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Subject: An Ormus Producer Speaks (for Jeff and Robin)

Jeff Williams  wrote, quoting
Robin, I think:
"Perhaps the 'Producers' "could" chime in here with
how they're experiences have changed over time - and
whether they take their own products or others... or
their opinions... it would be a good subject to hear
about...-- sans the hype and flowery prosaic names of
products and such -- just the facts please - no need
for cloaking of the basics behind fancy names like
"Cleopatra's whatever... "

OK...Jeff and Robin, I can do that….

I am a producer and I think I'm fairly well known on
this forum. So I’ll speak to your requests.  I have
been taking Ormus for approximately 7 years on an
almost daily basis. That's approximately 6 1/2 years
longer than I have been producing for others

It was because of what Ormus has done to and for me,
my health, my teeth and bones, my demeanor, my
spiritual outlook, lack of colds and flu or any
illness, sleep patterns, attitude and emotionality,
and the urging of several friends and other users that
finally caused me to decide to produce it for market.
I tested mine home made and many others  personally
for more than a half decade and attained such benefits
that others noticed: my wife, my daughters, my
dentist, my heart specialist, friends and relatives.
You can read part of my story as Barry asked and I
gave permission to post it on the subtleenergies
website.  And that was long before ever decided to
produce it for others. 

It's just that as I began reporting what Ormus was
doing for me, I got over 40 requests for some of my
homemade Ormus and Ormus dentifrice from various
people...and I found myself having to make a major
decision...  I was spending considerable time making
this stuff for others and just giving it away.  When
some people started asking for a third and fourth
'free' supply, I had to make a choice make it for
others, stop providing it free, or bite the
bullet...and go into commercial production.

My first Ormus was made from South China Sea ocean
water...and I got bloodshot eyes, lethargy, and all
those (what others sometimes think are) possible heavy
metal type symptoms...but what I realized was, the
heavy metals were already inside me and the Ormus was
simply dredging them up and out; because I had so many
mercury amalgam fillings in my head that I sunk
head-first in any swimming pool.  What was happening
is: I was being detoxed.  At first I thought the
seawater might be I ordered salt
from all over the world, all the common ones spoken of
on this list.   

I tried just about all of them. I also took several
road trips, to volcanic Indonesia, to Tibet, to
Western and Eastern China, to the Middle East, to
Pakistan searching for the best Ormus source material
I could find.  And this I did for myself...because the
detox I was going through was worrying...because I
thought dried sea salt and South China Sea (Pacific
Ocean) water were sub-standard sources.

I got salt and salt water from many places, made Ormus
with them, tried them myself (as did a few others).
Though I found the salt and water from Tibet the most
difficult to retrieve, it tested as being the best.
And I can say that scientifically.  I had many
different samples put through 5 different tests,
including toxicity, at the Chinese Academy of
Sciences, the paramount testing facility in this part
of the world. It cost a lot of money...but I was
willing to spend the money ….because I wanted to know
for sure and be intelligent and safe before putting
anything into my body   I wanted to satisfy myself; at
that point I was just an individual not even thinking
about selling to others.  From my search trips to
these other countries, and I only brought back enough
for myself....still not intending to ever do this

You asked that producers ‘chime in’ with their
personal experiences of change over time:  Here's what
happened to me: I had 'scoliosis' as a teenager. My
parents didn't even know about that malady and it was
never treated. For those who don't know what that is:
it's a turning and curvature of the spine which
reduces one's height, and causes a tilting of the
shoulders so that the musculature of the back develops
asymmetrically, one side stronger than normal and the
other side weaker than normal.  People with this
condition suffer extreme back pain...and that I did
for 35 years. Because of the twisting of the
vertebrae, the ribcage is also a little compressed
causing a slight compression of the heart and so many
people with the condition also have some heart
problems…as I did.

Ormus eliminated the back pain of 35 years in just
under a week's time and it has never returned. And
within three months, I stopped taking the 4
heart-related medications which I had been on for
years, and am now medication free. With Ormus and
without blood pressure is normal, whereas
for more than 15 years I had been diagnosed with very
high blood pressure.  Since beginning an Ormus
regimen, I no longer have any dental problems which
plagued me since childhood.  No bleeding gums, no
abscesses, no cracking enamel, and no more carries. 
My previously brittle fingernails are much thicker,
stronger and grow much faster; I heal much faster, do
not get sick (flu, colds, allergies, nor do I ever
have headaches.  And though I won’t go into all the
psycho/spiritual/growth aspects at this time….there
are many awakening aspects of Ormus.

And yes, I use my own products daily ...I make both
wet method Ormus and M-State (David Hudson's patent)
Ormus white powder Gold, Iridium, and Rhodium.  I make
toothpaste (dentifrice), and copper-based face cream
which my wife just loves, and which has really
corrected many skin problems, discoloration, dryness.
I no longer have any back or joint pains.  It’s been
so long since I’ve had the previous bad health things,
its now difficult to remember all the things that used
to bother me. 

I have had so many good experiences with Ormus, as
indicated above, they are too many to enumerate, but
I'll tell one about something that happened while
making Rhodium white powder a month or two ago.  I was
chopping up some Rhodiola Tea Roots with a cleaver. I
nearly sliced off the end of my left index finger and
was bleeding like a stuck hog. A large flap of the end
of my finger was just hanging there.  I figured I'd
need four or five stitches to fix it. 

I quickly went across the lab to the Rhodium flask,
poured a little out and stuck that wounded, bleeding
finger in it. Immediately the bleeding stopped with no
stinging; I held the flap of fingertip in place with
my right hand for a few seconds...and the meat adhered
to meat immediately; when I let go it stayed in place,
no more bleeding and the adherence was
immediate...just a Band-Aid over the top is all I
needed.. A couple days later, I took the band-aid off.
About a week later there was no evidence of any
cut...the fastest healing of a cut wound I have ever
experienced.  I kept thinking what a boon this would
be to the AMA for eliminating the need for
stitches...or for use in surgery.  But of course, if
it is made by some 'alchemical means' then it is taboo
to the medical community.   

And of course, all the evidence is ” not in”  about
Ormus; we're discovering new things all the time about
all the many things it will do, help or my
Rhodium example.  When my girls scrape their knees
skating, they now ask for the Ormus and it heals them
quicker than the OTC products at the drugstore.  In
order to fully appreciate Ormus one kinda has to
change their paradigm about health and healing in
general.  This stuff could almost be called

Robin said:  >We (any of us making, distributing, or
consuming ORMUS) are playing with fire. The alchemists
of old played with fire. Many did not survive their
own processes I suspect.

Robin, I do not think we are playing with fire...I
think with are playing with the possible beginnings of
the greatest health and healing revolution since the
times of Asclepius and Hippocrates.

Robin said:  > In this sense, ORMUS may be a curse to
many who seek something outside themselves, or a key
to a path for another. Megan's advise to be careful,
as you may get what you wish for cannot be overstated.
Truly the long term effects can be measured only in
years by the likes of Barry and a handful of others
still extant on the forums -- most (or many) of those
original participants have curiously dropped away from
active participation with it.

Something as wonderful as Ormus can never be a
curse,…but rather a blessing to those who make it
properly…and know what they are doing when using it. 
I have been making and consuming Ormus for seven years
now.  I should think that if it was a curse, or
harmful to me (in the long-term) and especially since
I was in far worse health when I started, that I'd be
dead by now.... But the fact is: my health has
improved in all areas, and has continued to do so,
ever since my first ingestion of it.  I have more
energy now than I did 15 years ago (and it’s a good
thing since I am now raising another young
family...daughters 9, 7 and 5).  I'm soon to be 60
years old and I can out run them…my wife (17 yrs
younger than me) is a jazz dance instructor and
jogger…and I can out last her in stamina.   We go
trekking occasionally and I have no problems hiking up
and down mountains without tiring; and I could not
have done that 15 years ago.  Ormus, nutrition, and
life style are the keys to improved health and
longevity. And what I mean by that is that if a
person's body is totally wrecked by poor diet,
self-abuse in any number of ways, they can’t expect
Ormus to be the magic bullet that instantly makes them
into a youth again.  It will certainly help, but it is
not going to immediately undo decades of self-neglect
and poor choices, and poor nutrition.

So has my life changed…? is it continuing to change
with the use of Ormus?…definitely ‘Yes’… I’m so much
better than I was  before Ormus; I’m basically
painless at a time of life when others my age are
starting to ‘drop’ or become infirm…I have no chronic
health problems, and I take no medications for
anything.    But I can’t say my greatly improved
health is ‘all’ a direct result of exclusively Ormus,
though it is a major part. I also try simultaneously,
to eat healthily, I drink a variety of curative teas
daily, I maintain my weight at appropriate levels, and
I try to live intelligently.  I look at Ormus in-take
as an ‘assist’ to a healthier body and lifestyle.   

Robin said:  > There are numerous ways to really mess
yourself up with these ventures, via the chemicals
used in processing or poor processing, contamination,
poor source materials, etc... But the wet method with
Dead Sea Salt seems to have proved rather benign -- if
it affects your genetics or evolution or whatever - it
does it less violently than the more involved
alchemical products...

Yes, you are right, Robin, people must be careful and
conscientious when dealing with any chemical
processes. Occasionally on this list we have had
people condemn the whole Ormus movement saying that
they have been poisoned, or contaminated, or worse.
And upon inquiry it is usually discovered that they
have no chemistry or physics experience, that they got
their materials from a contaminated source, or they
used careless procedures, or made it in an aluminum
pot, that they didn't clean or wash the precipitate
properly, that they deviated from the recommended
recipe or procedure…and all sorts of stupid things...
Then they blame Ormus for their own stupidity.  Then
there are those who want to shortcut the methods,
re-invent the wheel, use different chemicals, and
violate known chemistry protocol...and the like.  That
makes it dangerous for them, but not for everyone.

It takes a relative degree of knowledge, know how,
intelligence, competence and care to make a good, safe
batch of Ormus.  And knowing what's in one’s source
material is paramount.  I think you also said, Robin
that people seem to be more concerned about the volume
of precipitate they get...than the quality of the
Ormus they derive...and that is so true. 

A few weeks ago a list member reported that (using
Tibetan water) some strange things happened, when
using a different reagent than the one suggested in
all recipes.  He reported that he only got approx 250%
to 300% precipitate, not 400% or more, as we state you
can.  I didn’t respond…but the first question that
came to my mind (like yours Robin) was: ‘tell us about
the efficacy and benefits from the use of that high
quality Ormus which was made.’   BTW…it definitely
makes a difference on how much precipitate one gets on
the position of heavenly bodies at a particular
latitude and longitude where the precipitate is being
made.  Precipitate drops can also be affected by the
alchemist’s state of readiness, attitude, and desire.
These unseen factors are what make the making of Ormus
such a fun, intriguing, and learning experience.   

However, I do think it important that everyone become
familiar with how to make their own Ormus.  They
should study up, familiarize themselves with the
chemistry and the procedures, and make some batches….
Because, like knowing how to set a bone, knowing some
basic survival techniques, and how to plant a
garden…one never knows when they may need to know how
to do these things.

Robin said:  > And as far as products from producers,
it's a judge for yourself consideration -- though most
of them are forum members I haven't seen a compilation
of the methods and processes used for each product
disclosed - though at least one producer herein will
disclose the method used for any of his products - and
tell you pretty much how to make it yourself if you
wish - knowing of course that some of the processes
are rather involved...

That is true…everyone is different, and the same Ormus
product will affect two different users in different
ways.  Everyone must try a product to see how it works
for them.  I get approximately 5-10 emails a day from
users reporting their results from our products…so I
feel I am as informed about consumer usage as anyone.
Though, in general results for most users is the same,
sometimes two people, using the same product will
report different sensations, feelings and results.

We are and have been very open with what’s in our
products and how they are made. And I have on this and
other lists spelled out our basic procedures...and
given the recipes.  I have personally made Ormus more
than a hundred times…both small and large batches.  We
now make it in 50 liter batches.  With that much
experience, of course I can eye-ball certain things
and know when a batch is deviating from the norm...and
know how to correct it.  We also know for my location
latitude and longitude when is the best time to make
it in accordance with Sun, Moon, and planetary
movements, how to purify it, how much washing is
optimum, how to dehydrate it without losing potency,
how to imprint it while it is making, etc.  And yes,
some of the procedures that we use are unique, have
been personally developed and are therefore

I’m I glad I got into this business…?  That would be a
‘Yes.’  As Barry and others know, whom I consulted
before ever going into commercial production, there
are a lot of ifs, especially for me, due to the
logistics of getting our source materials from such a
remote place, and having to deal with very tricky
Chinese authorities in order to obtain permission to
get our materials and export them.  Last month, before
the snow falls, I went to our Tibetan Lake to obtain a
supply of our salt and salt water.  It requires an 18
hour overnight train ride from the nearest airport
(900 miles), then an 8 hour ride in a ton and a half
4X4 over a primitive dirt road into the southern
prefecture of the Gobi Desert.  I feel like Indiana
Jones when I go. But I know these are some of the best
Ormus source material on planet earth.  And I know
that locked within them are the healing miracles of
nature.   I really enjoy knowing that what I am
selling is doing so much good, and providing many
people with pain relief, longevity, and health…as well
as a certain amount of spiritual enlightenment….and at
very reasonable prices…

All the Best…

Improving Health, Increasing Longevity

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Re: Ormus Feedback

Hi SiriArc,

Thank you for the post ref. ORMUS.  I admit, that I cannot tell for sure whether you are the author... are you Seekverta?


I have also used and experienced benefits.  Old injuries seemed to aggravate, then resolve themselves and disappear totally.  A couple of pre-cancerous skin lesions (raised & discolored moles) that my Dr. told me we had to watch closely.  they suddenly started itching, then flaked away and are now gone.  Energy boost, clarity, sense of well-being, etc.  And, since you mentioned second families... At 55, we find that my wife (my second, age 47... she has also been using ORMUS), will deliver twins shortly.  All apears well with the young-uns & the Drs were most surprised, and surprised again at how well my wife, who has never carried child, has progressed.  I to, get to go through the joy of parenting again.

So, I understand that which you speak.

One thing that I have wondered about concerns trap water.  About a year ago, we purchased a winter trap & have used it since.  In fact, it is all we drink now.  Not due to determination, but simply because that is all we want to drink.  "Normal" water just does not appeal anymore, nor other beverages.  We carry it when we leave the house.

I always wonder if the trap is actually producing ORMUS, or if it is the magnetic action of the trap on the water that produces, what to us, such wonderful water.  Do you have an opinion?

Since getting the trap, we have dropped off the purchased ORMUS products.  And done so simply because it "felt right" for us to do so.  The water seems to be all we want.  We have both learned to trust our intuition since starting down this path.

In any event, except for this one question, I just wanted to share our experience.

Take Care

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Re: Ormus Feedback


I admit, that I cannot tell for sure whether you are the author... are you Seekverta?

From: Denver

Seekverta / CH is in China.

He was first noted (~ 2 years ago) by his informed writing style on the various White Gold lists speaking of Sun Gazing as “Ultimate Ormus"

and gave some of his own experiences and some Primo info on the

I always wonder if the trap is actually producing ORMUS, or if it is the magnetic action of the trap on the water that produces, what to us, such wonderful water.  Do you have an opinion?

Both, Synergized
Some people put forth the premise that Ormus “flees"  a magnetic field and also, the benefits of “magnetic water" .......

If Ya didn’t catch it, there’s also info about a “Magnetic Blender"  in the health section of NR.

Good input from your end.

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Re: Ormus Feedback


Do you have the recipe?


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Re: Ormus Feedback


Do you have the recipe?

Most people use the *Wet Method*

From a Barry Carter demonstration:

1/4 cup Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts (unscented)

To 1/2 gallon water

Table spoon Red Devil Lye to 1/2 cup water

Drip (slowly add) to Masada solution

Bring pH to ~ 10.5

After this settles out, solution above precipatate is drawn off, fresh water is added to *wash*

The wash is done at least 3 times

As YOU know, this subject is Information (and opinion) Dense!

Though simple and dirt cheap, Deep Personal Research is a Must.


Although tuned into the subject since '96 via the Hudson Videos, etc.
and having purchased from various suppliers over the years (with interesting and seeming positive results), there have never been Vibes to try any of the methods personally - This is odd since that type of putzing is typically fun - No clue why not since feedback across the board is basically Positive.......
I did build and use the Magnetic Blender which has a good (if intermittent) Vibe - Which means it's not used every day.

Barry Carter's *Subtleenergies* has Mass Quanities of info - Of the "billions and billions" smile of Hyperlinks, here are a few: … tm#METHODS … .htm#BASIC

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