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Hello All : )

  Just joined up and am a fellow sun gazer-meditator with quite a journey going on especially with increased intensity the last 6 months.

  Sharing a post from another forum to give a quick overview:

  I began taking in the sunlight at sunrise "intuitively" at the beginning of 2007 after reading a number of write-ups on holographics and light and what is going on these days...and coincidently, a few days later I found Dr. Gibson's interview on Regina's site. And as many of You are aware...coincidences are occurring exponentially these days...HaHa : ) … gibson.htm

  I have probably accrued about 75+ clear sunrises and sunsets in the last 5 months. Combining meditation and mantras while taking them in. And doing them barefoot in contact with bare earth on as regular a basis as is possible...including gratitude/winddown walks after each session.

  Besides an increase in color vibration and vividness...I have also acquired an inner light in the "sun" is in my eyes, from the inside out...not the outside in. If I look up at the clear night sky or at the stars or at the moon and focus and concentrate a wonderful light show ensues...this same focusing and concentration used while looking into the woods or at a tree/trees or at a rolling landscape(especially with moisture) and pulling the contrasts out creates a wonderful variety of holographic images that change and alter the view.  If I concentrate on the lawn in front of me after a rain I can see/create rivers and rolling hills as though I am standing on a hillside or is a mind blowing and uplifting experience. I can see nature spirits(animals and others) and other holographic images when looking into the woods or any view in front of me with natural growth and contrasts...when I consciously focus. There seems to be a re-awakening within that is re-connecting my being to what we really are---light and energy and spirituality!  That ol' 10 strand DNA re-connection : )

  I will be taking in 40 minute sunrises and 30 minute sunsets for the duration of the spring and summer...and from then on either 15 minutes of visual intake or 45 minute barefoot nature walks in the light daily.

  It has been a heck of a ride and I have some wonderful stories to share!

  I really enjoyed what I have read here!

  Sooooo glad to be aboard and looking forward to getting to know some of Y'All !

  Onward and Upward,

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Re: Sun Gazing


Re: Sun Gazing

It has been a heck of a ride and I have some wonderful stories to share!

  I really enjoyed what I have read here!

  Sooooo glad to be aboard and looking forward to getting to know some of Y'All !

  Onward and Upward,

Welcome, and Thank You for sharing....just wonderul news....yes please do share your stories...Walking Your Walk may be a place to start....Chow for Now, (M)eow-woolf-woolf

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Re: Sun Gazing

OK, MonAmie...Did not want to just come in new on a forum and be a bull in a china shop.
Wanted to hear from others and more or less get an invite.
I'll take Your request as the door that opened for me to share : )

In Synopsis Form:

-Since a child I remember feeling strongly that something was very wrong with the picture in front of me.

-Was immensely distorted by the way many people treated others demeaningly in day to day life.

-I had the inherent eye to eye philosophy...never talk down or look down to anyone.

-Had major issues with what most folks conformed to.

-Jumping to the present, My Mom(83) and My Son(21) went to the other side in June and August of 2003.
Mom went within a month of lung complications...My Son went in a deep sleep of basically choking from snoring apnea.

-Made a conscious decision to turn 180 degrees from energy-input- work-life as I knew it in 3d after the anger subsided from that summer of loss.

-From research on healing, holographics, eastern philosophies, light therapy(man-made)--- I simply decided to start taking in the sunlight visually at sunrise in January of 2007. This intuitive move was made because I basically shrugged my shoulders and accepted that  it would simply be a focused benefit regarding 'making a connection'  by doing this...even if I were actually putting myself in a guinea pig did not concern me...I jumped right in on faith and intuition and because I had worked outdoors most all of my adult life building and had had plenty of sun exposure...and I hardly ever wore sunglasses throughout life.

-Three days after starting visual sunrise intake for about a half hour or more I came across Dr. Mitchell Gibson's interview on the Conscious Media Network site. … gibson.htm
From that interview I was led to other indiginious culture solar tradition and healing research...and well..the rest is history...making adjustments to my method of in barefoot-earth-contact, sunrise and sunsets, and re-building the time in increments, and taking wind-down gratitude walks afterwards : )

-Now...that first few weeks following my initial solar meditation was, well, rather wild : )  Everything in front of me began to vibrate at a high intensity...colors around me seemed to almost glow, especially in nature. I began to see holographically by simply focusing for just seconds and playing with the contrasts of light. Mostly animal spirits and faces(human and animal) and some human figures and biological-type-glowing figures. Most all felt good and made me smile with enhancement...some darker images(not feeling right to me) appeared very rarely...if I turned away they would simply fade.

-I am on an old farming hill in a town/area in New England where the Nipmuc Indians have a strong history, especially on the lake nearby. [I had said all of my life that the Indians 'had it right' for the most part...and everyone that knew me knew of this feeling of mine.] The area across the street from me (mostly developed now) was actually an Indian cemetery/burial ground. The owner of the home across the street shared with me that he is right at the old entry way...he actually saved the granite pillars that use to mark the entrance and put them on either side of his driveway as respect and honor for their memory. You can see the old pathway to the grounds at the left of his front yard. This is a SACRED HILL. When I first started taking in the light I had a mind-blowing beautiful dream of my Son and Mom and Loved Ones...when I woke from it I was drawn across the street to the entry of the burial grounds.
A path was highlighted in front of me and as I followed it I was taken on top of a rock wall that went thru the woods and was brought to my knees on that wall and spouted out all the names of the loved ones in my life and that brought me to tears...breathing as if I were running a race.  When I looked ahead the rock wall went left and right and both directions were highlighted. I had to make a decision of direction...I instinctively chose to the right after that spiritual connection on my knees. I came to a grassy area in the opening and simply fell into a large bowl-type depression in the ground and passed out for a couple minutes. Do not know if this hole was where body remains were dug up and moved or simply someone's backyard where they had dug earth for landscaping. When I came to I gazed at the small tree in front of me and saw an image of an antique "key" glowing in the branches and contrasts. I simply said to myself  I am being told "I have the key"!

-A few days after this happening I had a session with a healing therapist an hour and a half away from me.  She is connected to the processes(Re-Connective Healing) passed on by Dr. Eric Pearl who also has an interview on the Conscious Media Network site.
Debbie was tuned in entirely to what had gone on with me and when we met there were very few words but many smiles...I had shared none of what had occurred that day with her prior to this meeting. When I laid down on the table to start my session I automatically put my hands together at the navel touching the thumbs and index fingers and creating an opening as is done in the lotus meditation position. And folks, I was never into any kind of meditation prior to these happenings...never went to a healing therapist never put my hands together for reception of energy...and so on.  About a minute into relaxation on the healing table I felt an immense surge of energy coming in thru my hands and into my body at the navel area...and I mean an unbelievable actually made my chest expand and my head push back against the pillow.  The whole experience was immensely I had talked out loud and connected to My Son, My Mother and other Loved Ones...once again.

-A couple days after that session another intense dream and that "key" was revealed. And Y'All know what it is because You All know what it is that simple.  "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE"   For Ourselves, For Others, For the Spirit World that is here to help Us if We ask and take Loving Action. Later that morning of that dream I was in the backyard chanting "Unconditional Love" jumping up and down like a little kid facing the sun...laughing out loud...saying..."Ok..ok..I get it...I get it...HaHaHa! I had to show Unconditional Love and acceptance towards this energy and enlightenment I was receiving because I was having doubts along the way regarding much of it too.

-When I went inside the message machine on my phone was blinking, played it back...
guess who? : )
It was Debbie, checking in on me, actually laughing in the message while asking,  "Are You OK, Dan...just wanted to check in...give me a call if You feel the need.." And then She went on to confirm our next session appointment. Wild and Wonderful Stuff! : )

Re: Sun Gazing

Thanks for sharing that Dan smile

Its an incredible story, with a great message(s) for us all.

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Yes, Thank YOu.....Unconditonal-love .....Thanks for Sharing!

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Re: Sun Gazing

Thank You Blue, MonAmie and SiriArc  : )  And Great Pics of Love, SiriArc : )

Here is a sorta "Part II" follow-up post from another forum I visit:

I forgot to mention that I quit smoking too...after 30 years of 2 and then almost 3(at times) packs a day. I had one hangin' outta my mouth about every 5 minutes(it seemed) when I was building outside through the years.
It was a HABIT of the third kind : )
WoooHooo...I say. And yes there are other ways to quit...but I never did any successfully before now. I put them aside in February/March and started smoking cigars and then started to buy a pack of ultra lights(got sick of the cigars) every few days because I would just inhale them thru my mouth/nasal and finally now it has been a full five weeks of none at all. What prompted me to put them down is wanting to "fully" enjoy the breathing in and out and get the purest body meditation I could with the visual intake of the sunlight.

Once again, most of You here know me...but for those that do not please understand for the sake of goodness if You do not feel comfortable taking the sunrise or sunset in directly through Your eyes, by all means do not do it. I am not advocating running outside and staring at the sunlight to anyone. But... If You have a favorite spot that You visit with nature near Your home or at Your home simply interact with the sunlight in that setting and take barefoot walks while being gratefully conscious of the God-given light and its healing energies. If You have a lake or pond or stream nearby enjoy walks in the sand or bare earth near the water and take in the reflections of the sunlight off of the water...but look's gonna make You smile : )

Do Your Own Research...There are plenty of "facts" out there on this...I have provided links all around this forum. And You ain't gonna find any real info on this through the mainstream venues of science and medical and health history...especially in the western world.

My own plan is as follows whenever the weather allows and however my schedule allows, I will always fit it in somehow...
I will be taking 40+/- minutes of sunrise in and 30+/- minutes of sunset in throughout the rest of the spring and summer and from then on either taking 45+/- minute walks with nature or 15+/- minutes of visual intake of the sunrise or sunset...daily!

There are loving changes coming on and coming on we have never before experienced. This is one way to become directly tuned in to those wonderful changes. They are going to be coming on so fast our ol' minds won't be able to handle it. Any way we can enhance our own god-given intuitions will be a wonderful personal eye opener and heart opener to these new happenings.

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[ORMUS-Sungazing] Digest Number 499

New abilities
Posted by: "Michael Pudney"
Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:09 pm (PST)

Hi everyone and Seekverta,
One noticeable ability, yes a blessing if you like, that is emerging
after some months of sun gazing, with me, is the ability to 'charge'
things with my eyes. Along with this and using certain geometries and
patterns a charge can be built up through the interaction of my eyes
and the geometries...then for example, a glass of water can be placed
on the charged pattern and left for some minutes and when the water is drunk it has the effect of charging up and energizing the body in a
similar way to like taking some very good ormus feels
like the water has ormus in it...or something.. or life
force.. force beams from the eyes. So this is something I
have learned do when the sun is not available for gazing.

I wonder if this is the 'third part' of the 'philosophy of the whole
world' as Hermes Trismegistis puts is sungazing...two is
alchemy and ormus prepartions....three is geometry and eye beams.


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Re: Sun Gazing

so are any of you not eating food anymore?  isn't that what we have taste buds for?

Re: Sun Gazing

SamIAm wrote:

so are any of you not eating food anymore?  isn't that what we have taste buds for?

Hi SamIAm,
The Sun IS Food...and tasteful too!

You do not have to stop eating if You LIKE the taste of some natural foods. Go ahead and enjoy them. It is just that You will only consume enough to enjoy the taste...You will get all the energy and nourishment You need from the Sun and Water if You do the solar process on a grateful and spiritual platform in gaining increments. We are transforming...we will not "eat" (as we know it in 3d) when that transformation culminates.  I already have a "taste" of that transformation and I Love It! : ) Please see My prior posts in this thread : )

I still work "plenty" building and so on...very active physically...I do not eat full meals anymore....I eat fruits and vegetables and so on and eat 30% or so of what I did before 6 months of steady and spiritual sun meditating "visually"!

This is me finishing up a storage shed...and I do this kind of work ALL the time. If there is any way to clear the doubt about getting enough energy through/from the sun...I surely do not know of another way to show anyone : ) I am 51 years old:
6 - 9 Months
In 6-months time you will start to have the original form of micro food, which is our sun. Additionally, this can avoid the toxic waste that you take into your body while you eat regular food. 

7.5 months and 35 min of sun gazing is when hunger starts going down palpably.  Need for food intake decreases.  No one needs to eat more than his or her hunger levels.  Hunger comes because of energy requirements of the body, which is a must for its existence.  Food is not a necessity for the body to function, only energy is.  Conventionally, you are indirectly getting the sun energy while eating food, which is a by-product of sun energy. If there is no sunlight, no food will grow. 

Therefore, as you consume the original form of food, hunger goes down starting to disappear eventually.  By eight months, you should see hunger almost gone. For a dull or weak student or with no belief, this time period may be 9 months or 44 minutes. After that time, hunger disappears forever.  All mechanisms associated with hunger like aroma, cravings, and hunger pangs also disappear. Moreover, energy levels are at a higher level.  There is a judgment (having had this experience) that the brain is well activated with the sun energy.  Welldone, you have become a solar cooker.

Re: Sun Gazing

That's fascinating, DanB. I'm not sure I can fully believe that it's possible to live without food yet, but I'd like to think so. It's definitely something for me to look into.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

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Re: Sun Gazing

I know there is people who live just on fruit,  such as this guy who looks in shape & great!  He only eats fruits, and has only been eating fruit for 12+ years. … amp;t=2005

Re: Sun Gazing

As Clarity:

The Focus Isn‘t Eating Or Not Eating,

What Happens Individually Is What Happens.

The Focus IS(IS):

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