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Well after a few months of not doing the spinning thing I've started again, and now try to do it whenever I remember to. I can definitely feel an increase in energy on the days I do it, but the effect of it is delayed. I guess how it works is that the spinning gets your chakras spinning faster, and that allows more energy to flow through your energy body, which in turn allows more light and information to enter into your body if you allow it. In other words I don't think spinning itself has anything to do with changing your vibration, but the excess energy that your chakras can then handle along with your intent allows you to raise your vibration. Like adding horse power to an engine by adding a supercharger or air-intake. smile

As for Torarota's concern... I'm just not sure. You would think the the spin direction is somehow related to torque, but maybe our ideas of torque can't be applied to the spin of chakras.

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Theres an exercise known as the 5 rites, the first rite is spinning.

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Clockwise is associated to decay.
Sources: I read a very interesting article about particle physics (sorry, this is just a very loose approximation of the original idea) apparently atoms have a counterclocwise movement. The other point was about scientists artificially altering some particle movement to clockwise in order to affect its properties and it ended up being a failure. I know this doesn't sound very specific at all but the article was referring to the Reiki symbol of Power (which contains a counterclockwise element). I have always intuitively associated clockwise motion to decay and abandon. If I start spinning clockwise my inner alarm bell goes off and gives some "Are you in a hurry to die?" type of signal. If I start spinning counterclocwise I feel a building of Chi energy almost immediatelly (All of this is of course very subjective, I know).

I am sure Mr. Montalk would be able to confirm (or not) the scientifical point.

...Mr. Montalk?

"He simply said: Laianela"

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Tora wrote:

I am sure Mr. Montalk would be able to confirm (or not) the scientifical point.

There are a couple things I can think of that would provide some scientific insight into what spinning can do for you. These are just my guesses:

First, spinning is a motion of centripetal acceleration. The outer parts undergo more centripetal acceleration than those near the center of rotation, and at the center there is no centripetal acceleration. So you have two opposite forces tugging you on both sides of the center of rotation. Now, Einstein equated acceleration with gravity, and therefore you could say that by spinning, you're setting up your own gravity with neutral centers of zero-force along the axis of rotation. John Keely, the scientist who did amazing things with sound, and the Cassiopaeans both commented on the idea that a gravitational neutral center (center of mass) was basically a window to all other dimensions (if large enough). Therefore, it's possible that by spinning, you set up a weak neutral center within yourself that allows energies from higher dimensions to infuse into you. This would basically be a vortex that you create.

Second, there's something called Mach's principle which says that inertia, the resistance of bodies to acceleration in proportion to its mass, is not caused by the body itself, but by its interaction with all other mass in the universe. Essentially, the neutral center of all mass is connected with the neutral center of all other mass, and any form of acceleration indicates a certain change among this complicated web of relationships that provides resistance to motion. This means, when you accelerate or spin, the relationship between you and all other consciousness in the universe is in more rapid flux than normal. That could provide for a deeper connection to the All, and perhaps an energy exchange and influx as well.

Third, in quantum mechanics, particle wave functions are known to have phase factors describing how the wave is aligned with respect to position, time, and possibly even which universes they inhabit. For example, two wave functions that are of opposite phase at a particular point will cancel out and have no probability of appearing there when observed, meaning at that point they are not in this universe. When you observe a wave function and thus turn it into a tangible particle, all that's happening is that you phase lock with the particle's phase, and thus there is no alignment difference meaning it appears 100% in your universe. So at the most basic level, phase can be selected by consciousness. But phase can also be altered by electromagnetic means - do a web search on the "Aharonov-Bohm effect" for more info.

Phase can also undulate at a certain frequency, change at a constant rate, etc... which gives rise such things as the flow of linear time as we perceive it. But the point is that phase can also change with certain types of physical motion. When a particle is rotated in a magnetic field, it undergoes a phase shift (look up "Berry's Phase" on the net).

So it's possible that when you spin while exposed to earth's magnetic field, you affect the phase alignment of the particles that make up your cells and DNA, thus affecting how they "synch" with reality as a whole. It could therefore be a frequency raising thing, as "frequency resonance vibration" is basically a quantum phase-vibration phenomenon. This also means that the number of spins you do matters, since every revolution has a corresponding shift upon the quantum phase. And direction also matters, since spinning one way advances the alignment one way.

But as far as I can tell, this says nothing about what direction or number of spins is best. You'll have to go on your own observations for that. C's and Pleiadeans recommend 33, JT says 21, the whirling dervishes do way more... whatever works for you smile

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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Great ideas there montalk,

Just thought of an example of how this can be visualized, which Is my guess as well.

When your driving next to someone looking at their tire, it seems that as a certain threshold of speed is crossed the inner part of the tire will start showing itself in a sort of different "way."

Well Im sure you all know what Im talking about so Ill let you visualize it.  So this being the neutral center that montalk brought up. A metaphor of it at least. 

On a cosmic scale a black hole perhaps. Wormholes? Dimensional doorways?

On the scale of the individual in reference of the chakras, is this principle applied?  When you spin the chakras are you creating a neutral center, and whats at the center? A pillar of energy, a door, our essence?

Ive always heard to spin clockwise if your working with the chakras, and when working with the column of light, the axis, that energy is visualized going counter clockwise, so I can see where discrepency will lie but I guess it depends on your intent and beliefs, and your intuition of what feels right for you.  I base my perspective on doing the five rites and doing the middle pillar exercise.

In the link I posted on the five rights, it says that though the whirling dervishes spin a great number of times, in doing so they are over stimulating certain centers which create a psychic  jag which they experience as being spiritual or religious.  He goes on to say that it is known that doing the rites 21 times each will not overstimulate and have each chackra spinning at the same speed.

there is also a mention of how kids do this naturally, and as you get older, the spinning becomes unbalanced as a whole ,which results in lower vitality and health, so there ya go manyeagles.

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Tom wrote:

C's and Pleiadeans recommend 33, JT says 21, the whirling dervishes do way more... whatever works for you

I wasn't aware that the C's supported the 33 spinning technique. Do you have a link Tom? I couldn't find it on my own.

If it's something you can't specifically find, no biggie.

rlha11 wrote:

On the scale of the individual in reference of the chakras, is this principle applied?  When you spin the chakras are you creating a neutral center, and whats at the center? A pillar of energy, a door, our essence?

Like Tom said, it perhaps creates a vortex. That would imply that a doorway between densities would be created. Take a bunch of papers (densities) and run a hole with a pencil through them all. The hole is a doorway, by the means of a vortex.

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BB wrote:

I wasn't aware that the C's supported the 33 spinning technique. Do you have a link Tom? I couldn't find it on my own.

No problem, it's right here:

Q: (L) "Bringers of the Dawn" advised spinning, is this
advisable for all of us?
A: Major yes.
Q: (L) How many times a day?
A: 3
Q: (L) How many times?
A: 33
Q: (L) Is it ok to do it in the pool?
A: Okay.

And to repost the quote from Bringers of the Dawn:

Bringers wrote:

Another activity we recommend for those of you who wish to move into a vast acceleration of energy is spinning. Move from left to right, spinning around and focusing your vision on your thumb, counting and spinning. We recommend that you spin thirty-three times at least once a day. You may build up to the thirty-three spins very slowly. If you are able to work up to thirty-three spins, three times a day, so that you are spinning ninety-nine times, well, we will see how long you stay on the planet-or at least in this dimension. When you complete spinning, however many times you spin, bring your palms together at chest level. Press them together, keeping your eyes open, and balance yourself with your feet a shoulder's width apart so that you feel anchored and still feel the spinning at the same time. This tremendously accelerates the spinning of the chakra systems inside your body, which tremendously accelerates the rate at which you can interpret and receive data.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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heh, is it ok to do it in the pool?

33x3times a day
"This tremendously accelerates the spinning of the chakra systems inside your body, which tremendously accelerates the rate at which you can interpret and receive data."

Tibetans say 21 times along with 4 other motions at 21 times.
They also say of the spinning motion that it accelerates what they term the crown and brain chakras as well as chakras in the knees.

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Elias has a ton of info on chakras, im looking to see if he gives a number anywhere and why.
check out what he says about clockwise rotation"

"RON: What’s the proper rotation?

ELIAS: This would be, in your terms, clockwise. This should not be strange to you, for you base the proper rotation of all things in this direction, the reason being that this is the proper rotation direction. You, in what you term to be unconscious, direct your clocks and all of your rotating elements to follow this direction. You also unconsciously understand that a counter-clockwise direction incorporates the idea of ‘undoing’ something. This idea did not just come from nowhere. An individual in ancient times did not stand and express, ‘I believe we should rotate clockwise,’ for there were no clocks! This was a natural expression. Your planets revolve in this direction. All energy revolves in this direction in a creating manner. In an uncreating manner, or what you term as negative, the rotation is reversed; this being true of even your elements of your atoms, in expressing that your electrons are negatively charged and rotate counter-clockwise and are not creating elements within themselves. They must incorporate a positive interaction to be creating. Positive charge needs not have another element to be creating. It may be creating by itself.

Therefore, in returning to our chakras, they spin clockwise. This in actuality though is good information for you to be possessing, for you would not be wishing to be spinning your chakras consciously in visualization in the opposite direction and possibly creating uncomfortableness within yourself, although I will express to you that if you were to be visualizing your chakras and deciding to spin them, you would automatically spin them in the correct direction. Your desire would need be so-called ‘unconsciously destructive’ to actually spin them otherwise."

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Well, It seems that my clock is going the wrong way around according to this!

"He simply said: Laianela"


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Wheel of morality, turn turn turn, show us the lesson that we should learn.. and the moral of today's story is!

Making yourself uncofmortable, for whatever reason, is dumb. "OH NO IT"S COUNTER CLOCKWISE WE'RE ALL GOING TO HEEEEELLLLLL!!!!!"



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I wonder if there is a proper speed to spin at. That's being pretty nit-picky, but my mind always wonders about these little details.

I have been spinning for near a month now and I like to spin as fast as possible. But perhaps I shouldn't. Perhaps slower is better. None of the channels specify. I tend to spin fast because my cerebellum doesn't seem to get dizzy anymore from normal paced spins.

The Pleiadians do hint towards the idea of progressively spinning slower as the days progress...but maybe that's in fault of the transcription-process from channel to mediator.

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Somewhere the C's mention not getting into ritual ... Don Juan does too. 

Ritual seems to be part of the dark side, they love ritual.  Although I'm not exactly sure why or why it's so bad.  Perhaps just the very predictability of ritual ... easier to assemble the bad guys knowing where the prey is - spinning slooowly, on Tuesday, at 9:33 <grin>.

Even great things can become a ritual. 

The warrior/stalker is never predictable ... too easy to become food.

Also, try to see if it's your mind or your internal dialogue that "always wonders about these little details" -

Christine B.


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Christine wrote:

Also, try to see if it's your mind or your internal dialogue that "always wonders about these little details"

Good point.

At first thought, I would say internal dialogue...but I'll have to examine that a bit further to come to a definate conclusion.

Also, it's funny when you say "The warrior/stalker is never predictable". For people who don't know Don Juan, "the stalker is never predictable" is really a funny thought to misinterpret.

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In reference to spinning, I remember reading that each energy center has its own speed, and remember Elias uses his own version of where these energy centers are, their color, and what they represent.  When I find the transcript about the ,lets say ,RPM of each center I will post it, but in the meantime I came across these ideas you may find interesting.  And let me note that his site has a search engine with a wide range of topics to explore.:)

"Elias: "As I offer information to individuals, you may be noticing and recognizing that my interaction with individuals shall also be associated with information concerning their perception and their beliefs in what they are creating, for these aspects of their expression are quite influencing of how they shall be affecting of the movement of these energy centers.

For the mechanics of what is occurring in the movement of your energy centers is that your subjective awareness is offering specific direction to each of these energy centers in relation to all that you are creating within your reality.

Therefore, as you are aware, your subjective awareness engages beliefs as does your objective awareness, for these are an integral aspect of this physical reality.

In this, as your objective and subjective awarenesses move in harmony, incorporating many forms of communication between them, you create movements and direction which is expressed through these energy centers. Some of those directions may be involving the physical performance or function of your physical body. Some of these directions which are expressed to the energy centers create other manifestations.

The energy centers are the energy expression, or physical manifestation in this physical dimension, of the essence of you. They are the expression of consciousness, translated into physical dimension, which are in actuality the essence expression of you in physical form, so to speak. Therefore, all that is created within your physical reality, in the physical aspect of it, is expressed and manifest through the projection of energy from these centers.

Are you understanding?"

ELIAS: YOU create specific manipulations of energy that you project into a physical expression. This is the manifestation of these energy centers. They are as physical as your physical body. You do not visually view them – although you may, for they are a physical expression of energy.

JIM: We can physically feel them.

ELIAS: Correct. And if allowing yourself, you may even incorporate your physical vision and view the expression of these energy centers. You may view the actual colors. You may view your actual energy field which surrounds your physical body, which is an incorporation of the expressions or the projection of energy of all of your energy centers that you incorporate within your physical body."

MICHAEL: ‘‘I have been reading Carlos Castaneda’s Magical Passages, and in it he speaks of an assemblage point that is, he says, on our energy field, where we assemble our world view. I’m wondering, is this feature really a part of our energy field, or is he just using a different language to explain similar things?

ELIAS: Let me explain to you that your energy field may be incorporating of much more than you allow yourself an awareness of. You look to your energy centers and attach great importance to them and the manipulation of them and the workings of them, so to speak, but you look to your energy field and you create a thought process of little importance, and create an assumption that this is merely radiated energy that surrounds you and holds little functioning.

I express to you that this is a manifestation of your energy, and you may be quite directing of this energy. It is an element of you that radiates beyond your physical form and may be expressive of much more than you realize.

You already hold your world view. It is held within energy and is an element of you, but it is not a thing, in a manner of speaking, but a movement of energy which may be translated into an identification of thought process and philosophy. But within its natural state – not translation – it is merely a movement of energy which is incorporated within your energy, therefore is also an element of your energy field. Are you understanding?

MICHAEL: Yes. I’m asking so I can expand my awareness of it more.

ELIAS: You may, if you are so choosing. Your energy field is, in a manner of speaking, a Portal facilitating your movement through consciousness."