Topic: Ecopsychology-Why we want off the grid

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Pain and delusions without nature:

Ecopsychology recognizes the escalating
spread of pain and despair being felt by people in response to nature’s continuing destruction. It is disappointing that this destruction occurs at the hands of our own species, which makes one doubt the quality of our species, or the current degree (or delusion) of its wisdom.
Ecopsychology recognizes that without the influence of nature, humans are prone to a variety of delusions. For example, they can become self centered, alienated and insensitive.
When it comes to anxiety, I'm here to say, "It's not your fault." Shed that burden: the dreadful, gnawing sense that things are awry is the simple result of living in an anxious age, oppressed by Puritans, imprisoned by career, humiliated by bosses, attacked by banks, seduced by celebrity, bored by TV, forever hoping, fearing or regretting.
It - the Thing, the Man, the System, the Combine, the Construct, whatever we want to call the structures of power - wants you to be anxious. Anxiety suits the status quo very well. Anxious people make good consumers and good workers. Governments and big business, therefore, love terrorism - it's good for business.