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Topic: A guide to personal empowerment?

I would like to dedicate a thread that discusses different techniques and ways to highten our vibrational frequencies.

At the moment I will list what I know:

1- Daily Medatation - Helps calm the mind and Ego, also raises energy and helps intent
2- Good Diet - Its as easy as fruits(vitamines, minerals), vegetables(vitamines, minerals),  and proteins (meat, chicken, fish and nuts) and WATER! Link: http://www.vitaminsdiary.com/
3- Yoga Meditations - Ive been doing the Tibetean 5 Rites and it raises energy, and also works the chakaras Link: http://www.mkprojects.com/pf_TibetanRites.htm
4- In Stuart Wildes 33 Steps he lists many other techniques that help bring awareness into your life (I will re-read this book and list some of these techniques) Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/156170 … p;n=283155

So thats a start, and the reason I create this thread was so we can all share our techniques and future refine our disiplines.  So any additions are very welcome! smile

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Re: A guide to personal empowerment?

Hi Mystic good subject we are always looking for ways to raise our vibs. Am doing the spining  daily, a rekie attunment once a week, Gold light exercise, Energy exercise, Thinking myself bigger exercise, adding fire, daily,
If it resinates go for it, if not don't

here is a explanation of them all 

Think Your Body Bigger

The physical body is so dense that it is difficult for energies of higher vibrations to work through us.  A way to assist the other dimensions is to think our physical body bigger by allowing gaps between all of our cells.  A sign that we, as physical beings, are not big enough is the feeling of pressure on our shoulders, neck or back of the head.  Can you feel the pressure on these areas now?  Imagine your current height.  Start to imagine your physical body expanding equally and getting bigger, without gaining an ounce of weight.  See if you can imagine your body ten feet tall.  As you imagine your body getting bigger automatically increase your connection to Mother Earth and the Universe (God or Source).  See what it feels like being ten feet tall.  Now expand your physical body to the height of twenty feet.  Do you have a favorite tree?  I would like you to imagine standing in front of that tree.  Think your body as big as this tree.  Can you sense the energy flow of this tree?  Can you see or feel the similarities of your energy and the energy of the tree?  Can you feel how the tree is connected to the Earth and the Universe?  Is your energy field big enough?  Do you still have pressure on your shoulders, neck or the back of the head?  If you do not have any pressure pushing you forward in these areas, you are big enough.  If you do have pressure in these areas continue thinking your body bigger until the pressure balances out.

When should you think your body bigger?  Any time you feel the pressure pushing you forward on your shoulders, neck and back of the head.

Adding Fire To Your Energy Field

After thinking your energy field bigger, it is time to add fire to your auric field.  When you are allowing energies to work through you, you want every cell of your body open so the energy you are channeling or working with can flow freely through you.  You do not want anything to get caught or blocked in your physical body.

One way for you to feel OK about being this open is to add fire to your energy field.

I would like you to imagine a flame like energy being brought to you from the Central Sun by a messenger.  We are not going to the Central Sun; a messenger is bringing a flame like energy of the Central Sun.  Let me know when the messenger arrives.  This messenger will stop just outside your auric field.

Think your body open.  Allow the messenger to position the flame even with the Heart Chakra.  Are you ready?  This flame is not hot or burning to you.  Imagine a path of energy from the flame to a space located directly behind the physical heart (circulatory system) near the spine (central nervous system).  Once you sense the path, start allowing the fire to flow down the path to the location behind the heart.  The location of the flame behind your heart is like a pilot light for a gas stove or furnace. Let me know when the flame has come to rest in the proper place behind your heart.

When you feel the flame is located in the correct space, the path will disappear.  Thank the messenger.  The messenger will leave.

Now image the flame increasing to encompass your physical body and all the way out to the edge of your auric field.  Take a nice deep breath, how does this feel?

Gold Light Exercise

Imagine a golden shimmering tube of light that extends a hands-width above your head to a hands width below your spine.  This light never goes out, it always remains lit.  Turn the wattage of this light up so it first of all fills your body with gold shimmering light.  Once your body is filled with this gold shimmering light, turn the wattage up again so it pierces through your skin and extends about 2 feet beyond your body.  Now mix it with love, however you perceive love to appear.  Open the seven major chakras of the body plus your hands and feet or think your body open.  Take a nice deep breath and blow it out through your mouth. 

Do this as often as you think necessary – but at least every morning.  The first few times you do this exercise, take time to really feel the light.  Afterwards, it can go “on�  as fast as turning on a light switch.

Grounding Exercise

I would like you to imagine sending a shaft of your light through all the different layers of earth. Just before your light gets to the center of the earth, I would like you to imagine your light going through a prism branching into a rainbow of colors.  Anchor your energy in the center of the Earth using the rainbow of colors. The reason for this is when you consider all the different vibrations that can be found in Mother Earth. You have the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, rocks and minerals and many things that haven’t even been discovered yet. All these different things can be broken down to a vibration or a color. 

Now imagine asking Mother Earth for the amount of energy for the rest of the day.  Allow this energy to start flowing up the shaft of light that you have created. As this energy gets closer to the physical body, imagine bringing in earth energy through the bottom of your feet allowing it to flow up both your legs allowing it to circulate in your abdomen.  We imagine this energy as cool, crisp, and refreshing. While this energy continues to flow in, send another shaft of light to what you would consider God, Source or the Universe. When this energy gets to the place of your choice, ask for the amount of Universal energy you need for the rest of the day.  As this energy starts to flow down this shaft of light that you have created, allow it to flow in through your crown chakra (top of your head), head, neck, chest down into the upper part of the stomach area. We imagine that energy as warm and loving.  Mix these two energies together. The earthy energy and the universal energy and circulate it throughout your physical body and place it back in the stomach area.  This is your energy source for the day.  Never use your personal power.  Bring in just the amount of energy you need for the day.

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Re: A guide to personal empowerment?

Cool, alright here are a couple others:

* Lifeline - a poem, prayer, or affirmation that serves as an anchor or ladder for a higher frequency when you contemplate it.

* Ponder and Sketch - with some blank paper or a sketchbook, I write down any questions, mysteries, paradoxes, or problems that come to mind and then brainstorm some answers. It takes a minute and ideas start flowing. A connection is made with something. This always leaves me energized and enthusiastic.

* Visualization + love - imagine yourself soaking in a warm pool filled with brightly glowing liquid the color of golden white light. Or visualize a bright ball of light above you sending golden light down into your head and body. I think it works as a symbolic cue for the subconscious to draw in vital energy.

* Anonymous acts of kindness

* Look for and sense the intrinsic consciousness and awareness in everything and everyone around you, even solid objects, and ponder how that and your own consciousness are the same Mind.

* Ponder your most noble, lofty, and joyful future

* Do something creative just for fun without worrying how it turns out

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Re: A guide to personal empowerment?

Notice and allow.

Re: A guide to personal empowerment?

Sound and music.

Sound can be super helpful during low-energy periods when I don't have enough oomph to work effectively with my frequency/vibration.

Tibetan chanting and simple recordings of the OM sound work really well for me. I can feel the energy start to shift and expand. I know sound/music is working when I feel little pops of energy all over my body.

A friend of mind recently gave me some Jacotte Chollet CDs:


I find some of her music quite powerful, especially if I listen with earphones and focus. I've no idea if the studies they show on her website regarding effects of her music on brainwaves, blood cells and chakras are accurate. (And, if anybody out there is skeptical of this music for some reason, please do share.)

As the gap between science and energetics continues to shrink, I think we're going to see sound play a very large role in our frequency evolution.