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Topic: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith

“It may come as a suprise to some people that God's plan involves the full-scale destruction of the planet we inhabit. In some bizarre manner, He, the Creator God and Father of Jesus, wants to destroy the world in order to save humanity – or a select portion of it, anyway. But then it makes sense that the Supreme Being who created this world has the right to annihilate it, doesn't it? It does to some people. And not just a few, either. The promise of a planetary holocaust is actually cherished by millions of God-fearing Christians around the world, and strategically anticipated by the politicians who lead them. Those living in the USA who share George W. Bush's "faith" made "god-damned" sure he got reelected."



“.......something behind that story, something that produced it in the first place, damaged human imagination at the core. Due to this damage, we submit to the endtime narrative and cannot counter it with a different story. We are imaginatively disempowered, as if something alien to the human spirit has intruded upon our species' Dreaming, stunting our capacity to imagine our place on Earth and in the cosmos at large. If there is any way to correct the course of history, if there is to be a healing of the story-telling faculty upon which we as a species depend to delineate our path, it must be made at the core where the damage is located."


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Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith

I still don't understand why Christians would go activist on the end of the world when their bible says it's god's plan and he will carry it out.  In fact I think it says it's a war against god, so why would they get involved?  They don't seem to be thinking clearly.

Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith

Soloflecks wrote:

I still don't understand why Christians would go activist on the end of the world when their bible says it's god's plan and he will carry it out.  In fact I think it says it's a war against god, so why would they get involved?  They don't seem to be thinking clearly.

Since when have most Christians been well known for thinking clearly? wink

In fact if Christians started thinking clearly, most of them would probably stop being Christians!

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Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith

with so many false premises, how can you take this site seriously.  George bush is a christian?  Roman catholics are christian?  He obviously hasn't read the bible, or the dss, he quotes satanists almost exclusively, has no understanding of revelations, and here's an article with the premise that satan-worshipping child molesting elite george bush is a christian, hahaha

Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith

SiriArc wrote:

“It may come as a suprise to some people that God's plan involves the full-scale destruction of the planet we inhabit.

Certainly does, nowhere does it say this in the Bible.

As for Christians, yes most of them are being led astray by Satanists, incl Bush and the Televangelists.

Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith



The Trouble With Religion

Billy Graham, the minister who evangelized George W. Bush, was not a supporter of Martin Luther King. Now that the voters have struck a strong note against religious fundamentalism in government, this is something worth thinking about.

Using previously unpublished documents, religious studies professor Michael Long says that the popular evangelist largely opposed King's tactics of civil disobedience. He never dreamed of or worked for a world of racial reconciliation, economic justice and peace.

In the November 16 issue of the New York Review of Books, religious author Gary Wills writes that religious fundamentalism has as strong a hold on the current administration as big business does. He writes that Bush ‘was converted during a stroll with Graham on his father's Kennebunkport compound… Bush promised his evangelical followers faith-based social services, which he called 'compassionate conservatism.' He went beyond that to give them a faith-based war, faith- based law enforcement, faith-based education, faith-based medicine, and faith-based science.’

Wills goes on to say that ‘it is common knowledge that… lobbyists have a say in the drafting of economic legislation…it is less known that for social services, evangelical organizations were given the same right to draft bills and install the officials who implement them. Karl Rove had cultivated the extensivenetwork of religious right organizations, and they were consulted at every step of the way as the administration set up its policies on gays, AIDS, condoms, abstinence programs, creationism…’

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Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith


Guess What:

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Is The Bible The Devil's Tool


Amitakh Stanford

It is time to expose the bloodthirsty god of the Bible and divorce ourselves from that wrathful, hateful, jealous, vengeful, murderous, lying, deceitful, merciless, biased being, who is really a usurper. Darkness is the misfit who has deceived the whole world, and much of Its deception has been performed in the Bible.

Although the markings are everywhere in the extant Bible, until now, Darkness' Voice has remained hidden. But Its magic is dissipating; It is not a loving, peaceful, compassionate, caring, fair, just, holy, good deity. Instead, It is a vengeful, deceptive, murderous, wrathful, hateful, prejudiced, jealous deity.

While you sift through the rubble in the Bible, you may find some Truth hidden and buried in these words from ‘god‘. Sadly, there is so little of the True-Light message left in the extant Bible that it is truly the Devil's Tool. The heart will tell you what is True Light and what is Darkness. But, the key is that the True Light is loving, compassionate and just to all. Darkness is jealous, unjust, lustful, vengeful, hateful, deceptive etc. Remember that any verse can be contaminated by Darkness. And the tainting is so thorough as to make nearly everything in the Bible a confusing, contradictory trap for the unwary and a battle flag for evil ones to wave as they march out to slaughter others.

What will happen is very different from what people who follow the Bible think will happen. The Bible says what Darkness HOPES will happen. The Bible is a battle of good and evil. Darkness has ‘forecasted’ a different outcome and switched things around so that black appears white and white looks black. Darkness has tricked nearly the whole world into seeing It as light, but, Its claw marks are everywhere in the Bible for those who can see them. The True Light has seen through Darkness' plan, so Darkness will fail.......

Evil stemmed from a celestial experimental error that would not correct itself, nor take Divine Correction, but instead thrived on the Corrective Energy all the while resisting and defying Divine Correction. Evil saw the Creation (The Expression) as the Ultimate and forgot that without the Source there would be no Expression.

Darkness created the illusion that It is the Source. This illusion is so real that Darkness itself is deluded and thinks that It (Darkness) is the Source. Evil chose the glitter over the substance.

When True Light is withdrawn from the False Light at the time when the True-Light beings are withdrawn from this Evil Creation (Shoot of Darkness). In other words, Darkness is beginning to suspect that when the Light supplied by the True-Light beings is withdrawn due to their liberation from Darkness, the False Light will be extinguished. Hence the existence of the False-Light beings (beings of Darkness) is not infinite

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Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith

Thank you, SiriArc.  John Lash's articles always resonate with me.
I should check his website more often for new articles.

And the artwork above is sheer Venus+ Jupiter+ Neptune
(at their best!)

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Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith

Thanks, SiriArc.

Some years ago my guidance told me that the entire book of Revelations is a Luciferian mind control insert guiding people purposefully down a path of hatred and polarization, fear and victimization, etc.  And that any and ALL endtime philosophies, whatever be their religious or cultural underpinnings, serve the same agenda.

That's why when someone once wrote to me to (very sweetly, I might add) ask me, "What's going to happen in 2012?  You should be writing about what's going to be happening in 2012!" I had to just write back with a simple response of...."Here's what's going to happen in 2012.....stuff."  smile

It's up to you to decide which "stuff" you resonate with and share a vibration with.

I was thinking just last night of all the Bible thumping little girls I knew when I was growing up in a very conservative Christian town.  We'd get together at the pool during the summer and they would be going on and on about how the Rapture would happen in their lifetime, their church elders promised this, and that Satan and the Antichrist were due any minute.

I'd listen to these very sweet and sincere girls talk about this, and then I'd look up at the clear, perfect blue sky, feel the lovely breeze on my skin, smell the sharp chlorine of the pool, hear the voices of the other kids screaming with glee and playing, and even then I'd quietly go, "Whatever floats your boat."

Now I wonder how all those people who grew up believing that the end of the world was arriving any minute have chosen to live their lives......how can they go about business as normal when deep down they've been programmed to create (through thoughtforms and beliefs) an endtime/Apocalypse scenario?

Makes you wonder if THEY are truly to blame for all this Middle East vs. the US/Western world crappola that everyone wants us to get caught up in at the moment. It's all nonsense, but it sure fits in nicely to their agenda. And if enough people hold it in their thoughts as being "Destined to happen,' sure enough, they will create it for themselves.

LipstickMystic aka Jennifer

Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith

THEY truly have orchestrated this entire religious scenario that has been playing out forever it seems. It's the perfect system of control, tell one group of bible thumpers that the OTHER group of bible thumpers are the enemy, and so on.

It's so true that they have damaged the imagination of our future. I noticed this myself while thinking about what is going to happen, and most of it involved some "scenario" that has been engraved into most of us. So I figure I better forget all that and just live in the NOW, and take each day as it comes.

Re: Armageddon Politics; The Tyranny of Faith


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