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Topic: I, Borg

What if, from the Perspective of the Future, this  (Distorted Earth) is the Borg Home World?


I, Borg
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%2C_Borg_ … episode%29

This Pattern of destruction:


Was not Inserted.

The Pattern for Empathy through Individuality was.

The Future Creates the Present against the backdrop of the Past   -Lazaris-

A Wizard Works Backward in Time   -Chopra-

Not only has the Future Returned  - As YOU -  It brought along Friends from Outside the Set.

Like Seven of Nine


YOU are having YOUR Borg implants - beliefs / memes, blockages, emotional distortion - removed.

Via SYNERGY, YOU will Emerge:

Filled with JOY.

The Plan Worked Beyond what could have been anticipated.......Now, REUNITED (and so much more), WE continue OUR Journey of Discovery.

Witness THE GREAT WORK fulfilled.

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Re: I, Borg

A few years back I was contemplating the metaphor of the Borg...

It's pretty clear that the writers and producers of Star Trek were portraying individuality versus a violent group-consciousness.

But at the time I was contemplating the Borg symbolism I had been studying and sitting with the ideas of Buddhism.

The Buddhist idea of there being actually being no self (that's how I understood it at the time) and the aim of dissolving the self into a universal consciousness--at the time--was disturbing to me.

I am not at all arguing that there is connection, but at the time, I had mentally linked Buddhism to the Borg.  ...By George, I wanted to keep my individuality, my self, and I didn't want to dissolve it or hand it over to the Buddhist Borg.

...Well, I think now, that that was my ego talking mostly. 

The Borg symbolism is fascinating...It's the shadow-side of collective consciousness.  I can't--at present--remember if Star Trek had a positive portrayal of collective consciousness or not.

You can't change a tiger's stripes,
but you can avoid its teeth.

Re: I, Borg

Individual / Collective

Both Windows of Awareness - Currently smudged and distorted but being Cleaned by The Pros and close to Completion.

Rumor has it that WE are Moving Toward / Returning To the Simultaneous Awareness of Both.

This pic represents The ENACTING FORCE Which is In-Between - SYNERGIZING Duality.


The WHOLE of the Caduceus - The Means by which The Snakes of Distorted Duality Transcend the Space/Time Torus.

The Eagle and The Snake - Spirit and Soul Reunited and moving Into Beyond.

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Re: I, Borg

dreamosis wrote:

I can't--at present--remember if Star Trek had a positive portrayal of collective consciousness or not.

Yes, there was a positive portrayal if I remember correctly.  I don't recall which episode, but when "plugged in", there was a place where Seven and several others went -- while "dreaming".  They were still a group mind (or integration of individual minds) while there, but they went there to escape the "hive mind" if I remember correctly.

Ok I know I'm being vague, but it's been many years since I saw Voyager.

Anyway, I've often felt that in my dreams I connect with others in my "soul group" or whatever.  I actually feel more connected to humans while sleeping than I do in the day!  While awake, I feel disconnected from most others and generally dislike them, as I know they do me.

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Re: I, Borg


http://forum.noblerealms.org/viewtopic. … 127#p44127

You were sent from a point in the far distant future back through your past
in order to prepare for a time when your talents could be utilized, when
your abilities to sift through systems and change systems instantly could
be manifest, could be put to work. This is some of what you are doing.

We are members of
the Family of Light in the same way that you are. We have been assigned to
go to work with you in our past, in your present, to alter the far-reaching
future by changing events where they first began and where they could be
meaningfully changed in the past from our present. In your present.

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Re: I, Borg

The idea of the Borg, was one of artifice....
There were also tales of a universe which was changed by something seemingly foreign and outside its knowing
With any viral infection there are always counter retro-viral measures possible
Definitely stealth in nature


Re: I, Borg

Yes, the difference between the Borg and natural spiritual connection is:

It was forced on unwilling participants

It was artificial in nature

It was violent and dystopian

Re: I, Borg

The cabbalistic symbol for spirit trapped in matter is a circle within a square.
The Rose cross is an unfolded cube  see http://www.geocities.com/athens/2092/paper3.htm
We call conventional people "squares"
Not much to add really, just thinking out loud.

Its not like we are fractions of the whole but rather versions of the whole.

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Re: I, Borg

SiriArc The Borg pictures remember-me of someting lol

Barefoot Doc,very interesting.

Thanks for the links/info guys!

Bye, Pictus


Re: I, Borg

A stroll down memory lane:



Pictus of Borg


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Re: I, Borg

well, while i was reading this post..i have remember that in some of my experiments with psilocybin some time ago, i used to see the faces of some people around me exactly as borgs..or very similar, very cool efect in that time, exactly like a sci-movie.... and remembering a little more..usually the fractal patterns of some  visions became spaceships textures... maybe mkenna has some reason when said that mushies came from space...
nice forum...

Re: I, Borg




mmm ... a possible future from many unlimited possibilities .... first before we continue .... know you that many not only incarnate from your past ... but also incarnate from your future .... do not assume that you have only lived past lives .... the many that are hear now ... doing lightwork as you term it ... have incarnated from your future ....

the transforming energies have already been activated .... due to this you will find much separation and alignment occurring in your world at an accelerated pace .... at times it will appear extreme .... opposing forces ... many of you have labeled this as a ‘harvest’ .... the separation of the wheat and the chaff ....

as love and light increase in frequency .... and you embrace and allow it to enter ... you will find yourself in tune with communities, people, organizations etc conducive to love and peace .... those who resist will find themselves caught up in chaos and fear ..... do not judge this ... as chaos is a tool used to generate change ...  as have you not noticed after chaos .. major shifts occur in your morphegenetic resonance .... e.g. wars ...or epidemic diseases  .... natural disasters ....etc ...

those who destroy will be separated from those who create in love ..... where love and truth exist ... conflict can not exist ....

healing will soon occur at an accelerated pace .... know you this .... countries, organizations, establishments, governments and all those around you can not be healed until YOU ARE HEALED!! the healing and love can only occur externally when you are healed and loved internally ... and only you can do this ... no one can do it for you ...

the most efficient way to allow change and healing to occur is or you to change and be healed .... when you do this then all that outside of you will also change in accordance ... attempting to force and change your world outside of you when you are not healed or changed within ... will only further create more disharmony ...


News from UnknownCountry.com

The Energy is Changing

Readers are increasingly reporting experiences with what appear to be openings or portals--in other words, stargates. At present, we are not able to do more than observe them and use techniques such as the one Whitley describes in the Blue Pearl to approach a state where we can do more with them.

What people are seeing are geometrical patterns in the daylight sky, and sometimes apparent patterns or portals at ground level. Sometimes they will hear a voice that will say things like ‘open,’ or ‘ready to fly.’

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Re: I, Borg

Why is it that people tend to view a unity conciousness as destroying individuality?  My family is a unity conciousness...yet we are individuals.  We are dealing with a great dichotomy...yes, the two sides of the caduceus.  A unity conciousness consists of many facets, much like a prism is cut and angled precisely to create the visible spectrum.

Again I am horrible with words but we could all do well to contemplate this.  The idea of the death of self is really an awakening to self.

Re: I, Borg

[size=16]Reclaiming From[/size]   

[center][s]d I s T o R t I o N[/s][/center]     

[size=16]That Which IS Precious[/size]

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Re: I, Borg



The horror I faced was like none I've ever seen. I would not wish it on anyone. This was an Astral Battle in the strictest sense. The fact that I'm still alive makes me the victor and I can assure you those buggers were pissed. They want total control over the human race, and [highlight]they control thru the realms of thought.[/highlight]

Somehow I kept pushing them further out to the edges of the plane of contact.

[highlight]I saw future versions of Terra that were completely free from the corruption that is commonplace today. People loved each other and the Earth and all was in harmony.[/highlight]   

I do not expect that others will have to deal with this sort of thing necessarily.

[highlight]It is my belief that some of us basically signed up for extreme duty because we had some latent talent to face it down.[/highlight]   

Woe be to any who think we are alone in this big game, or that these are the ravings of one deranged.

[highlight]The bottom line is we can win this time if we can remember ourselves. Some of us came back from the future to change the course of this timeline. [/highlight]   

That I know. Matters of Spirit are simple. I hope this helps someone.

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