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food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

I believe that the moon is not the eighth sphere. Steiner argued that there was a lot of disinformation about the eighth sphere, since Sinnett's 'Esoteric Buddhism', Blavatsky, etc.
These occultists managed to establish in the occult community that the moon is the eighth sphere, and so that Yahve is a bad guy, like gnostics pretend. In fact, the opposite would be true: Yahve would have established the moon in order that the eighth sphere's sucking void activity shall be blocked.

Here are the details:



But first: about hearing voices and seeing shining globes out there:
...the stage of consciousness I have described (picture-consciousness) was experienced on ancient Moon, only at a lower, more dreamlike level, so that no faculty of discrimination was possible. The ability to discriminate only began later, and you must thoroughly familiarise yourselves with what I have just said. Let us hang on to the fact that the clairvoyant lives his way into a kind of picture consciousness.  But during the ancient Moon evolution the pictures which arose were in the main quite different from the objects of our earthly consciousness; and the same thing applies today in the early stages of clairvoyance. The clairvoyant does not at first see external spiritual beings at all; he sees pictures, and the question is: "What do these pictures signify?" You know, in the first stages of clairvoyance they are not expressions of real external spiritual beings at all but, a kind of organ consciousness. This is a pictorial presentation, a projection in space, of what is actually going on inside ourselves. And the clarivoyant begins to develop these forces in himself, he can, to give an actual example, have a feeling he is perceiving two luminous globes far away in space. Two pictures, that is, of globes shining brightly in certain colours. ifhe were to think to himself: "somewhere outside me there are two beings", the probability is that is he would be quite wrong; at any rate that would be the case to begi with. for the fact is that his clairvoyance is projecting outward into space forces which are at work in himself, and seeing them as two globes. these two globes could represent what is at work in his astral body, bringing about in him the power of sight in his two eyes. This power of sight can be projected outwards in the form of two globes. In actual fact it is inner forces which are presenting themselves as external phenomena in astral space, and it would be taken to herald the external presence of spiritual beings.
It would still be a greater error if, right from the beginning, with the help of a little bit of questionable assistance, one were to hear voices, and immediately interpret them an inspiration from outside. This is the greatest error to which one can fall prey. It will hardly be anything else but an echo of an inner process; and while what appears in images of colour and form usually represents fairly sound inner processes, voices are as a rule signs of pretty chaotic things going on in the soul. The best thing for anyone to do who begins hearing voices is to cuiltivate the greatest mistrust in what they say. so you see that the beginning of pictorial imagery must under all circumstances be undertaken with the greatest care. It is a kind or organ consciousness, a projecting of one's own inner being into space. During the ancient Moon evolution it was normal that the consciousness possessed then was a consciousness of the organs. At the Moon stage human beings scarcely perceived anything beyond what was happening within them at the time. Genesis, (Steiner, 1910: 95-96)


mediumnism and the poison activity of illicit astrality in plants
(True and false paths in spiritual investigation, Steiner)

In previous reviews of Nutrition and Bees, we discovered that poisons in the plant world have a nature of astrality about them that should be reserved for the animal world. Plants that develop poisons are trying to act like animals, something that will be good for them to do in the epoch following Earth epoch, but as any good out of its time, that something becomes a evil, a harmful poison, in our time. Steiner looks at the deadly nightshade Belladonna and the harmless violet and compares them.
[page 153] The Belladonna develops its bell-shaped flowers inside which the fruit is formed and the astral element penetrates into the fruit. The violet develops its capsule only in the etheric element. The fruit of the deadly nightshade assimilates the astral element and in consequence the plant is poisonous.
This is most interesting. We find that our astral body is the bearer of forces which prove to be poisonous when assimilated by plants. This is how we must think of poison. We can only acquire an inner understanding of poison when we realize that man's astral body contains in effect the forces of all existing toxins, for they are an integral part of his being.
We might say that the violet is on a true path, but the deadly nightshade is on a false path. This will become important as we enter the study of "true and false paths in spiritual investigation" as the title of this enbooked series of lectures promises. How are we to understand the latest varieties of mediums, the so-called "channels" -- such as Lazaris, Ramtha, and Seth that were so popular in the last quarter of the 20th Century? Once more we find a "good out of its time."
[page 156, 157] And when a medium is in a trance condition, when the brain is insulated, an entity of this kind which is subject to Ahrimanic influences and whose function is to transmit the achievements of civilization to the future, slips into the brain. Instead of being the carrier of the human Ego, such a medium is, temporarily, the vehicle of an elementary being which is neglecting its duty in the Cosmos.
Thus they slip into it [the part of brain vacated by the medium's Ego] and introduce into the contemporary world what their observation has taught them of the art of writing. Thus, with the help of mediums they project into the present that which, in accordance with their mission, they ought to communicate to the future. Mediumism depends upon the fact that what is to become future capacities is already developed in the present in a vague and chaotic manner.
The beings who take possession of channels are slackers, skipping out on their real duties, and getting caught up the world of the present. Steiner tells us that in the typical séance, someone with clairvoyant vision will see the group surrounded by poisonous plants with fruits and flowers from which demoniac beings emerge. (page 162) This reminds me of the phrase from Matt 7:16, 20 "Therefore by their fruits ye will know them."
When is a human being apt to become a medium or a channel? When somehow their consciousness becomes dimmed. Our brain weighs about 1,500 grams, but floats in a liquid medium so that its effective weight is about 20 grams. In this small portion of the brain, the Ego resides. If it were to vacate that portion of the brain, an elemental being can slip in and take possession of the brain.
[page 167, 168] And fundamentally this danger is always present whenever the consciousness of man, i. e., his full Ego-consciousness, is suppressed, whenever he is in a stupefied, comatose condition or has actually suffered syncope [RJM: fainted]. Whenever man's consciousness is damped down, not through sleep, but through some other factor, there is the danger that man will be exposed to the world of elementary beings.
From the above we get the distinct impression that someone who attends séances, who consults mediums, or studies the writings of channels, is not on the true path, but rather the false path in spiritual investigation.

Klingsor (the Lucifer of the Grail legend) is a moon-hater. According to Walter johannes Stein, The Death of Merlin, chp13, pp:192:

"Klingsor formed an alliance with Iblis (the musilm form of Lucifer). Iblis the wife of King Ibert, is described by Wolfram as the woman whose lover Klingsor illegitimately becomes. The jealous King responds by castrating Klingsor. the power of Lucifer appears here as the power that fights against the forces of physical procreation. The cosmic expression of the forces of procreation and sustenance is the moon. FOR EXAMPLE THE EMBRYO DEVELOPS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE MOON CYCLES, AND OUR FIRST NOURISHMENT, MILK, IS ALSO DEPENDENT ON THIS CYCLE. The moon is the cosmic image of the grail vessel, Gangandi Greidi, "food for the way", is the name given to the Grail vessel in the Nordic version of the Grail legend. The powers which serve the metabolic processes of nurishment and procreation are high spiritual powers but human beings can misuse them by giving them to Lucifer through passion, through lust; these powers can also be taken away but the seeker of the Grail must transform them. What that means is indicated by Wlofram in Parzival attitude to Condwiramurs Klingsor, on the other hand, is robbed of these powers. The nature of pure love can be learnt from the sun which freely gives its vitalizing strenght and demands noting in return. Grail love endeavours to be similarly altruistic, only wanting to give."


The following comes from an ex-website that has since vanished in thin air
The Eighth Sphere: Lucifer's Dream

"The destiny of Ahriman and Lucifer is that they work with their forces in earth evolution and repeatedly make the greatest efforts to hold back the wider progress of evolution; they try to establish a realm for themselves, and have again and again to suffer disillusionment." [1]

The preceding is one of the most general statements I've ever read by Steiner about the goals of Lucifer and Ahriman.  In previous essays, I have concentrated on a few of the approaches they use to sidetrack our evolution, but I didn't go into much detail on their intended destination.  That is the subject of this essay.

The "destination" to which I refer is known as the Eighth Sphere.  It's a quasi-spiritual world which surrounds us.  It was produced by Lucifer and Ahriman just as our solar system's previous "incarnation," a.k.a. the Old Moon "manvantara," was ending.  As Steiner puts it, "Thus as Sphere Three [Old Moon manvantara was] advancing to a further stage, something is wrested from the Spirits of Form by Lucifer and Ahriman; into this part that is wrested away, Lucifer and Ahriman penetrate, instead of the Sprits of Form.  The activities of Lucifer and Ahriman are added to the Spirits of Movement [among others which created the Old Moon] and, as a result Eight arises out of Three." [2]

In An Outline of Occult Science [3], Steiner describes this "substantiality": "[Mankind was] embedded in the above-described vaporous environment.  The most manifold processes occur within this mistlike element.  Substances now unite, now separate. Certain parts condense, others become rarefied. All this occurs in such a way that the human beings neither see nor hear it directly, but images [Imaginations] are called forth by it in their consciousness....  Although they are symbols, not copies, they correspond, nevertheless, to the outer events....  A Moon humanity is thus in the position to direct its actions in accordance with these pictures [although driven by dull urges instead of having free will]." [4]

Another angle on this Old Moon form of consciousness is provided by the following excerpt:

in days when the semi-fluid, semi-vaporous Earth was still united with the Moon. Man moved through the semi-fluid, semi-gaseous element like a fish, guiding his way by means of this organ. His perceptions were of a visionary, allegoric nature. Currents of warmth evoked in him the impression of dazzling red and of powerful sound. Currents of cold evoked the impression of shades of green and blue, silvery, rippling sounds. [4a]

Then, as the Earth manvantara (the first one with "solid" matter) began to materialize, Lucifer and Ahriman took the opportunity to grab some of it for their world and infused it into the "substance" which they had stolen from the Old Moon: "Thus when the mineral comes into existence out of the Imaginative substantiality, it is snatched by Lucifer and Ahriman and made into Imagination [i.e. given the form of Imagination instead of that which it was supposed to take]." [5]

Steiner reinforces this statement in a passage which includes a tantalizing potential clue to the nature of the Ghost Society:

"Mark this well: Instead of pure Imagination [Old moon "substantiality"] being there, the Imaginations ARE DENSIFIED BY THE INFUSION OF A MINERAL ELEMENT THAT HAS BEEN WRESTED FROM THE EARTH.  Densified Imaginations are thus created.... They are ghosts, spectres - that is to say, behind our world there is a world of spectres created by Lucifer and Ahriman." [5]

But that wasn't the end of it; Lucifer and Ahriman continue to take whatever they can from Earth, and convert it into Old Moon substance to add to their world:

Lucifer and Ahriman strive unceasingly to draw from the Earth's substances whatever they can snatch, in order to form their Eighth Sphere which then, when it is sufficiently advanced, will be detached from the Earth and go its own way in the Cosmos together with Lucifer and Ahriman. [7]

This impolite pair find their greatest success in seizing physical matter in human beings, specifically, in the brain.  From what I gather, this is because, as Steiner puts it, "physical substance there is more spiritualized that anywhere else."  He also states that "everything that is similar to the head ... is equally exposed to the danger of being dispatched to the Eighth Sphere." [8]

"New Age" gang spreads confusion about the 8th Sphere

In the Occult Movement in the 19th Century, Steiner devotes considerable time to the spin put on the 8th Sphere by A.P. Sinnett's book Esoteric Buddhism.  Sinnett essentially states that the present Moon is the 8th Sphere, when in fact the physical aspect of the Moon was created by Jahve to prevent a certain amount of matter from being seized by Lucifer and Ahriman.  Steiner claims that Sinnett's distortion was intended to convey a materialistic version of reincarnation, which he does not describe.  I'll take his word for it, but I think it's safe to say that it also tends to conceal a major aspect of what Lucifer and Ahriman are doing.

Steiner also mentions that H.P. Blavatsky, upon realizing that she was being used by so-called left-hand initiates (who pursue selfish interests) to give the impression that their propaganda was coming from benevolent higher beings, tried to correct Sinnett's error.  But she wasn't a very good writer, and Sinnett's teachings became the generally accepted view among theosophists.

Seducing and driving us to the 8th Sphere

"If Rome had developed in such a way that a great all-embracing mechanized empire had arisen, it would only have been habitable for egoless human beings who would have remained on earth after Lucifer had drawn out their souls on the path of Greek culture and art. YOU SEE HOW AHRIMAN AND LUCIFER WORK TOGETHER. LUCIFER WANTS TOTAKE MEN'S SOULS AWAY AND FOUND A PLANET WITH THEM OF HIS OWN.AHRIMAN HAS TO HELP HIM. WHILE LUCIFER SUCKS THE JUICE OUT OF THE
LEMON, AS IT WERE, AHRIMAN PRESSES IT OUT, THEREBY HARDENING WHATREMAINS. This is what he tried to do to the civilization of Rome. Here we have an important cosmic process going on  all due to the intention and resolve of luciferic and ahrimanic powers. As I have said, they were disappointed. They have continued their efforts, however, and our fifth post-Atlantean age has yet [as of 1916] to learn how strong these attacks are. They are now only beginning but they will become stronger and stronger. This age must learn, too, that THE NECESSITY TO UNDERSTAND THESE ATTACKS WILL BECOME EVER GREATER." [emphasis added] [9]

"But the endeavor of Lucifer and Ahriman is TO DRAG THE FREE WILL OF MAN, AND WHATEVER STEMS FROM IT, into the Eighth Sphere.  This means that man is perpetually exposed to the danger of having his free will wrested from him and dragged by Lucifer and Ahriman into the Eighth Sphere.
"This happens if the element of free will is transformed, FOR EXAMPLE, into visionary clairvoyance.  When this is the case, a man is already in the Eighth Sphere.  This is a matter of which occultists are reluctant to speak, because it is an awful, terrible truth.
Lucifer and Ahriman are engaged perpetually in shackling man's free will and in conjuring all sorts of things before him in order TO TEAR AWAY WHAT HE MAKES OUT OF THESE THINGS and let it disappear into the Eighth Sphere."

I presume that what Steiner means by "conjuring all sorts of things before him" means that they directly or indirectly arrange stimuli which are calculated to produce certain states of mind which facilitate the theft of will.   

Free will is our ability to convert our decisions into objects and events in the physical world, and developing it is one of our main tasks at this stage in our evolution.  Therefore, taking it from us is a means of interfering with our evolution.

Satan and Lucifers' basic strategy for leading our higher souls or egos to the 8th Sphere is to cause humans to become disenchanted with Earth and unwittingly enchanted with the Eighth Sphere.  Earth-mankind would then become a race of homunculi, or talking animals, much like Beavis and Butthead.

In preventing their success, mankind has had a great deal of assistance from the progressive side of the spiritual hierarchy, in ways which few would expect.  In Inner Impulses of Evolution, Steiner describes the tactics they used during ancient Greek and Roman times.  But that was then, and this is now, and what happens is much more up to us.

References and Notes

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Lucifer's activity in the human soul that caused the Fall
  The Genesis account of Lucifer tempting Adam and Eve with knowledge is a hint of how "our eyes were opened," in two senses of the phrase: God used Lucifer to give us our intelligence, and it is only because of Lucifer's influence that light became visible. The following quotations from Steiner's works provide some detail on these processes, starting with outer light. 

Whenever we direct our occult vision to a fixed star, we first of all encounter the normal Spirits of Wisdom. The whole heavens would be invisible to physical sight and only visible to clairvoyant consciousness if none but these normal Spirits of Wisdom were active; but everywhere Luciferic spirits are mingled with the normal Spirits of Wisdom, and bring physical light of its own into the world of the fixed star. When at night the starry heaven is illuminated, Phosphorus actually works down upon us from countless points ["a thousand points of light"]: and everywhere in the universe we find the possibility of formation only through the cooperation of the opposing forces; through the combined working of the normal spirits of the hierarchies with those who are rebels  that is, those who have remained behind. Unillumined to physical eyes but visible to spiritual sight, is the starry world through the normal Spirits of Wisdom; it became luminous to physical eyes, it is revealed in Maya [the illusion we consider to be the real world] through Lucifer or the Luciferic spirits who are, and must be, active everywhere. [15]

Now, on to the somewhat more complex subject of "inner light":

The superhuman entities previously mentioned, the leaders in the field of love ["moon gods"], had already been so perfect on the preceding planet that they did not have to [incarnate].
  [A]t the beginning of the formation of the earth, [the luciferic beings] were further advanced than men, but still were at the stage where knowledge must be acquired through inner organs. These beings were in a special position. They were too far advanced to pass through the physical human body [i.e. they could not incarnate], male or female, but on the other hand, were not [sufficiently advanced to] act through full clairvoyance like the leaders of love. They could not yet be beings of love, [but] they could no longer be "men." Thus they could only continue their own development as half superhuman beings, in which they were aided by men. They could speak to creatures with a brain in a language which the latter could understand. [Translation might be a good analogy, as implied below.] Thereby the human soul energy which was turned inward was stimulated, and could connect itself  with knowledge and wisdom [like a translator connects people who speak different languages]. It was thus that wisdom of a human kind first appeared on earth.
  The "half superhuman beings" mentioned above could use this human wisdom in order to achieve for themselves that of perfection which they still lacked. In this manner THEY BECAME THE STIMULATORS OF HUMAN WISDOM. One therefore calls them bringers of light (Lucifer).

[T]he creation of the understanding is related to the activity of the sun. The dawn of the understanding in human nature is the lighting up of an inner sun. This is said not only in a metaphorical, but also in a quite real sense. When the epoch of the fire mist had ebbed from the earth, these spirits found within man an opportunity to resume their activity connected with the sun.
  It now becomes clear whence the name Lucifer, that is, "the bearer of light," originates, and why these beings are designated as "sun gods" in mystery science. [16]
One must be quite clear about the fact that only later did man assume the dense substantiality which he has today, and that he did this very gradually. If one wants to form an idea of his corporeality on the level of development which is being discussed, one can best do this by imagining it as similar to water vapor or to a cloud suspended in the air. But of course this idea approaches reality in a completely external way. For the fire cloud "man" is internally alive and organized. In comparison to what man became later, however, one must imagine him at this stage as in a state of soul slumber, and as only very dimly conscious. Everything which can be called intelligence, understanding, reason is lacking in this being.

[Eons pass between the preceding and the following]

[Luciferic] beings now acquire power over this upper half ["head"]. In earlier stages of their development, these beings advanced further than men, but not as far as the moon gods. They could not exercise their power in the fire mist [as could the moon gods]. But now that something they themselves had lacked previously [the capacity to understand] has been formed in the human organs of understanding through [the influence of the higher beings on] the fire mist, their time has come.
  At an earlier time [before the fire mist came into being], the moon gods had attained an understanding capable of acting externally [on, for  example, the fire mist].... They could act externally on the things of earth. [But] the lower beings we have just mentioned had not attained such an understanding which acts outwardly. Therefore, the time of the fire mist found them unprepared [to influence it].
  Now, however, [a capability to understand] is present. It exists in men. These beings seize upon this human understanding in order to act on the things of earth by means of it.  [Elsewhere, Steiner indicates that our urge to create is a luciferic tendency, whereas the urge to destroy is satanic.]
   Thus man comes under a double leadership [Love and Wisdom]. In his lower part he is under the power of the moon gods; in his developed personality, however, he comes under the leadership of those entities which are summed up under the name "Lucifer," the name of their regent.
  The Luciferic gods thus complete their own development by making use of the awakened human powers of understanding....  At the same time they give man the predisposition to freedom, to the discrimination between "good" and "evil."
  While it is true that the human organ of understanding has been formed entirely under the leadership of the moon gods, these gods would have left it to slumber; they were not interested in making use of it [because] they possessed their own powers of understanding. In their own interest, the Luciferic beings were concerned with developing the human understanding and directing it toward the things of earth [which opened us up to Ahriman's/Satan's influence]. Thereby for men THEY BECAME THE TEACHERS OF ALL THAT CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED BY THE HUMAN UNDERSTANDING. But they could not be anything more than stimulators.... With their guidance man had to learn to find the laws of his being. Under Lucifer's leadership he himself had to become as "one of the gods." [17]
We are able to understand each other as easily as we do only because the Luciferic powers gave us this common intelligence.  Intelligence - this Luciferic spirituality - came into being because Michael [acting on behalf of God] imbued humanity with Luciferic influences....  [L]uciferic spirituality, which we think of as our intelligence, is widely consdered today as the most distinctive characteristic." [18]
The following quotations are from Evil, a collection of lectures by Steiner :

"Ever since the Lemurian epoch ... [luciferic] forces made our inner life the focal point of their attack, by infiltrating our desires, impulses, and passions.  There were two consequences of this:  we were able to become free ... [from] the sway of divine, spiritual beings....  But ... we also had to accept our potential for evil arising through our passions, emotions and desires." p 100

Lucifer's influence was primarily one towards freedom, enabling [mankind] to overcome a passive submission to random external powers, allowing them ... a capacity for acting independently. p 103

But ... [Lucifer's] influence ... dragged them down ... [and] made their desires and actions, their whole being in fact of a lower nature than it would have been [otherwise]." p103

"How, then, does the luciferic influence act?  It penetrates into the astral body and is thus able to work upon all three 'bodies' of the human being - astral, etheric and physical....  In the etheric it brings about IMPULSES OF FALSEHOOD AND LYING." P103, emphasis added

"[T]hrough Lucifer there arises selfishness [egotism] in the astral body, lying and FALSEHOOD in the etheric body, and SICKNESS AND DEATH in the physical body." p 104

"The ahrimanic influence is therefore a result of the luciferic: Lucifer takes possession of [i.e. penetrates and influences] us from within, and we are as a result susceptible to attack from without [by beings from Ahriman's subphysical realm]. p 100

This will hopefully provide some idea of how we obtained what we call intelligence.  There is much more to it, but the upshot for purposes of this section is that Lucifer is associated with wisdom, knowledge, freedom, egotism, falsehood, sickness, and death.  Keep these traits in mind for later.
  Lucifer incarnated in approximately 3000 B.C. into a Chinese nobleman, who then became a teacher. [19]  So, not only was he involved in giving us our reason and free will, but he also provided mankind with what Steiner calls, on the same page, "the pre-Christian, pagan culture which still survived in the gnosis of the earliest Christian centuries."



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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon


Demonic possession
"If, as the result of certain teachings  having been   imparted to him without  the requisite caution   [preparation] a  man comes into contact with certain    destructive beings behind the veil of  nature [i.e. the   "veil" is what we  consider to be the material world],  he   will become one who VALUES NOTHING IN THE WORLD,  and  it will soon be apparent  that he TAKES ACTUAL PLEASURE  IN DESTRUCTION - which need not necessarily   be  destruction of external things.  Many  men to  whom this  has happened have  shown that they TAKE PLEASURE IN  TORMENTING AND OPPRESSING OTHER SOULS.    These are  the characteristics which  come into  evidence.  But it can  never  be said that men who  have such traits  owing to  their alliance with Ahrimanc [Satanic] elementary beings,  are  invariably egotistic.   They need not, and  usually are  not, egotists.  They  act out  of an urge quite different  from that of egotism.  THEY ACT OUT OF A LUST FOR  DESTRUCTION, and  they destroy without  the slightest  benefit accruing to   themselves.  The beings into whose   sphere a man  enters are essentially  beings of destruction,  and the  tempt  him, lure him, to destroy." p 161
The region of destructive spirits into  which a man  may  come is disclosed  most clearly of all if a soul is  observed   at the moment of passing through the  gate  of death.   Then these spiritual  beings swirl forward in  their hosts;  nor  is this surprising, for they are the  spirits  of  destruction.  To work at the  destruction of  the physical  organism is  their regular function.   page 180

The region of Scylla is that of the spirits  who serve   Ahriman.  WE COME INTO THEIR SPHERE IF WE CULTIVATE,  NOT EGOTISM, BUT THE WILL FOR DESTRUCTION.  [Nietzsche's "will to power?"] page 164

More and more it will behove men to be  alert to such  moments [when Ahriman  attempts to appropriate  their  intelligence].  For Ahriman takes full  advantage  of moments when, in full  waking life, a man falls into  a state of  vertigo or dizziness, into a kind of  twilight  consciousness, when he feels  not quite securely  anchored in the  physical world and begins to yield   himself to the whirl of the universe,  when he does  not stand firmly and  steadily on his own feet as an   individuality.   These are the moments  when it  behoves him to be on guard, for  it is then that  Ahriman easily gets the  upper hand.                        OM19, p 171

For example, there actually exists in the  world an  [occult]  Order which leads men to knowledge of  these mysterious  beings  without any preparation.  In  all such  men,  instincts of destruction are aroused, so  that this order is  actually  responsible for sending  human beings  with  destructive instincts out into the world.   p 157

Nature-spirits, or "elementals," perform low-level tasks  related to maintaining the natural world.  Some  elementals, such as fairies, are responsible for such things  as plant growth. Demons are a destructive class of  elementals whose normal function is the decomposition of   things that have died, i.e. plants, animals, and humans.  They are "offspring" of very high-ranking   Ahrimanic/Satanic beings.  This is what  gives these  demons their extreme  cleverness, which in their case is   dedicated  to destruction.

Furthermore, these beings, as Steiner  puts it, have  a  "remarkable affinity" for  humans, because the  forces  which they  use for thinking are very similar to  those   which correspond to our "sensuous  urges."   Put another  way, their highest  forces correspond to  our lowest.  (Twin  Peaks depicted their affinity for sex and  violence.)   They  constantly  strive to latch onto this particular  level  of our  souls, and turn us into their  puppets. They do this because  they are  controlled by  Ahriman, whom Steiner  said is  constantly striving to seize our intellect through various  means.

Steiner uses the words "clever" and  "cunning" to   characterize the quality of  thinking of demons, and thus  those who are possessed by them.   Webster's defines  "clever" as  "mentally  quick and resourceful but often  lacking in  depth and soundness" and "marked by  wit and   ingenuity," and "cunning" as  "characterized by  wiliness  and trickery." 
On the other hand, Lucifer, contrary to his reputation for  wanting to free us, constantly strives to extract our free  will, and it appears that removing the will is one  aspect of  mind  control programs like MK-Ultra and Monarch, which  can be traced back to black magicians.  (The "god" of black  magic, or Magick, is the Antichrist, a very high-level and  purely evil being, whose "horns" are Ahriman/Satan and  Lucifer.  Another way of putting this is that black magic is  a synergistic combination of Satanism and Luciferianism.)

Steiner refers to a spiritual "membrane" or "threshold"  consisting of the influence of  spiritual  beings, which  normally  prevents demons from  having any  influence on  us.  However, if a person brings himself to the point where  he enjoys killing (or tormenting) for its own sake, this  protection is  weakened, and demons can (and will) "grab" the lowest  region of his soul, which corresponds to "sensuous urges."   The demonic thoughts (which are oriented to the  destruction of the bodies of plants, animals, and humans)  thus take control over the nature and intensity of his  sensuous urges, and thus seize control over him.  Steiner   goes into  considerable detail on this  process on page 187  of  The Occult Movement in the 19th Century:

"If a man has a dread of really exact thinking and yet   wishes to enter the  spiritual world, well, he may  succeed  in  doing so [by means of cultivating the will to kill] - he  crosses the Threshold and  lives in the realm of the powers  of  destruction.   When he comes back again  into his body,  he has  entered into an  alliance with these destructive  beings   AND KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT IT because  he  has  not developed his intellect in the  right way.  He  will then  feel these  beings within him - and instead of   thinking,  instead of his ears hearing and  his eyes  seeing, all kinds  of hidden  powers in the lower  organism [lowest  levels of  the soul] begin to hear  and  see.  THE BODY IS NO LONGER  HIS OWN  in  the sense it was before.  On coming  back  again into the body he finds it filled  with all sorts of  ingredients.   It is  something new to him.
"This entry into one's own body as into  something unfamiliar and containing  unknown elements is an   experience that  may befall those who do not keep  faithfully to the right path [of initiation].  For Ahriman   strives to  establish himself in the human  body and to  transform  certain organs [of  the lowest levels of the soul]  into   organs of knowledge.  Lucifer, however,  incites his  fiery spirits of will ["will  demons"] to take certain forces  out of  us in order to make these forces independent.  And  so if we cross the  Threshold in  the direction of Lucifer's   realm [i.e. toward  mysticism] and come  back into the  body, we feel as  if certain  parts are hollow, as if  something has  been  taken out of us.  Ahriman ADDS   something, because  as he enters into us  he fills the  organs.  Lucifer  TAKES AWAY  organs, makes what was  otherwise  part  of our own organism, independent of us."  [emphasis added]
A = +
L = -
There are a couple of points in the  above quotation  which  I would like to emphasize.  One is that once a  person  crosses the Threshold without  undergoing  the arduous  preparation  required to do so safely  (which not  everyone  can do in their current  incarnation, for various reasons),  they  become  possessed, and even when the  process  which  allowed them to become possessed ceases, they  are  still  possessed BUT THEY DON'T KNOW IT,  although they  feel different.  They  become a  different class of being,  which  is controlled from  below like a puppet  by beings  whose purpose is to  destroy.

...for it is Ahriman's [Satan's] constant and fiercest endeavor to strangle men's individual intelligence and appropriate it for himself, so that it may pass into his power and be used to serve his own purposes.
                         Rudolf Steiner, The Occult Movement in the 19th Century (OM19), p 170

...the Dragonlike serpent-form of Ahriman winds its way among the human beings shining in the astral light, trying to ensnare and embrace them, to draw them down into the realm of half-conscious sleep and dreams.  There, caught in this web of illusion, human beings would become world-dreamers [i.e. they would imagine fantasy-worlds], and in this condition they would be a prey to the Ahrimanic powers.
                                    Rudolf Steiner, The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours (TAM), p 220

[H]uman willing is based on wishing: the wish element is always involved.  And Ahriman is continually trying to introduce a personal [i.e. selfish] element into the wishes that motivate our will.  Since this personal bias is concealed in our wishing, the will activity of the human soul is an expression of our cooperation with death [Ahriman is the God of Death].  Instead of letting ourselves be imbued [permeated] by divine ideals that we then carry over into our wishes, and hence into our willing, a personal orientation enters into our wishing and willing.
                                                     Rudolf Steiner, TAM p 133

Based on my interpretation of what I have read of Rudolf Steiner's writings, there are several possible explanations for the connection between psychiatric drugs and antisocial behavior.  Taken to the extreme, the attitudes and behaviors engendered by psychiatric drugs can lead to attitudes and behavior which can cause possession, but what's most likely, in my opinion, is that the temporary brain malfunction or permanent brain damage caused by psychiatric drugs is disabling the level of suppression which is necessary to maintain the appearance of sanity in a society designed to drive human egos away from Earth and into the Eighth Sphere.  Since psychiatry is evidently part of this effort (considering its oligarchical origins), psychiatrists must blame individuals for the effects caused by the inhumane society they are helping to create, as well as the drugs they push.

Another possibility is that the weakening of the ego caused by psychiatric drugs allows the  person's thinking and feeling to become intermingled with the unconscious or "sleeping" will ("collective unconscious"), a function of which is to maintain a certain level of antipathy ("anti-sympathy") in order to maintain a certain degree of separation between individuals during life on Earth.  This is necessary in order for us to develop our ego, or free will, although an excessive amount of antipathy is counterproductive.  The experiments conducted by the Scottish "Mengele," Dr. Ewen Cameron, seem to indicate that he was investigating this unconscious or "sleeping" will (see excerpts from the Sun Mystery lecture below). For background on Cameron and some details on his experiments, see EIR's British Psychiatry article (which also reveals the heavy involvement of that magickal smokescreen known as the Scottish Rite in the psychiatric movement).

Additional light is thrown on the relationship between demonic forces and the normal human will in one of the excerpts below, which states that there is an "affinity" between the forces involved in man's "sensual urges" (an aspect of the unconscious will), and the forces of demonic intellect.  This is what I believe Twin Peaks symbolized through the attraction of "Bob" to the sensual nature of humans. This I currently believe is what Steiner calls "the forces of evil" which underlie our physical being and play a part in creating even a proper level of separation between individuals.  I think of these demonic and human forces as normally separated by a thin membrane, like the insulation between the plates of a capacitor.  If a person deliberately stimulates these urges to the point where the membrane breaks down, his sensual urges become connected to, and an extension of, the demonic intellect.

Hatred vs. demonic possession

It is also important to distinguish between someone who is driven by hatred and someone who is possessed.  Being driven by hatred is no great mystery.  Steiner refers to people who have become so steeped in hatred that they have become "world-haters," and indicates that this condition can become very intense, although hatred remains the driving force.  Someone who is demonically possessed, on the other hand, is driven by a being whose very purpose is the destruction of physical bodies, and they attain INSTINCTS of destruction and hatred. Instincts are part of the will, which is below the level of feeling.  A normal human will kill and destroy only as a means to an end, or because he is filled with hatred, but someone who is demonically possessed LIVES for destruction.

I suspect certain murderers to be possessed because of the chilling look in their eyes which betrays not rage, but extreme cunning, a lust for killing, and a lack of remorse. It is especially chilling to see such a look in the eyes of an otherwise attractive young woman, such as a certain case which involved a "snuff film," which is a marker for satanism.  (The films might be intended as evidence of a committing a murder in a certain manner, which might still be required for black magic brownie-points.  I've read that they are sold for large amounts of money, but this could be a cover story.)

There is also non-demonic possession, in which case the person has no particular lust for hands-on destruction, but tends to lie a lot in service of destruction.  For details, see my essay entitled A Kinder, Gentler Sort of Satanic Possession.

Suppressed Drives

One of Steiner's statements which I regard as a key to understanding the strategy of the psychiatric movement is that a "person plunges with his or her unconscious intelligence into regions where these drives are in effect," causing "irrational behavior" (Psychoanalysis and Spiritual Psychology, p61).  I suppose that unconscious intelligence consists of the thoughts which we have suppressed, and which for example block the expression of certain instincts and drives, such as that for power or for love.  I assume this is a function of the ego, and that those who have suppressed the most are one of the groups likely to end up in psychiatric treatment.

However, if our ego or "I" (which normally keeps thinking, feeling, and willing separate in our waking consciousness) becomes weakened (which appears to be a typical effect of psychiatric drugs and sleep deprivation), this subconscious arrangement becomes unglued.  Dr. Peter Breggin, a well-known critic of psychiatry, has identified the higher mental functions, which includes the ego, as that which is undermined by psychiatric drugs.  I tentatively theorize that this uncorks suppressed drives and impulses, sometimes with dangerous effects.

The evidence for the preceding assertions is partly derived from the following quotations from works of Rudolf Steiner. Emphasis has been added except where otherwise indicated:

« In the deep foundations of man's being lies the will. In many respects the will is the most mysterious and secret element in human nature. It is obvious that aberrations, inclinations that often run counter to the world's well-being surge up from fathomless depths of the moral life....
The reason why the will is so mysterious and secret is that in many respects it is a highly indeterminate force; there is in it an instinctive element over which we have little control and which drives us hither and thither on the turbulent waves of life often without our being able to claim that any conscious impulses are [taking] effect. In another respect too, namely in respect of our knowledge of the operations of the will, it has again and again been emphasized that these operations of the will are as withdrawn from human consciousness as the experiences of deep, dreamless sleep; so that in this respect too, the will is an indeterminate, mysterious element.

Two aspects of the will can be distinguished.  There is first of all the will which  unless we are out-and-out idlers  spurs us to activity from the time of waking until that of falling asleep.

The other aspect is that the will is also active in us while we sleep; for then inner processes are taking place, processes that are also operations of the will, only we are not aware of them....

Thus two kinds of will can be distinguished: an inner will and an outer will. The workings of the outer will are made manifest to us while we are awake; those of the inner will take effect while we are asleep.

The will is present as it were in ocean depths of the soul. It surges upwards in waves. But just because we must admit that the will is at work during sleep, when the bodily part of our being is engaged in purely organic activity, neither pervaded with soul nor illumined by spirit, it follows that the will as such has to do with this organic activity. The will that is working while we are asleep has to do with organic activity, inasmuch as organic processes, life-processes take place in us. These processes are essentially connected with the will.

But during waking activity too, that is to say when our will is in flow, life-processes are taking place. The will takes effect in the processes of internal metabolism.

Out of the ocean-depths of will in the human being, waves which come to expression in the form of feeling, surge upwards. We know that feeling is a dimly apprehended experience, that so far as actual consciousness is concerned it has really only the intensity of a dream. But at any rate it is clearer than the workings of will. It raises into greater clarity what lies in the ocean-depths of man's being. Feeling brings a certain light into, intensifies, consciousness; THE TWO POLES OF THE WILL rise into this intensified consciousness and in it both the inner will and the outer will are made manifest.

Thus we distinguish two kinds of feeling, as we did in the case of the will: an inner will in the sleeping state, an outer will in the waking state. One kind of feeling surges upwards from the will that is connected with man's sleeping condition. This kind of feeling lives itself out in the antipathies  taking the word in the widest sense  unfolded by the human being. This is feeling which tends towards antipathy. [In other words, feeling of antipathy (dislike, hatred) are the result of an impulse of the "sleeping" will.]

If the life of soul is studied from this point of view, great illumination will be shed upon it. Waking life arouses in us sympathy with the surrounding world. Our antipathies really come from more unconscious realms. They press upwards from the sleeping will. It is as though our sympathies lie more on the surface, whereas antipathies rise up through them from unplumbed depths. Antipathies repel; antipathies draw us away from the surrounding world; we isolate ourselves, shut ourselves within our own being. Inwardly up-streaming antipathies are the antecedents of human egotism. The greater a man's egotism, the more strongly is the element of antipathy working in him. He wants to isolate himself, to feel enclosed within his own being.

We are gazing here into deep secrets of human experience. If a man unfolds the element of antipathy in his life of feeling so strongly that it plays into his waking life, his whole being is permeated with antipathy which then lays hold of his astral body; his astral body is steeped in the element of antipathy; antipathy streams out from him like an abnormal aura. It may then happen that he begins to feel antipathy to people to whom his attitude was otherwise neutral, or indeed even to those he loved or knew intimately. These conditions can give rise to persecution mania in all its forms. WHEN FEELINGS OF ANTIPATHY NOT TO BE EXPLAINED BY OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES ARE EXPERIENCED, THIS IS DUE TO THE OVERFLOWING ANTIPATHIES IN THE SOUL, THAT IS TO SAY, TO AN ABNORMAL INTENSIFICATION OF THE ONE POLE IN THE LIFE OF SOUL WHICH FORCES ITS WAY UPWARDS OUT OF SLEEP. If this antipathy gets the upper hand in a human being, he becomes a world-hater, and such hatred can assume incredible proportions. The aim of all education and all social endeavor should be to prevent human beings from becoming world-haters.

We [humans in general] have no knowledge at all of how this inner will permeates our limbs, our entire organism. The most that can be said is that now and then, through strange dreams, something comes up into the consciousness of what lies in the will that works in our organism during sleep. WHAT LIVES IN THIS WILL LIES  AND RIGHTLY SO FOR THE ORDINARY CONSCIOUSNESS  ON YONDER SIDE OF THE THRESHOLD. HE WHO COMES TO KNOW IT, LEARNS TO KNOW THE FORCE BY WHICH THE HUMAN BEING CAN BE LED TO THE UTTERMOST EVIL.

Let it be remembered that nothing in the world is in itself evil or good. What is radically evil when it breaks into our conscious life, is the counterbalance for our spent life-forces [which is good] when it takes effect in its right place, namely as the regulator of organic activity during the sleeping state.

If you ask: What is the nature of the forces which make compensation for the spent life-forces?  the answer is: They are the forces of evil. Evil has its mission  and it is here.

from The Sun-Mystery in the Course of Human History by Rudolf Steiner

"Twin Peaks": Savage breasts, or the savage Beast?

One interpretation of "Twin Peaks" is  that it's a banal allusion to the typical  male fixation, but another popped into  my head just the other day, which is  that it's a subtle allusion to the horns of  "the devil," i.e. the Beast, Sun Demon,  or the Anti-Christ.  Some of my reasons  for suspecting this are given below.

Firstly, the title contains nine  characters, and nine is a number  associated with black magic, since the  ninth, innermost layer of Earth is the  source of the forces utilized by black  magicians:

This last [9th, central layer of Earth] is  composed of a substance endowed with  moral action. But this morality is the  opposite of the one that is to be  elaborated on the earth. Its essence, its  inherent force, is one of separation, of  discord, and of hate. It is here in the hell  of Dante that we find Cain the  fratricide. THIS SUBSTANCE IS THE  OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING WHICH  AMONG HUMAN BEINGS IS GOOD AND  WORTHY. The activity of humanity in  order to establish brotherhood on the  earth diminishes the power of this  sphere. It is the power of Love which will  transform it inasmuch as it will  spiritualize the very body of the Earth.  THIS NINTH LAYER REPRESENTS THE  SUBSTANTIAL ORIGIN OF WHAT APPEARS  ON EARTH AS BLACK MAGIC, that is, a  magic founded on egoism. [1] [emphasis  added]

Stimulating hatred increases this force,  which is one of the reasons black  magicians spend so much time contriving  conflicts. 

In another lecture [2], Rudolf Steiner  refers to "rays" which connect Earth's  layers to its surface.  The "evil in these  woods" surrounding Twin Peaks,  symbolized by the "portal" to the Black  Lodge, is possibly the location where one  of these rays contacts the surface, and  thus a likely location where black  magicians would, in the words of Twin  Peaks' evil character Windom Earl,  cultivate evil for its own sake, because  of the access afforded by such a location  to these forces.

The following excerpt also supports my  suspicion that "Twin Peaks" is a  reference to the "two-horned" Beast:

Three beasts are mentioned in  Apocalypse: a great red dragon in heaven  with seven heads, ten horns, and seven  crowns;  a beast from the sea with seven  heads, ten horns, and  ten crowns - this  beast was like a leopard with bear's feet  and a lion's mouth; and a beast from the  earth, with two horns which looks like a  lamb but speaks like a dragon.

Sorath, however,  is more than the  spiritual principles of  expansion and  contraction, of strength and wisdom,  represented by Lucifer and Ahriman  respectively. He does not enter into  physical incarnation; he remains as  spiritual shadow. He is that Being which  seeks to lead Man  specifically into black  magic.  What is black magic ultimately?  It is the effort to work against the plan  of the good Gods for humanity and the  Earth, to prevent the Earth from  reuniting with the Sun, thus preventing  the future respiritualisation of the  Earth. Black magic is therefore the very  inverse of love; it is the process of  involution taken to an extreme of  contraction in matter. One of its manifestations is a delight in causing  physical pain and suffering – (Windom Earle?). [3]

This latter characteristic is shared by  those who have become demonically  possessed, and anyone with a passing  familiarity with Twin Peaks will  recognize this theme.

Notes and References

[1] Rudolf Steiner, Earthquakes,  Volcanoes, and Human Will 9060612p01.html

[2] An Esoteric Cosmology, lecture XVI oCosmo/19060612p01.html

[3] Aspects of the Occult Significance of  the Year 1998 uk/OccSig1998.htm



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Don't Give Us That Old Time Religion, or "Christian" Fundamentalism, Constant Lying, and Other Aspects of Black Magic

Now this cosmic wisdom, which was intrinsically not evil but held holy secrets hidden within it, was carefully concealed by the initiates of Taotl. It was communicated to no one who had not been initiated correctly by the Taotl method. When a candidate had been initiated in the correct way, the teaching concerning the secrets of the cosmos was then imparted to him. NOW, IT WAS NECESSARY FOR HIM TO RECEIVE THESE SECRETS THROUGH INITIATION IN A QUITE DEFINITE MOOD OF SOUL. HE HAD TO FEEL IN HIMSELF THE INCLINATION AND DESIRE TO APPLY THEM ON EARTH IN SUCH A WAY THAT THEY WOULD SET UP THAT MECHANISTIC RIGID REALM OF DEATH. It was thus that he had to receive the secrets. Nor were they communicated except on one special condition. THE WISDOM WAS IMPARTED TO NO ONE  WHO HAD NO PREVIOUSLY COMMITTED A MURDER IN A PARTICULAR MANNER.  (prźtres babyloniens devaient avoir deux identités) Moreover, only certain secrets were communicated to the candidate after the first murder, but further and higher secrets were imparted to him after he had committed others.

These murders, however, had to be committed under quite definite conditions. The one to be murdered was laid out on a structure that was reached by one or two steps running along each side. This scaffold-like structure, a kind of catafalque, was rounded off above and when the victim was laid upon it, he was bent strongly back. This special way of being bound to the scaffold forced his stomach outward so that with one cut, which the initiate had been prepared to perform, it could be cut out.

LATER IMPARTED TO HIM IN THE WAY THAT HAS BEEN INTIMATED ABOVE. When the stomach had been excised, it was offered to the god Taotl, again with special ceremonies. The fact that the initiates of these mysteries lived for the quite specific purpose that I have indicated to you, imparted a definite direction to their feelings. When the candidates to be initiated had matured on this path and had come to experience its inner meaning, they then learned the nature of the mutual interaction between the one who had been murdered and the one who had been initiated. THROUGH THE MURDER, THE VICTIM WAS TO BE PREPARED IN HIS SOUL TO STRIVE UPWARD TO THE LUCIFERIC REALM, WHEREAS THE CANDIDATE FOR INITIATION WAS TO OBTAIN THE WISDOM TO MOULD THIS EARTHLY WORLD IN SUCH A WAY THAT SOULS WOULD BE DRIVEN OUT OF IT. Through the fact that a connection was formed between the murdered and the initiated  one cannot say "murderer," but "initiated"  IT WAS MADE POSSIBLE FOR THE INITIATED TO BE TAKEN WITH THE OTHER SOUL; THAT IS, THE INITIATED COULD HIMSELF FORSAKE THE EARTH AT THE RIGHT MOMENT [a sort of "Rapture," to escape hellish machine-like society he helped to create - perhaps what Pink Floyd meant by The Machine].

These mysteries, as you will readily admit, are of the most revolting kind. Indeed, they are only in accord with a conception that can be called ahrimanic in the fullest sense. [1]

The Nature and Goals of Black Magic

To explain the goals of black magic, it is necessary to introduce the ultimate projects of Satan (more properly known as "Ahriman") and Lucifer.  This goal is an Earth ruled by Ahriman, devoid of the higher souls of humans, and an "extra" planet known as the Eighth Sphere, ruled by Lucifer, to which the souls have escaped.  Ultimately, this is intended to prevent mankind from becoming what God hopes we will become.  This diabolical duo cooperates with each other so intricately to achieve their separate ends that they are almost always confused with each others, and there are few if any purely Luciferian or Satanic groups.

Le Beast

Another being known as the Beast, Sorath, and "666" (the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew spelling of "Sorath") has exerted its influence on mankind at intervals of 666 years, although there have been exceptions, such as WWII, during which the Beast played Hitler, so to speak. Anthroposophical writer Terry Boardman, in his article entitled Aspects of  the Occult Significance of the Year 1998 [2], provides an excellent description of this being, which includes the following:

It is important to understand that Sorath is not Ahriman, the spiritual inspirer of modern materialism. Rudolf Steiner spoke of Sorath before Ahriman:  Sorath on  27 April 1907 (GA96 untranslated) and 21 Oct 1907 (GA101 typescript Z306) (3) and Ahriman for the first time on 1 Jan 1909. SORATH STANDS BEHIND AHRIMAN AND LUCIFER AS CHRIST'S SHADOW, INSPIRING THEM.

In a lecture of 27.4.1907 (6) the power of the Lamb, the Sun Intelligence, is said to call forth life from out of the earth and works in plants, animals, and Man, whereas  the opposing power, called in that lecture the Sun Demon,  is said "to work in the evil forces of Man".

Rudolf Steiner indicated 1933 as the  rise of the Beast. Immediately before the approach of  the Etheric Christ in 1933-5, humanity would have to face the  appearance of the Beast from the abyss (20.9.24 GA346). There followed 12 years of hellish destruction greater than ever before or since. These years were dominated by the motif of the false Sun motif.  [2][emphasis added]

This seems to imply that Sorath is a very high-ranking being, higher than Lucifer, Ahriman, or the Asuras.

Michael Kalisch, in his introduction to a book entitled Evil (a selection of lectures by Steiner), also provides important insights into the nature of the Beast:

[T]he threefold adversarial influences [Lucifer, Ahriman, and a group of beings known as the Asuras] WILL UNITE [in what is] described as the "Beast with Two Horns," whose occult number is "666."  THE EFFECT OF THIS BEING IS ONE OF HARDENING EGOTISM; NOT OF LOVING THE WORLD BUT OF SQUEEZING IT TO THE VERY LAST DROP TO GAIN AS MUCH ADVANTAGE AND ENJOYMENT FROM IT AS POSSIBLE.  THAT IS ALSO THE PATH OF BLACK MAGIC WHICH IS THE ONE THIS "BEAST" WISHES TO LEAD US DOWN. [emphasis added] [3]

[Rev A] Who epitomizes this egotism and "squeezing," but the oligarchy?  This and numerous other bits of circumstantial evidence indicate that it is among the oligarchy where one would find the highest concentration of black magicians. [end of revision]

[In recent times] ... polar opposite tendencies ["ice cold logic" and "passions and drives"] in the human being are melting down and becoming fused together without any mediating, central realm [the heart, the realm of Christ]....  We can see ... on the one hand an intensifying, self-realizing egohood, and on the other its reverse, the intensified evil which surrounds us on all sides (and which we also create ourselves).   Our increasing consciousness of self is not by itself evil; it all depends on how the ego handles the forces available to it....  We can continue to go down the road of separation ... or ... we can be begin to broaden our separated consciousness....   The first path ... will unleash forces of hatred and destruction to an increasing extent.... The beings who are active in such a conflict ... [are] called Asuras.... [They are] AN INTENSIFICATION AND PERMEATION OF THE LUCIFERIC-AHRIMANIC POLARITY.  THERE IS, THEN, ALSO A TRINITY OF EVIL.... [emphasis added] [4]

The Asuras: The Beast's Third Wave

Rudolf Steiner mentioned another perspective on the Asuras in another lecture:

In certain occult teachings the hosts of Ahriman are also called the Asuras. These are of course, the evil Asuras who at a certain time fell away from the evolutionary path of the Asuras who endowed man with personality. It has already been indicated that these are spiritual Beings who detached themselves from the evolution of the earth before the separation of the sun. [5]

In the aforementioned article, Terry Boardman  writes that Sorath is "related to Sura and Asura, Ahura."  Considering that his effect is on the ego, and that, as Steiner relates in the following excerpt, the class of beings known as Asuras also works on the ego, there is a good case for classifying the Asuras as a yet another subsidiary of Sorath, along with Lucifer and Ahriman.  The Advent of Ahriman suggests that he could be their leader, which conflicts with the above quotation from Steiner, indicating the Beast's paradoxical nature.  He was at least the chronological leader of the forces which attack the ego, since he first influenced mankind in the year 666, and as indicated by the following  excerpt, the Asuras had just begun their assault in Steiner's time:

And in the age now approaching, those spiritual Beings known as the Asuras (see Note 1) will creep into the consciousness soul and therewith into the human 'I' or ego  for the 'I' lights up in the consciousness soul. The Asuras will generate evil with a far mightier force than was wielded by the Satanic powers in the Atlantean epoch or by the Luciferic Spirits in the Lemurian epoch....
  [T]hese Asuric Spirits WILL PROMPT WHAT HAS BEEN SEIZED HOLD OF BY THEM - NAMELY THE VERY CORE OF MAN'S BEING, THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL TOGETHER WITH THE 'I' - TO UNITE WITH EARTHLY MATERIALITY. Fragment after fragment will be torn out of the 'I', and in the same measure in which the Asuric Spirits establish themselves in the consciousness soul, man must leave parts of his existence behind on the earth. What thus becomes the prey of the Asuric powers will be irretrievably lost. Not that the whole man need become their victim  but parts of his spirit will be torn away by the Asuric powers. These Asuric powers are heralded to-day by the prevailing tendency to live wholly in the material world and to be oblivious of the reality of spiritual beings and spiritual worlds. True, the Asuric powers corrupt man to-day in a way that is more theoretical than actual. To-day they deceive him by various means into thinking that his 'I' is a product of the physical world only; they hue him to a kind of theoretic materialism. But as time goes on  and the premonitory signs of this are the dissolute, sensuous passions that are becoming increasingly prevalent on earth  they will blind man's vision of the spiritual Beings and spiritual Powers. Man will know nothing nor desire to know anything of a spiritual world. More and more he will not only teach that the highest moral ideals of humanity are merely sublimations of animal impulses, that human  « thinking is but a transformation of a faculty also possessed by the animals  », that man is akin to the animal in respect of his form and moreover in his whole being descends from the animal  but he will take this view in all earnestness and order his life in accordance with it.
  Man does not as yet entirely base his life on the principle that his true being descends from the animal. But this view of existence will inevitably arise, with the result that men will also live like animals, will sink into animal impulses, animal passions. AND IN MANY THINGS THAT NEED NOT BE FURTHER CHARACTERIZED HERE, MANY THINGS THAT IN THE GREAT CITIES COME TO EXPRESSION IN ORGIES OF DISSOLUTE SENSUALITY, WE CAN ALREADY PERCEIVE THE LURID, HELLISH GLARE OF THE SPIRITS WE CALL THE ASURAS. [6] [7] [8]

A Hint of Satan's Fake Apocalypse?

Intriguingly, Boardman also indicates that we live in time which "prefigures" the true Apocalypse, which is thousands of years in the future:

"Rudolf Steiner also shows that the events of the Apocalypse of St. John refer not exclusively to the present time, as many believe, but rather, to the last period of the seven great stages of earth evolution, which lies far in the future. However, there is a sense in which our own time is a kind of prefiguring of that distant epoch. A  resonance of that time occurs, when humanity is faced with  the choice between the two-horned beast and the Lamb." [10]

I suspect that this "prefiguring" corresponds to what I have called "Satan's fake apocalypse." Boardman's article even states that Ahriman's incarnation is "imminent."

Additional Characteristics of Black Magic

The following are excerpts from Inner Impulses of Evolution by Rudolf Steiner which in my opinion would help most people to understand the true nature of black magic, and to recognize its influences around them.  Some of the following overlaps with the material in my "Deep Background" section, but it pertains more to the goals and activities of black magic rather than its historical metamorphosis.  In them, Steiner refers to the Mexican Mysteries which were formed by a group of former Atlanteans:

When the Atlantean spoke of his "Great Spirit," he expressed it, as we have seen, in a word that sounded something like the word "Tao," which is still preserved in China. AN AHRIMANIC, CARICATURED COUNTERPART APPEARED IN THE WEST AS OPPONENT OF THE "GREAT SPIRIT TAO" BUT HE WAS STILL CONNECTED WITH HIM. He worked in such a way that he could only be made visible through atavistic, visionary perception but WHENEVER THEY DESIRED HIS PRESENCE, HE ALWAYS SHOWED HIMSELF TO THOSE PERSONS CONNECTED WITH THE WIDESPREAD MYSTERIES OF THIS CULT SO THEY COULD RECEIVE HIS INSTRUCTIONS AND COMMANDS. [This distinguishes black magician from the typical satanist, who, if part of an organized movement, is directed by black magicians, and not directly, at least consciously, from the spirit world.] THIS SPIRIT WAS CALLED BY A NAME THAT SOUNDED SOMETHING LIKE TAOTL. Taotl was thus AN AHRIMANIC DISTORTION OF THE "GREAT SPIRIT"  a mighty being and one who DID NOT DESCEND TO PHYSICAL INCARNATION. A great many men were initiated into the mysteries of Taotl but the initiation was of a completely ahrimanic character. IT HAD A QUITE DEFINITE PURPOSE AND GOAL, WHICH WAS TO RIGIDIFY AND MECHANIZE ALL EARTHLY LIFE, INCLUDING THAT OF HUMANS, TO SUCH A DEGREE THAT A SPECIAL LUCIFERIC PLANET, WHICH HAS ALREADY BEEN REFERRED TO IN THESE STUDIES, COULD BE FOUNDED ABOVE EARTHLY LIFE. THE SOULS OF MEN COULD THEN BE DRAWN OUT TO IT, BY FORCE AND PRESSURE. [For example, to escape the possibility of having to hear Rap "music" ever again or drive our ego-mobiles through rush hour traffic.]

The goal they aimed to achieve was TO MAKE THE WHOLE EARTH A REALM OF DEATH, IN WHICH EVERYTHING POSSIBLE WOULD BE DONE TO KILL OUT INDEPENDENCE AND EVERY INNER IMPULSE OF THE SOUL. In the mysteries of Taotl the forces were to be acquired that would enable men to set up a completely mechanized earthly realm.


On a related note, Steiner, in The Influences of Lucifer and Ahriman, indicates that Luciferic beings were the source of the ancient secret wisdom of the mysteries, but that because those who received it used it for good:

"In olden times the wisdom needed for the advancement of humanity could be obtained only from a luciferic source; hence the initiates [such as the seven Holy Rishis] were obliged to receive it from that source and at the same time to take it upon themselves the obligation not to yield to the aspirations of the luciferic beings." [12]

The Atlantean Connection

In my essay on the Eight Sphere, I go into greater detail on the nature of human consciousness during early and middle Atlantean times.  This form of consciousness is similar to that which Lucifer wishes to evoke in us.  The following excerpts from lectures by Steiner show that this has been the goal of Lucifer and Satan ever since their servants destroyed Atlantis, and that they've failed so far, which makes them almost as desperate as Alan Dreamspin (the Fed Chairman who disappeared just as it became impossible to hide the implosion of his vast financial bubbles, precisely as LaRouche predicted he would):

BUT IN THIS SAME EPOCH HUMAN BEINGS WILL HAVE TO BATTLE AGAINST ATTACKS OF THE LUCIFERIC AND AHRIMANIC POWERS THAT WILL BE STRONGER THAN THOSE LAUNCHED IN THE DAYS OF GREEK AND ROMAN CULTURE. Again in this later epoch the aim of the luciferic and ahrimanic powers is to alienate the souls of men from earthly life on the one hand, and on the other so to mechanize earthly life itself, TO MAKE ITS OUTER FORM SO ENTIRELY MECHANISTIC, THAT IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE EGO OF MAN TO LIVE IN THE SOCIAL ORDER OF THE EARTH. He would therefore take leave of it to enter a life apart from the earth upon a separate planet.

Lucifer and Ahriman wish, during the post-Atlantean period, TO INTERPOSE THE OLD ATLANTEAN CULTURE EVERYWHERE SO THAT THE FACULTIES IMPARTED BY THE PROGRESSIVE POWERS ARE RENDERED PRIMITIVE [i.e. reason "dumbed down" and free will frustrated] FOR THE FIFTH POST-ATLANTEAN EPOCH AND HUMAN BEINGS WILL DESIRE TO DEPART. The attempt, therefore, consisted in placing everything that developed into a service of a world beyond the earth, as I have indicated. Thus, from two sides, from that of Lucifer and that of Ahriman, the spirit reigning in ancient Atlantean life was to be revived in order that the impulses connected with that ancient life might enter into the evolution of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch.

In order to execute the ahrimanic part of this task, it was necessary for the priests of those ahrimanic Atlantean mysteries to acquire faculties possessing the highest degrees of control and mastery over all the forces of death in earthly working. These forces would have made the earth; together with physical man  for the souls were to depart  into a purely mechanistic realm, a great dead realm in which no ego could have a place.

These faculties would have had to be connected also with mastery of the mechanistic element in everything living, of the mechanistic elements in all life. FOR THIS REASON THESE MYSTERIES HAD TO BE INSTITUTED IN A TRULY DEVILISH FORM BECAUSE SUCH FORCES AS WOULD HAVE BEEN NEEDED FOR THE POWERFUL AIMS OF AHRIMAN CAN ONLY ARISE WHEN INITIATIONS OF A SPECIAL KIND ARE ATTAINED. Such were these initiations of the ahrimanic post-Atlantean era in America.

This cult was dedicated to the successor, the son of the Great Spirit, in the form he had assumed in America, and who was designated by a sound that approximates Taotl. TAOTL IS AN AHRIMANIC DISTORTION OF THE SUCCESSOR OF TAO. This being, Taotl did not appear in a physical body but only in an etheric form. His arts, which were essentially impulses for the mechanization of earthly culture and of all earthly life, were acquired through these initiations I have described to you. 

Vitz-li-putz-li [an ally of Jehovah] fought against [the greatest-ever black magician] and  as already said, this can only be discovered by occult means  in the year 33 A.D. succeeded in causing this mightiest black magician to be crucified. Thus, in the other hemisphere of the earth, an event parallel to the Mystery of Golgotha took place, inasmuch as the greatest black magician of all was crucified by the action of Vitzliputzli who had appeared on the earth for this purpose. As a result, the power of these mysteries was thereby broken so far as the fourth post-Atlantean epoch was concerned. It was subsequently revived [in a weaker form]....

By these means the ahrimanic impulse was inculcated into the etheric nature of the Western world. As I have said, this impulse in the fourth epoch was broken as a result of the crucifixion of the great initiated black magician by the deed of Vitzliputzli. NEVERTHELESS, SO MUCH FORCE REMAINED THAT A FURTHER ATTACK COULD HAVE BEEN MADE UPON THE FIFTH EPOCH, HAVING AS ITS AIM SO TO MECHANIZE THE EARTH THAT THE RESULTING CULTURE WOULD NOT ONLY HAVE CULMINATED IN A MASS OF PURELY MECHANICAL CONTRIVANCES BUT WOULD HAVE MADE HUMAN BEINGS THEMSELVES INTO SUCH PURE HOMUNCULI [a sort of animal-man, or as the oligarchy likes to think of us, a talking animal] THAT THEIR EGOS WOULD HAVE DEPARTED.

Whereas on the one side the campaigns of Genghis Khan [which were facilitated by Venetian Intelligence] and his successors were to have executed as it were a divine justice, on the other side, THERE WAS PREPARED AN ATMOSPHERE OF WILD, AHRIMANIC, ELEMENTAL FORCES INTO WHICH THE EUROPEANS WERE TO ENTER [referring to the discovery of America]. In such matters complete cooperation takes place between Ahriman and Lucifer. [Read the lecture for further details on Khan's luciferic role.]

In the post-Atlantean era, Ahriman strives by direct means to institute a culture of MERE prosperity. This would mean pressing out the lemon [ego], the doing away with it! Egos would no longer be able to live IF PROSPERITY [crass materialism] WERE THE ONLY AIM PURSUED BY CULTURE. In short, prosperity and the good, prosperity and virtue are not concepts that can be substituted for one another. [In other words, materialism must not be an end in itself; it must serve to free us up for higher pursuits.]


Boardman describes in greater detail just how Lucifer's and Ahriman's pipe-dream would interfere with our evolution:

!What is black magic ultimately? It is the effort to work against the plan of the good Gods for humanity and the Earth, to prevent the Earth from reuniting with the Sun, thus preventing the future respiritualisation of the Earth. BLACK MAGIC IS THEREFORE THE VERY INVERSE OF LOVE; it is the process of involution taken to an extreme of contraction in matter. One of its manifestations is a delight in causing physical pain and suffering.... [14]  » 


The preceding shows that Lucifer and Ahriman are intricatedly working together for separate ends: an Earth without higher souls for Ahriman to rule, and a new planet (the Eighth Sphere) for the souls, ruled by Lucifer.  Ahriman's artificial apocalypse is actually just a step toward achieving this ultimate agenda, and understanding it will help you to see the influence of black magic in modern society, even behind seemingly Christian organizations.

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Rudolf Steiner on "natural" demonic possession

"The other beings, the demons created out of immoral actions, also have an astral body, an etheric body and a physical body, at the watery stage, of course, but they do not have the basis for developing an ego. They are born headless, as it were. Instead of taking up the basis for progressing along a regular evolutionary path to the Jupiter existence, they reject this basis. By doing so they condemn themselves to the fate of dropping out of evolution. But this only increases the hordes of luciferic beings, for they fall under their power. As they cannot progress in a regular way they have to become parasites. This is what happens to all the beings who reject a normal evolution; they have to attach themselves to others in order to move on. Beings who arise through immoral actions have the particular inclination to be parasites in human evolution on earth under Lucifer's leadership - to which they have succumbed - and to seize hold of the evolution of human beings before they make their physical entry into the world. They attack human beings during the embryonic stage and share their existence between conception and birth. Some of these beings, if they are strong enough, can continue to accompany the human being after birth, as seen in the phenomena of some children who are possessed.

"What is brought about by the criminal demons attached as parasites to unborn children is the cause of a deterioration in the succession of the generations; it gnaws at human beings, making them less able to develop than they would be if these demons did not exist. There are various reasons for the decline of families, tribes, peoples and nations, but one of them is the existence of these criminal demon parasites during the period mentioned.

"These things play an important part in Earth evolution as a whole, and they bring us into contact with deep secrets of human existence. This is often the cause of people acquiring certain prejudices and points of view even before they are born. So people are tormented by doubts and uncertainties in life, and all kinds of other things, because of these demonic parasites.

"These beings cannot do very much with what human beings develop once their ego makes itself felt, but they prey on them all the more before they are born or during their earliest years. Thus we see that evil actions, too, have a significant effect in the cosmos and work creatively, but their creativity tends in the direction of the Old Moon existence. For what human beings pass through in the embryonic period, when these demonic beings can prey on them, is basically the heritage of the Old Moon evolution, which makes its appearance in all kinds of subconscious, instinctive behaviour. Something stemming from the older and better days of physical science is the instinct it preserves about the human embryonic period not being calculated according to ordinary months but lunar months; science still speaks of ten lunar months, and knows certain other things, too, concerning the connection of embryonic development with the phases of the moon.

"So we see that our Earth evolution contains two tendencies. There are good deeds that contain the impulse to work creatively on Earth in preparation for Jupiter, so that man's successor on the human level can come into being. But evil deeds have also brought into our evolution the tendency to drag Earth back again to the Old Moon evolution and make it dependent on everything to do with subconscious impulses; in fact there are far more of these subconscious impulses in materialistic humanity of modern times than there were in bygone ages when people were less materialistic." (134, pp. 140-142)


page 171 of Rudolf  Steiner's Occult Movement in the Nineteenth  Century (OM19):
"More and more it will behove men to be alert to  such moments [when Satan attempts to  appropriate their intelligence].  For Ahriman takes  full advantage of moments when, in full waking  life, a man falls into a state of vertigo or dizziness,  into a kind of twilight consciousness, when he  feels not quite securely anchored in the physical  world and begins to yield himself to the whirl of  the universe, when he does not stand firmly and  steadily on his own feet as an individuality.    These are the moments when it behoves him to  be on guard, for it is then that Ahriman easily gets  the upper hand."

  Those familiar with Steiner's teachings realize  that Lucifer is not the same being as  Ahriman/Satan, but that they have  complementary influences and work together so  closely that it's easy to confuse them as one.  He  finds a different kind of situation most conducive  to gaining control over people, and that is, from  what I gather, a type of situation where people in  a large group setting allows themselves to  become overly influenced by certain impulses  from the lower levels of the soul, to the point  where  they develop a feeling of being part and  parcel of the group.  At that point, their willpower  is weakened, and Lucifer can grab it.  (OM19, p  172)
  A passage from page 147 of the same book  indicates that people who open themselves to the  influence of Ahrimanic beings become very astute,  very cunning, and very subtle thinkers (which in  many cases is a dramatic transformation).  But  there's a catch:  these beings are "inimical in the  highest degree to man and animal" (note that  Satanists sometimes begin their bloody career by  sacrificing animals).
  On page 180, Steiner adds that the proper  function of the aforementioned Ahrimanic beings  is to destroy the human organism after it dies,  that people with spiritual understanding keep  them at bay, and that they especially afflict  people with a materialstic outlook.  So, a person  who opens himself to their influence essentially   becomes a tool of beings of destruction, and thus  an enemy of our physical life.  I suspect that some  terrorists - and the assassins of Princess Diana -  belong in this category. 
  Steiner goes into considerable detail about the  process by which Satan gains control over souls  on page 157 of OM19.  He states that the type of  forces found in the lowest levels of our souls,  which corresponds to to our "sensuous urges"  (the heightening of which is apparently the goal  of much of the popular culture, including video  games which certain experts claim are designed  to desensitize people to killing) is similar to the  type of force found in the highest levels of these  extremely intelligent Ahrimanic elementary  beings, which corresponds to their thinking.   (These "sensuous urges," by the way, are not the  same thing as the aforementioned impulses which  Lucifer uses to seize human willpower.)
  If a person opens himself up to these beings,  they seize control of him by merging their highest  levels with the aforementioned lower levels of the  human's soul, and apparently by stimulating these  urges to the point where the person cannot resist  them.  Thus, Steiner claims, it is inevitable in such  cases for the person's nature to become  debased, and for him to obtain "instincts of  destruction or hatred, or the like."  Note well that  he says "instincts," which conforms to what he  says on page 187, that people who come into  contact with these beings without the necessary  preparation, and become agents of them, are not  aware of what has happened, although their  bodies will feel different because they can feel  these beings at work in them.  The result might  look, walk, and talk like a human, but it's not - it's  a sort of hand-puppet of subphysical beings, one  of whose primary functions is the destruction of  human bodies.  By gaining control of people, they  insert their influence into the sphere of the living.   




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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

concerning the duality of clairvoyance, here's some precisions:

Steiner distinguished two kinds of clairvoyance. The first one is one that occurred naturally in everyone's past lives. This is the old clairvoyance. Today it is an atavistic phenomenon. There is also some heredity principle behind that. Everyone was in his past lives, a clairvoyant, that is we saw the beings of nature which are invisible to us today, we were living beside masters of wisdom and also beside luciferic spirits. In Atlantis, ahrimanic demonic beings entered the scene - they tempted Atlanteans into black magic. There is some atlantean atavistic clairvoyance retained in shamanism (a siberian-mongol name for the phenomenon of trance involved in magical-medicine performance). Mongols retained the qualities of Atlanteans to preserve atavistic clairvoyance. This sort of shamanism is frozen and rigidified. It is now no more than a parody of the ancient hyperborean wisdom.

In the times of the ancient clairvoyance, people used magic and drugs and exctatic practices to gain contact with the spiritual world. This is no longer possible to reach the spiritual way in a healty way by using these means. The new clairvoyance cannot rely on the powers of the blood, of heredity, which are of an atavistic nature.

In the past, Gods revealed themselves through visions and extatic experiences. Today, everything akin to vision is pathological. The old clairvoyance has fallen into demon's hand. they manipulate us by re-enlivening the atavistic clairvoyant faculties in our blood.

For example: visions from past lives are more often the result of possession than a real reliving of a real past life of our Ego. Also, Grays often talk telepathically and show images of ecological catastrophies or induce visions. They crawl into our mind by the door of atavistic clairvoyance. Parallel to ufo investigations, CIA programs also develop remote viewing and mediumship. They do this inspired by Grays and other so-called ET beings. Chips often induce sleepy hypnoid states. It is most often in these states between waking and sleeping that the so-called Et engage us in encounters or abductions.(By the way they aren't extraterrestrial at all. Everything on earth, including ourselves is linked to the cosmos, so that's nothing to worship them for. They are intraterrestrial but from a realm that we should call the Anti-Earth, or Hades).

Atavistic clairvoyants reject logic, most of the time. That is because they will loose their "power" if they do learn to think logically, with their own Ego. The ultimate proof that atavistic clairvoyance is useless is that we do not remember our past lives, where we were clairvoyants. But someone who developed his thinking to imbue it with will, and vice versa, imbuing his will with thinking, develops his Ego so that in future lives he will be able to remember clearly his past lives, without relying on misguiding visions.

Everything involving visions, hallucinations, from subtle hypnoid states to downright profound trance, are pathological symptoms of atavistic clairvoyance. the normal state of consciousness is drawn downward, the mid gets sleepy and delves into the unconscious (with its dangerous forces of the metabolism and complexes - demons - and so on). Spiritism and mediumship is equally dangerous, involving some sort of black magic. People who accord credit to mediums and their claims are relying on a misguiding autority that is a counterforce to the development of the Ego. One looses his will by becoming a clairvoyant. the person is in danger to get lost in the eighth sphere, which sucks everything in its shadowy existence (the moon is the counterforce of the 8th sphere, the realm of Lucifer and Ahriman).   

Shamanism relies on atavistic faculties of the body. Demons manipulate this sort of clairvoyance, but they cannot misguide us if we are trained in logical thinking to recognize the illusions coming from visions, premonitions etc.

The new way of clairvoyance is developed by following a discipline in thinking, to reach the spiritual through sensefree thinking - a thinking that goes beyond the mere phenomenal appearances analyzed by the brain, a brainless thinking. Brain-bound thinking is the materialistic way of thinking, and by the way interest in spiritual can be utterly materialistic if one does not meditate to go beyond the brain experience of sensorial impressions.

But, seen from another side, we must rely our knowledge on direct experience, not visions, hallucinations or shamanistic practices. These produce a knowledge that is highly biased by the perceiver.

Me must avoid objective occultism, that is using occultism like a mere tool without understanding the involvement of the subjectivity of the Self in it. Also we must avoid the subjective mysticism, in which oriental theosophy like to dwell:  rapture in extatic and mystical but fuzzy blurry state. A mystic is lost in the world of Ideas. A Spiritual scientist tries to go beyond the threshold without getting sleepy or in any "altered state" of consciousness. They for the new clairvoyance is not to get the mind below the threshold of ordinary day-light consciousness. This way we only get to know Under-nature, or Subnature, the under-earth squirming with locusts and ufos and demons of technology. We must get above the ordinary consciousness, not under. We move our way upward through sensefree thinking, by liberating thinking from the brain, by meditating without getting sleepy. We have to go beyond the mere sensory impressions to encounter the phenomenon as a whole. The phenomenal world is not illusion in itself, we make it into an illusion by clinging to it. The phenomenal world is natures open secret, that awaits our (re)discovery, not through atavistic practices but through the development of the Ego, capable to encounter the whole world of phenomenon as an expression of spiritual beings. In sensefree thinking, we encounter spiritual beings in Images that we make by ourselves, by concentrating upon it. People who get visions receive them independently from their conscious activity. It is imposed on them: that is a pathological symptom. Self-made imaginations are the key to sensefree thinking and (re)connection to the spiritual worlds and beings. We must learn, for example, to collaborate with nature invisible beings, in biodynamy or art. Not the ancient way of Nature's gods pagan cults, nor through shamanism.

what I exposed is a way of knowledge inspired by Goethe and furthered by Steiner.



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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon
Excellent article about electricity in its interaction with consciousness.
Freemasonry or The irony about how Gnosticism fell into the same Roman imperialist ideology of its arch-ennemy Romanism.
"The Victory of the Human Spirit over the Computer"
held at the AnthroTech Institute at Les Sciernes-d’Albeuve, Switzerland from 29 to 31 October 1999 in the English language and led by Paul Emberson.
There were 14 participants – 6 from England, 5 from Switzerland and one each from America, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
Besides the excellent five lectures given by Paul Emberson, each illustrated by exact demonstrations with fine apparatus there were rich conversations, a workshop and three choral sessions where the participants were accompanied by orchestral instruments so that the scientific work was balanced by most enjoyable artistic experience.
In the Friday evening lecture Paul spoke of the greatest battle for the future, that concerning intelligence technology – which is not known to the Hierarchies. Computer designers are often afraid of what they have brought into being. Even Marvin Minsky, a father of it all, feels this but rightly adds, "there is no way of going back." Professor Warwick (Reading University cyberneticist) in his recent book asks if it is justifiable to defend ourselves against these machines, but asserts that the "survival of the fittest" also applies to machines and argues that it is right for human intelligence to be superceded by machine intelligence on ecological grounds, since less energy is needed. His further argument that if computers decided to wipe us out, we would be in the same position as if we had to face a nuclear weapon attack waged by chimpanzees seemed to us science fiction at its most absurd.
Can machines think ? Behind or indwelling all things are conscious beings, so a quick dismissive "No" courts great dangers. Before going deeper into the weekend’s main theme,"Thinking, artificial intelligence and electricity" we focussed upon "electricity in nature", asking if lightning, the Aurora Borealis and electric fishes manifest the same kind of electricity as is used in a computer or an electric motor. The first has been described as a downward radiation of the Seraphim, the second as an upward radiation of earth to heaven and the third which produces narcosis in prey or predator all lack the purely physical-mechanical generation of electricity witnessed in computer and motor. We cannot just assume that the same beings or kinds of being are active in the two cases.
It was in early Greek times that through Thales human thinking first distinguished beween "I" and "world". At the same time he and others became aware of the attractive powers in iron (magnetic) and in amber (electrical). In the great catastrophe of Atlantis huge coniferous forests were quickly destroyed and the buried, compressed resin gave rise to very large quantities of amber. Not until the 15th century were explanations and ramifications of attractions and repulsions investigated, e.g. in William Gilbert’s "De Magnete".
At this point many well-known experiments were carried out in the conference room, using ebonite, glass, magnets, etc showing the usual polarities and their applications in simple machines, including the Wimshurst machine invented in 1883.
The presence of sparks in electric machines, both of frictional and magnetic motivation, demonstrates the continual interruption of electric flow in them. This is similar in character to the series of neurons in our nervous systems; without such interruption sense perception would not be possible. After amputation of a leg for example (a complete interruption) the person continues to feel his lost foot resting on the floor. (I have a clear memory as a boy of this happening to my grandfather - R.A.J.)
In the early years of the present century physicists felt that they had finally understood what matter is, but Max Planck disabused them of this feeling by stating that matter does not exist – only levels of (electrical) energy exist, related by intervals not dissimilar to musical ones or changeable from one to another as one uses a gear lever in a car. Rudolf Steiner was excited by these remarks, hoping that "humanity will now know that behind physical appearance there lies something else." This hope was not realised. The evening closed with contemplation of the statements
(i) atoms are nothing else than electricity,
(ii) human thoughts are made of the same substance as electricity - but which kind of electricity?
Recollections of Lemuria was the theme chosen for the Saturday morning session, during which the lemniscatory nature of time was alluded to. The division of the sexes in ancient Lemuria (which is connected with the separation of moon from earth) and the contrast between sun-like and moon-like human characteristics as shown between Cain and Abel has given rise to certain thematic repetition in the nineteenth century. In the past sexual intercourse was still largely an unconsciously motivated activity, as was the acceptance of hierarchy in human social relationships. At the end of the eighteenth century Count St. Germain had tried to prevent the carnage of the French Revolution whilst recognising the need for new sociality. In science the need arose to recognise the presence of electricity in animal and human bodies (e.g. Galvani). Consciousness of electrical resistance (Ohm) of various metallic substances developed – from lead’s high to copper and silver’s low resistance. Several experiments were carried out at this point of the morning using simple voltage producing cells, beginning with water, copper and zinc plates. The electricity was seen to have differences from the "surface" type in the static electricity experiments. The electricity arising through chemical action could be described as "inside metals" electricity.
The polarity of the sexes reminds us of electrical attraction. It was from Lucifer that we received freedom to be attracted to the opposite sex not only in the spring time. Just as immorality can arise from misuse of Lucifer’s gift, so can it arise from misuse of electromagnetism, which may be seen as a gift coming through Ahriman. Such a strong spiritual force as the latter contains cannot be led directly through the Gods into matter. They have to ask (otherwise) hostile beings to do this. Only in this manner can such spirit either enter or leave matter.
On Saturday afternoon we had a Workshop on Artificial Intelligence. This involved setting up circuits , two–¯way switches for electric lighting, simple arrangements for "and" and "or" operations. Moving magnetised elements about on a metal blackboard enabled everyone to see clearly how various participants attempted to solve the intelligence problems which were posed.
The evening lecture –¯ demonstration was entitled The power of Mars and Venus. Reference was again made to Count St. Germain, who appeared not only at the beginning of the nineteenth century but again towards its end. In between there lived and worked one of the greatest individualities in the field of science –¯ Michael Faraday. A very humane person, his researches, especially in magnetism and electricity, were carried out to the highest scientific standards. His methods and conclusions remain a shining example to this day. Rudolf Steiner has said only little about magnetism. It is instructive to compare magnetic with electric fields. The former have permanence (e.g. the Earth’s magnetic field). They require iron above all, iron compounded with other elements such as carbon (steel) and tungsten. Magnetism has a Mars quality in so many ways. Electric fields on the other hand are variable and collapsing. They require copper; miles of copper wire is used in generators for example. It is the best of conductors (apart from silver, which would be too expensive). Copper is a Venus metal.
The problem of assessing the spiritual significances of magnetism and electricity can thus be tackled by comparing the two with Mars and Venus, the first having its orbit outside the Earth’s orbit and the second inside the Earth’s orbit. The first we can associate with Ahriman and the second with Lucifer. When working together (electromagnetism) they provide the strongest motive power in factories, land transport and so on.
Christian Rosenkreutz understands technology more than anyone else. It was he who gave humanity the Temple Legend. In it we see how Cain, an older soul than Adam and offspring of a different Eloha, appears again in Hieram and the story of "The Molten Sea". He appears again as Lazarus-John. Then again he appears as Christian Rosenkreutz and finally as Count St. Germain. It was this being who helped royal families to transform base metals into gold and in England he inspired the development of the steam engine.
The battle of the future – the destiny of the further use of magnetism and electricity and above all of intelligence technology, which uses these forces in its hardware and software – will require all the cosmic wisdom we can obtain through individualities like Faraday, Steiner and Rosenkreutz. The theme for the lecture-demonstration on the Sunday morning was The deeper nature of electricity.
Paul Emberson preceded his talk with a description of the aim of AnthroTech. It is not to make use of computers and electricity, but to develop etheric forces to drive machines. This requires selfless love. Such machines will not operate like contemporary ones using electrical, magnetic, fossil fuel, steam or atomic energy power sources, where the operator simply has to press a button or move a lever. It will depend upon the moral quality of the individual controlling the machine.
The machines we have in the world today are there because we have projected them out of our intelligence into that world. We need to know the answers to the questions, "What is intelligence? What is electricity?" There is a great danger in thinking of ourselves as machines, needing hospital repairs from time to time or in the case of people with criminal tendencies brain surgery and implants. If we regard the brain as the mechanical decider of our actions, that leaves no room for a moral decider within us. We become "manipulated by our symbols". But this means that we allow another being to usurp the divine right of our own individuality to determine the actions our organism shall carry out.
Reference was made here to the lecture given on 28th July 1924 by Rudolf Steiner printed in the 3rd volume of the Karma lectures. Steiner spoke there of the new age of Michael, which began in 1879. Prior to this in the first third of the 15th century the first hierarchy carried over the Cosmic Intelligence into the human head organisation. Formerly the human being had been a heart-man, now he became a head-man; the Intelligence could become his own. In the 450 years between these two events Michael and Ahriman have waged battle on the issue –¯ shall human beings make the aquisition of Cosmic Intelligence their own in true individual freedom or shall Ahriman appropriate it and make it altogether earthly, governed solely by the forces of reproduction and inheritance ? It is those who are able to receive Anthroposophy with true and deep devotion in their hearts who can unite with Michael in this battle, for the heart’s enthusiasm is essential if we are to make Cosmic Intelligence our own. Although we have today become head-men, we must not lose what we developed as heart-men. The inspiration and enthusiasm of the human heart pouring into the individual thinking head-man is what will help Michael defeat Ahriman.
Blacking out the conference room cum laboratory, we then applied our enthusiasm to investigating the nature of electricity at a deeper level. A high voltage was applied to terminals at the ends of a horizontal glass tube from which the air was exhausted to form an increasing vacuum. The less "matter" the tube contained, the more the tube glowed with colour. Polaric colour differences became more pronounced. Were we now actually "seeing" electricity? Electricity and matter always seem to exist together, but with the elimination of matter, electricity seems to reveal itself as coloured light. Yet this colour and light is quite different from what we normally experience in the natural world. They lack the vitality of the latter. So to refer to electricity as "fallen" light or "fallen" light ether has justification.
In the final session on Sunday afternoon the title of the final lecture was The victory of the human spirit. A recapitulation of the main themes and experiments concerning electricity and magnetism led on to viewing matter as a compounding of Luciferic electrical forces coming down from above and Ahrimanic crystallising forces coming up from below. The oscillating rhythm in electromagnetism between the iron-Mars and copper-Venus elements services this compounding.
The discovery in 1948 of solid state semi-conductors revolutionised information technology. Silicon, a dull grey metal whose compounds are well known in biodynamic agriculture (it enables the cosmic influences to penetrate the soil), was melted. Adding a tiny crystal of it to the liquid brought about a lengthening of this crystal. It was then "doped" by introducing impurities (other metals) and the original non-conductor (silicon) became a semiconductor, i.e. able to transmit electric current in one direction only. The discovery of this "chip" was actually foreseen by Rudolf Steiner. He proposed a counter discovery and indicated it in the "Strader" machine; in his instructions to Schmiedel he asked for a hemisphere of copper facing a hemisphere of silicon, the latter to have a blue colour. Then he put forward the following Imagination:
Go in soul below the crystal rocks in the Alps, which is a holy place for the Gods. The stars are mirrored there; all the silicon-quartz transparent rocks are eyes for the cosmos.
Whereas computer design depends upon the Gemini-Saggitarius axis of the zodiac and serves a good purpose in the reduction of human labour, it is the axis at right angles to it –¯ the Pisces-Virgo axis, on which will depend the success of the new etheric technology. Electromagnetism is governed by the Gemini line, the midday-midnight line, whereas the etheric machines depend upon the Pisces line, the dawn-sunset line.
Continuing the Imagination . . . At Midsummer we see in soul how the Cosmic Intelligence with yellow light radiance carried by hosts of many beings all operating within each other and overseen by the serious countenance of Uriel shines down towards the earth and meets the upward moving blue Cosmic Will full of elemental beings. With them comes silver to be united with gold from the cosmos.
Even in the experience of the light-glowing vacuum tube in the morning session we could also see a polarity between the violet streams at the cathode (negative pole end) and the rose-red colour at the anode which finally took shape. The violet could only emerge as matter became rarified, but the rose-red bears a link to Uriel.
When we contemplate the great dangers of modern inventions, especially in information technology, we can see how easily their positive features can be outweighed by their negative ones and eventually see how the monster could eat up our humanity. What shall be our answer ? Only with the help of courage and sacrifice can this monster be overcome. The attempt may even be made to introduce the souls of the dead to machines working from the Gemini line, so the need to develop the morning and evening impulses succouring the Pisces-Virgo axis and etheric technology is of paramount importance.
Here is a task for highly developed knights having a Michaelic Christian devotion to enter the machine world. We must change machines from inside. It is the only way to transform the dragon. The dragon no longer exists in the thought world. He operates in the physical.The task is one for the spiritual scientists of the West. AnthroTech wants to support such efforts in this direction. But it does not regard its main field of work to be that of developing Strader or Keely machines. Rather does it want to conduct researches into moral technology – etheric forces which can drive such machines – which have to be non-electrical and non-magnetic. It feels it has a kinship with biodynamic agriculture.
Following a short break the participants were invited to visit the machine shop in the basement below the conference room, where the apparatus for AnthroTech Research is fashioned. It contains a set of highly efficient lathes, milling machines, drilling and planing machines,etc. of very modern design and high monetary value. These are the gifts made by wealthy supporters from many countries to the work of AnthroTech. Among the research being carried out are projects with colour and sound, projects studying the whole field of vibrations of many kinds, machinery for stimulating gravity-free and gyroscope-free movements whereby liquids containing high dilutions of mineral salts and plant saps may be subject to earth-freed cosmic forces. One machine being designed was for field spraying on biodynamic farms. It should be realised that the AnthroTech Institute relies solely upon gifts of money and equipment to further its work. This includes income from conferences and lectures and from annual subscriptions and although the small number of workers helping Paul Emberson both in Switzerland and on the island of Mull is increasing, they mostly give their time and effort free. Courage and sacrifice are fully in evidence.One has to fervently hope that more people of wealthy means will come forward to support this well grounded scientific impulse, whose value for humanity in the future could be of inestimable worth.
Ron Jarman, November 1999.
Supplement to a lecture given by Imre Boejtes at the Goetheanum on 18-3-1999 on the work of AnthroTech. In the discussion following the lecture the question of HAARP was raised. Translated by Barbara Saunders Davies.
The HAARP installation (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) occupies an area of 20 hectares near Gakora, 320 km. north-east of Anchorage in Alaska. It consists of a forest of antennae with 360 masts, 24m. high.
In February 1995 the American army first used this establishment as a testing ground. Since 1998, after its installation, they have been radiating an output of at least 10 Mrd watts into the ionosphere. This means that in every working hour the energy of an Hiroshama atom bomb is radiated into the atmosphere!
No scientist can really know how such experiments affect the equilibrium of the Earth nor how the reaction will appear. Though HAARP is considered a civil project of research into the Northern Lights (aurora), one of the largest armament firms in the world (Raytheon) possesses the basic patents of HAARP technology (they go back to N. Tesla's discoveries). Thus it can be assumed that what is presented to the public as a harmless scientific project, is actually the most powerful military construction ever built. It can be taken for granted that such invasions of the ionosphere produce holes in the ozone layer!
Further it can be very alarming to know that HAARP technology can be adapted for global manipulation of consciousness. Whenever desired, radiating ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) waves can, when targeted, influence the brain currents of humans (and animals).
In view of the terrible possibilities connected with this radiation technique, critical scientists and some lay initiatives have sounded the alarm. In spite of these protests however, HAARP has been built.
Recommended literature J. Manning and N. Begich: "Locher im Himmel. Der geheime Okokrieg mit dem Ionosphärenheizer HAARP". (Holes in the sky. The secret ecological war with the ionosphere heating apparatus HAARP). Publisher:- Verlag 2001, 1996. The original american publication of 1995 bears the title "Angels don't play this HAARP. Advances in Tesla technology".

The Doppleganger - The Double according to Steiner
This quote comes from Steiner's lecture at St Gallen (Switzerland) on Nov. 15th 1917. Usually translated into English as "Geographic Medicine".
I have taken my quote from a printed version by 'The Mercury Press', Spring Valley NY 10977 USA. My quote begins on page 6 and runs to page 10. At best the translation is difficult and my rendition may contain further flaws.
... Indeed, my dear friends, the world is complicated, and one must slowly and gradually adapt oneself to its concepts. But one must have the will to do so.
You see the spiritual world extends into our world. Everything is interpenetrated by the spiritual world. Within the sensible there is everywhere a supersensible. That supersensible that has to do with man's own sense nature must be of very special interest to him, now I beg you to note the following very carefully, for it is an exceedingly important concept.
We human beings consist of body, soul and spirit but that is by no means an exhaustive statement. our body, soul and spirit are what first solicit our consciousness, as it were but they are not all that is connected with our existence. By no means, my dear friends, what I am about to say is connected with certain mysteries of human becoming, of human nature which must be known today and become ever better known.
When the human being enters into earthly existence through birth, then because he has his physical body he has the possibility of giving existence to his own soul. I beg you to consider this well, but man by no means knows all about this physical body; many things go on in the physical body of which man knows nothing! He, gradually comes to know what goes on in this physical body. Yet, it is in a very unsuitable way, through anatomy and physiology. If one had to wait for food until one understood the process of digestion, well, one could not even say that people would die of hunger, for it is unthinkable that one must know something about what the organs have to do in order to prepare food for the organism!
So man comes into this world with the organism with which he has clothed himself but without extending down into this organism with his soul. Therefore, the opportunity exists - a short time before we are born, not long before we are born - for another spiritual being besides our soul to take possession of our body, of the unconscious part of our body. It is this way; a short time before we are born we are permeated by another being - in our terminology we would call it an Ahrimanic spirit being.. This is within us in the same way that our own soul is within us.
These beings who spend their life by using human beings, in order to be able to be in the sphere where they want to be. These beings have an extraordinarily high intelligence and a significantly developed will but no warmth of heart at all. Nothing of what we call the human "Gemut". And we go through life, my dear friends, in such a way that we have our souls and a Double of this kind, who is much more clever, very much more clever than we are, who is very intelligent, but has a Mephistophelian intelligence, and an Ahrimanic intelligence, and also an Ahrimanic will, a very strong will, a will that is much more akin to the nature forces than is our human will, which is controlled by the mind and the heart. In the nineteenth century natural science discovered that the nervous system is permeated by electrical forces. Natural science is right. But when natural scientists believe that our nerve-force, which is the basis of our conceptual life, is related to electrical streams which go through our nerves, then they are not correct ... for the electrical-streams, which are those forces put into us by that being which I have just mentioned and described, do not belong to our being at all; we carry electrical streams in us, but they are of a purely Ahrimanic nature.
These beings of high intelligence, but of purely Mephistophelian intelligence, and with a will more related to nature than can be said of the human will, these beings once decided out of their own will that they did not want to live in that world in which they were destined to live by the wisdom-filled of the higher hierarchies. They wanted to conquer the earth; they need bodies, for bodies of their own they do not have. They use as much of the human bodies as they can use, because the human soul cannot entirely fill up the human body.
You see, as the human body develops, these beings are able to enter into it at a definite time before the human being is born, and below the threshold of our consciousness they accompany us. They cannot endure one thing in human life, they positively cannot endure it, and that is death. Therefore they must always leave this human body in which they have established themselves before it succumbs to death. They continue to have a very great delusion, for they want to be able to remain in human bodies beyond death. That would be a very great achievement in the kingdom of these beings but that they have not yet achieved.
Had the Mystery of Golgatha not occurred, had the Christ, not passed through the Mystery of Golgatha, conditions on earth would have been such that these beings would long ago have attained the possibility of remaining within the human being when he is karmically predestined for death. Then they would have completely triumphed over human evolution on earth, would have become lords of human evolution on earth.
It is of tremendous significance to perceive the connection between the passing of the Christ through the Mystery of Golgotha and these beings who want to triumph over death in human nature; but they are not yet today able to bear it; they must always avoid experiencing in the human body the hour when man is appointed to die, must avoid maintaining his body beyond the hour of death, of prolonging the life of his body beyond the hour of death.
This matter of which I am now speaking has long been known to certain occult brotherhoods. They know these things well and have withheld them from mankind - again, we do not want to discuss their right to do so. Today conditions are such that it is impossible not to equip people gradually with such concepts as they will need when they shall have passed through the gate of death. For all that a man experiences here, even what he experiences below the threshold of conscious- he needs after death, because he must look back upon his life, and in looking back he must be able to understand this life fully; because it is very bad for him when he is not able to do this. But man has not sufficient comprehension to understand his life in retrospect, unless a being can enlighten him which participates in his life as does this Ahrimanic being, which lays hold of us before our birth and is always there, always cutting a figure before us in our unconsciousness-unless we can ever and again throw light upon it. Then wisdom becomes light after death.
You see, my dear friends, these beings are in general very important for the human life, and knowledge of them must gradually lay hold of man - and will lay hold of men. Only it must lay hold of them in the right way. It must not only be spread abroad among mankind by those occult brotherhoods who make a question of power out of it - intending thereby to increase their own power Above all it must not be further hidden for the sake of increasing the power of certain egotistically minded brotherhoods. Mankind strives for universal knowledge which is disseminated. For in the future it can no longer he wholesome for occult brotherhoods to be able to employ such things for the extension of their power. In the coming centuries mankind must more and more lay hold of knowledge of these beings. In the coming centuries it will have to come to man's knowledge more and more that he bears such a Double within him - such an Ahrimanic - Mephistophelian Double. Man must know it. It is true that today man develops a great many concepts, but they are really blind because man does not yet know how to deal with them in the right way. Man develops concepts today, which can have a proper basis only when they are brought together with the facts which form their foundation.
And here something is disclosed which in the future must really be followed up. If the human race is not to experience endless difficulties, really endless horrors. For you see this Double of which I have spoken is nothing more nor less than the author of all physical illnesses which come forth spontaneously from within; and to know him fully is organic medicine. Illnesses that appear spontaneously not from outer injuries but appear spontaneously from within man - these come not from the human soul, they come from this being, He is the author of all illnesses that come spontaneously from within, he is the author of all organic illnesses. And a brother of his, who not conditioned Ahrimanically but Luciferical is the author of all neurathenic and neurotic illnesses, and so on - all illnesses that are really not illnesses, but only (as they say) nerve illnesses, hysterical illnesses ... and so on and so forth. So that medicine must be spiritual in two directions. And that this is demanded is shown by the breaking in of such views as those of psychoanalysis and the like, where one works with spiritual entities, but with insufficient knowledge, so that one can do nothing at all with the phenomena which will break in more and more into human life. For certain things must necessarily happen, even that which in one direction is harmful must happen, because man must be exposed to what is harmful and there by gain strength to overcome it.
Now in order to understand fully such things as I have just brought forward, that this Double is really the author of all illnesses that have an organic foundation, that are not merely functional - in order to understand this fully - one must know very much more, one must know for example that our entire earth is not that dead product which mineralogy or geology thinks it to be, but a living being. Mineralogy knows as much of the earth as one would know of the human being if he knew only the boney system. Then you would know as much of man as the geologists, and science in general know of the earth. Imagine, you would come in here and of all the respected ladies and gentlemen whom you find here, you would see nothing more than the bones - then you would have as much consciousness of the people present here as science has of the earth. The earth, which is known only as a bony system, is a living organism.
As a living organism, the earth works upon the beings who live on it: namely, on men themselves. And just as man is differentiated with regard to the apportionment of the organs of his body so is the earth also differentiated with regard to that which it livingly develops, and with which it influences the people who walk around on it. I mean, you know that when you think, you are not exerting your right index finger or your left great toe, but your head. You know perfectly will that you do not think with your right great toe, you think with your head.
Thus things are apportioned in the human organism, which is differentiated. So our earth also is differentiated. Our earth is not at all a being which everywhere pours out the same things on its inhabitants; but in the different regions of the earth, something entirely different is rayed out. And there are various forces in it, magnetic, electric, but also much more in the sphere of living. outstreaming forces, which come up out of the earth, and which influence people in the most manifold ways at different points on the earth. That is, they influence man in various ways according to geographical formation.
This is a very important fact, for what man is at first as body soul and spirit has really very little direct relation to the forces that work up out of the earth. But the Double of which I have spoken chooses to be related to these forces that stream up out of the earth. Indirectly man stands in relation to the earth, in body, soul and spirit to that in which rays out at various points, because his Double cherishes a most intimate relation to what streams forth there. These beings, which as an Ahrimanic - Mephistophelian being take possession of man a short time before he is born, have quite a special fancy with regard to nature. There are some such beings that are especially pleased with the eastern hemisphere: Europe, Asia, Africa, they choose to possess the bodies of men born there, others choose bodies born in the western hemisphere, in America. Geography of which we have but a dim image, is to these beings a living principle of their own experience. According to this they choose their dwelling place.
And from this you will see further on that one of the most important tasks of the future will be to foster again what has been broken off: geographical medicine, medical geography. With Paracelsus it was torn away from the ancient atavistic wisdom; since then it has been little nurtured on account of materialistic views. It must again be revived, and many things must first become known, if one is to come to know the connection of the illness producing being in man with geography, with all the fusions, with all the outward traditions which come out of the earth according to the various regions.
Therefore it is important for man to become acquainted with these things for his life depends upon it. In a very definite way he is placed in this earth existence by this Double - and this Double has his dwelling place within himself, within the man.
look also (nice schemes):
The Double
Adriana Koulias

Some Observations on the Relationships between light & electricity
Manecheism, Catharism and Freemasonry. … sonry.html
Faith Love and Hope as a Counterforce to Evil … 0Evil.html
The Grail Stream and the Anti Grail Stream … eam-1.html
The Advent of Ahriman:An Essay on the Deep Forces behind the World-Crisis

Have fun reading this, these are among the most comprehensive articles I found concerning  these themes. Joined to montalk material, it kicks ass.  don't pertend that the articles I dent you are better tha montalk, I just point to marvelous articles coming from anthroposophists.

Have a nice read.




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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

Wow, you tracked down some excellent stuff, thanks! Anthroposophy is refreshing and enlightening for any occasion, haha. I agree, the moon itself is not the eighth sphere. If anything it's a crowbar that periodically pries open the gates to the eighth sphere, which I think is a generic name for the astral and hyperdimensional realms where predatory beings dwell. The moon regularly opens windows of opportunity for these "creatures of the abyss" to feast on our energies. These opportunities may or may not be taken depending on the probability of success, which shows there is an intelligent factor behind the ultimate effects of lunar influences. It's as though we live on an ocean shore, the moon bringing stability during low tide and turbulent waves during the high tide (along with the sharks) regularly as clockwork. The moon... can't live with it, can't live without it.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.



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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

Fantastic stuff, many thanks!

“The moon... can't live with it, can't live without it."

You had just discovered that the women are beings from moon! lol

Bye, Pictus




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Walker of worlds
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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

Wow, that's a great synopsis!  I need to go and read some of the Steiner books I've downloaded now.  While it all makes sense on some level, I sometimes have a hard time putting it into context. 

For example, given the ideas presented, how does astral travel, ala Robert Monroe, fit into things?  On one hand, it seems it would be going into the trance state as in older shamanism, but on the other hand, it's maintaining awareness even in sleep.  Is it part of the old clairvoyance, or is it atavistic and thus prey to ahraminic forces?  Or is it both, depending upon the awareness level of the traveler?

Very complicated stuff, and worth thinking about.



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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

Other details about atavistic clairvoyance and the eighth sphere, Lucifer and Ahriman.

Atavistic clairvoyance is filled with illusions and can be dangerous: people who become visionaries (second sight, trance, hypnosis, visions, hallucinations, etc.) are going toward the edge of the eighth sphere, where lost souls go and can never come back.

Here are titles about the eighth sphere as kingdom of lucifer (and ahriman) and dark side of the moon:
La reincarnation sans l'esprit: histoire d'une contre-verite (Irene Diet)
Michael and the two-horned beast (Bernard Nesfield-Cookson)
The East in the light of the West (Sergei O. Prokofieff)

You might also like to check "From Jundi Shapur to Silicon Valley", by the anthroposophist Francis Paul Emberson, about the incarnation of Ahriman (Satan) in computers and our future which looks a lot like The Matrix, with big spider webs across the earth, crawling with spiders of artificial intelligence. The use of fallen etheric forces (electricity, magnetism and the mysterious "third force" involving nuclear powers) inspired by/inhabiting ahrimanic elementals (lizzies) wich are also our own shadow-self, doppelganger, the ahrimanic Double, which comes from the inner earth and want to take over or planet enslaving us.

I also strongly suggest that you read about the ways to save these beings in the cosmic order, as pointed by Nicolaas de Jong in his article "Ufos: The search for Truth, Reality and tools for their redemption", available on the internet. Also: "Ufos: preeminent phenomena of our time" by Patrick Steensma.

Steiner does not talk about a "Wave"(2012), but indicates that the Christ is coming back in the etheric world since 1933. It means that more and more people will experience a new form of clairvoyance, for example, thing's and people's aura will be seen. The new way of clairvoyance, though, is not a return to the ancient passive, atavistic, mediumnic and visionary kind of clairvoyance. This new clairvoyance cannot rely on ouija tables because in this way the hand is moved by elemental beings taking their knowledge from the beings on the moon, who once were with us as teachers in Lumeria and Atlantis. When Laura was talking with "Cassiopaeans", she cold only know the given answer by putting the letters  one after the other, making a significant statement. This is still an unconscious way and must be avoided. Elemental beings communicating this way (though mediums) are infinitely more clever that whatever we can grasp nor imagine. They can misguide us into half-truths like "the Christ event is not very significant", "the moon is the eight sphere", and so on.  The new clairvoyance is described by Jesaiah Ben Aharon, in "The new experience of the supersensible", like a renewed "vision of Paul on Damascus". We will have inspiring and moving revelations wide awake. These are not visions in the old sense. The new clairvoyance must be developed by a strengthening of our grounding in clear perception of the outside world, combined to a healthy development in the areas of thinking, feeling and willing.  The michaelic yoga is not inspire-expire but perceive in-think out. This way, imaginations are formed and the refresh our dead knowledge of the world, enabling us to join Christ in a conscious experience of nature and the cycle of year, for example.

The development of the new clairvoyance is hindered by spirits of hindrances such as Lucifer and Ahriman (not to mention the asuras and Sorat, the Beast, which are far superior in evil). Lucifer takes us back into old time religion and ecstatic, subjective mysticism. Ahriman, Mephistopheles or Satan, wants to make us unbelievers in spirit and believers in science, matter and progress. Half-baked oriental mysticism illegitimately joined with modern physics (like Fritjof Capra's works The Tao of Physics) only produces a subtler form of materialism, a super-materialism, in the vein of spiritism and mediumnism.  Lucifer and Ahriman join their effort against a healthy experience of Christ in the etheric world by diverting the new clairvoyant faculties into the old kind of clairvoyance (vision, mediumship, spiritism) or into new techniques of manipulating consciousness by means of material means: drugs, electromagnetism, physical sound waves, etc. Spiritual materialism is one of the traps that must be recognised and avoided by all occultist students. The major stuff that we give to the eighth sphere is exactly that materialistic (or spiritual-materialist) imaginative stuff. These materialist (or spiritual-materialist) thoughts (thought-forms) give form, in the eighth sphere, to all fantasies coming from the imagination-activity, morever the most science-fictionesque or grotesque thought-forms. These become "probable realities". The spiritual worlds must not be confused with the spectre nature of the substance of the eighth sphere, which takes the forms of our materialist (or spiritual-materialist) thought-forms.  All that is linked with our head (where Ahriman dwells) and our bellies (where Lucifer dwells), is a door opening to this dead world of the eighth sphere. We must instead create moral and spiritual thought-forms that will become the spiritual ground, the body of the future earth-man, called Jupiter state by Steiner (the New Jerusalem).

According to Nicolaas de Jong (2001), "lizzies" (reptilians) are fallen elementals of an ahrimanic (satanic) nature; we must change our thinking in order to reconnect in a healthy way to the elemental kingdom, so that when - in the future - elementals attain the stage of humanhood, they will have at their disposition an adequate spiritual body, made up of the imaginative body that we will have created by our thinking, and not a coarse and dead body which they will use to torment us and parasite us (that which they already do and do more and more in the future). Our though forms, in relation to the elemental world (which is used against us by fallen angelic hierarchies), will become living forms in the future - our little "creatures" - and will be on their way to attain human egohood. Right now and forever, he have a great responsibility in their fall and so have a special role, a moral duty, in their spiritualization process - that is their "coming back into the light".
Steiner also says that future humans from Jupiter are influencing people in "high places" (he says Lenin, Trotski, and others) in their unconsious, in their metabolism, and will. They are ahrimanic beings, not unripe humans in becoming, they are destined to be humans in Jupiter stade of earth's future. Other ahrimanic beings are influencing the intellect of materialists, following Marx and others. Others are imbuing us with nationalistic sentiments and reverting us in our race, the traits that make individuals from the same race look alike and act alike. Other ahrimanic beings are elementals seduced and driven by ahriman. Others are dead human beings used by ahriman as ahrimanic beings. They are forced to obey ahriman fro a while because they were lazy and immoral. A lot of ahrimanic beings are on the moon, along with luciferic beings. OUr super ancient teachers from lemuria, already invisible in atlantis, are also on the moon right now, cohabiting with the worst ahrimanic and luciferic beings, along with quite helpful luciferic ones. 

Consciousness must not be lowered with anithing like drugs, hypnosis, transe, mediums, second sight, or anything like this. When visionaries gain visions, they are elaborating a world that awaits them after death. Them and all those who believed it. an hypnotist and his patient get caught in a tangled web of karma that they will hardly be able to detangle. a false world in created in our head by using drugs. synthetic is ahrimanic. Drifting toward suibnature. this is taken up by lucifer and ahriman to construct the eighth sphere. Read Steienr more carefully and all this will glow on your forehead. There is also a wrong relationsjip established with, the ego, from one side, and elementals, from the others. elementals that have not been redeemed by our conscious striving for truth and beauty in our reltionship to them, will come back in a later life to haunt us. Just like plastic does dissolve in nature, they a still here when we come back to incarnate.

Psychedelics are material means to attain occult knowledge, just like channeling/mediums, spiritism, and phenomenalism (that which Steiner associated with the anglo-saxon habit of thought to weigh and mesure material traces of occult phenomena, being obsessed with not knowing the thing but to mesure it, seal it in space/matter). One should never rely on material means to gain knowledge of the supersensible brcause this is ahrimanic. Real knowledge itself is supersensible.

The other side of this is extatic mysticism. Steiner warned alot about the complacency and the egoism involved in mystic exstacy. They think they are god, that a divine spark burns in themselves. This is just an hallucination of bodily processes (in Polarities in the evolution of mankind, Steiner). This mystic thinks his self-knowledge is better than materialism, thoug what he is knowing is only the knowledge of the matter inside his body, the organic processes. This is all he really learns about, he he does so without knowing it. materialists who are looking for atomic and subatomic particles are running at a rainbow trying to catch its tail. They only learns about themselves looking at the atom: they get the image they constructed in their mind, the rainbow of outside matter, the non-existent atom.

that in ARTS, we need more beauty, more luciferic impulses. The mission of Lucifer is linked with the Holy Spirit. But he can also drive you into the eighth sphere if one is seduced by him. to make a long story short, Lucifer is one of the hierarchies that were commanded by other hierarchies to develop inner life of their own - that is the beginning of lies and error and egoism. They are not bad spirits, yet they temps us in doing wrong, in forgetting christ. Lucifer was a great teacher. Greek-germanic-hindou gods are luciferic. Oriental religion is luciferic. intelligence, abstract knowledge is luciferic in the it kills Isis-sophia the knowledge of Christ and cosmic wisdom. Isis is dead and her grave is the stars. This is the reverse of the death of osiris: osiris was dismembered by Ahriman, Isis in put in a single grave in the blank whiteness of the stars, in space. (Luciferic beings have a role in planetary formation: while sun beings radiate toward the cosmos, luciferic beings come down from the cosmos and make material planets by applying their rounding - egoisitc - forces to matter in planetary "orbits". That is why they can be seen and astronomy can be done. Modern astronomy and abstract mathematical logic has killed Isis, the knowledge of cosmic impulses and above all, Christ.

Lucifer has a mission that was linked with the temple legend of freemasonry. Cain is child of Lucifer and eve. He commits fratricide. He is reincarnated in Hiram, Abel is Salomon. Salomon has a role in hiram's death. Hiram makes a prophecy before his trespassing: a member of my decendance shall complete the temple. This points to the future role of freemasonry. This is linked with the mastery of elemental powers through moral technique or mechanical occultism (not the objective occultism that Steiner condemns in The occult movement in the nineteeth century) that will make machines work by themselves magically, through the powers of the elementals. The Cain people has this latent power. They are "The West"... This is also linked with the shining independence and wisdom of lucifer: gnosis that was carried in catharism manicheism and bogomiles is of luciferic origin. Example: Augustine father of catholicism believed in outer authority, while his manichean master (in contra faustum) says he shouldn't rely upon any outer authority. This points toward the "son of the widow" symbol: with secret societies (egyptian gnosis), males and fathers are away from home. Children are alone with mother as an so of a widow. The authority of the father is not there and the being is guided by the self-directive feminine principle. This is luciferic, this taste for independance and freedom (we owe freedom to lucifer and those whose "Vulcans" that incarnated in Atlantis, in denser conditions than Lemuria - thus we have young souls (artistotelians) and old souls (platonicians). This "staying behind while other humans wee incarnating, they were waiting for conditions that would help them to develop their intellect and independence, in arts, architecture, science, etc. In the future, man will have to become a co-creator, and then the metamorphosed luciferic power of self-development will help to master creation, become a creator himself (as the artist or builder). This is linked to the future liberation of Prometheus, chained to the mineral rock-brain by a jealous Zeus. Yahve hated Cain.  Zeus hated Prometheus. Prometheus is a forward, creative thinker, not Epimetheus. Epimetheus is more like Abel.
The tongues of fire, the descent of the holy spirit above the head of disciples in the pentecost (whitsuntide) is luciferic wisdom transformed it its own power of salvation. The realising of our devanic nature (gods hidden in matter) and the god in the making that is ourselves. the serpent nature is the fractioning of this spirit in independent beings. Sophia is linked with the serpent. this is the changing of the astral nature into manas-sophia, the virgin. The Holy Spirit is healing spirit. Lucifer is redeemed in the holy spirit. Relying on religions and the orient, one does not find Christ, one finds Lucifer. Boddisattvas give knowledge of the Christ, though only a reflection, Christ is life itself. Boddisattvas are dispenser of the knowledge of Christ. they gain their value by reflecting Christ to us. Oriental mahatmas can only give boddhisattvas lunar wisdom as an unconscious reflection of the solar Christ. Bouddha-mercury is also a messenger of Christ though it is not written in buddhist written tradition. 

Did you ever notice that no extraterrestrial or medium source ever talks about the event of the Golgotha and the importance of the living forces that Christ poured into the Earth through the Mystery of Golgotha? Either they don’t know about this, or they lie about this.

Like De Jong said, aliens are searching man’s body to find the ‘building blocks’ of their future, with which they shall create their own planet: the eighth sphere, a mechanical planet earth in which humans would be slaves for them. The same way heredity was linked to the moon in order that less substance can be poured into the eighth sphere, aliens want to understand reproduction forces to bypass this limit. They mainly play with our brains and mind and by this more and more brain substance melts with the eighth sphere. They create worlds in our mind.



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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

Steiner warned people about not trying to deliberately "astral travel". If one does that he weakens the link between the body and the soul. Also, in the initiation of the past, the neophyte was supported and watched bu 12 masters who watched above him, lurking away demons. when someone goes in astral travelling all by himself without sufficient protection (without a guide or a master standing near to him), a demon may sease control of his body! That is as scary as that! Demons coming fom our subconscious and metabolic forces try to enter us and kick ourselves out of ourselves. Masters were there to block thoses demons from taking place of the soul.

Of course it does not necessarily happens in every astral travl, but it is e very real possibility.

Also, according to an anthroposophist from the Netherlands, remote viewing and astral travel could be a manifestation of ahrimanic clairvoyance. The article is badly translated though, but its one of the few articles I found giving and anthroposophic point of view of the phenomenon.

Here is the link:

From an anthroposophic point of view, every 'spiritual' practice that lower the level of consciousness in anyway whatsoever (in hypnosis, trance, remote viewing, 'clairvoyance', twilight states of consciousness in which aliens appear to us, mediumship, spiritism, etc.) is contrary to the development of the 'true and new clairvoyance' and deeply linked with the eighth sphere, as Montalk correctly stated. This new kind of clairvoyance needs a firm anchoring in a completely awake 'clear and sun-dry as day-light consciousness, not in any twilight state consciousness (in which Lucifer and Ahtriman easily gain the upper hand and distort every clairvoyant insight).

This is a very complicate subject to discriminate between atavistic clairvoyance and the new clairvoyance bent on the development of the ego in freedom. Atavistic clairvoyance does not help to develop the ego in anyway, in fact one regresses through using thoses 'habilities'. If one develops logical thinking, one may find that his clairvoyant insintcive habilities fade away, so this is one reason why atavistic clairvoyant hate logic and reason, (they prefer new age or theosophical fantasies).

A good book about the new clairvoyance is "The new experience of the supersensible", by Jesaiah Ben-Aharon. It is hard to read at first, but if we read it again and again, we gain an ever-deepening knowledge and discrimination of the new clairvoyance, and its mysteries open like a great and wonderful act of love, basis for a knowledge of Christ.

I know about some communications ('approved' by anthroposophists) with angels which do not imply any lowering of consciousness whatsoever. In fact, the women who talks with angels in clear-daylight consciousness. In fact, what she receives is simply what her higher Ego already knew some way or another but that she kinda 'forgot'. The book I mention id "What the angels need to tell us now" and "More messages from the angels", by Irene Johansson. It is not a revolutionary book, though it is easily accessible. Ben Aharon's is much more deep and 'miraculous' to me, but kinda hard to read, as much as Steiner is at first. Now reading Steiner is easy for me and I read it fast because I kinda developed a sense for truth that fits with his way of knowledge. I took me some years though. And even now that I pierced trought some of the eighth sphere's fallacies, I am only starting to understand the 'real' spiritual world, that is the opposite of the eighth sphere. It is difficult to know truth in a spiritual way because what one sees first clairvoyantly is always mixed with the eighth sphere!





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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

Sorry if it bothers some that I always refer to anthroposophical research... I fell into it when I was young!  tongue

If you liked the articles about the eighth sphere (which I didn't write actually: it comes from an ex-website that cannot be found anymore), you will surely love those articles.

Nicolaas de Jong (UFO's : the search for truth, reality and tools for their redemption)

and Patrick Steensma (UFO's: preeminent phenomena of our times).

They are not very long but very dense and immensely useful (according to me). Read them with careful and powerful attention, and it will shine as clear daylight on your understanding of fallen beings like aliens.

He points to a way to interact with them that, I'm sure, will raise some objections. He says we have a responsibility towards fallen elemental beings (aliens) because they don't have an ego and, because we do, we have the power to turn them better by convincing them to go back to into the light and collaborate with us to make a better future (not a future in which they enslave us). They fell prey to Ahriman's seduction. Partly, this is because of our technology, which tear more and more elementals away from the right course of their activity. Thus fallen, they go into the undernature, the inner earth of fallen etheric forces, Hades, Tartarus, and joind Ahriman's army. We cannot defeat Ahriman except in our deeds and souls. If we become white magicians (not anything like in the old time religion though!) we can colaborate with good elementals to somewhat 'redeem' fallen elementals. They need technology where we can do it by our own spiritual power (teleportation for example). Because of their influence on corporations and governments, a total slavery is establishing itself on earth, with microchips and surveillance paranoia. They want to make our future a mess in which we would be forced to flee into the eighth sphere because our world would be intolerable. They inspire new age and atavistic practices which litteraly sucks substance into the eighth sphere. 

I am getting ahead of myself. Read it. I was amazed by its insight.

Have fun!




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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

"Sorry if it bothers some that I always refer to anthroposophical research... I fell into it when I was young!"

It doesn't bother me, but it is what it is.
Rather abstract and fascinating...
almost unsupported by any personal experience.
Yours or mine as far as i can tell.

However there seems to be a resonance with certain other things (mostly other tracts that i also cannot verify) and truths,
but you could say that about almost any philosophical or metaphysical tract.

The notion that demons, or elementaries can take over while we are "tamped down" (ie stoned or in a trance, channeling) or unconscious is interesting, but sounds like superstition.
However i 'd have to say that from experience, it is not uncommon to have seen the evidence of those travelers "without protection" (read awareness) getting into sometimes serious trouble in the "astral world". so i dunno. maybe so

But like most mental disciplines and fields of study that are abstract and have no "body of practice", or practical element that i can see or is referred to....I have to ask does this just replace the natural interest in practical revelatory experience ?

A metaphysical crack-high instead of a grounding confirmation or clear awareness of who or what we are right now?

Is this a study that merely prepares you for...lots more study and lots of vaporously informed opinion?

When and where do the words which are merely translations for and configurations of... signifiers for the greater nonverbal reality, stop, and " personal experience" begin?

Or is this all an experience that occurs between the ears, to become a sort of armchair expert of the mystical?

All that being said or asked, i have to say i am very intrigued and expect to study this and Steiner a bit more closely before i make any judgement.

I just thought to convey what occurs to my mind before you pass me that pipe, and u lemme see what your smokin here! lol

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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

I appreciate your comments.

"All talk and no experience make Druid a fancy cloud-cookoo-lander"

First, I think we have to get the spiritual world clearly mapped out in our minds, using thinking, before trying any sort of mystical or occult training.

Occult training without clear knowledge may lead to harmful disastrous results.

Besides, every occult training makes me suspicious.

Steiner talked about yoga, but stressed that it is not a proper way fro modern men that we are. Luciferic spirits manipulate our consciousness went we dwell in mystical respiratory induced states. Lucifer makes us mystics who want to flee the material world and dwell instead in a world of fancies.

Imagination is a method of developing knwoledge that hasnMt anything to do with imagination as we currently understand it. In Imagination, we have to self-generate a concept or an image and focus on it. Take a rosicruaicn symbol for example: the cross and the garland of seven roses. This is not to be found in sensory experience. that is the portal to "sensefree thinking" or pure thinking. This is applied to thinking in order that it becoms independent of the brain. sensory experience is materialistic and bounds thinking to the brain. Pure thinking liberates thinking from the brain. then it becomes possible to experience the spiritual. Spiritual beings can manifest themselves through these self-generated Imaginations. This is not fanciful fantasy, though.
a way to discriminate this from eighth sphere manipulations is to ask ourselves: have I myself actively generated this image? If it comes like a vision, imposed on us without an active freewilled self-created Imaging, it is surely eighth sphere manipulation (manipulated by demons who have hijacked teh atavistic experiences since long ago - in the past Gods used atavistic clairvoyance legitimately, now demons use what remains of this atavism and use it to induce us a false sense of the spiritual). For example, many "past life experiences" come in hypnosis-induced visions. These must be seen for what they are: atavistic visions, in which ou free will in transmutated in eighth sphere substance (visions). Steiner struggled for a long time just to find the 'real' past lives of an individuality. First, he had to discard 'false images and illusory misleading visions' (coming from the eighth sphere, i.e. maniupated by demons - fallen astral beings), to find the real personality traits of the person whom we wish to know its past lives. In hypnosis induced regressions, people experience images like in a cinema but they also feel the pain and experience as if it was theirs. This is a hint of the eighth sphere's nature of these experiences. Visions, i.e. experiences and imags coming from the eighth sphere and used by demons, impose themselves on us and we are trapped into believing it is our own past lives. But it isn't. Naturally, Steiner believed in past lives, though he was very serious about karma research, so serious about it that he was always on his gard that there could be no eighth sphere interferences in his findings. This is a very serious matter because false beliefs lead into dangerous pathways (i.e. the eighth sphere). (There could be hundreds of other examples, but I 'm out of time...)

I totally agree with you that WE MUST NOT FALL PREY TO SUPERSTITION in any way. Old time religions is made of this and medieval beliefs in elementals is also a superstitious way of thinking because it doesn't understand the phenomenon from a spiritual scientific point of view. However, let's consider this: If belief in spiritual beings is 'positive supersition', we must also consider that UNbelief in spiritual beings is a 'negative superstition': it's always a BELIEF, therefore a superstition. Being 'spiritual scientists'(wannabes), we must not obliterate the fact that when we do not know if something exists or not, we cannot say for sure that it does or does'nt exist. At least, not if we do not have any hint. However, according tomy own experience of struggle to know the spiritual and discriminate it from the eighth sphere, I have hints of direct experience (not proof) that they do exist, but I take that idea as a working hypothesis, not a dogma. One cannot 'proove' anything, one can only 'experience' it.

I try not so much to convince people rather than suggest paths of research that worked for me. I find montalk material extremely useful to put the pieces together, that's why I thought it might interest Montalk's forum.

See ya!   




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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

feedbaxlow wrote:

But like most mental disciplines and fields of study that are abstract and have no "body of practice", or practical element that i can see or is referred to....I have to ask does this just replace the natural interest in practical revelatory experience ?

I have some of the same reservations about this (or any other) system, especially since it seems to indicate that all other forms of personal exploration cannot be trusted.  Still, something about it is intriquing, and I'll need to read more before I make a decision.  Also, I've wondered where Rudolph himself got these ideas-- whether they were passed down to him, or are a bastardized offshoot of theosophy-- or whether they were revealed to him over time.



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Re: food for the eighth sphere, not the moon

Steiner met a master about twice in his life. He indicatesd he should look into Theosophy (and correct its fallacies) and base his science upon Haeckel's biology. Steiner is first and foremostan expert in the sciences of his time (1861-1925) medecine, biology, physics, mathematics, geology, etc. He developped a way of thinking that is elaborated in The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity (aka the Philosophy of Freedom). His doctorate thesis in philosophy is entitled "Truth and knowledge". The he wrote about Nietzsche and Haeckel before he met the "master" twice and read Blavatsky. He said that it was like a beautiful face reflected in a distorted mirror. He found people interested in his scientific spiritual research in theosophy's circles in Germany. They offered him to 'recognize' Krishnamurti as Christ. As a reward, Annie Besant wold have said that he was the reincarnated John the Baptist. Steinr was furious: he stressed that Christ incarnated only once and could incarnate in flesh only once. His coming back is 'in the clouds' (in the etheric world). Then, in 1913, he was thrown out of it by Annie Besant (he had LOTS of ennemies) because he was becoming 'too christian' (i.e. not as much orientalizing as Theosophy's leader would have liked him to be). He gave insights in medecine, in arts, in architecture, in pedagogy, in physics, in anthropology, etc. He invoqued the need to develop spiritual science, that is a way of knowledge emancipated from religion but still deeply spiritual, in order to 'guide the spirit of man to the spirit in the world' through spiritual science, developed in freedom, with love. (This is so simplified that I'm almost ashamed.)

In order to get 'an opinion' of Steiner,S work, one must read not one, not three, not 50, but ALL Steiner's books. There are 6000 lectures ans over 30 books available, all attributed to Steiner. This is a truly monumental work, and I've seen people reading three or five books then getting all opinionated about what is anthroposophy. It doesn't work that way... This is a whole lifetime study.

Indeed, if one thinks that Steiner discarted every other spiritual way of knowledge, that is because one didn't read enough Steiner. Steiner can show deep reverence to all religions and philosophies, but still truth must prevail above all things and so one must show the limits of every point of view. Being a narrow fanatic steinerian would be a treason of Steiner's true spiritual science, which implies to rely not on outer autority but on personal experience, always. (Although one can listen to great clairvoyants and judge later if what he said was right. It is important to get the spiritual mapped out before entering occult practices, which by the way can be harmful to true spiritual development, that is the development of the reincarnating ego.)



Here is what I sent to cassiopaea forum. It wasn't received with a lot of enthusiasm.
In some of his conferences and books, Steiner talks about the eighth sphere. He points out that A.P. Sinnett's account of the eighth sphere is grossly misleading. In Sinnett's book Esoteric budhism, he identifies the moon with the eighth sphere, that is the place were all evil ends. So, Sinnett identifies the maker of the moon, that is Yahve or Jehova, as the king of the eighth sphere. That is totally wrong, according to Rudolf Steiner.

Yes, Yahve is the maker of the moon. Yavhe "made" the moon in order to take away from the earth the extra-mineralizing influence coming from the moon. So Yahve would have separated the moon from the earth, and we now have this satellite in orbit around the earth. This would have happened in the time of the division of the sexes.

This action of Yahve was a counterforce, a counter attack against Lucifer, who was playing diabolos, wanting to separate two sexes in order to start a war of the sexes. We would have been too mineralised and too individualized if Yahve wouldn't have separated the moon from the earth. With the moon is connected the heredity and the natural impulse of reproduction, the body at large, and so the inferior self. Lucifer,the light bearer, had an influence on our astral body, in our soul, were he initiated egoism in our desires. Lucifer also had an influence on our head, Yahve on our body.

In the beginning of the earth, the fallen angel Lucifer and the fallen archangel Ahriman (that is Satan), were active on earth. Lucifer took Imaginations from the preceding stage, preserving backward, retarded forces. Ahriman, linked with the earth and mineralization, materialized these imaginations that Lucifer kept in existence. We then obtain densified imaginations, subtle form of matter, but it is still matter, only it is highly refined and electric. This is spectral matter, not yet spirit, not yet matter, not dead nor alive.  The eight sphere is literally made up of this substance. Anthroposophists such as Prokofieff think that the ufo phenomenon is a manifestation of this eighth sphere. Someone who subjects or even LISTENS with interest to mediums or spiritists, visionaries and hallucinated sibyls is slowly loosing his freewill into this eight sphere. The psychotic person is already lost in this eighth sphere.  Quarrelsome people are intimately linked with the eighth sphere. All evil will end there, and this will splits up with the moon in a far distant future (this is the meaning of that "Women clothed with the sun" with stepping foot on a serpent and the moon. Revelation of John). In short, the substance of the eighth sphere is lost for ever so beware that your innermost self does not gets broken in pieces and that some of its parts get flushed in it.

Steiner talks a lot about this eight sphere in the series of lectures named "The occult movements of the nineteenth century".  He speaks there of Blavatsky knowing Sinnett's error, knowing that Sinnett was totally wrong when he identified the eighth sphere with the moon. According to Steiner, Blavatsky was disappointed about that and tried to make up for this huge mistake in the Secret Doctrine. But the harm was done and all occultists were lead into a falsehood, or at least a half-truth.

This is a point that I investigated a lot and I must say that the definition of the eighth sphere as given by LKJ and the glossary of Cassiopaea is deeply disappointing. I regret that people like you haven't read more about the works of Rudolf Steiner. But we don't know everything in advance, don't we? We have to learn and to learn means to check out again and again if our knowledge is on the right track or slightly off track.

If you want to learn more about Steiner's perception of the eighth sphere, I recommend you to read:
"The occult movements of the nineteenth century" (Steiner)
La reincarnation sans l'esprit: histoire d'une contre-verite (Irene Diet)
Michael and the two-horned beast (Bernard Nesfield-Cookson)
The East in the light of the West (Sergei O. Prokofieff)

You might also like to check "From Jundi Shapur to Silicon Valley", by the anthroposophist Francis Paul Emberson, about the incarnation of Ahriman (Satan) in computers and our future which looks a lot like The Matrix, with big spider webs across the earth, crawling with spiders of artificial intelligence. The use of fallen etheric forces (electricity, magnetism and the mysterious "third force" involving nuclear powers) inspired by/inhabiting ahrimanic elementals (lizzies) wich are also our own shadow-self, doppelganger, the ahrimanic Double, which comes from the inner earth and want to take over or planet enslaving us.

Finally, Steiner did talk about an upcoming "Wave" and indicated that the Christ is coming back in the etheric world since 1933. It means that more and more people will experience a new form of clairvoyance, for example, thing's and people's aura will be seen. The new way of clairvoyance, though, is not a return to the ancient passive, atavistic, mediumnic and visionary kind of clairvoyance. This new clairvoyance cannot rely on ouija tables because in this way the hand is moved by elemental beings taking their knowledge from the beings on the moon, who once were with us as teachers in Lemuria and Atlantis. When Laura was talking with "Cassiopaeans", she cold only know the given answer by putting the letters  one after the other, making a significant statement. This is still an unconscious way and must be avoided. Elemental beings communicating this way (though mediums) are infinitely more clever that whatever we can grasp nor imagine. They can misguide us into half-truths like "the Christ event is not very significant", "the moon is the eight sphere", and so on.  The new clairvoyance is described by Jesaiah Ben Aharon, in "The new experience of the supersensible", like a renewed "vision of Paul on Damascus". We will have inspiring and moving revelations wide awake. These are not visions in the old sense. The new clairvoyance must be developed by a strengthening of our grounding in clear perception of the outside world, combined to a healthy development in the areas of thinking, feeling and willing.  The michaelic yoga is not inspire-expire but perceive in-think out. This way, imaginations are formed and the refresh our dead knowledge of the world, enabling us to join Christ in a conscious experience of nature and the cycle of year, for example.

The development of the new clairvoyance is hindered by spirits of hindrances such as Lucifer and Ahriman (not to mention the asuras and Sorat, the Beast, which are far superior in evil). Lucifer takes us back into old time religion and ecstatic, subjective mysticism. Ahriman, Mephistopheles or Satan, wants to make us unbelievers in spirit and believers in science, matter and progress. Half-baked oriental mysticism illegitimately joined with modern physics (like Fritjof Capra's works The Tao of Physics) only produces a subtler form of materialism, a super-materialism, in the vein of spiritism and mediumnism.  Lucifer and Ahriman join their effort against a healthy experience of Christ in the etheric world by diverting the new clairvoyant faculties into the old kind of clairvoyance (vision, mediumship, spiritism) or into new techniques of manipulating consciousness by means of material means: drugs, electromagnetism, physical sound waves, etc. Spiritual materialism is one of the traps that must be recognised and avoided by all occultist students. The major stuff that we give to the eighth sphere is exactly that materialistic (or spiritual-materialist) imaginative stuff. These materialist (or spiritual-materialist) thoughts (thought-forms) give form, in the eighth sphere, to all fantasies coming from the imagination-activity, moreover the most science-fictionesque or grotesque thought-forms. We must instead create moral and spiritual thought-forms that will become the spiritual ground, the body of the future earth-man, called Jupiter state by Steiner (the New Jerusalem).

I also want to clear out that Steiner is not one of the gnostics who disvalue the body, on the contrary! Yahve is a lunar Elohim and th Sun Elohim are closer to a Sun spirit such as Christ (although Lucifer is also a sun Elohim, bu Lucifer is in himself a very complicated matter. I could take years just trying to explain it to you). The splitting of the sexes is not in itself a bad move from Lucifer. I did not explain myself clearly on this point, sorry. Lucifer wanted to start a war of the sexes between extrovert-male and introvert-female sexes. So Yahve splitted off the moon from the earth and cerated man and women bodies, implying that they have to unite (SYMBOL unites, DIABOL divides) to procreate. Moon forces are linked to our lower selves, made up of animalistic urges, instincts and impulses. This Eros sexuality is being sublimated in love, agapź and philia. Yahve thus established blood relationships (reproduction, heredity, etc.) but Christ broke this link and established love on an individual and universal scale (he said: "I didn't come to bring peace but the sword". He also said: "He who does not hate his parents cannot follow me".). According to Steiner, Ahriman (Satan or the lizzies) entered our evolution in Atlantis, Lucifer entered in Lemuria, in the Fall of man and the splitting of the sexes (and duality at large) which was Yahve's answer to Lucifer temptation. Ahriman also entered our evolution more closely with Yahve's intervention in human evolution, that is when he approached Abraham and later Moses. I know cassiopaeans said that Yahve Elohim was some kind of "front" for 4th density rosteem now known as Rosicrucians, an also a lizzie projection (am I right?). I do not believ that Yavhe is in itself a bad guy, and Steiner warned occultistes that there is a big effort made by luciferian and ahrimanic occultists to make us believe that Yahve was bad (a gnostic-luciferian belief).

The attitude some people have toward evil is that it cannot be redeemed, like psychopaths. I agree you can't do anything with psychopaths, they are long gone into hell. But AMONG elementals, there are SOME that are ahrimanic and we have a huge responsibility toward elementals because they accepted FOR US to be imprisoned in matter for our evolution's sake. And one must know that elementals do not limit themselves to external nature : we are part of nature (!) and nature is full of consciousness! Elementals are higher hierarchies that accepted to be limited in the nature and the cosmos' laws. There are elementals of the 4 basic elements, elementals of the vegetal kingdom, of the animal kingdom, of the human kingdom, etc. There are enough testimonies of their existence so that I cannot dismiss it. According to De Jong, Grays would be progeny of Lucifer, linked with electricity and our world of soul (astral world). They missed the development of Emotions and use it for the MOTION of their craft (the colors they emit is a sign of this astral world, where emotions appear in colors).  They steal soul forces, that which they hardly ever developed (they missed this development by focussing on intellectual and technological genius)  Their densification is ahrimanic though. Lizzies would be ahrimanic progeny linked with magnetism. You should know that lizzies and this sort of 4th density SDS are linked with geomagnetic and geographic areas. Steiner talks about the influence of geomagnetism and etheric geography on our doppelganger, exciting our dark Double into being materialistic, computerized mind and egoistic. you should know that cassiopeans tlaked about the computers linked in a web being a vehicle of incarnation of lizzies/antichrist/nwo. Steiner didn't talk about computers, but Francis Paul Emberson does in his very good book "From Jundi Shapur to Silicon Valley". In the same vein, he also talks about HAARP and the use of electromagnetism on our brain processes.  Electricity, magnetism and nuclear forces being "fallen etheric" forces is not implying that it is evil in itself. Though, ahrimanic elementals inhabit our machines, every machine, be it mechanical, electric, magnetic, computer, chips, etc. Fallen means here that they are a fallen/deadening counterpart of etheric enlivening processes. Electricity, magnetism do not bring life, they can only bring death. Like ahrimanic elementals. We must be aware of their presence and be on our guards.  Also, this Double and loose ahrimanic elementals feed off fears and pleasures. They are parasitic beings, like luciferic ones, though the former have fallen earlier in cosmic evolution than luciferic ones. Asuras are like grasshoppers in Revelation. They have fallen earlier than ahrimanic beings but their influence in man's evolution is more recent. They split off parts of the self and eat them. If the self is lost, it is lot forever and there is nothing to do about it. People who radiate glowing hatred from their eyes manifest asuras. Sorat is the Beast from out of this world. In a distant future, there will be tow races of human beings: a spiritual one and an animalist-materialist one bent on veil and technologies. Spititual ones will develop a moral technology which will imply working with elementals. There is a hint of this future in the Temple Legend, where Hiram makes a move with his hands and so "magically" gathers all the people. Freemasonry has an important role in this future.

Somebody tells me that it is very confusing the way I talk about Lucifer and Ahriman because they mingle all the time: You are right, they mingle all the time but their influence is different. Lucifer is expansive, ahriman contractive. hot and cold. Like polarities they are always seen together, attracts or repels each other. Anthroposophical medecine is founded on a re-equilibration of these processes: saltening process of ahriman and dissolving oily/juicy Lucifer. In excess, they cause harm and the opposite must be added to re-equilibrate bodily processes. In general, Ahriman has taken hold of or thinking, like saltening fixing process. Lucifer has taken hold of our bellies, where our craving desires dwell (we eat egoistically to please our hungriness, not our body). In the far distant past, at the time of the fall, the separation of the sexes and the splitting off of the moon, Lucifer had an influence in our head and Yahve created our body "to his image". Lucifer implanted egoist desires in our soul. Yahve wanted to make us evolve naturally in symbiosis with natural processes. Lucifer made us develop eagerly by implanting desires in our soul illegitimately, too soon. Lucifer is also the one who made us develop freedom, freedom from the will of the spiritual hierarchies. He will be redeemed and this redemption is the Holy Spirit. Boddhisattvas are taking their knowledge from the Holy Spirit, but bodhisattvas are like a Moon logos, reflecting the Sun logos, that is Christ. oriental mahatmas, relying on boddhisattvas, cannot know Christ because their knowledge does not extend so far as to encompass the sun logos, they are limited to the moon logos carried by boddhisattvas to mahatmas. That is why Steiner, Rosencreutz and Perceval (reincarnation of the great Mani) are closer to a knowledge of the Sun logos Christ and must be consulted in our search for knowledge in Love. I am digressing...

I read a lot of LKJ material and I respect her and her work. Unfortunately, There are some points where she relies on channeled material and I cannot take theses findings into account because channeling is not a proper way to enter the spiritual world. We all were atavistic clairvoyants in distant past lives and we don't remember it because it did not serve our evolution as and ego being. We must pursue occult knowledge in a clear and awakened state of mind, not through ouija board. You cannot know exactly who the entity who is talking REALLY is. Developing clairvoyance is a totally opposite to mediumship. Excellent information can come from channeled material, however. We must not be fanatics and one-sided in opinions: I find good material in Cassiopaea, though it does not help to develop myself as an independant being, as an ego. the medium loses his ego in the process, on the contrary the occultists develops slumbering faculties that permits to "see" truth clairvoyantly, by himself, without relying on omniscient entities (elementals). There is another way to talk with angels that is totally awake and crystal clear : I suggest Irene Johanson "What the angels need to tell us" and "More messages from the angels". One must carefully check if the person involved in this sort of communication is not a freak, a visionary, in trance, or in any way unconscious of the process (moving a cursor on letters and reconstructing words IS an unconscious process, it becomes conscious afterwards only).

I wanted to point out that most of what is said about the eighth sphere is, according to Steiner, misleading and purposefully designed to take us off track into believing that the moon itself is the eighth sphere.



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