Topic: A mixed bag

Just a few of my more well traveled bookmarks:

Home built wind generators:

Who could possibly function without a periodic table handy? smile … table.html

Spice things up a bit … 80823_9172

Looking for that special herb to cure what ails ya?

Miso!! Clears away those radiation sickness blues. Excellent stuff....Miso soup is better than coffee in the morning

Haven't ordered the book yet but one technique made my lower back pain a thing of the past

The wonderful wayback machine -- Web Archive

Know your enema......Sun Tzu's Art of War … untext.htm

Samurai sword forging

And last but certainly not least:


Hope someone finds some good stuff here.....:)


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Re: A mixed bag

These look like some interesting links. I've got a "mixed bag" myself. I plan to check them out.

Re: A mixed bag

"Know your enema......Sun Tzu's Art of War..."

I don't want to know the enema!!   I'll pass!!!


Sorry, had to say it, hehe.   Thanks for the links, they look cool.   I'm interested in the herb cure one.

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