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Topic: Operators and Things - Schizophrenia? Reality?


This is an OCR (copyable text) version of the out-of-print book Operators and Things: The Inner Life of a Schizophrenic by Barbara O'Brien. It's an autobiography of her trip through and recovery from schizophrenia.

The premise of the book is that there are entities called "Operators" who manipulate unsuspecting humans they call "Things" for the purpose of entertaining and competing amongst themselves. Much of the book is the author's dialogue with the Operators, and their discussing what, why, and how they operate.

Makes me wonder just how much of her experiences were products of delusion, and how much were perceptions of greater truths concerning the matrix control system. Either way, it's an extremely fascinating and mind-bending book.

Go here to download the PDF

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Re: Operators and Things - Schizophrenia? Reality?

Thanks for the link, Montalk.  I've long been fascinated by the similarities between schizophrenia and mysticism.  When you read works by Stuart Wilde, et al, can you imagine what a psychiatrist would say about that?  What really is the difference between a so-called normal person and a so-called madman?  I suspect the people we consider insane may have a thinner veil between them and other densities.

Re: Operators and Things - Schizophrenia? Reality?

Thanks for the link!
Good thing for me to read, I asked more than one time to a  “shaman"
if I am haywire/crazy, they said not, but I still not sure if they are right... wink  lol

Bye, Pictus