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Resurrection of an old thread - wooooo!

Seriously, I have just recently been learning about this spinning technique. It seems many of you are spinners from way back. I have questions I hope some of you can answer.

Marciniak's channelled beings describe looking at you thumb while spinning (if I am reading it correctly). Right or left, or immaterial? Also, should I be holding my arm up so I see my thumb at eye level (or close), or should I just let my arm go and look down at my thumb. So far, I've held my arm up in front of me so I keep my head fairly level. I thought that if I was looking down then I may get more dizzy and risk falling over.

Thank in advance for your insights.

Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

Holding your arm out parallel to the ground in front of you would let you focus on the horizon as you spin. Like what figure skaters do. Left or right arm should't matter since it's the point of focus that counts.

I'm not sure what part of this exercise has the "true effect" - whether it's the spinning itself or the anchoring afterwards or both. If it's just the spinning, then I found that you can close your eyes during the spinning and then open them as you finish spinning by moving from a spinning motion into walking an outward clockwise spiral...helps prevent motion sickness.

But if it's also the anchoring afterwards that is necessary, the feeling of spinning as you stand still trying to keep from falling down or throwing up, then there's no way around it.

Bringers wrote:

Another activity we recommend for those of you who wish to move into a vast acceleration of energy is spinning. Move from left to right, spinning around and focusing your vision on your thumb, counting and spinning. We recommend that you spin thirty-three times at least once a day. You may build up to the thirty-three spins very slowly. If you are able to work up to thirty-three spins, three times a day, so that you are spinning ninety-nine times, well, we will see how long you stay on the planet-or at least in this dimension. When you complete spinning, however many times you spin, bring your palms together at chest level. Press them together, keeping your eyes open, and balance yourself with your feet a shoulder's width apart so that you feel anchored and still feel the spinning at the same time. This tremendously accelerates the spinning of the chakra systems inside your body, which tremendously accelerates the rate at which you can interpret and receive data.

Although I haven't had enough time to fully confirm this, I noticed that if I first raise my emotional vibes by thinking good and lofty thoughts before and during spinning, it helps relieve motion sickness afterwards. If true, then that means the nausea may partly be some form of "energy indigestion" due to not being in minimum vibrational threshold when bringing that energy in.

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Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

So glad this thread has resurfaced.  Sounds practical and valuable.  I will study it.

Athor from Sirius introduced me to a similar technique.

You begin running golden/white light down through your body into the earth.  Then, you start visualizing energy spinning and swirling around your body in a clockwise rotation.  Almost like gentle tornadoes of light .  The energy can move intricately above and beneath you.   

This practice doesn't require your body to move at all.  So you can do this when spinning is not appropriate, really anywhere.

After a couple years of doing this, I can now feel the energy move on the surface of my skin from the first moment I begin.

I was told doing this can increase your intuition, and quickens your karma.  So the results vary from person to person.

Sounds very similar to spinning, and complimentary.

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Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

A few random thoughts:

Children:  I spun around as a child as well and have always felt that it was performing some function, though I don't practice it regularly.  At occasional times I've felt a strong inclination to spin.

33/21:  Remember the Fibonacci sequence?  1.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 5.. 8.. 13.. 21.. 33.. 54.  My first thought is that the Tibetans / Dervishes used 21 because that was the frequency of the times, and now we're moving into a higher vibration.  If you were to follow the Fibonacci sequence in number of steps, turning 90 degrees after each interval, your motion would approximate a perfect spiral.

EDIT:  Um. . oops.  I just realized the correct sequence is 21. . 34. . 55. . well so much for that one! smile

clockwise/counterclockwise:  According to my understanding, the chakras are spinning in both directions at the same time; it's the ratio of clockwise to counterclockwise spin which determines the state of consciousness.  From a purely intuitional feel of things, spinning clockwise draws energy from higher dimensions into 3D, while counterclockwise spin directs energy from 3D to higher dimensions.

general meditation practices:  I somewhat reluctantly gave up on specific meditation practices a while ago because for every source that I can find that promotes a specific technique there is another source that specifically denounces the technique as detrimental.  Flower of Life and Transcendental Meditation are two techniques that immediately come to mind

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Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

In my meanderings, I have come across the explanation that spinning clockwise draws energy to/within, while spinning counterclockwise releases energy from within outwards.  Both are helpful in energy work, dependent upon the intent and need of the individual.  I believe the sense of "spiraling" that has been noted in other threads is an internal process of spinning.

I do not have a sense that the energy necessary moves into a higher or lower dimensional status, simply becomes part of the greater whole to be used elsewhere- where it is called *smiling*  or sent, if long distance healing/prayer is part of your world.

Be well.

Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

About a year and a half ago I spoke with Ark and Laura about spinning. Ark had quit because he felt that he was not getting any benefit from it, but he stated that the Dervishes spin counter clockwise. They had visited an event where a Dervish group had performed. Ark (quoting from Dervish lore) and the Cs both state that there is a specific way to spin that must be done correctly before there are any benefits.

The Dervishes spin cc with the right hand palm facing up and somewhat cupped, with the fingertips almost pointing upward. The right arm is gracefully curved slightly upward. The left hand is palm down and the head is slightly tilted to the right. I was uncomfortable with this the first few times I tried it, but there came a time when I experienced somewhat of a breakthrough. I noted that with the above described hand positioning, I fell into a pattern where the flats of both hands naturally inclined into a slight downward angle. This created a propeller effect. Air is thrust upward. Whether this has any relevence to the spinning is beyond my knowledge.

It is interesting that Marciniak and the Cs recommend spinning, but offer no further advice as to the correct way to do it. When I first tried spinning, a few years ago, I naturally wanted to spin clockwise...and did so for several months until a few people cited the "correctness" of counter clockwise. I now wonder if I had innately grasped the "correct" way in the beginning?

So much to learn.


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Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

I just read montalk's 2005-11-10 post. I had missed Marciniak's left to right instructions. Its been a long time since I read Bringers.

I have found that the dizziness is easily dispelled by pressing the palms together, in front of my solar plexus, when the spins are completed. During this brief dizziness disspelling period has proven a good time to address the universe. It works for me anyway.

Christine B mentions ritual avoidance. I am not certain that the exercise of spinning would fall into the category of a ritual if it is done without any anticipation.

Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

Thanks for sharing that info. I've come across a "Star Exercise" mentioned in Trevor Constable's book "Cosmic Pulse of Life" - here is the excerpt:

Once again, it was the knowledge and insight of Dr. Franklin Thomas that made our
experimental beginnings possible. He suggested cyclic repetitions of the "Star
Exercise", an esoteric procedure by which the human body force field may be strongly
energized. Since those early days, the Star Exercise has been openly published
elsewhere, and I am not violating any confidences or secrets by describing it here.
Face the quadrant (north, south, east or west) to which the sun is closest at the time
you are commencing the exercise. In the morning, before dawn, you would naturally
begin facing the east. At noon, you would face south, and so on. With legs spread apart
easily, and with arms parallel to the ground, gently oscillate the body a few degrees
across the north-south or east-west line of the earth.

If you are sensitive, you will feel small warm spots in the downturned palms of your
hands. In the region of the thymus you will also feel a slight impact at resonance.
These indications enable you to "tune" yourself to the magnetic and diamagnetic fields
of the earth.

For a substantial part of my life I have been professionally connected with the art and
acts of tuning electronic apparatus, so this new kind of tuning came easily to me.
Practice will bring it within reach of virtually anyone. The main thing is to do it - to
participate. You will inevitably become conscious of these subtler natural forces.
Later in our work, we captured the radiation jumping out from my fingertips at
resonance, recording this on high speed infrared motion picture film. Therefore, it is
not theoretical, imaginary or merely a concept that there is such radiation. Securing
proof on film of this resonance point as my body was rotated across the west-to-east
lines of the earth served to verify the assertion of electrical pioneer Michael Faraday that
man in his totality is diamagnetic.

Performing the Star Exercise involved finding the resonance point while facing east,
then turning 180° around to the right and finding it again. Then 90° to the right and
finding it while facing north, then 180° to the right and finding it again while facing
south. Thereafter, I would turn 270° to the right and return to face the east and begin
again. I would perform from sixty to one hundred repetitions of this procedure in the
dawn period.

Performance of the Star Exercise in this fashion results in a regular pattern of
bioenergetic pulsations in the ether. Dr. Wilhelm Reich's work in weather control,
which we have carried forward in recent times, has verified the extreme sensitivity of
the earth's orgone energy envelope to any kind of stimulus or disturbance capable of
affecting this continuum directly. My purpose was to get myself noticed by unseen
intelligences not of our own physical density and polarity, but having their existence in
an unseen borderland. This was the whole purpose of these long repetitions of the Star

Draw a parallel from everyday human life. Traffic passes your home day and
night, something you accept as routine. The occasional blowing horn, cries of children or
revving automobile engines do not attract your attention. If someone should turn a
strong spotlight on your living room window however, and flash it fifteen times a minute
every night at 9 p.m., what then? You are going to go to the window to see who is trying to
attract your attention and why. This is what we did with the borderland to our own world.

    Under extremely dry conditions, and with a stiff breeze blowing, Jim could "see"
by looking past me into the western sky - just as you look past your hands to see the rays of
energy from your fingers - that my body was surrounded by a huge, luminous sphere that
pulsed regularly with my movements. As the exercise was continued, the sphere would
grow slowly larger, extending at times to a perceivable diameter of well over one
hundred feet.

This highly unusual yet intelligent activity by a human being in a remote place - a
locale where elemental forces normally held sway - quickly precipitated a response.
Blindingly fast flashes of movement began appearing around me, and Jim sought to
capture these on film. They were at no time tangible in the regular ocular range, but re-
quired the same subtle shift in the focus of vision as is necessary to see the radiation of
your own etheric double.

From inside the luminous sphere that Jim reported seeing around me, I could also see
luminous things darting at incredible speed. They moved so rapidly that it was not possi-
ble to react fast enough with the camera shutter. Something was there. No space ships
showed on our films in an unequivocal fashion, but we found that against the black sky
background produced by infrared film, there were present in ethereal, barely tangible
form, the shapes of many of the standard bell-shaped flying discs.

And here is another variation:

Michael Topper's "Charger Breath" technique seems related:

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.


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I've been spinning for about 10 years now,  I learned about it from Bringers.  It's always come easily to me, I was able to work up to 33 spins quickly, and I am also able to spin fast.  Who knows, maybe I was a whirling dervish in a past life.  Maybe it's time for me to do this 3X a day.  I also do the Tibetan Five Rites (I ignore what they say about spinning no more than 21X), but just became regular with them in the past year.

By the way, 33 is a master number, as are all double digits, and has been called the number of Christ Consciousness.

When I complete the spins, I press my hands together at shoulder level and claim insight, support, and connection to my higher mind.


Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

rlha11 wrote:

Elias: ...Your planets revolve in this (clockwise) direction. All energy revolves in this direction in a creating manner.

Maybe it's just me, but last time I checked I could swear that the sun as well as all of the planets follow a counter-clockwise rotation and orbital direction. Otherwise, we would experience the sun rising in the west and setting in the east. Of course, that also depends on one's point of reference. In other words, if viewed from a point along the south polar axis, Earth would indeed appear to be spinning clockwise. But then, in space there really is no "up" or "down" so, how does one determine clockwise vs counterclockwise?

Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

And would you go right to left in the southern hemisphere...?  (Coriolis effect)

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BlueSojourn wrote:

Maybe it's just me, but last time I checked I could swear that the sun as well as all of the planets follow a counter-clockwise rotation and orbital direction. Otherwise, we would experience the sun rising in the west and setting in the east. Of course, that also depends on one's point of reference. In other words, if viewed from a point along the south polar axis, Earth would indeed appear to be spinning clockwise. But then, in space there really is no "up" or "down" so, how does one determine clockwise vs counterclockwise?

I think he was talking about the motion of the earth relative to the sun's axis, in contrast to its own axis. 

A two-dimensional spiral motion derives its directionality from the axis, or pole, that it is moving relative to a third-dimension.

In EM physics, the direction of the current generated through a conducting pole (or wire) is determined by the direction of spin of a magnetic field moving perpendicular to the wire.  It's called the "right-hand rule".  So if you grasp a wire with your right hand with your fingers curving in the direction of the spin, the current will travel in the direction your thumb is pointing.

I would imagine that the same rule applied to more subtle energies.  Thus if we imagine the human body as a conductor, clockwise rotation will generate a current moving from the north pole at the crown down toward the south pole at the root, thus 'pulling' energy in from higher dimensions, and vice-versa. 

You could call north south and south north, but that is just semantics.  The important thing to realize is that (1) the body's fields are rotating in both directions at the same time, and (2) they are NOT rotating in both directions with the same momentum.  Physically, it has more clockwise motion than counterclockwise motion, and it is the ratio of these that locks the body into the frequency range that we experience in 3D.  Emotionally, there is more counterclockwise motion, which is why we generally experience more emotion flying out from us than into us.

The odd-numbered dimensions demonstrate a preponderance of clockwise rotation, while
the even-numbered dimensions demonstrate a preponderance of counter-clockwise rotation.

An interesting aside is that the original divination method for the I Ching consisted of a process that utilized 50 yarrow sticks, while the more common method uses three coins.  The fallout is that the stick method yields more light lines (clockwise) than dark lines (counterclockwise), by a ratio of 2-to-1, while the coin method yields light and dark lines with equal frequency.

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i cant help but wonder if the direction matters at all...  how can anyone say what exactly IS clockwise?  it's relative as far as im concerned... it feels more natural for me to spin counter-clockwise (as long as im viewing from above, that is)... 

take our solar system for example... 

if we say that it goes counter-clockwise, then we are saying that there is an up and a down...  but what if we were standing on the bottom of the earth when 'viewing' this...  it would be the opposite right?  how do we know the solar system isnt standing up at a 90 degree angle?  in my mind, the truth is it's all relative... there is no up or down.  it's arbitrary... and who can say which way is north or south?  or say why it matters?

in fact this has me questioning a lot of things about our maps... what if we turned our globe upside down?  taught it that way?  would it make a difference?  i dont know..

the only thing that can make it practically different is thinking about the plants.. they grow up and down (away from and toward the center of the earth)  if they DO indeed grow clockise while growing up, then does this mean the roots grow downward in a counter-clockwise motion?

i cant see it making any difference outside of the physical.  but maybe it's not about up or down, or clockwise or counter-clockwise,  it could be about inward and outward...  to me, those are the only true directions, and im not even sure there's a difference there either.:/

i know this is fundamental, but the fundamental is what im most interested in.... most interested in what is easily taken for granted.  to me these are the real truths... the most basic one being "i am". 

what IS the spiral anyways, right?  take a corkscrew...  twist it into a cork...  the cork is the earth...  it's the same spiral, no different than before, but one could say that it turns right when moving away from the cork, yet left when digging into it...           and since i'm on the subject, DNA is a spiral right?  at least that's what im told...  if you were to make a model of a segment of the double helix, and then hold it up to someone else...  ask them, "is this a clockwise or a counter-clockwise spiral?"    ..... could they give you an answer?  i dont see how they could..

hmm... now i want to study the plants more, they know what's going on im sure.

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Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

i wrote the previous yesterday... and then did some serious pondering with some observation...

for the purposes of this post, i need to clearly define the difference between clockwise and counter-clockwise as i will be using them...

clockwise starting from the root, or ground, and spinning to the right while moving away from the root.

counter-clockwise the opposite

i took the bus home yesterday and looked at all the trees while waiting for a transfer...  and they do NOT all grow in a clockwise fashion... 

another interesting observation i have made (and i would LOVE to hear everyone's observations on this) is that, out of about 30 people, i could only find one person who's crown didnt grow in a clockwise fashion...  the counter-clockwise was a small boy around the age of 5 or 6... he was with his father (?), who was clockwise...  how many of you have clockwise vs. counter?  i'd like to know...

i was talking to a friend of mine who sees auras, and i asked her (as usual) what color mine was and what it was doing...  then i asked her if there was any connection between the aura and the crown of people's heads.  she had never thought of it before as was obvious in her expression... she looked around at different people, then concluded that YES, the auras were more prominent and strong at the crowns...

now if you imagine the hairs growing in a clockwise fashion, if you spin clockwise, then you are essentially going against the grain.  with this in mind, i decided to spin clockwise in the shower, just to see how it felt.  i did it 6 times in each direction... then i had an idea...  when i stopped moving, my chakras could possibly have continued spinning (if they work that way) .  like ice in a glass of ice water.  if you spin the glass and then stop it, the water and ice will continue spinning..

heres an illustration for clarity:

my current hypothesis is this:

- seems that clockwise would cause energy to travel upward (outward)

- while counter would cause it to travel downward (inward)

regardless, i may be totally off in my logic, but i'd rather trust my body and the plants than some old guru...  if anyone sees a whole in this hypothesis, please bring it up... im still undecided which direction, if either, is best.  seems to be connected with inward and outward motion... and if that's true, then who's to say which is better right?  it would depend on what you wanted at the time.  energy from the universe, or energy to the universe.

this is ongoing...


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Re: Spinning Technique - Doorway to Multidimensionality

my awareness lapsed and i missed tenetnosce's view... hmm..  seems that intuition will have to reign supreme on this one... until my logic catches up...

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