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Sparked by current and various Threads at NR, did a search through 7 of the Marciniak/Ps tape Transcripts purchased in '93.

The 3 pages below are from:

A Day of Global Gardening
August 15 & 16 1992.

P. 31

event will occur on a mass scale to create within those who are prepared a literal physiological shift.

Question: This is Margaret. I have always been curious about the thymus gland. Does this mean that for me that the thymus gland will be somehow involved in the changes in 1993?

The thymus is pivotal to sending the signal to the body to hold the pattern of rejuvenation.

Questioner: If it's rejuvenation I'm assuming we're going to be working with this. What is the particular role of the thymus?

Rejuvenation. The thymus gland shrinks the older you get. It begins to shrivel up. It is like the gate keeper here [base of the neck] that regulates what comes from up above and what comes from below. Because you are inactivated in the upper glands, the pituitary and pineal, and they are basically dormant, you have a thymus that does not continuously remind the body of its idealized blueprint because it is not getting the messages from the temples in the head because the temples in the head have been unplugged because they are connected with strands of DNA that are inoperative.

What will happen during 1993 for those people who have been opening the chakras, who have been visualizing strands of genetic material forming in their body, and there is no greater plan than this- To have you imagine yourselves becoming super-beings, there is no greater plan. No one can stop your imagination. No one can say to you, *You can't imagine this.* It is free for everyone to use the imagination.

As this great infusion of light comes into bodies who have been prepared for it, it will affect the hormonal secretions from all of the endocrine glands. The endocrine glands determine your body's pharmacopeia and they determine the chemical substances that rule your life. What is going to happen is that new chemical substances will simultaneously began to be secreted in those who have been prepared for this. Those who do not have preparation for this will began to have the opening of the solar plexus or the third chakra or the third strand of DNA. You have many, many scenarios playing themselves out depending upon what your investment of consciousness has been.

The thymus gland will begin to become more activated. It will begin to return to its own vitality rather than to be a shriveled bean in the body. It will start to do this when it gets the message that the body has done its preparation, that the consciousness is ripe and when the energy from outside keys it.

You all know about the hundredth monkey theory or what is called critical mass. What is going to happen in 1993 is you are going to have multiple mass events because you have huge amounts of energy  coming from Uranus and Neptune beaming onto the planet affecting all people in a variety of ways. Each person will have a different experience of this energy. You can discover it astrologically. Some people will be squared to this energy, meaning that they will have a challenging event with this energy, an opportunity for mastery. Some people may be conjunct to this event which means that it will just implode within them, it is them. Some people will be in opposition to these events. Each of the angles and the degrees of the angles, how one is placed, hold one's energy field, which is the sum total of your electromagnetic field which has its own corresponding degrees and holographic angles. You are a walking hologram of angles of geometry basically, but you appear to be fluffed out in human form. These waves affect every person according to the angular holographic energy they embody.

The Family of light knows this, they expect it, they feel the preparation so you will all go through similar things and as you achieve and understand, you will beam out to each other and so you will all come together. Others who do not have the same

P. 32

background as you do, perhaps who have different angular interpretations and a different sense of consciousness, will deal with their level. It may create death in them. You will have levels or layers or clumps and groupings of mass experiences where many will experience the same thing although all certainly will not experience the same thing, yet it will be the same energy  affecting everyone. It is a biggy. It is the forerunner for what is coming.

Question: This is Deborah. There's a gland with very little information on it in medical science called the hypothalmus, located in the corpus callosum midway between the hemi- spheres of the brain.

The female has a much larger corpus callosum than the male because the female carries the vibration of the Mother Goddess and the Mother Goddess is that which created. It does not make women better than men, not at all. This is not that kind of issue. It is simply that on your planet for eons everyone told you to believe that all versions of god were male. Everyone accepts that all versions of god are male. We have shared with you recently that our deepest discovery and that which moves us towards this healing and the greatest of alliance is that the force of the creative energy is feminine. So, that is imbued in all feminine form. Continue with the hypothalmus, the dew of the maker.

Questioner: The hypothalmus as far as we know regulates the temperature and water in the body which says to me that's energy and emotions. If it's the dew of the maker...

You are water, you understand. You are, in actuality, electrified water. This is one of the principles through which you have been constructed. We want you to understand that there are many ways to construct humans. You have heard stories that you are made up of the dust and the clay of the ground. Some of those are not true, they are told to keep you away from the truth. It makes more sense to you that you are closer to the solid elements than to be made of water. Remember we said that very often things are switched around so that you do not discover the truth of your identities.

Questioner: I feel the hypothalmus is important and I don't know a whole lot about it. If you would like to tell us more, I'd appreciate it.

The hypothalmus can be thought of as the gate keeper between the physical body and the outer chakras and its time has not come. Your evolution and who you are cannot comprehend its function. Yes. it does regulate body temperature and the flow of water or dew of the maker, which is the essence of your life-water. This is why we've always encouraged you to be around water, in water, use water, etc. because this enhances the function of this particular gland. It keeps it lukewarm for when it needs to get heated up. The time will come after 1993 to further
explore this particular aspect of maturation. It will come into the forefront of science, of conversation, of technology, very, very deeply.

There are ways through craniosacral work to stimulate the hypothalmus. These will be discovered and be shared when the people have raised their consciousness to the degree that they are prepared for the great sunburst of energy that will come from this gland. Until that time, the information would be dangerous in the wrong hands because some people sometimes cannot moderate themselves and they think that they must drink the elixir of all experience without making the necessary preparations of consciousness.

Questioner: I include that gland in my meditations. Is that okay?

Yes, yes, you will not misuse it. All we are saying is that the information will not come into your reality and certainly will not come through us until we see that you are ready for that phase of development. You will never be the same once the secretions start. Let us say this, have you

P. 33

ever taken a psychedelic ingestion? How would you like to live balancing that reality 24 hours a day? It wouldn't work, it would be entirely too confusing and it is fine for what is called a trip, it is fine for a journey into learning, into shamanic mysterious Living Library realms. But, it certainly is not something that you want to have for breakfast everyday and that you want to have as your living reality. Why? Because the rest of the nervous system is not in sync with that awareness. When you take what is called a trip, it is exactly that, it is like going to the Catskill Game Farm or to the shore for the weekend. You go and you experience it and then you come back and contemplate it.

What's going to happen with the hypothalmus, it's going to move you to a new shoreline of your being, a new domain that will be chemically induced, because this is what the endocrine system does, it introduces various chemical formulas into your body, these chemical formulas will be induced without you taking anything, without ingesting a psychedelic substance. They will simply begin to secrete themselves and to influence the very way that you perceive and interpret reality.

The closest thing that we can say to you is it would be like you are tripping, but it will be nothing like that. When you are tripping, you go some place different, you experience it, and you come back. What will happen is that the hypothalmus will have you dwell there and you will have changed everything so that you will be happy to dwell there, you will not want to dwell in the old place. It will be as if you moved to a new land, literally like moving to a new planet without leaving Earth. Earth and Earth's reality in the Living Library will change before your eyes because the chemicals that will be secreted through the hypothalmus will give you a literal new interpretation of reality.

This you are not prepared for yet, not anywhere near it. You have first to convince yourself that you are loved, that you are the source of your love, that you continuously love yourself so that you can begin the subtle changes in the endocrine system to prepare you for the awakening of the hypothalmus. If all things take place unilaterally and collectively, when can the Family of Light look forward to the awakening of the hypothalmus? We would suggest that this will occur in increments, but as we speak of it and as we overlay your reality, we are seeing that this will happen in increments between 1999 and 2009, a ten year period.

Questioner: Can you speak about the thalmus? It's in the same space and I can't find anything about it.

This is all having to do with the secret factory inside the brain. You have been in many temples, yes? Nothing is written about these glands because they would be considered the inner sanctuary of consciousness, the holy of holies, where the greatest mysteries occur. You are not going to find things written about this because it is part of the deepest mysteries. Those in the medical profession who are aware of this do not want others to know.

This is a little disturbing if anyone wants preparation for it- there were those at one time who misused the glandular system and used to cut people open and eat their glands to receive the knowledge, to receive the substances. There were ways of tortur- ing people or bringing people into sexually ecstatic or perverted or painful experiences then killing them and taking and eating the glands and receiving the substances and the secretions that were being kept. There has been some bad medicine around this kind of thing so it is simply kept out of journals so that no one gets ideas of rejuvenating themselves by eating someone else's brains. This is an analogy but we are giving you something here.

We will teach much more on this, but when you say to us that you know nothing about it, what does that indicate to us?

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