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From the Bringers of the Dawn, comes the spinning technique that many of you have heard about, perhaps practiced with, and have reasonable knowledge in this area.

What I want to bring up is my thoughts on WHY it works. I want to say this because I have been doing it for a week and I am having effects.

I am quoting myself from another forum where it was being discussed:

BlackBox wrote:

Now, mars, you're right about the '33', which is probably trivial. It is 33 because it was told to me as 33. Go ahead and round it up to 40 if you want to, because the number of times is not the point. When you spin the body from left to right, and then stop, grounding yourself with hands by your chest: You create an "angular motion"from the spinning in which if your body stands still, with eyes focussed ahead of you, the spinning affects the chakras instead of the cerebellum and body.

Now I learned about angular motion/resistance from the Montalk website, or at least it was kindled into my knowledge-banks from Tom's ideas.

Am I right with what this does? That this technique, done repetitively, has angular-motion effects?

By spinning, and then resisting, the effects occur upon the rotations of the chakras and perhaps even the cells within our bodies, not to mention everything else that occurs in conjunction from the holistic "domino" effects.

Just some thoughts because I think angular-motion plays a key role with this technique and also with the multidimensional awareness that arises from persistent use. I think it is a vital topic for grail-workers, system-busters, members of the family of light...whatever you want to call those who have particular subconscious-assignments and information stored within their cells.


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I do a lot of clockwise spinning prior to any meditation - but I have been told by someone that I learnt from and trust and is wise in these matters that the amount of spins is critical to activate certain levels of your being at any one time. Typically I do 21 spins.

The amount of spins is supposed to be in relation to chakras 1 through 7 and the amount of "petals" per chakra.

Note also that the "spin effect", is also prevalent in Merkaba techniques, although is not a physical body spin and can include clockwise and anticlockwise spinning.

Warm regards


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So you are Whirling Dervishes. I knew it.

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JT, any more information on the number of spins in relation to the chakras or is the number 21 good enough for a general balancing exercice?

On another note, I smashed my hand on the wall yesterday while spinning, then almost fell on the floor. I should find a less cluttered place wink


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Hi Ermolai

Ouch!......ok the same happened to me - techique is everything!

Below a few tips:

You dont have to do huge "ballerina" style leaping spins or anything :-D but if you feel like it and have enough space then go for it, as this can really shift energy.

Standard Spin:

If you are right handed then put your right foot slightly forward, and then spin on the pad/toes of the right foot.

Arms should be held up and level at around shoulder height for balance and bent at the elbow to around 45 degrees or so, and so that the hands have about 12-15 inches of space between them.

Then you push off with the rear foot, "lightly" spin on the right foot and then breath in - when you complete the spin, then breath out and have both feet back on the floor.

Reassume your starting position if slightly out of position, and then rinse and repeat.

It helps to keep your head level and to focus on something at eye height in front of you, bringing your eyes back to that point at the end of each spin  - also no need for any speed.

At the end of the 21 (+/-) spins then bring your feet together, and your hands (without interlocking your fingers) in a praying position with the back of the thumbs pressing against your sternum and then look down and focus on the tips of your fingers for a minute or so until any dizziness has subsided and then start your meditation.

I was all over the place when I first started to do this, but every day got better and within a week or so I was spinning like a Dervish :-P

I will come back to you shortly on the spins/chakra relations but as a rule of thumb 21 is perfect for the general balancing of the system.

Warm regards


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I don't even get dizzy anymore from the spinning.

And the angular-pull at the end of the 33 spins is barely felt. Perhaps I should slow it down? I go really fast through the spins.

I am needing less sleep nowadays. Maybe it's the Qigong also, but the spinning may be adding to it.


Oh, and JT, I imagine you look like Elvis Presley when you do your "particular" spinning technique. I visualize it as some kind of dance from the movie Pulp-Fiction. (right foot on its toes) big_smile

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You know, it just occurred to me that children have an innate type of play activity that involves spinning.  Maybe they're teaching us to remember?

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manyeagles wrote:

You know, it just occurred to me that children have an innate type of play activity that involves spinning.  Maybe they're teaching us to remember?

That's EXACTLY what I first thought when I read about it...why did I do it when I was a child? Why, why, why?

Then I thought about the angular-motion that barely no one ever talks about, and what it may do on organic bodies if applied properly.

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JT wrote:

clockwise spinning

Well, I think somebody oughta re-look into the CLOCKWISE aspect...Just in case.

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I met someone who has a completely reversed clock face. (Counterclockwise IS clockwise on this clock.)

Seriously. Spinning is a wonderful thing. In fact, learning how to move your body in any possible way with grace is one of the best ways to become psycho-physically agile. The key thing is to deprogram yourself from simple movements. Learn how to walk back wards with ease, learn how to turn your whole being instead of just your head when focusing on a person/place/object, learn how to turn your upper body independent from your lower body, as well as how to swing both at the same time with ease. In other words, learn how to turn 180 in a smooth, simple, single movement.

As for just spinning outright.. well. Seriously folks, learn how to trance dance. Take your mental processing out of your movements so that you can multiprocess better. It's sort of like becoming ambidextrous, except let's call this omnidextrous.


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Hi Torarota,





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Unbidden, you give me a funny feeling that you walk around the streets with alternating styles of movement. Like you start off at "6th Avenue" with Robotic-movements, and by the time you're at "Betsy Street" you're break-dancing.

Anyways...I think you are totally right. I spin 3-times a day, for roughly 33 spins, for a total of 99 spins a day. I haven't noticed anything particular attributed to the spinning except that my cerebellum doesn't get dizzy anymore (or at least a little for a couple seconds as to being off-balance like before).

I'm learning how to juggle, practicing concentration techniques, and I guess soon I'll try to work on my left-handed writing. Maybe I'll also walk around the house backwards, just for fun...if I stop posting on this forum in the nearby future, please plan my online-funeral. Be sure to get a lot of emoticons...

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Hi BB,

I guess just a couple more weeks and you will be fully trained up to join the circus!

Now just try and learn to spin and juggle at the same time whilst reciting the Torah in reverse, and the crowds will come from afar to watch
you :-D




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hey- just wanted to ad i have just finished reading a book -Mutant Message Down Under- By Marlo Morgan, where a woman spent 3 months living in the Australian outback with Aborigines- and she describes the spinning exercise they do (she is the only white (mutant) most of them have ever interacted with) and they explained it helps with the engery centers in the body........they communicate telepathically, and heal using no bandages, med school, or the like- energy and asking the body to go back to it's natural state of being healthy. i could go on, i just thought it neat--a universal sign i should start to spin! wink