Man is evil because of his organs; the possibility of evil is contained in them (Aug. 22, 1924, GA 243). A sick organ concentrates evil within itself to a special degree, and can thus even die off.

The organs of the body are connected with the planetary system. At the beginning of the Earth aeon there was indeed a 'primal nebula'. Materially it consisted only of warmth, which was permeated by a unified etheric-astral formation, and this constituted the Macro-Anthropos which had passed over from the condition of the Great Pralaya to the Manvantara. What separated out as planets from this formation, let us say the 'first Adam', were, in a manner of speaking, macrocosmic inner organs. Against this background astrology, following the ancient forms of the art of healing, brings the inner organs of modern man in relation to the planets. Our organs are indeed the microcosmic expression of the planets: the heart that of the sun, the liver that of Jupiter etc. But this relation goes further, on to the fixed stars whence the 'primal nebula', as it is called, originates. It was on this macro-level that good and evil came into mutual opposition as a result of the separation of the hierarchies.

Such is, in very broad terms, the phenomenology of the Fall. As we have seen, its origin lies in the Fall of the archetypal phenomenon. This is spoken of in what is known as the Rosicrucian legend of the creation of man, which is more esoteric than the world of the Bible. It tells how Adam saw under the olive tree in Paradise an angel that resembled a pentagram resting on two pillars. In esoteric tradition these pillars were called 'Yakin' and 'Boas'. Adam swore never to be led astray with respect to the force represented in these pillars. But when Lucifer tempted him, Adam erred. When he again visited the place where the angel had appeared to him, so Rudolf Steiner relates, he experienced fear of his own being. The fallen pentagram, open on one side (and thus) upside-down; in this sign the angel now appeared to Adam, threatening with the sword of fire, and Adam fled (GA 265, p. 349).

In this form, what revealed itself to Adam was, quite simply, his own archetypal image,* his cosmic, planetary being from which he had separated off into the phenomenology of earth-development. {*We use the term 'archetypal image' (Urbild) in the Goethean sense.} This, however, was in its beginnings such that all the planets existing today were contained in it as in a single heavenly body. It extended, according to the indications of Rudolf Steiner, beyond the present orbit of Saturn. But this heavenly body was more etheric than material. It consisted of etheric atoms, comparable to the dust particles in a dust-cloud. In supersensible vision one could recognize in these atoms the human being of today enclosed within them. We have something similar to this in a seed in which imaginatively is contained the future plant that can arise out of it (Jan. 27, 1908, GA 102).

The originally etheric-astral formation was surrounded by the working of higher astral word-forces. In this sense it was reminiscent of the 'yolk' in the 'egg' of world being. From this it was separated through the working of physical (not material) forces. With the help of the ether-forces the entire cosmos was able to work upon this formation. Through its own astral forces the differentiated solar system evolved within it, and the earth became a kind of independent individuality within the solar system.

When all the planets still formed a unified world body, this structure was built up according to the laws of a living organism and this organism was the archetypal image of the microcosm. The sun was the organ of nourishment within it. The nebula which must be regarded as the primal condition of the earth aeon was nourished from out of the cosmos. The future planet earth was within the sun, and the future moon inside the earth (cf. fig. 13). In the centre of the entire formation was something that could be compared to a stomach. The sun drew in from all sides the spiritual substances that reached it as comets, and passed them to this centre. Out of this condition the earth came into being. The embryonic development and birth of the human being are a repetition of that primeval development of the solar system (Sep. 30, 1922, GA 347). The unified phylo- and ontogenetic fundamental law is far more comprehensive in its working than biology can conceive.

The three bodies of man - physical, etheric and astral - had at the beginning of the earth-aeon to be brought into a particular mutual relationship in order to be able to receive the 'I' into themselves. For this reason a unified planetary cosmos was necessary at the beginning. After this a complicated regulation of the developmental rhythm was required. Thus the ether-body soon needed a slower development. The sun therefore separated off from the earth, and with it the spiritual beings (hierarchies) who stood higher in rank and were much quicker in development than man. Then the moon separated from the earth and took with it the astral inheritance of the Old Moon aeon, which hindered man in his development (May 17, 1910, GA 120).

Figure 13

The separation of sun- and moon-forces from the earth provided the balance between life and form ... The forces that (later) came from the sun create and fructify life. That which pours this life into fixed forms, comes from the moon. We owe to the moon the coming into being of the physical (and material) body ... (Nov. 18, 1907, GA 100).

Rudolf Steiner describes the development of man at this stage as follows: First, man became a warmth being in whom a kind of warmth-organ developed in that part which later belonged to the region of the head. This organ was comparable to an etheric 'lamp' and recalls the eye of the legendary Cyclops. It served to seek out suitable conditions. Radiating from it, linear streams of force, rays, led to the heart. Later these became blood-vessels. First warmth spread inside in them, and this then became blood. After the warmth, the light - the foundation of the nervous system - entered man. The lines of force, the structural lines of the nervous system are light that have become form (March 17, 1908, GA 98). The human beings were at that time bundles of light concentrating around fiery matter, around the 'lamp'.

When the sun separated from the earth, the 'dance of the substances' began (we use esoteric concepts here, without unveiling their content) under the influence of the 'cosmic music'. Protein and protoplasm came into being; the cell developed later. Nor did the atom exist originally (this can only be understood through the overcoming of the narrow materialistic view of matter). Before the moon separated from the earth, there falls out of the organic substances (which were not yet so dense and formed as natural science now knows them) the mineral, the ashy substance (and works within earth and man) like a dimming, a darkening. Only protein-like substances existed prior to this. Now there appear ash-clouds embedded in the protein. These ash-clouds are incorporated into the organic substances of all the natural kingdoms, those of plants, animals and man (Ibid.). Now man enters the stage referred to in biology as the evolution of species.

Parallel to the separating off of the planets, substances and matter, a separation also took place within the spiritual world. When the sun was separated, some of the spiritual beings, the luciferic, attempted to follow it, but were not successful in this, because they had remained behind on the Old Moon. When they returned to the earth, they made efforts to develop further with the help of man. When the spirits of form, who had left the earth with the sun, endowed man with the 'I', the luciferic spirits approached man's astral body. At that time he was not yet ready to develop 'I'-consciousness. Thus the harmony of man's three bodies was destroyed, as was already mentioned above. The Fall began, the macrocosmic archetypal image of man was 'overturned'.

The pentagram as a microcosmic archetypal image is more than a symbol. It brings to expression the original planetary constellation of man. In his true form, to which he always returns whenever he passes through the portal of death, man, even at the present time, expands to the outer limits of the solar system. This was always known within the closer circle of initiates. The figures of Agrippa von Nettesheim for instance, one of which is shown in figure 12/C, bear witness to this fact. The pentagram expresses the law according to which man is membered into the cosmos. This law is not unequivocal. The position of the planets on the pentagram can change according to what condition of man the law expresses.* {*The planetary signs in brackets in fig. 12/C correspond to the indications of Rudolf Steiner (GA 264, p. 190).}

The 'overturning' of the pentagram signifies a fundamental change in the human evolutionary laws. Man began as it were to turn himself inside-out, as he - I speak with caution - progressed along the Moebius-loop. And indeed, he tumbled headlong down on to the earth. In the first stage of his earth existence he was a plant-animal formation, resembling the jellyfish. The organ that later became the head fastened itself to the bottom of the world ocean, which at that time covered the entire earth, while his extremities reached out towards the sun.

As man passed through the evolution of species, he gradually arrived at the stage of animal-man. The cartilaginous spinal column developed and he could propel himself forward in the water like a fish. Only in the transition from Lemurian to Atlantean times when the continents formed did man acquire the upright posture. Thus his archetypal image returned to its correct position, but only organically. Its supports, its 'pillars', changed qualitatively. 'Boas' became the 'tree of death' instead of the 'tree of life'; it represented the principle of the blue blood in man. 'Yakin' corresponded to the red blood. Together they formed the basis of human life on earth.

The Rosicrucian legend tells that Seth was allowed to enter Paradise. There he beheld the two trees and from them took three seeds with him to earth. He laid them in the mouth of the dead Adam and a mighty tree grew from his grave. It radiated a fiery glow which took on the form of two letters: Y and B - the initial letters of 'Yakin' and 'Boas'. Out of this tree two pillars and a cross-beam (M) were made, which later formed the entrance to Solomon's temple. The Levites threw the pillars into the pool of Bethesda, which thereby received healing powers. At the time of Christ the pillars were taken out of the pool and placed over the brook of Kedron. Christ walked across them when He went to the Mount of Olives. Later it was made into the cross of Golgatha.

In the Bible the two pillars 'Yakin' and 'Boas' come to expression through Cain and Abel. Abel denotes that stage of human development when man was still close to God, Cain the stage when man began to act out of free will and was thus also capable of evil. Abel also signifies wisdom, but it is the tribal archetypal wisdom which is passed on through the blood. Cain, on the other hand, means strength; that strength which is won on the individual spiritual path of development. Abel is a priest, Cain a master builder. Between them stands Seth; this figure expresses the piety that is to unite wisdom and strength, the heavenly and the individual, cultus and cognition. Seth corresponds to the connecting beam that rests on the pillars: the principle of piety, love and beauty. Christ raises the beam out of the 'water' - of the astral plane - and crosses the brook (the path to the higher worlds) toward sacrificial death on Golgatha. Christ's sacrifice unites the three columns of strength, beauty and wisdom into one - the threefold human spirit consisting of Spirit Man (Atma, 'Boas'), the Life Spirit (Buddhi, 'Yakin') and the Spirit Self (Manas, M) (GA 265, p. 342-351).

In other words, after the Mystery of Golgatha the human archetypal image finds its support in the triune nature of the human spirit, which was created by the hierarchies in the course of the last three aeons, and which, now that it is endowed with the 'I', gradually becomes the individual human spirit. The 'I' lights up in the threefold soul, so that man is enabled, through the force of the Christ-impulse, to develop the threefold soul on the planetary, macrocosmic level with their help, and transform the threefold body into the threefold spirit.

Thus we see that man passed through the Fall in stages. As these proceeded he attained, by way of the evolution of species and with the help of the acquired hereditary and generic qualities, the condition of group-soul 'I'-consciousness. Up to a certain point in time this form of consciousness fettered the evil which had arisen through the fall from God. It was actually through this evil that the entire organic human being had arisen. Then the priestly Abel worked within man and transformed the substances. But gradually the unconscious egoism of the body united with the conscious soul-egoism and differentiated itself in a complicated way in the soul and in the organs. There arose an equally problematic interplay between two kinds of egocentricity: isolation and hostility. In everything that is conditioned as a means of cognition by brain and spinal marrow, says Rudolf Steiner, human beings fought by reason of their world-view, their religious outlook. And all this has a more or less super-personal character. And with respect to the faculty whose organ is the ganglion system, they fought a battle in which hatred spoke against hatred (Jan. 14, 1917, GA 174). This comes about because the 'I', as it enters into the whole body, has its main support in the solar plexus, in the ganglion system, where it manifests especially strongly in the human receptivity to sense perceptions.

When the human being lives in a normal, healthy condition, this 'I' is bound as it were to the solar plexus and everything connected with it ... What does this mean? This human 'I', which has been given to man in the course of earth evolution as a gift by the spirits of form, was exposed, as we know, to the luciferic temptation (through the astral body). This 'I', as it live in the human being, would actually, because it is infected by the luciferic forces, be the bearer of evil forces ... It is infected by all possible forms of egoism. This is simply how the 'I' is, since it is luciferically infected. What lives in man as ganglion system, as solar plexus, came (to the earth) from the (Old) Moon development and represents, so to speak, the dwelling for the 'I'; the 'I' fits into it in a certain way. This is why it can be bound or fettered to it ... Through the luciferic infection the 'I' always has the tendency to behave in an insidious, untruthful way, to place itself into the light and all else in the shadow. But it is bound by the nervous system of the abdomen. There it has to obey. Through the nervous system of the abdomen the rightfully progressing forces who have ascended through Saturn-, Sun- and Moon-development, compel the 'I' not to be a demon in the negative sense of the word. So that we bear our 'I' within us in such a way, that it is bound to the organs of the abdomen (Ibid.). But if these prove to be unhealthy, which means that they do not fully accommodate what fits into them spiritually, what spiritually belongs to them, the 'I' is so to speak let loose into the outer world, and characteristics which are due to the luciferic temptation increase (Ibid.). Physical illness can be manifested in this way.* {*R. L. Stevenson described this phenomenon artistically in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It concerns the phenomenon of the double. Ivan Karamazov was plagued by it; the Russian author Gogol also suffered from it towards the end of his life.} But if the ganglion system cannot master the 'I' any longer (e.g. under magnetic influence, or naturally), the freeing of the 'I' shows itself in the phenomenon of somnambulism.

In our human nature - concludes Rudolf Steiner - many things have to be fettered. In a certain way we are of the devil, and only the supervision of the divine-spiritual powers who have undergone a regular development through Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutions, who have fettered the devil in us - only thanks to this are we to any extent decent human beings - something to which we are not specially inclined, as a result of the various temptations (Ibid).

This conclusion is hardly comforting. But if this were not the case, could man indeed do so much evil?! However, let us not forget that he has a higher nature too. He should arrange his earthly existence - from health and hygiene to the entire educational system - in accordance with this. And ultimately such an organization prepares the ground for the social structure which, were it to be realized, would contribute significantly to a restraining of the lower human nature. We refer to social threefolding, the complete separation and independent co-existence of the economic, judicial and spiritual spheres of life. In such an ordering of society the human lust for power which gives rise to unspeakable misery could be held in check, and other abuses too.

But, on the whole, life is so arranged that neither Cain may kill Abel, nor Abel Cain. Man owes the fact of his existence to the presence of evil. Cain is that part of human nature which resists the forces of inheritance that formed Abel. And the human 'I' will, for a long time to come, rebel against everything of a group-soul, half-conscious, authoritarian nature, and against the blood-ties. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household (Matthew 10;36) until it finds the strength to remain upright within the 'golden triangle' of Manas, Buddhi and Atma, i.e. to acquire mastery of the three bodies through the higher 'I'.

Indeed, man has been driven out of the spiritual sphere, being has been removed from his consciousness, but Christ proffers him the fruits of the 'tree of life', and reconciles Cain and Abel. The ideas that come directly out of the spiritual world into the human soul must be experienced - says Rudolf Steiner. But they can only be experienced when the human soul takes the Christ into itself. And then we have something entirely different from the concept of knowledge; then we have the concept of life. Whilst we must watch Lucifer and Ahriman very closely, as it were, so that - when in the distant future they let knowledge penetrate us from the outer world (thereby causing the death process in the nerves) - we see that they come from Ahriman and Lucifer. We must also be clear that the Mystery of Golgatha has brought it about in the existence of man that ideas arise in human beings for the sake of life. Not for the sake of mere knowing, but of life (Nov. 11, 1915, GA 254).

But the root of all evil lies in the fact that the representatives of religion have declared war on science, above all spiritual science, Anthroposophy. They do not want to free themselves of original sin; they still want not only to appeal to God who said to man: He will give them life, they should not eat of the 'Tree of Life' themselves ... but they also want to appeal to the luciferic and the ahrimanic spirit, and let their eyes be opened through religion for the distinguishing between good and evil. Religion (as such, i.e. not as a creed) wants to be 'knowledge'. But that cannot be, because it is life-substance (Ibid.). The adversary powers insinuate into the minds of the representatives of religion the thought of taking up arms against scientific and spiritual-scientific knowledge, i.e. to endlessly perpetuate the fratricidal war between Cain and Abel. But only Anthroposophy can put an end to the evil that has lasted over millennia. Its impulse would consist in experiencing the unity of science, religion and art at Easter; and in experiencing at Michaelmas (from September 29) how the Three - that have one mother, the Easter mother -, how the Three become sisters, and stand next to each other, but complement one another (Apr. 2, 1923, GA 223). They are the heralds of the Triune Spirit of God, who would become the individual spirit in man.

The Division of the Sexes

Of untold significance for the spiritual individual development of the human being is the division, brought about through evolution, of the originally bi-sexual (androgynous) human being into two beings of different sexes. The esoteric depth of this phenomenon can hardly be fathomed properly anywhere outside of Anthroposophy. Such knowledge is of especial importance in our epoch in which, particularly in the realm of sexuality, much that is repellent and evil takes place, thus providing a fertile soil for the mysteries of darkness.

The pre-conditions for the separation of the sexes were already laid down in evolution within the foregoing aeon of the Old Moon. At that time all human monads possessed group-consciousness. This experienced itself as female ... The Sun, which already illumined the moon from the outside, was experienced as male. This is preserved in the old Egyptian myths with, for example, the moon as Isis, female, and the sun as Osiris, male (June 4, 1907, GA 99).

In the earth aeon man was endowed with the spark of the 'I', and it became necessary to develop individual 'I'-consciousness. But the forces required for this were not available in the bi-sexual human being, they were all used for propagation, for self-fertilization. Through the separation of the present moon from the earth the inheritance from the Old Moon aeon came to an end. The unified spiritual centre in man which catered, so to speak, for reproduction and the cosmic mirror-consciousness was divided into two. Gradually the central nervous system developed, together with separate reproductive organs - male and female. The shift of the unified centre resulted in the development of the spine (with the chakras). In the course of time the speech organs also developed out of the same centre.

The separation of the sexes, however, did not yet give rise to mutual attraction of the two sides. Thus the spiritual forces of Venus were called upon to help. Through them ... love in its lowest form, as the attraction of the sexes, is implanted in the earth. This love is intended to be continuously ennobled, and later to attain the highest forms (GA 262, p. 83ff).

The spirit beings of Venus fulfilled yet another mission on earth. They made human reason productive through endowing it with that half of the reproductive force that remained over after the division of the sexes. Since then intellectual activity and the sexual realm stand in a spiritual connection which requires ennoblement and harmonization if the human being is to ascend to higher conditions of consciousness, rather than becoming the source of evil.

Now the facts grow more complicated through the fact that in the distant past of which we speak not only Venus beings, but spiritual beings from Mars also worked on man. They enriched the blood with iron (Mars permeated the not yet consolidated earth in a rarefied, semi-spiritual condition) and imbued the power of understanding with a certain higher passion (Ibid., p. 84). This occurred with the collaboration of luciferic beings. They filled the astral bodies of human beings with the astral forces of Mars, thus activating the passions and the intellect. Their symbol was the serpent of Paradise. It approached the female nature because this possessed the forces of regeneration. And since then man stands between two kinds of passion: that of spiritual and that of organic reproduction. The future belongs to the first; and this is the reason why man blocks his path to it when he sinks into eroticism.

The Biblical myth and the Mysteries of antiquity clothed the idea of the separation of the sexes in the figures of Cain and Abel. In Greek 'Abel' means 'Pneuma' (spirit) and is female. The word 'Cain' literally means 'male'. Two opposite principles are shown in Abel and Cain: the female and the male, though not yet physical, but purely spiritual, at the stage where the division of the unified human being takes place for the first time. The Bible expresses it thus: Now Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground (Genesis; 4;2). The 'smoke', the spirit planted by God on the earth, rises from Abel to God but Cain's 'smoke' remains on the earth. What is independent remains on the earth as Cain's 'smoke' (June 10, 1904, GA 93).

The organic process of the division of the sexes took place through the fact that the capacity of the single being to reproduce gradually ceased. The female egg lost the ability to fertilize itself; fructification passed over to the other sex. At the same time everything else divided also: the astral body, the ether-body, the dispositions to individual development. Only the highest macrocosmic archetypal phenomenon in man remained unchanged and unified. This is incorporated into the zodiac in such a way that to imaginative perception the macro-anthropos appears as a male being in the seven upper signs (from Aries to Libra), and as a female being in the lower five (from the Fishes to Scorpio).

To imaginative perception the macro-anthropos indeed extends over the zodiac as male and female in a self-enclosed serpent form (Jan. 8, 1924, GA 316). And when clerical ideology lashes out at the 'Gnostic serpent' of the occultists, it declares war against heaven and destroys the innermost being of man, whom God ought clearly to have made according to their fancy.

The archetypal phenomenon of man in the zodiac mirrors the divine plan of creation and encompasses the whole of earth being, which in the course of time separated out into the four kingdoms. Man was able to separate out from himself the three lower kingdoms of nature, and will in the future absorb them again. Originally the human archetypal image of man revealed itself in the zodiac as the four forces of Water-Bearer-Lion and Bull-Eagle (Scorpion), which together form a cross. For imaginative perception, man to this day is the totality of these three beasts and the Water-Bearer or angel. For that which became in him the head-system or nerve-sense-system caused, after it had succeeded in casting off the part that hindered earth development, the world of the birds to arise (eagle = king of the birds). The lion is in this sense related to the breathing or rhythmic system, the bull to the metabolism. The Apocalypse speaks of all this: The first living creature was like a lion, the second living creature like a calf, the third living creature had a face like a man, and the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle (Revelations 4; 7 - Cf. figure).   

During the division of the sexes the physical body of the woman arose out of the lion-nature, while the physical body of the bull is the ancestor of the male body (Oct. 29, 1908, GA 107). The female physical body has remained to this day on a more spiritual level; it has not descended completely into the material. It has retained something of the condition in which it would have stayed if it had not absorbed matter into itself. Rudolf Steiner says that in its present form it is an illusion with the exception of head and limbs. The forms of the Venus of Milo reveal to us the female figure as it might have become if it had incarnated fully into the earthly.

The male body on the other hand 'overshot' the normal point of descent into matter. The figure of Apollo of Belvedere reveals the ideal incarnation of the male form.

The differences between male and female on the physical level are closely related to those in the etheric and astral body. Thus the astral body plays a large part in the life of a woman; hence her entire organization is more cosmic than that of the man. The secrets of the cosmos are more easily revealed through her; her astral body is more finely differentiated than that of the man. Female life is the fantasy-life of the universe. Male life is what gives contours to life (Jan. 7, 1921, GA 323). All this shows already in childhood and teenage years. Thus the 13-14-year-old girl experiences up to her 20th-21st year the strong influence of those processes which take place in her astral body in the formation of the 'I'. The spirit of contradiction therefore becomes active during this time and ways should be found of letting the child give free rein to her impulses. Boys tend to remain weaker in character at this age, they are withdrawn, but have special thoughts and feelings. Coarse behaviour is often the result (June 16, 1921, GA 302).

In the process of conception the female element brings about the similarity to the parents and to the ancestors in general. The male element specializes. Through the female the species is preserved; the male gives rise to individuality.* {*For this reason states that are built up on racist principles determine the nationality in the case of mixed marriages according to the mother.} This can be explained through the fact that the moon especially influences the male ether-body, and the sun the male physical body. It is the reverse in women.

In each sex there are not only differences but also a number of factors where male and female principles are intertwined. The ether-body - says Rudolf Steiner - is twofold in each person. And the ether-body of a man as he lives among us exhibits female, the ether-body of a woman male characteristics ... The human soul builds itself a body as a magnet is formed out of two poles. It builds itself a male and a female part, this time one part as physical body, and the next time as etheric body. Thus with regard to the passions related to the ether-body: devotion, courage and love, a woman can clearly exhibit male traits of character, while a man can sometimes appear quite feminine.

Therefore it will obviously be the case that, if we want to observe the human being as a whole, we have before us a manifestation in two parts, a revealed (outer) material part, and a hidden, spiritual part. And only he is a complete human being, who is able to combine with outward masculinity, feminine beauty of character within (Nov. 17, 1906, GA 54).

In the various stages of evolution sometimes the male, sometimes the female principle is dominant. In the last few centuries the male principle has predominated in social and spiritual life. Therefore culture became materialistic. It will only be spiritualized if the male human being acquires what Goethe called the eternal feminine. In the distant future, when the human being will rank higher than sexuality, when he ascends to the Spirit Self, we will be able to say: Neither the male nor the female, but the eternally human leads us on (Ibid.).

For the attainment of this goal, the institution of marriage was given to man. In all its elements marriage is dualistic, but it is also unity in multiplicity, the unity of the opposites. This is why marriages 'are made in heaven', before birth, i.e. are karmically determined.

The gospels say: But from the beginning of the creation the human being was made male-female (the canonical translation is incorrect here). For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh (Mark 10; 7,8). Despite its apparent everyday character, marriage is a mystery in which both sides are preparing for the future union of the sexes. The man has before him in the woman and the woman before her in the man the most immediate completion of his/her own unified (triune) nature. But the unity is attained through the metamorphic process of the opposites.

The human being is involved in a gigantic process of metamorphoses, if he wishes to reconstitute within himself the archetypal image created by God. When he is born on earth as a man, his thinking is less flexible than that of a woman, and thus connected more with the intellect than with the psyche. His life-experience does not press very deeply into the up-building forces, and therefore the tendency arises to build a female body in the next life. Such a tendency strengthens the woman in man.

Women have a deeper and more receptive disposition than men; they are more connected to the psyche and are emotional, therefore their life-experience penetrates farther into the organism, so that their next incarnation will be male. And the experiences they have gathered in marriage play an especially important part in this process. The man is the karma of the woman ... The woman is the karma of the man (May 26, 1906, GA 120). This is why celibacy, rightful celibacy is the expression of a high developmental stage of the individual spirit. - But humanity will have to wait for the corresponding conditions in order to incarnate on earth in a finer materiality. Then the mature souls will begin to pass through a profound mutation. The reunification of the sexes will take place and, Rudolf Steiner says, the reproductive organ will then be the speech organ. After man will have received the cosmic Logos he will master the magic of the word and will be able, through utterance of the magic word in warmth-air substance, to form a body into which a human soul will then incarnate. Yes, indeed, this will come, for it says in the Gospel of St. John: In the beginning was the Word and all things were made by It.

In order to attain this condition in the future man must pass through a deep moral transformation whose basis is love. He is permitted to experience love in its lower and higher aspect. At first he meets it by virtue of his own nature, so that it arises in the woman out of fantasy - the woman loves not so much the real person as the image she has created of him- and man loves with his wish. And this distinction must be made, whether it then comes to expression in a real sense, or more in the sense of ideas or ideals. The highest ideal can still contain ideal wishes; the instinctively most sensual can be a product of fantasy ... A woman's love is steeped in fantasy; a man's love is steeped in wishes. They thereby form something that comes into harmony in life (Jan. 4, 1922, GA 303).

When the harmony is conscious, it creates the conditions for higher development. This is why man and woman should... be able to freely join hands because now spirit speaks to spirit, not sensuality to sensuality. This is the great idea of the future (Jan. 2, 1906, GA 93). But it is utterly destroyed by the sexuality which in our time is artificially implanted, and promoted by every conceivable means. It arises through the earth, i.e. works more strongly on the man and is also the source of egoism. For this reason it will always produce violence. Sexuality can spiritually kill the human being (of either sex); it shares the nature of Judas Iscariot (Apr. 1, 1907, GA 96) and it is not by chance that the same myth is told of him as of Oedipus. Such is lower love. It has two sides. If it is not stifled in sexuality but is ennobled, it shows itself as passion that very effectively frees from egoism.

The experience of what is beautiful and aesthetic from early childhood weakens the erotic principle correspondingly. Now it is easy to understand why the disco has become so wildly successful around the world. It is the spiritual guillotine that prepares the 'Napoleonic Wars' of each against all. It can be countered only through the education of the sense of beauty which also frees the human being physically. Then the body will no longer oppress him, and love will be able to transfer its source, its motive, from the one who loves to the being who is loved. A love of this kind overcomes the luciferic temptation.

In spiritual love this personal, individual element, we could say this egoistic element of love, is fully justified, because it takes man out of the world of the senses, it leads him up into the spiritual world, it encourages him to fulfil his obligation to make himself ever more perfect ... Lucifer wants to make sensual love similar to spiritual love. Then he can tear it from the sense world and lead it into his special kingdom (Aug. 25, 1913, GA 147). Here a great service is done to Lucifer by medical science, which holds the opinion that sexual relations are indispensable for good health, or that - according to latest 'discoveries' - homosexual tendencies are inherited and everything inherited is natural etc. Even if these explanations appear in the guise of science - concludes Rudolf Steiner - they are nothing other than inspirations of the luciferic element in the world ... and people do not notice that Lucifer is behind it all (Ibid.). Most people today are not in the least deterred by this wisdom. They simply ask: 'And why not Lucifer?' The answer to this is: return to the animal kingdom awaits the human being in such a case.

Rudolf Steiner gives the following explanation: When present-day civilization thinks about love, then it only speaks the word love, it is actually talking about eroticism ... It is denial of the spirit which turns the force of love into erotic force. In many areas the genius of love has not only been replaced by his lower servant eroticism, but in many places its counter image, the demon of love, has entered ...

So that the descending path is as follows: we recognize the genius of love, we have spiritualized love. We recognize the lower servant, eroticism. But we fall into the demon of love. And the genius of love has its demon in the interpretation, not in its true form, but in the interpretation of sexuality by present-day civilization. We do not only speak of eroticism today when we want to approach love, but merely of sexuality! ... The demon enters where the genius is denied ...

... It lies within the power of the human being, as it were, to deny his own nature (July 22, 1923, GA 225). Thus in all that is known today by the shameless term 'sexual revolution' evil flaunts itself quite openly and assumes hugely destructive proportions. The triumph of this 'revolution' is the Requiem for mankind. It is, as Rudolf Steiner characterizes sexuality, the worst expression of materialism, the most devilish in the world today ... Sexuality and love have nothing at all to do with one another. Sexuality is something that has nothing whatever to do with pure, original love. Science has brought it to this disgrace by creating an entire literature about it ... (May 8, 1912, GA 143).

This was the situation already in the first quarter of the century. Today, at its close, we are witnesses of an unimaginable, open and total pogrom against all the spiritual values of humanity. We are even witnesses to the destruction of the genetic foundation of the human species. Having considered what spiritual science has had to say concerning the deepest cosmic evolutionary traits and interrelationships of the male and female sex, we will now review the complete legalizing, the general justification and promotion of sexual perversions, whereby the comparison of man with the animal sounds like an insult to the animal kingdom.



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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

Right up into our own time, sexual aberrations have been included by the religious consciousness among the mortal sins. They were also condemned by the pagans. We can even read in Heraclitus: Nature is attracted not to what is similar but to what is opposite and creates out of this a certain balance and harmony. - Out of opposite qualities a wonderful harmony is created. - Nature has brought male and female together and established an original harmony out of the opposites. All the opposites are with God.

The Apostle Paul says: Who exchanged the truth of God for the lie ... For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful ... who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practise such things are worthy of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practise them (Romans 1; 25-32).

In the eyes of a Prof. Kohn Heraclitus and the Apostle Paul are both 'racists'. But in our century 'racists' are at the same time 'fascists', i.e. they are outlawed and condemned without trial. Would it not be fitting at last to examine what is our relation to these men of 'ancient' times, some of whom even call themselves Apostles?* {*Whenever something reasonable is brought forward about sexual aberrations, countless dishonest journalists launch a huge outcry about discrimination and a return to dictatorship. - We are thus faced with the choice of either agreeing with them or being branded as reactionaries. But this sector of propaganda also has its unpredictable aspects. Thus the anti-fascists defend homosexuality because it was forbidden in the Third Reich. But the Communists on the other hand wrote at the time they were attacking the National Socialists, that homosexuality was promoted by the SS-Orders. This would imply that the SS men were extreme anti-fascists. - In this way ideological madhouses are constructed today.} Although Anthroposophy would then have to be condemned too. For let us look at what Rudolf Steiner says: Thus the decisive point will come where one can go to the right: but then one will need to be awake; or one can go to the left: then one can sleep; but instincts will then arise, instincts that are abhorrent. What will the natural scientists say when such instincts arise? The scientists will say: This is a natural necessity. It had to happen, this is mankind's development.

[Man] ... would experience such a feeling of gratification in the pursuit of certain aberrations of the sexual instinct; he would praise it as a particularly lofty expression of super-humanness, of lack of prejudice, of enlightened judgment. Ugly would become beautiful and beautiful ugly ... and it would not be noticed because it would all be looked upon as a natural necessity (Oct. 9, 1918, GA 182).* {*The lecture is entitled The Working of the Angel in our Astral Body. We advise all those who are still incapable of distinguishing freedom from immorality or illness to read the lecture right through.}

The development of humanity under the condition of the duality of the sexes lasts many millennia. But the time will come (5th-6th millenium) when the sexes will unite again. Then those who have perverted these relationships will be unable to undergo the metamorphosis this entails. They will be cast out of the normal evolution of humanity into the subhuman, half-animal realm.

These people therefore sin against evolution for the duration of two root-races, and for this reason their sin is called a mortal sin. The Apostle Paul speaks of 'the judgement of God' in this regard. The mortal sin leads to the second death, the death of the soul.

In view of the fact that Ahriman's incarnation is shortly to take place, he is particularly interested in the propagation of this sin. The spirits of darkness therefore try to strengthen their power over the human being with respect to his evolution.

The extinction of morality, which is currently taking place, gives birth to a cosmic counter-image. The earth radiates disgrace out into the cosmos, as a confirmation to the Divine Hierarchies, that mankind has lost touch with the meaning of its existence!

A situation of this kind cannot be altered by means of a sentimental, moralizing sermon. The mysteries of darkness can only be countered by the mystery of light, and that is Anthroposophy. This is why it is so necessary that many awaken to its wisdom, because it shows the way out of the crisis. It is both old and new and contains the enormous positive experience of humanity, which has been gathered on the path to the spirit. Through Anthroposophy man can find a way to approach the practical questions of the present time.

Civilization is suffering under an outdated, chronic crisis; consequently, a momentary, speculative search for a solution is doomed to failure. Often people have no idea at all what the meaning of the crisis is. What can anthropology or even University psychology say about the destructive effect of an unbridled sexual instinct on the human 'I', on the psychic disposition, the sense of self-worth, the self-identity of the personality? What can psychology create culturally if it is based on the Freud-Jung doctrine of the all-determining role of the 'phallic' principle in the spiritual and even the religious life of humanity?* {*The Jungian interpretation of culture is no more than a crude invention. In early antiquity there was no sexual drive as an end in itself. Everything was a sublime sacrificial act for the purpose of perpetuating the human race. Reproduction was a holy service to humanity. The lower nature in us, as we know it at present, is the result of the luciferic temptation. But it is destined to become our higher nature, and this was known in the ancient world. The leaders of the old Mysteries were not so frivolous, cynical and philistine as people are today. Certain symbols of the ancient peoples - says Rudolf Steiner- which today are only interpreted in a sexual sense, symbols that are drawn from the lower nature, can be explained through the fact that the old Mystery-priests who used them, actually wanted to express in these symbols the higher that lives in the lower nature of man (October 8, 1917, GA 177). But how are we to discuss this with today's scientists, when the main element of their scientific apparatus is the dirty joke?}

All teachings of this kind will sooner or later be attractive only to the psychically ill, and to people who have kept their psychic health, the old wisdom will begin to speak in a modern language. The millenia-old mystery wisdom is not naïve; we are naïve; we are the victims of wildly fantastic conceptions in the epoch of materialism.

The Rosicrucian legend tells that it was prophesied to Hiram Abiff, the representative of the earthly, male Cain-wisdom, that he would beget a son who would be the progenitor of a new human race but who would be unknown to him. Among his descendants the union of the two sexes would take place. Rudolf Steiner revealed the essential meaning of this legend when he said: The old female (Abel- or priest-) culture gave way to the male culture. The female as a physical form will die out. Then the male must have in it a force to bring forth a (new) individual out of itself ... When man has acquired the strength, so that his larynx develops to the stage where his word is creative, and he is able to bring forth his own kind through the word, then the entire productive force will pass over to the male sex. What was once created by the Gods will pass to man. When was the word lost? When the individuality of the sexes began. It is buried, hidden. The sons of Cain only had it in their forefather. Hiram Abiff was at least to have the prophecy of it. Immediately after this he was killed.

The word is buried, but it is there. If it were not buried, man would be self-creative like the Elohim ... (Oct. 23, 1905, GA 93). But the lost word will be rediscovered when passive male wisdom (Hiram; it was already explained why it is passive) awakens activity - female intuition - within itself. For this reason Goethe says:

The eternal feminine
Still leads us on.

In the hope of finding the lost word people of the past joined together in associations and brotherhoods to form spiritual communities. This is what Lodges of the Freemasons were originally. They would no doubt have rediscovered the word if they had not fallen a prey to political occultism, which turned them into custodians of the 'sexual minorities'. After that, were there Freemasons in the world, who were still able to continue the good, even sublime, traditions of the fathers? We cannot answer this question. But at the beginning of the century a true Freemason could have said to himself or in the circle of his fellows: Everything that does not derive from our own science which has spread throughout the world, originates from the ancient times of rulership by priestesses. We do not only want to overcome this, we wish also to inaugurate a new cycle of existence. We are to give intuition to male Cain-cognition ourselves. This would be impossible if one were to deprive men of the power by sharing the secret with women. The moment we speak it out before women the whole thing would cease to have any effect (Ibid.).

For this reason women were for a long time not admitted into the Lodges. The speech organ is related to one's sex. This is why men, when they reach puberty, undergo the breaking of their voice. Rudolf Steiner continues in the above-mentioned lecture: Now you will also understand what the Freemason says: Only the man is destined to speak the lost word and transform it; only the male larynx is capable of speaking ... what can be regained through the lost word ... The female larynx has remained at a rudimentary stage. It is the male larynx which is formed into the future organ (Ibid.).

Thus spoke the Freemasons in the 18th, and partially also in the 19th century. But it was in the 19th century that they lost their connection to the outer world, and at the same time female wisdom was also lost; therefore there were no longer any higher degrees that preserved this wisdom. This process is to a certain extent legitimate. Man had to pass through materialism, which excludes the priestly wisdom, in order to build up his object-consciousness. As a result the old wisdom disappeared and man had to live in the outer world. But soon the time came when the wisdom was taken in, which is beyond the sexes, which in its essential nature is neither male nor female. This truth is Anthroposophy. It teaches that in the woman the male part is active, and in the man - his female part. On a higher level, in cognition, male and female unite. Anthroposophy therefore re-establishes the harmony of the unified human being.

The advent of Anthroposophy in the world was prepared by a considerable number of spiritual streams, among them Freemasonry. When in the 18th century so-called 'adoptive Freemasonry' was founded, which also admitted women (e.g. Baroness Dudevant, alias George Sand), the unification of the sexes was prepared. H. P. Blavatsky was a member of such a Lodge. But what had developed out of this in the middle of the 20th century, could produce nothing but a moral catastrophe.

The theosophical movement, too, had the task overcoming the one-sidedness of male strivings, but this fact was soon forgotten.

There is throughout the Middle Ages - says Rudolf Steiner - a grandiose preparation for the engendering within the man, of the other sex in a spiritual way. Through concentration within himself, the man first creates as a thought what later is to arise in him as being. This is why throughout the Middle Ages the Mary-cult arose in preparation. It is nothing other than concentration for the purpose of engendering the female in the male (Ibid.). Women have the same role in the Jesus-cult. Now you will realize - concludes Rudolf Steiner - what confusion was bound to arise when an Order appeared which broke with everything and wants to win back female wisdom. The aim is rulership of the world, which is to be conquered. If someone wants to leave ancient wisdom as it is, then he has to conquer the world for the sake of old forces. Such an Order exists: it is the Jesuit Order. It has consciously set itself this task. This is why the Jesuits and Freemasons stand in such stark contrast to one another (Ibid.).

In a complicated inter-connection one of the most important principles of evolution is falsified. On the one hand the difference between the sexes is cancelled in an unnatural way, and on the other it is heightened to the utmost degree. In the Mary-movement the claim is made to rulership of the world by the feminine principle, while religious fundamentalism places women in a condition of slavery. In this way humanity is attacked from two sides: by the luciferic and ahrimanic hosts. One side would stifle self-consciousness through unbridled sexuality, the other would proclaim celibacy as the ideal. Man can only overcome the working of the adversary powers through ennobling sexual love, and learning to love beauty through the cultivation of spiritual interests.

The Archetypal Phenomenon of the Mystery of Evil

Now that we have analyzed the inner structure, the spiritual personification, of the forces that are expressed in the antithesis of good and evil, we can ask the question regarding its archetypal foundation; or, rather, we have already broached this question because it was posed very generally with the help of figures 10 (p. *) and 11 (p. *). Figure 10 shows the Divine Trinity, the highest perfection in the universe (we called it triangle ABC). The threefold human spirit moves towards this highest goal as Spirit Self, Life Spirit and Spirit Man. World evolution unfolds, in correspondence with this striving, through a cycle of seven aeons. On the macrocosmic level two global tendencies arise within it. One is mediated by the activity of the nine hierarchical beings which proceeds from the Divine Trinity (@ BCD). This is the world of good, and its working is directed toward the creation, the world of the non-'I', which has arisen through the fall from God. The created world is shown as the triangle of forces with its point upwards (@ DEF). The force at work within it is the creatures' longing for reunion with the Creator. The Gnostics called this longing 'Achamoth'.

In the individual development of the human being both triangles interpenetrate; they form the sevenfold structure of man, since all that is in process of development bears within it the structure of the sevenfold metamorphosis. This is the nature of the hexagram - an ancient occult symbol. In one of its meanings it stands for development, namely the interaction between the threefold body and the threefold spirit (fig. 14). From their fusion there arises as the uniting element the higher 'I', which was instilled into man during the earth aeon.

Figure 14

This is, in very broad outline, the evolutionary principle of man. The working of forces in his hexagram can also be presented differently: with the point of the triangle symbolizing the spirit turned downwards, and the point of the triangle signifying the body turned upwards. Then we have before us the human being as God's creature. The first variant showed the constellation of the independently-striving individual spirit.

This is how evolutionary tendencies change. In one instance what is higher, the hierarchical, strives away from the Divine Trinity, and this leads to division of the hierarchies, the creation of man and the emergence of evil. In the other, they return by way of the creature, through its free will, to the Divine Trinity, thereby transforming evil into good. And man indeed becomes the 'measure of all things'.

The two curving lines in figure 10, which show the developmental path of the hierarchies working from above and the development of the many-membered human being from below, are transformed in the experience of individual becoming, when the human being takes his destiny into his own hands, into two 'staffs of Mercury' which we find very graphically represented in the first alchemical Rosicrucian seal (see fig.).

[Abbildung Umschlag DRM I]

Man owes his newest constellation, in which he is holding the 'staffs of Mercury' in his own hands, to the fact that he has been able to bring his lower 'I' into connection with the higher 'I' and develop the threefold soul - the sentient, rational and consciousness-soul. But, as we have already mentioned, these bear within them the luciferic and ahrimanic powers (also shown in the alchemical seal) which attack 'I'-consciousness by way of thinking, feeling and willing. Here too, man, as the subject of evolution, is a microcosm, the expression on a small scale of the cosmic battle between good and evil.

In the concluding phase of evolution evil also strives for threefolding, in a reversed way, but nevertheless 'in the image of God', which is further confirmation of the unity and divinity of the cosmos. But here there is no room for sentimentality. From the 20th century onwards we will be witnesses to an extremely dangerous development of the forces of evil, who are assuming the character of threefold unity (@ EFG).

Since Christ foresaw this, he descended not only to the physical plane but also into the sphere of the sub-physical mutual confrontation of Lucifer and Ahriman. On Easter Saturday He undertook the descent into Hell. He entered the sphere where human beings have, after death, to endure the consequences of the life they have led on earth under the influence of Lucifer and Ahriman. To the degree that man masters his 'I', the errors he commits begin to assume increasingly the character of objective evil, because the true source of evil is exclusively his 'I'. Only what has a personified character, if only to a small degree, can have reality in the world.

In his commentary to the 'Lord's Prayer', Rudolf Steiner says that man experiences temptation in his astral body. The human being can ... when he commits errors through his ether or life-body, become more of a sinner among his fellow human beings, he can neglect more the social obligations that weave from man to man and make human social life possible (Jan. 28, 1907, GA 96). Therefore the prayer says in this connection: And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us (Luke 11; 4). The physical body is related to the petition for daily bread. And when we pray Deliver us from evil we should think of the errors, the transgressions we have committed out of the lower 'I' in full consciousness.* {*The higher 'I' is expressed in the prayer in the trinity of the spirit: of Spirit Man (will), Life Spirit (kingdom) and Spirit Self (name).} As a special power which tempts the lower 'I' and, through it, stands in opposition to the higher 'I' there emerge as an ever-growing force the retarded spirits of personality (archai), known in esoteric tradition as the Asuras. It is they who form the trinity of cosmic evil (@ EFG) as an antitheses to the Divine trinity.

Rudolf Steiner characterizes the 'triangle' of evil in the following way. He says that in the sentient soul Lucifer is anchored and in the rational soul - Ahriman. In the new epoch man possesses the consciousness-soul, which, through its spiritual working, transforms the physical body into Spirit Man, i.e. creates within us the body of resurrection. And in the time which is now approaching (at the end of the 20th century this time has now come) the spiritual beings called the Asuras will steal furtively into this consciousness-soul, into what is called the human 'I' - because the 'I' is awakened in the consciousness-soul. The Asuras will develop evil with far more intensive force than even the satanic powers of the Atlantean or the luciferic spirits of the Lemurian time (March 22, 1909, GA 107).

In a more universal sense the Asuras stand in opposition to the world-ground of the Father, for their battle (through man) is waged against world unity, against the oneness of God. But their intentions are opposed by the Mystery of Golgatha; they should be regarded as belonging to the main opponents of Christ. Ultimately Christ's prayer at the Last Supper, which he addresses to the Father and which John the Evangelist gives to us in the 17th chapter, is concerned with this confronting of the Asuras. - In the present time two incompatible paths of development have come into an immediate contact with one another: one, the path through the Christ to the Father, the other, the path through the lower 'I' that is falling into chaos, to the Asuras, into the anti-world, and to the 'eighth sphere'.* {*The future Jupiter aeon, the future human condition, matures in the 'eighth sphere'. At the appropriate time unity in the divine sense will be restored.}

In contrast to the Asuras, the luciferic spirits have brought, in addition to the possibility to do evil, something that is good: freedom. For this reason the evil created by them in evolution will be completely overcome and transformed into good in the course of the earth aeon. The evil caused by the ahrimanic spirits will be overcome by the human being through the working of the karmic laws. But the evil sent by the Asuras is of quite a different nature, because they strive to unite the innermost being of man, where for the first time he becomes human in the truest sense of the word - the consciousness-soul and the first expressions of the higher 'I' - only with the sense-nature of the earth. Piece by piece will be torn out of the 'I'. And to the degree that the Asuric spirits lodge in the consciousness-soul, the human being has to leave pieces of his existence behind on earth. These will be lost irretrievably ... Not that the entire man has to fall prey to them, but pieces will be carved out of the human spirit by the Asuric powers. These Asuric powers are heralded in our time by the spirit that holds sway, which we could call the spirit of mere existence in sensuality and in obliviousness to all real spiritual beings and spiritual worlds ... a further step will be - and this is heralded ever more plainly - the base (group) passions of sensuality that descend to the earth more and more and obscure man's gaze with regard to ... spiritual powers. The human being will not know, and will not want to know, anything about a spiritual world. Increasingly he will not only teach that the highest moral ideas of man are only higher manifestations of animal drives, he will not only teach that human thinking is merely a modified form of what the animal also possesses ... that in his entire being he descends from the animal, but man will take this view seriously and live accordingly (Ibid.).

We have sufficiently shown in the pages of this book the extent to which these words of Rudolf Steiner have become reality in our time. We have every reason to conclude that the development of civilization in our century has taken a most difficult and tragic turn. Rudolf Steiner actually spoke in his day, of how the Asuras work in senseless outbursts of passion in sports stadiums. What more needs to be said about passionate outbursts at rock-concerts where everything is brought to a pitch by the musical element, which has a particularly strong effect on the lower 'I'? Much has become habitual and a part of everyday existence, so that in self-justification people whisper powerlessly: 'What can we possibly do about it?' 'Where else are the youngsters to go?' 'You have to move on with the times!' etc. But let us concentrate on one question at least - the task of cognition. One will only find strength to overcome the evil that is triumphant on earth, when one has recognized its nature. This nature is cosmic and not only a product of the irresponsibility of single individuals.

In a very early lecture Rudolf Steiner commented on the following explanation by C. G. Harrison as to the nature of the Asuric forces: The Asuras are in their nature fiery or dynamic, and their power to do evil was terrible. This was destroyed for ever through the appearance of Jesus Christ ... they are 'held in check', unable to move backwards or forwards, between the earth and the eighth sphere,* at the latent point where the attraction of both is everywhere the same, until the 'great day' of the 'meeting of the axes', when they will be irresistibly pulled into the vortex of the latter (appendix to June 10, 1904, GA 93). Human beings could also be pulled into this vortex; whereby they would be torn out of human evolution temporarily or for ever. {*The 'eighth sphere' is the spirit region in which, on the one hand, the substance for the future Jupiter aeon is prepared and where, on the other, the forces of evil bring into being their counter-image to this aeon.}

Figure 15

Viewed cosmically, the Asuras have already been overcome, because Christ entered the 'triangle' of evil and took the small human 'I' under His wing (fig. 15). But since man only possesses his higher 'I' when he develops free-will, he can only serve the Christ-force when he may freely choose. In order to prevent this choice, the Asuras lead the polar opposite of luciferic and ahrimanic forces to a synthesis and thereby create a completely new situation on earth, where man is exposed to temptation in all the elements of his nature: through daily bread (the socialistic and other social experiments), through the trespasses of the life of society within the state (but also between the different states) which is descending into planetary chaos, through the temptation of loosened morality, the exchange of freedom for arbitrariness, and finally through the evil of false doctrines, the hypertrophy of the lie, the world-wide advocacy of unbridled sensuality and the dragging of the consciousness-soul down into the sphere of the instincts.

At the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century the situation of the world and of the individual human being becomes fraught with still greater difficulty through the working, on the side of the Asuric forces, of Sorat - the Sun-demon, the opponent of Christ, as he is characterized by Rudolf Steiner. He describes this event on the 12th Sept. 1924 as follows: All that we do now, my dear friends, in this age as we take hold of the spirituality of our teaching is of great significance, because we do it for the human beings of the present time sub specie aeternitatis. It is a preparation for those great, encompassing, intensive spiritual deeds that are to take place at the end of the century, after a great deal will have occurred which works counter to a spiritualizing of modern civilization. Those great upheavals in Europe which were ushered in by the Crusades, coincided with the recurrence of the figure 666, and this fact found its outer expression in the downfall of the Knights Templars. Ever and again Sorat strives to oppose that which, from the Sun-genius, endeavours to work for a true Christianity.

The time is now imminent of the third return of the figure 666: 1998. At the end of this century we come to that point in time when, rising up again from the waves of evolution, Sorat will raise his head most powerfully, when he will be the adversary of that vision of the Christ which those human beings who are prepared for it will already have in the first half of the 20th century, through the becoming visible of the etheric Christ (GA 346).* {*We would like to quote here a further central thought of Rudolf Steiner concerning the Asuras: The Asuras remain behind on Old Saturn. As did fire-spirits on the Sun. Christ is the regent of the fire-spirits. The satanic hosts are the fallen fire-spirits. On Old Moon it is the luciferic spirits. In the Lemurian race Lucifer intervened in human development. He was drawn into earth development and served as a liberator through giving man independence and enthusiasm for wisdom. The satanic beings begin their 'work' in the Atlantean race (black magic). They are the gods of hindrance. The Asuras intervene only now in the fifth race. They are by far the most harmful and work mainly into the sexual life, i.e. the physical body. The many sexual aberrations of the present can be traced back to their strong influence. All forces of hindrance work in such a way that they seek to hold on to what exists at present, what is imperfect, to carry it through and reinforce it in its imperfection. The luciferic beings still worked as liberators, because they gave independence, the egoity together with egoism. We had to pass through egoism, which was, as it were, the first expression of the ego - just as error is the first expression of wisdom in a world of becoming, and animalistic love is the first expression of the highest spiritual love. Our task is the transformation in each case. The third root-race saw the separation of the sexes, in the sixth root-race it will be overcome; this has to be prepared in the sixth sub-race. The reproductive forces of man are undergoing transformation. Reproductive force in itself is the most holy in our possession because it is directly divine. The more divine what is dragged through the mud by us, the greater the sin. The reproductive organs in us will be heart and larynx. As the word became flesh in Christ, so in the time of the fulfilment of Christianity the flesh has to become word. [ ¶] ... Good and evil are as yet differentiated relatively little. And our eyes do not much penetrate the behind the uniform appearance of the flesh. Now it is still a relatively small step from evil to good, from good to evil. When the powers of the Masters and of those who support them with all their strength and will, and the powers of the gods of hindrance, also called Mammon (the Satans and Asuras), with their human following, intervene ever more strongly in the life of humanity, in earthly development - then good will develop into a divine good, and evil into something terrible, the Anti-Christ. Then every single one of us world-helpers (may this word be spoken in deepest humility) will need all the strength that can be gained from suffering and the overcoming of suffering, from evil and the overcoming of evil. It is the task of Theosophy (Anthroposophy), of Rosicrucianism, to summon human beings to this battle through knowledge of such things, and in the battle to bring them peace (GA 266/I, p. 169/170).}

In this 'complex' way the archetypal phenomenon of man, the pentagram of the microcosm within the 'triangle' of evil, is overturned/overthrown if it rejects the helping hand of Christ (fig. 16). It is 'overturned/overthrown' in an all-embracing manner in the wider sphere of social life, which takes on particularly great and even decisive importance in the epoch of the consciousness-soul. The organizations of world-evil shown in the figure incorporate into themselves virtually the entire spiritual elite of today's humanity. Anyone who in one way or another is gifted and creative serves one or even several forms of evil. Hardly has a human being discovered his creative capacities, than he is seduced, enticed or wooed by the corresponding associations, Parties and Orders. Other paths to self-realization will prove to be closed to him. The gifts of a human being and his ability to develop thereby become an enormous risk to him and the average person is simply manipulated within the mass.

Figure 16

However, it would not be right for anyone to accept the situation that has arisen in the world, as this would mean the abandonment of further evolution, whose quintessence is the human being; it would mean the forgoing of eternity, 'death of the soul', followed by the extinction of the human monad.

But the human being who does not conform will, if he endeavours to understand the primary phenomenon of universal evil and follow its further manifestations, be fulfilling the central task of man today. This is of course not easy to realize, as we have to do with something that is fundamentally new - with the principle of inverted dialectics. It is just as new for our times as classical dialectics was new (and also difficult) for the world of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.



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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

Bhang wrote:

Just to lighten it up a bit: smile

What happens if an insect falls in a cup of coffee ?!

The British : will throw the cup into the street and leave the coffee shop for good.

The American : will get the insect out and drink the coffee.

The Chinese : will eat the insect and drink the coffee.

The Canadian : will go order a dounut  to offset the taste.



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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

druid wrote:

Another interesting chapter from Bondarev's book

The Spiritual Configuration
of Europe
By Gennady Bondarev

Translation from the German
by Graham Rickett

At the time of Old Atlantis the Aryan race was characterized by the fact that it lost its declining clairvoyant abilities more rapidly than the representatives of the other races. We must note that supersensible faculties constituted the main characteristic of the aristocratic elite on Atlantis. This is why the Aryans as a race were generally despised in times long past. The faculties germinating in them, all that we master as logic and conceptual thinking today, were not appreciated at that time, and so the Aryans were counted among the lower castes. After the migration some of them settled in the Southern area of the vast Siberian region, between the Urals and Lake Baikal (cf. Chapter VI, p. *). Others continued their migration further to the South. It would appear to be a result of this movement - against the stream of etheric forces of the earth - that the first post-Atlantean, Old Indian culture was passive and lived in a half dreamlike state. But in the course of this epoch man developed the individual ether-body and this meant the final overcoming of the animal-stage of human development. Seven Holy Rishis were sent from the Mystery centre of Manu to the Indian peninsula, in order to lead this culture.

I can not correlate old advanced civilizations with that time lines perspectives.

See, we got very old stuff of fantastic technology
like the big pyramids of Gize, baalkek “jupter temple"
, and in the south America the oldest stuff is the more advanced like
the ruins of  Tiahuanaco
In India Mohenjo Daro
Ohhh what about the vimanas flying machines
and old nuclear bombs,  there are old ruins in India with a strange level of radiation...

To have all that technology(flying machines, NUKE stuff, pyramid stuff) must
have a high evolved creature with lots of logic and brain power, in the text I
quoted he even says logical was not appreciated... What I am missing ?

Bye, Pictus




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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

These atlantean 'technologies' were given by 'gods' (by ancient civilisator-gods but also by fallen angels and their titanic progeny). These technologies didn't came from the thinking faculty of the individual ; this is precisely the characteristic of the small group of people (from which the Aryan culture, the post-atlantean that we are, emerged) that Manu gathered to make them into solar initiates of each one of the 7 great mysteries (each cohering with a particular planet of the 7-planets system).  The members of this group gathered by Manu (solar initiate and greatest initiate ever) weren't initiates themselves, but they had the faculty to know the material world and think for themselves, a faculty that was despised by Atlanteans, who had immense memory faculty, an instinctive wisdom and hability to master the plant-etheric-life-force, but no independent thinking faculty. This is according to Steiner's insights, and all anthroposophists agree. This solar initiate group are the ancestors of Socrates and Aristotle (and some other philosophers), and Christians, who represent this impulse of the post-atlantean epoch in which we were destined to develop independent thought.



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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati


Nov. 16, 2006
In the first hour, Greg talked with author C.T. Wilcox, who wrote the book The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and the Truth Behind the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln "Transformation" is a 375 page expose of Vatican and Jesuit intrigues and interference into the political structure of the United States and Europe. It contains shocking revelations and fully authenticated documentation, much of it hidden for almost 100 years, to support the conclusion that the United States has been transformed from a beacon of light and hope into an empire with beast-like tendencies and that the world is headed for a Vatican led and instigated cataclysm while it sleepwalks towards the edge. The people of the United States have been robbed of their own history. This is the worst kind of theft. Who REALLY murdered Abraham Lincoln and several other presidents? Did John Wilkes Booth act alone or was he simply one of a crew of specially hired hit men who were chosen to further the aims of wicked men and desperate politicians dressed in religious costumes? What were the motivating factors of the U.S. Civil War; slavery, states' rights or something altogether different? Why did Professor Samuel F.B. Morse go to Italy and what did he uncover? How were the European monarchies involved in the U.S. Civil War? Who stood to gain and who stood to lose? Is the United States fast becoming a 21st Century version of Nazi Germany? If so, why and how did this occur? Is the U.S. Bill of Rights and its Constitution at serious risk of being flushed down the toilet or is it already a dead letter? What does Vatican interference in the global political realm mean for the world today? Why did President G.W. Bush visit the Vatican 3 times in his first administration? What about Condi Rice, Dick Cheney and Laura Bush? Why are concentration camps being built in virtually every state west of the Mississippi? What's up with the immigration crisis?

In the second hour, Greg spoke with John Daniels, author of The Grand Design Exposed, enlightening listeners about Vatican corruption and its connection to the New World Order. Vatican Design: EXPOSED ! is dedicated to show by that same highest authority ? the Holy Word of GOD ? prophecy given in only five chapters of the Holy Bible by GOD, the blueprint given to mankind of all the world empires that would rise up and fall upon the earth, from after the flood until the very end of time. To give credibility to HIS Holy Word, and so mankind would not grope in utter darkness, GOD gave this profound revelation 2500 years ago. Search the world over, and see if you can produce another book capable of performing such a miracle. And to speak of the end of time, is a concept that originated with the Word of GOD. For Godless people neither know about, nor do they want to know about, the time when it will be no more. Vatican Design: EXPOSED! is dedicated to make those five prophecy chapters of GOD's Holy Word so perfectly clear and so simple that even a child could understand them if there is an honest interest and a love for the truth. So what you are about to study, is profoundly the truth and can not be interpreted truthfully in any other way, in spite of false teachers and deceivers who will say otherwise. But for sheer necessity, study for yourself, to prove all things and be approved unto GOD.

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Nov. 15, 2006
Greg interviewed Charles Hall about his incredible story about encountering the Tall Whites, a group of alien beings who have been visiting for hundreds of years. Don't miss this interview as Hall takes listeners on an incredible journey, He has also written three books under the title of Millennial Hospitality and as Hall says on his web site "it is not like any other book you may have read about aliens. You will find out many new things such as the answer to the question, "Where do the children of aliens play?" This book is about friendship, romance, and terror and is based on the true-life experiences of the author, who claims he is not an alien. "It's a paradigm shift is when you see the world one way, then new information comes in and you begin to see the world in a whole new way. The process the mind goes through during a paradigm shift is, to many, fascinating. At first, there is often a tremendous effort to not acknowledge the new information in order to hold stable one's existing (and, at least familiar if not comfortable) world view. As the new information persists, however, the (typical, healthy) mind makes adjustments, allowing a bit in here and there, reorganizing, editing, changing, and restructuring the old information in light of the new. Finally the new information is integrated into one's world view and viola!??you have undergone a paradigm shift.

"Millennial Hospitality is many things, including the story of a paradigm shift. Presented as fiction, it is in fact based on the experiences of Charles James Hall during his military service in the 1960s. The story's main character is Airman 2nd Class Charles Baker, a bright and dedicated soldier, whose job it was to send up weather balloons, take readings, and report them to the base. The weather station was in the desert. While there, in the course of performing his duties (which included taking weather readings in the early hours of the morning), Airman Baker saw and eventually became fairly well acquainted with a race of extraterrestrial beings he calls the "Tall Whites." "The Tall Whites are, as the name implies, tall with skin so white as to be akin to paper. They are thin and somewhat fragile beings compared to humans. They are the possessors of advanced technology which they use to protect themselves. According to Hall, they have agreed to share some of this technology with the "American Generals" in exchange for being able to maintain their base in the Nevada desert. Apparently this base is used as a way-station for their people, allowing them to rest and retool during long trips through space. "When Airman Baker first sees the Tall Whites, he finds explanations for them that fit within his existing world view?they are "white patches," hallucinations. Even after rescuing a small alien girl who was trapped and unable to get out of some sagebrush, he still told himself that she wasn't real and that it had probably been his imagination. After a number of experiences with the Tall Whites, he eventually came to accept their reality and interacted directly with some of them."

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Nov. 14, 2006
Greg interviewed Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, explaining to listeners how the Knights of Malta act as an evil arm of the papacy and how they control the Federal Reserve Bank as well as American foreign and domestic policy. Phelps again called for the removal of the Jesuit Order from American soil in order to retain or sovereignty.

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Nov. 09, 2006
Greg's guest was John Buchanan, investigative journalist who broke the Bush family connection to the Nazi regime with documents uncovered from the National Archives and the Congressional Record in 2003. Buchanan also ran for President in the 2004 New Hampshire Primary, but then was the victim of Bush-like Nazi tactics, being harassed by the CIA and then being charged with 14 bogus felony stalking charges. If you think we don't live under fascism now, listen to this interview.

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Nov. 08, 2006
Greg returned to one of his favorite subjects, the microwaving and frying of Americans. As the country is pacified into extinction, Greg still takes the unpopular stand that Americans are being tortured by their own government by the use of sophisticated electronic weaponry. Listen to the next two hours if you want to get up to speed about how Americans are being being targeted. As Bill Mahr and Jon Stewart continue laughing all the way to the bank with all their millions what if both of you were being fried? Would your smiles disappear like the smiles on the guests of today's Investigative Journal, Denise Hixenbaugh and Ramona Lopez, did? I am sure idiots like Stewart and Mahr don't care but listeners of the Investigative Journal do. And that is what separates us from them. Don;t miss these two interviews.

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Nov. 07, 2006
Greg interviewed Thomas Richards, a former Roman Catholic who is warning Americans about the evil Vatican and Jesuit hierarchy trying to destroy America. Go to Richards' web site at for more of his research.

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Nov. 06, 2006
In the first half hour, Greg interviewed outspoken North Carolina Supreme Court Justice candidate, Rachel Lea Hunter, who is trying to expose massive judicial neo con corruption in her state. Next, Greg Spoke with former high level Illuminati figure, Leo Zagami, formerly of the Monte Carlo P2 Masonic Lodge. Leo is exposing New World Order corruption, emanating from the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

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Nov. 02, 2006
In the first hour, Greg was joined by Debbie Pitts, telling about being a victim of a Satanic cult protected by high law enforcement and government officials in Butler County Missouri. From the time Debbie was a child, she was beaten, tortured, abused and even put in a straight jacket. According to Pitts, she was thrust against her will into a dark and deeply sinister Satanic cult, a cult protected by state of Missouri and federal authorities. And if it wasn't for the grace of God, Pitts, 51, says she wouldn't be here today to tell her incredible story, a sick and devious story illustrating how the forces of evil really work. In the second hour, Greg was joined by Walt WIlliams, who discussed his intensive research work about how the Jesuits and the Vatican are the spiritual controllers behind the NWO.

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Nov. 1, 2006
Greg visited with Steve Esdale, who detailed the Florida authorities, including Gov. Jeb Bush, are covering up his father's murder.

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Oct. 31, 2006
Greg was visited by Carl Sanders, an electronics engineer, inventor, author, and consultant to various Government organizations. During his career he helped develop a Microchip that is smaller than a grain of rice, and can be implanted beneath the skin for surveillance purposes. This device is suitable for the marking of every living person with a unique personal identifier. When scanned, the Microchip will transmit a data stream containing every piece of vital information that can be recorded about a person. Brother Sanders believes this (or one similar) to be the Mark of the Beast spoken of in the Book of Revelation. Listen to Carl's testimony and evidence of technologies that are paving the way to the mark of the beast system in "Could this be the mark of the Beast."

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Oct. 30, 2006
Part II of the Leo Zagami Interviews. Leo was a high-level former member of the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge, who defected from the Illuminati in June and decided to reveal the truth about how the Illuminati really operates. Zagami reveals the Jesuit and Vatican connection as well as how the high-level members of Freemasonry work together with the Vatican to spread Satin's work of the New World Order.

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Oct. 24, 2006
Part II of the Jim Arrabito Interviews
Former Jesuit Priest, Fr. Alberto Rivero and others speak out about Jesuit and Vatican infiltration in America and the world's most sacred institutions,including top governments and religions with the purpose of creating a one world government controlled from Rome. Jim Arrabito hosts this collection of interviews which details the above conclusions, featuring many FR. Rivera and many others who candidly speak about the Vatican's real intentions. It should be noted that shortly after these interviews were presented in video form, Arrabito was killed in a mysterious plane crash in Alaska during his world wide travels to spread this anti-Jesuit message. Many people feel, including close family members who continue to this day his ministry, that Jim was assassinated for trying to spread the truth about the Vatican and especially the evils of the Jesuit Order. This is the second of two shows dedicated to Arrabito's memory.

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Oct. 23, 2006
Former Jesuit Priest, Fr. Alberto Rivero and others speak out about Jesuit and Vatican infiltration in America and the world's most sacred institutions,including top governments and religions with the purpose of creating a one world government controlled from Rome. Jim Arrabito hosts this collection of interviews which details the above conclusions, featuring many FR. Rivera and many others who candidly speak about the Vatican's real intentions. It should be noted that shortly after these interviews were presented in video form, Arrabito was killed in a mysterious plane crash in Alaska during his world wide travels to spread this anti-Jesuit message. Many people feel, including close family members who continue to this day his ministry, that Jim was assassinated for trying to spread the truth about the Vatican and especially the evils of the Jesuit Order. This is the first of two shows dedicated to Arrabito's memory.

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Oct. 19, 2006
In the first hour, Greg spoke with Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins. Phelps enlightened listeners regarding the evil doings of the Jesuit Order and the Vatican and their role in the New World Order and the destruction of America. In the second hour, Bob Jackson, a former Dallas Times Herald photographer who snapped the famous Ruby shooting Oswald photo, went public for the first time on American radio, saying there was no blood on Oswald or at the crime scene. Don't miss this interview!

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Oct. 18, 2006
This groundbreaking interview, exposes the real devious and diabolical activities of the Illuminati, using Freemasonry, Opus Dei, the Jesuits, the Vatican and other secret societies to do its dirty work. Leo Zagami, a Sicilian aristocrat who was a 33rd degree Mason and affiliated with the P2 Lodge of Monte Carlo, broke ties with the Illuminati in June and now is going public with inside information never before told. You will be shocked when you here Zagami name high level names and places, connecting Satanism to members of the U.S. government, the Vatican and Jesuits. Zagami also told listeners how the Jesuits are the "mind" behind the New World Order and how the puppets of the American government are selling out their country, giving complete loyalty to Rome. Also listen when Zagami claims to have inside information obtained from members of the influential Monte Carlo P2 Lodge, who told him that the Pope has a 24-year-old gay lover. Don't miss this interview.

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Oct. 17, 2006
For both hours, Greg Interviewed Bill Hughes, author of The Enemy Unmasked and The Secret Terrorists, telling listeners that the Vatican through the Jesuit Order are the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order. Hughes provided a history lesson of Vatican corruption as well as evidence which shows the Vatican clearly has wanted to destroy America from its inception.

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Oct. 16, 2006
Greg spent the first 30 minutes of his show updating listeners on the Leo Wanta story and the trillions stolen by the last three presidential administrations. Researcher Peter Williams then visited with Greg for the remainder of the show telling about the inner workings of the Knights of Malta as well as discussing the Vatican and Jesuit role in the NWO. a native of Toronto, Williams then discussed conversations he had with David Yallup, author of "In God's Name," a book about the assassination of Pope John Paul I.

Hour One      Hour Two

Oct. 10, 2006
In the first hour, Steve Shearer, founder of "The Center for World Peace and Understanding, told how the Bush administration ignored the Iraqi's peace offering even after Shearer along with the Iraqi Ambassador proposed a "Peace Bridge Building Project" between Iraq and the U.S. months prior to the illegal Bush invasion. The Center for World Peace and Understanding is a private association, started in the late 1970's, dedicated to the cause of creating a world living in peace, harmony, and mutual cooperation. In the second hour, Greg was visited by researcher and grass roots activist, Shaw Lane, who has been studying for years how the Vatican and Jesuit Order are the real spiritual controllers behind the NWO. Lane recently went to the 9/11 Chicago Truth Conference and manned a booth where he tried to expose the corrupt Vatican and Jesuit Order. If you want to know who controls the Illuminati and NWO, listen to this interview.

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Oct. 05, 2006
In the first hour, Steve Esdale visited with Greg, telling a horrendous story of how his father was allegedly murdered by a DEA agent from Bolivia, who narried him for his money and then worked together with Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the FBI and Florida law enforcement to cover up the murder. In the second hour, Brother Thomas, a man of faith and wisdom, inspired Investigative Journal listeners by giving them hope even if darkness seems to prevail.

Hour One      Hour Two

Oct. 04, 2006
In the first hour, Greg spoke with author Eric Jon Phelps, whose new book Vatican Assassins. 3rd edition is due out at the end of October. Phelps provided more information in this interview about how the Jesuits and the Vatican are the real spiritual controllers of the NWO. In the second hour, Greg was visited by Mark Evans, who tells an incredible story about his elderly father, a former Air Force and Army veteran, has been targeted, harassed and drugged by covert operatives working in the government. Don;t miss this interview.

Hour One      Hour Two

Oct. 03, 2006
In the first half hour, Greg spoke with author, C.T Wilcox, who told listeners how the Jesuits and the Vatican were involved in Lincoln assassination, as well as commenting about the militarization of the Great Lakes, a story publicized in Canada but not here in the States. To read more about the facts covered up in the Lincoln murder go to his web site at For the remaining 90 minutes, Greg visited with Lynn Schmaltz, who talked about her house was taken under an illegal foreclosure and how when she tried to fight it, she has been harassed and arrested.

Hour One      Hour Two

Sept. 22 2006
Greg talks to former Catholic Bishop (of Guatemala, Quebecer) Gerard Bouffard, who claims the Jesuit Order controls the Vatican who together comprise the real spiritual controllers of the NWO/Illuminati. Bishop Bouffard verified the validity of the late Fr. Albero Rivera, a staunch Jesuit critic.



#131 2006-11-20 19:21:08

From: Brazil
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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

druid wrote:

These atlantean 'technologies' were given by 'gods' (by ancient civilisator-gods but also by fallen angels and their titanic progeny).

Thanks Druid!
That is logical and I can add that to give "guns" to "childrem"
always ends in a mess, as it did...

Where are these "gods" now ? (I still view then as creatures from
other solar systems)
Better, what is the situation of this world now?

Last edited by Pictus (2006-11-20 19:22:35)

Bye, Pictus




#132 2006-11-20 20:19:44

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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

Intronement of Papacy in Jerusalem (owned by Vatican).

We blame Neocons, skull and bones, Zionists and even Jews, but ignore completely the implications of Jesuit-Illuminati in all governments (even those who publicly criticize Bush - like Chavez - kiss the Pope's hand), hiding behind Jews and Masons as fronts and its main ambassador the Vatican. Jesuits are closest to Illuminati, closer than infiltrated masonry, zionists, communists and bolchevists could ever be. Steiner talked a lot about goetheanism, rosicrucianism and anthroposophy as main danger to the Army of the Society of Jesus and their plan of world domination. 
If you look at the Vatican's position on the existence of 'extraterrestrials', you'll see that they perpetuate the lie of the ExtraTerrestrialHypothesis.
According to guenonian Jean Robin, there was a society called The Society of the Coming One (but in French: 'La Société de celui qui doit venir'), linked to nazis, having flying saucers and other 'miraculous' technologies, and preparing the coming of the Great Monarc, the Great King, that would restore the  Divine-Right Royal dynasty (blue blooded) as descendent of Merovingian kings. He would probably be introduced as Christ coming back into the same royal bloodline, as one of his own descendants. This is the staged second coming. He would be entroned in Jerusalem taking back the crown of old kings (as the 2nd movie of the Lord of the Rings 'The Return of the King'). Who is the Brotherhood of the Ring? Illuminati. The Twin towers? they are Jakim and Boaz, actualised as Tarot's Tower being struck by lightning/plane on 9/11. All programming to introduce a bogus second coming.


as for your question on gods governing our destiny in the past, There are too many of them... can't follow all their tracks at once. Pick up one example.
For example, planetary gods such as Mercury-Wodan-Buddha-Enoch, etc. or Zeus-Jupiter, or Venus, etc. were sometimes incarnate on earth (in mythologies, we see that man remembers having walked alongside the gods), and later they were hovering over the souls of special individuals. Some other beings were attainable in a fire-mist at the end of the initiation to the Mysteries, in Atlantis. there they gave instructions to the initiate. Only in our Post-atlantean epoch are we completely independent of the influence of gods in our instinctive life and will. We have to think for ourselves and expell forces of will out of ourselves, act by ourselves. We got the gift of freedom by the cost of the disapearance of gods for our environment. Also, the possibility of error came by the gods leaving us. Narmer (later Menes) is the first human king that was not a god, thus he is linked to the possibility of error. Man makes mistakes. For hindus Manes is the human as a thinking creature. The Cretean labyrinth was built by King Minos (the labyrinth is the circonvolutions of the brain, where we can get lost).
In Atlantean and Lemurian times, many men bore in themselves luciferic beings such as those 'superhuman semi-angelic teachers'. Many of these became retarded angels because they didn't continue their ascent, they blocked on this level and started to regress. But these beings weren't really evil, they worked through individuals that built great cities and achived great advances in civilisation. Now these luciferic beings left the earth and dwell on the moon. Language came from luciferic spirits. Races, cultures, languages splitted in multiplicities under their influence, thus establishing a basis of diversity.

among the gods and angels who inspired exceptional human beings, there were also retarded ones, luciferic. Some of them only started to bcome retarded in ancient Egyptian epoch (3000 to 747 BC). Know these in particular inspire materialistic development and mentality in manyfold ways. Some even claim to be the Nine, gods of Egypt who left us on Atlantis, coming back and taking back their due cattle and their due planet... These are certainly fallen... of just elementals playing with us using mythology and religion as confusion-manipulation tools.



#133 2006-11-27 18:44:00

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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

The site below shows the new Israeli Supreme Court Building which is adorned in Masonic symbolism. Built by the Rothchilds with a wing for Mrs. Rothchild  dedicated in stone. Further proof of Zionism's arrogance.

" The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it "

Ayn Rand



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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

The Temple Mount is now owned by the Vatican. Eric Jon Phelps believes the war between Israel and Palestine is fomented by jesuits in order to destroy the muslim Dome on the Rock under Israeli-USA strikes, thus provoquing a anti-jewish-american fury in the muslim world. The Temple Mount thus cleared, they (using Zionists as front) will be able to built their 3rd Temple in order to enthrone their antichrist there. I think this is a highly plausible hypothesis.



#135 2006-11-30 03:06:02

Paradigms of Vigilance
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Re: Jewish power and the Illuminati

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