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Something told me to check Karen Bishop's site today for an update--good ole ESP! big_smile

Big Changes And New Realities

September 1, 2005
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As we leap once again into the higher realms and higher dimensions, much is occurring on a physical level that truly supports our new higher vibrational reality.

As many new portals are opening very rapidly now with the advent of the March 5, 2005 original blueprint for the planet Earth being restored once again, there will be old portals (such as Sedona, Arizona) that will now be matching the overall vibration of the planet, while many New portals of higher dimensional living will and are now being opened.

A great cleansing through water has recently occurred in the Gulf Coast of the United States . Areas with a considerable gap in vibration from the lower to the higher vibrations are being affected the most severely. Areas where higher dimensional portals are being respected (i.e. ways of living with a more higher vibrational consciousness) will be untouched during these times of adjustment.

Again, these are manifestations of our recent leap (August 14, 2005) in consciousness and into a higher dimensional reality. As these portals begin to reveal themselves and open, as they are now matching the Newer higher vibrating Earth, all must come into alignment with them.

So basically, the Earth is vibrating higher overall as well as certain areas or portals that will be vibrating higher than overall areas. These higher vibrating areas will be the New “hubs”  or centers that embody their own specific purpose and role for the New World .

As mentioned in the August 15 energy alert, there will be “waves”  or groups of people and places that will literally be in another higher vibrating reality in the times to come, and these individuals and areas will not be affected by any Old World crashing or destruction. These new areas will be about higher vibrational living and being, honoring the Earth, the environment, each inhabitant, and connecting very strongly to Source energy and the non-physical beings from other worlds and other realities.

The New World will consist of a much more sovereign and independent way of existing for each of these New areas……independent from a national government type of reality, as each area exists to support itself and its specific purpose, all the while connecting as well to other “hubs”  or higher vibrating areas on the planet and connecting the most strongly (with a commonality to all other areas) to Source energy.

And also during this time, many will be migrating like salmon swimming upstream, to the areas that match their own specific and new higher vibrating selves. These individuals are now vibrating higher and have come into the higher realms and in this way, will arrive at their own special places of similar vibration where they will begin their new realities and new contributions for a higher way of living in the New World………as their Old roles are OVER.

So then, the Gulf Coast area will not be fed much energy or have much success, so to speak, if they choose to rebuild the same existence that was just cleansed and removed. And please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all involved, that the results be for the highest good of all concerned. And know as well that our beautiful mother Earth always knows exactly what she is doing and always takes care of herself.

What other manifestations are currently occurring for us? LOTS OF CHANGE! The ascension process involves lots of letting go, releasing and many, many energetic “bump ups”  that serve to prepare us for a reality in the higher realms. With the advent of this substantial “bump up”  in August, we have really let go of very large “chunks”  of density, within and without, and this is creating great change in many of our lives. Things will surprise us that we never thought possible. It will be miracle time!

During this time and just prior, we may feel a great discontent with what we had created thus far. Although it may have felt right and wonderful at the time we created it, it may now already and very suddenly feel obsolete and unfulfilling. We are simply being nudged by our souls and by our New higher vibrating selves to move into New territory that now suits us better according to where we are vibrating.

The longer we stay in these creations of Old, the more miserable we will feel. And it will eventually get to a point of intolerance, if we stay too long. This is how energy is designed and how our evolution is meant to unfold. By following a path that continues to support us by revealing itself through what feels good and what feels the best, even if it makes no sense, we can be assured that we are on the right track of our soul's intentions.

When we put ourselves first, irregardless of money concerns or the like, the universe says, “Oh! So this is what we are doing!”  and supports us in all ways. Following our hearts and leaving behind the Old and painful realities of outdated responsibilities is the key to opening the door to the higher realms. Letting go and jumping off that cliff can literally place us in a whole new world.

Our changes will manifest for us according to where we are on our own individual “ladders” . Some will be moving into new territory within the “stepping stone”  reality and world, and others will be pushed completely over into off the grid living with a complete separation from anything of the Old World .

When our vibration increases, it always and quite naturally creates within us a state of intolerance to lower vibrating ways and experiences. At times it can feel extreme as we almost feel acutely frustrated with things and want to say “NO MORE!” . It can feel as though we are snapping and being suffocated by too many demands and too many energies crowding in upon us.

With our arrival into even higher realms, we will always experience the “boundary issues” . What has happened is that there is no longer any “veil”  present and all is now wide open and we are not used to it. We may feel invaded or “pushed out”  in our lives. This is because many have been pushed out of their old 3D energetic grooves and are wandering around, not knowing where to go.

As this amazing ascension process involves dying while we are alive, there are now, so to speak, many souls wandering around not knowing that they have “died” , so to speak, and they are invading our spaces. They do not know where they belong anymore. They have not yet gone to the light or the higher ways of being through letting go of the old. They are still trying to “re-create”  and live the old 3D realities and they will no longer work. This is causing much of the anger and frustration energies as well.

Yes, we had a substantial leap into the higher realms on August 14, 2005, resulting in a release for many lightworkers of their responsibilities of holding that higher vibrating space for the planet. But then we had a brief period where things seemed to dissipate. This was because the very last pieces for this massive release had yet to come into place. There was a very small adjustment being made, and as of the wee hours of today, things are now in place and ready to roll. So where are we rolling?

September, September, September. The advent of this month will bring in much clarity for our New roles and New desires and places. Much will now click into place for us, and remember that the key to being in this space is to let go of what is no longer serving you or making you feel magnificently great. When you hit your mark and are willing to simply surrender to your New life with total trust, I can assure you, you will feel great as you will be in total alignment with your soul's intentions.

With the advent of September, the pieces will fall into place for a whole new you and a whole new reality. Things may not completely manifest until January, but you will know your New path.

For first wavers, or those who have crossed “way over”  the threshold, if you are willing to believe, you will find yourselves more in the presence of the non-physical beings than in the presence of the Old physical reality. In the Old World , we could call in the non-physical beings when we chose and in this way, spend brief periods with them. In the New World , it will be the opposite. We will be spending more time with these higher vibrating beings (which will include ourselves!) and less time in the denser, physical realities.

Through these massive changes yet to come, know that you will be provided for. Know that you will be safe. Know that all your needs will be met. Know that you are being watched over at all times. And know that you are loved.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times. Until next time,

Karen    www.whatsuponplanetearth.com

Re: Karen Bishop: Big Changes And New Realities

Wow! Thanks Jen and these things are of course taking place, it is as though evolution has been sped up a thousand-fold and we are literally transforming in front of our own eyes.