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We are rapidly approaching a time when the concept of sustainable living must take precedence. What can we infer from the idea of "sustainability"? Simply enough, we live in a highly programmed "reality" with regard to our political economic structure, where value is placed on the amassment of capital, the development of products and services, and the monopolization of natural resources. The result of this course of action is unequal distribution of wealth and unjust centralization of power. The critical part of this equation most people fail to consider is that there are limits to this course of action and ultimately, inevitable failure. Meanwhile, the machine moves forward with increasing momentum - all in the name of "progress" - and with an unholy regard for the consequences of its actions.

The media and propaganda machine would lead the people to believe "more is better" in an attempt to push forward "the latest and greatest" cultural trends. Now and again we hear about entering "periods of unprecedented growth" and we are encouraged to uphold the "economic development" of the "world community" by freely investing our assets to its cause. Just remember, statements and propositions like these are lies. When these initiatives are placed within the format of the problem-reaction-solution, it is quite clear that "economic development" is the establishment's "cure" to problems like disease, world hunger, and political unrest. Yes, it is true we live in a time when there is more food per capita than at any time in the history of humanity. Our technological advances would allow us to feed the world, no doubt. But let us not forget that many of these problems were manufactured by the same forces that offer "the solution". Let us now deconstruct the machine, one piece at a time, so we can reveal the truth.

We are led to believe the ideal state of society is "one world government" - a true autocratic technocracy - a collectivist oligarchy - where control over the world's resources is centralized into an old world power structure which becomes the new world order. See the back of a dollar bill - Novus Ordo Seclorum lay inscribed at the base of the pyramid whose capstone (power source) is removed from the base (the people of the world). Charles Thompson's enduring motto, which most accurately translates to, "a new order of ages", may allude to the order's time-tested means of manipulation through present-day organized wage-slavery.

At present, this manipulation is exercised through the many vehicles and subsidiaries of the United Nations, such as The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization, UN Security Council, UNESCO, and The International Court of Justice. Roundtable organizations, such as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and Club of Rome (to name the more prominent few) have also been doing their part for decades in building upon the worldwide deception. The efforts of these organizations to infiltrate one culture after another throughout the world will be policed by the blue-helmeted "peace-keeping" troops of the UN. In an attempt to unify and strengthen the "world community", each sovereign nation is to undergo a highly systemized program of "economic development" sponsored by the new world order. Under the guise of "nation-building", politically "unstable" regions are to be stationed with troops, martial law is to be declared to "protect the interests" of local citizenry and promote "democracy", and those who defy or otherwise disagree with the "peace-keeping mission" are to be labeled as "insurgents" or "terrorists" and "detained" indefinitely. A new local government is to be installed, ostensibly led by a local figure who is "genuinely concerned" with the interests of his or her people. This local figure answers to the world government and local sovereignty is placed in a lock-box.

The local economy is then supplanted. True sustainability - simple, community-oriented living, using the natural and renewable resources at hand - gives way to a more "economically developed" way of living, using the products and services offered by the world corporate-industrial complex. Often, this alien way of living is completely incompatible with a way of life that has been led, and a unique culture that has existed, for countless generations. This accounts for the resistance encountered by "peace-keeping" troops; therefore it becomes necessary to "win the hearts and minds" of the people through mind control, propaganda, and ideological warfare. Once all resistance to the objectives of the new world order is contained, the real change can begin. To ease the "financial crises" of "undeveloped nations", the IMF is free to float loans at exorbitant interest rates. Now the people have become slaves to their new form of currency as they are permanently and forcibly indebted to the world government's coffers. Thus, a new crop of wage-slaves enters the world system. Many of these people who have lived simply, sufficiently, and in the service of their families and local communities now serve the machines of unfettered consumption.

The resources of every once sovereign and self-contained nation is usurped and placed under the control of the new world order - from human capital to the local resources of the land. A system of population control and health management is to be monitored and enforced by the World Health Organization; the people are to be immunized with vaccinations and treated with chemical agents in order to treat their "diseases" - and create a perceived dependence on the pharmaceutical industry. Local biodiversity gives way to biologically-enhanced, genetically-modified products in order to ease their "famine" - and create a dependence on patented seeds, industrialized agriculture, and integrated pest management. Local industry and ingenuity that has stood the test of time and offers promise for future generations is forced by the wayside in favor of service to and dependence upon the world monopoly corporations and profit machines: the local diet becomes the McDonald's diet; the local way of living becomes Martha Stewart living; local goods and services are commandeered by Wal-Mart.

The world government's reaction to the problems of "political instability", "disease", "famine", and "financial crisis" is quite clear. "Economic development" is the response. Once again, the world government comes to the "rescue" with its systematic take-over of local sovereignty, ecomomic self-sufficiency, and freedom of thought and action. The solution? The integration of the independent nation into the "world community", advancement of the new world order of living, and ultimate servitude to an unspeakable ends.

What does this have to do with sustainability? When we consider how the concept of true sustainability has been supplanted in order to create dependence on the world market - and to keep us connected to the grid - we can easily see how humans have been surreptitiously turned into commodities so those at the top levels can profit. This machine is growing stronger every day as it is fueled by greed and consumption - these values are perpetuated through their propaganda and marketing campaigns. But when greed and consumption are the primary motives and the basis for living, the result is unjust distribution of resources, stratification of cultures, class warfare, wage-slavery, overconsumption, famine, disease, and death. The ultimate "solution" actually creates the "problem" which never really existed in the first place! It is a preposterous notion, but then again, the truth is often more unsettling then the lies we like to believe.

Now that we understand how the system works against us, do we understand the need to return to the source - to uphold community values and support individual freedom - before we are laid to waste. Sustainable living is true community-oriented living - a true way to live, come together, and find healing as we peacefully depart from our dependence upon a world system which seeks to divide and conquer. The means we would use to destroy ourselves are no match for the faith, hope, freedom, and community values that spring forth from the love in each of our hearts.

Be aware. Know the truth.

Re: On the concept of sustainability...

We have to stop marking time and make moves towards less dependency.
It starts with the self.
I am working on this thing myself for some time.
With attendent mistakes along the way.
Mistakes happen when the ego get out of hand.
We need to move away from specialization and into cooperative interdependence.
People have been lied to about interdependence and most don't even know what it means.
They have believed the lie of separateness.

More later


Re: On the concept of sustainability...

A good book on sustainability:  The HOPI survival kit, by Thomas E. Mails.  Discusses the prophecies, instructions, and warnings revealed by the Last Elders.

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