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Topic: Alien Politics

From my reading of the C's transcripts, there seems to be a strict hierarchy in terms of the alien groups that in the process of taking over Earth.  Orion STS is at the top.  The only defined group that is part of Orion STS that I recall is the STS Nordics.  These are human looking entities that are able to live permanently in either 3d or 4d, but generally choose 4d because it is more comfortable for them.  Below the STS Nordics are the Reptilians.  The Reptilians live almost exclusively in 4d, but can appear in 3d for brief periods of time.  The Reptilians have created a group of Greys who are their slaves.  I understand that this group of Greys is also 4d but can exist in 3d for limited periods of time.

This group of greys are "biocybergenetic" organisims and the Reptilians are able to project their consciousness into these greys.

Are the good side are the 6d STO entities, but they do not incarnate here except as Wanderers, and Wanderers are limited because they need to exist in a 3d reality (at least until the Wave comes and apparently it is a 3d reality that is experiencing 4d "bleedthroughs").

There is also mention of the STO Nordics but apparently they do not show themselves until just before the Wave comes. 

Am I missing any major groupings that are currently involved in the Earth situation?  What do you all think?  One of the things that prompted this question is the book "Allies of Humanity" where the author talks about competition among various alien factions that are trying to take over.  From the C's transcripts, I did not get a sense of this competition, and if I had to choose I would go with the C's as a source over the book "Allies of Humanity".

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Sounds right to me. There are also thought to be some others, yet these seem to be the most active in the current situation, and are generally thought to be the most relevant.


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The C-transcripts are the closest thing to "my bible" smile Well at least I've come to think this way after cross-referencing. It is still important to be vigilant in our awareness of the 30% bias.


When you term the Greys as their "slaves", that is kind of a subjective way at looking at it. Greys are machines, shells, like "terminators". Their remote-controlled by lizzies. Their not really a race of their own.

I'm not particularly sure if 6th Density beings "themselves" incarnate back as wanderers. I think their counterpart essence(s) in 4th and 5th density do that. Like if you start looking at the whole 7 density approach of explaining the Universe, once you pass 3rd Density, time is no longer tied in with environment. That means, once you are in 4th density, (given that you will progress continually up) you've already become a 5th and 6th density thought-form and have also joined 7th and become "one" with the beginning, the end, the "big-bang" enchalada, etc. So, in this perspective, those of us who are STS in this life and continue to be STS as we progress,will become the STS lizzies that are currently running the show here on the blue-marble.

Just like those of us who are uplifting ourselves towards rejoining the "existence as being" club will become the C's, the Pleaidians, Ra, and the rest of the 6D STO consortium. Hmm, their not really a consortium. Their more like cells of the greater circle of objectivity.

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Thanks for the input. 

There may be thousands or millions of alien races and I am most interested in the ones that are directly involved with Earth.

Good point "slaves" being a subjective term for the greys.  Tools may be a better term.

I have found the C's the material to be among the most "compelling/resonant/coherent/inclusive" out there.  I am also asking my question from a broader perspective that includes all available sources of information- not just the C's.

Any additonal input on the alien politics issue?

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Ra material has some additional info regarding the top STS overlords: they are 5D beings capable of having full control over their appearance, and thus choose primarily to appear as humans. So whether the human-like bosses of the reptilians are genetically that way, or whether they are 5D STS molding themselves into that form is unclear.

Besides nordics, grays, and reptilians, we can also include:

1) Bigfoot - according to Ra, beings from Mars who annihilated their race in a nuclear war, and in karmic punishment for their errors chose to incarnate into a second density type body too handicapped to build such technology again. C's mentioned them being able to fade into and out of 3D, probably via the influence of their 4D controllers.

2) the mantid beings - can't remember where I read it, but these are less aggressive than the lizzards and more intellectual, but the C's mentioned they eat humans too.

3) Nephilim - giant humanoids described by the C's, and Ra may have only referred to them under the larger category of "Orion Crusaders".

4) Elvis - just kidding...hehe.

...mantids and bigfoot apparently work primarily for/with the STS empire. The C's mentioned mantids, but not really their working relationship with the reptilians. The Allies of Humanity has more info in that regards. I guess it would make sense that 4D STS would not be totally unified, and thus there would be different factions working at cross purposes and sometimes cooperating if it serves themselves.

Lastly, as for grays being remote controlled by lizzies, I'm wondering if that's true only some of the time. What if they are artificially intelligent bio-robots that can act autonomously while on standby until a reptilian psionically interfaces with it for control and also to suck the loosh from whomever is being terrorized? Just a minor detail, but something I've been pondering.

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Thanks for the additional info.  Yes, I think that it is likely that the greys can act autonomously.  In particular circumstances, a Reptilian could take one over.  I think that the C's said that there are around 300,000 Reptilians in the Earth area and about 2.3 million greys.


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wandering1 wrote:

.  I think that the C's said that there are around 300,000 Reptilians in the Earth area and about 2.3 million greys.

Wandering, can you get the segment that says that? I don't remember them specifying.

Tom wrote:

Lastly, as for grays being remote controlled by lizzies, I'm wondering if that's true only some of the time. What if they are artificially intelligent bio-robots that can act autonomously while on standby until a reptilian psionically interfaces with it for control and also to suck the loosh from whomever is being terrorized? Just a minor detail, but something I've been pondering.

Definately. But I think whatever constitutes their autonomous behaviour is just a sophisticated series of "If...Then" statements. Programmed behaviour and perhaps quantum-computing/neural-net-processing thought-processes, but they are ultimately remote-controlled towards their every motive/agenda/goal/task or so I think.

When I think of the grays, I think of a computer game like command & conquer or starcraft where you select your units and strategize and point them to "there" and "there".

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A session where the C's specified information about aliens who are here on Earth is the 951014 session on pag. 12.

The exchange went like this:
Q: (L) Now, this leads me to a question that I have thought about asking on many occasions.  In terms of finite numbers, how many of these STS aliens of any different group, or any combination of groups all together, do we have operating on this planet at the present time?
A: Specify.
Q: (L) OK, How many Lizzies are operating on the planet?
A: 300,000.
Q: (L) OK, How many Oranges?
A: 62,530.
Q: (L) How many grays?
A: 2,750,000
Q: (L) That is not a pretty picture! (J) No s**t.  (L) Are most of these inhabiting alternate dimensions or densities most of the time? I mean, it would be kind of crowded otherwise!
A: Back and forth.


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I almost forgot about the 'Oranges'.

I wonder if those numbers are exempt from those 'underground'.

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My understanding is that the numbers are inclusive of entities that are underground.

Does anyone know if  the "Oranges" is another word for STS Nordics? 

In their natural form, are they human/humanoid looking beings with red/orange hair or features?

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You may find this thread relevent to the "types of aliens" question.

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i heard Oranges are from Barnard's Star system

Also, there needs to be some clarification regarding all the "Greys"

my sources claim much different stories on the Greys. but perhaps you guys are talking about a different type of Grey.

these are the types of Greys;

A - Rigelian Greys, from Rigel Star. They are said to have large noses, which is the distinguishing characteristic. these are supposedly the ones who landed at hollaman and created treaties with our government, and are said to have cut deals with other nation's top officials as well.
B - Zeta 2 Reticuli Greys. these are a little smaller than Rigelian greys, and do not have large noses like the Rigelians. These Greys are the ones who seem a bit more 'benevolent', and claim to be here for scientific reasons. these are the ones i spoke of in my thread in this sections called "types of aliens" who are channeled by Lyssa Royal.
C - there is said (im not sure, havent seen other sources claim this) that there is also a third type of Grey from the Zeta Reticuli star system.

i have posted the story of the Zet 2 Ret Greys in this thread, which i am basically paraphrasing form the channels;
its the last post.

Also, i hear claimns that Nordics are from the Procyon Star System.


i think we should contemplate the *best* ways of categorizing our little friends...

these are the ways ive thought of catagorizing them;

1) by their form (i.e; reptilian, human, insect, cetecean etc)
2) by their origin (star systems)
3) by their orientation (<-- least logical, as this can be tricky)

what do u guys think?

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